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Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ==== Author: Seattle Area Summer is a phenomenal season every year. From its first week down to the last, various festivals stir the entire Seattle community from their ever humming hive. It’s the time of the year when Seattle neighborhoods’ differences become quite noticeable. It seems like the season has been their ticket to express creativity and earnest emotions to the world. One can say summer has arrived when an evening Torchlight parade of the Seafair Festival stunningly light up the city. During the Seattle Race, next to the parade, participants are dressed in charmingly quirky costumes resembling the city’s old title- “The boating capital of the world.” But the main feature is always the hydroplane race where seaplanes land gracefully into the waters. Tons of people swarm around the Stan Sayres Park to witness it, while some even bring their boats and await the planes right in the lake. Thus, Seafair is often billed as a celebration held on the waters of Seattle. Summer isn’t only the season to celebrate the sun’s warmth, but the perfect time to exhibit warm Seattle traditions. Seattle festivals such as Folklife gather roughly 6,000 performers at Seattle Center and solicits not even a cent from its spectators, it’s one of the biggest and most supported festivals in the city. It’s an event not only tightening people’s ties with Seattle traditions, but re-securing once again the bonds within Seattle families. On the four-day event, families soaking up the sun flood the venue, examining the different performances, and shopping the chock-full stalls while their kids run around the International Fountain. The warm season kick-starts however at two places famous for their distinct reputation. Fremont, dubbed as the quirky neighborhood of Seattle, holds the country-renowned Fremont Fair parade lead by nudists riding bikes and clothed only by vivid paints. Following them is the huge crowd of extremely creative and perhaps quaint people like adults hula-hooping their way to the last stop. Another is the Capitol Hill, a neighborhood regarded as an unbigoted community of which each member is entitled to express their own true selves- including the gays. Its ever-famous festival, Gay Pride, is an event mustering gays in heaps of activities like picnics, shows and concerts, parties, and parades. Gays don their vivid, extravagant ensembles and flaunt their best aura during the parade. While these last two festivities seem to target a more mature segment of society, Bite of Seattle, held mid-July, nourishes the heart and tummy of the entire family. The festival’s main feature is the large banquet serving a smorgasbord of cuisines. Scrumptious delicacies are either offered in sizable or bitesize servings. Attendees rest on the lush green grass of Seattle Center while munching on their food while kids enjoy the Dock Dogs competition alongside the food sections. Performing arts steal the limelight back for Seattle’s final blow for the warm season. Two more summer festivals, the Bumbershoot and Capitol Hill Block Party exhibit a high form of creativity through Seattle performers. The former features artists recognize internationally whether in the field of music, dance, poetry, film, or theater. Seattle Center’s immense grounds are packed with music buffs and art appreciators during the three-day Bumbershoot event. On the other hand, Block Party prides local music artists highly praised by music buffs flooding the entire commercial strip down to the streets of South Capitol Hills. The area is known for the sparkling nightlife propped by a number of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. To sum up, Seattle nurtures a huge community exuding brilliant creativity. And from the ostentatious display of tradition, remarkable inventions, and huge range of delicacies to freedom and art

appreciation, Seattle surely knows how to pay high regard to beauty. Article Source: ==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ====

Seattle Area Summer Festivals  

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