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==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ==== By ROBERT STEWART I have flown around 15 times in my life. Most of those times have been post-911. Before that as you all know air travel rules were quick and easy. There were no long lines in security or taking off your shoes and your belt going through the metal detectors . Naturally everything changed after the 911 attacks and oddly enough this is one of my favorite things about air travel. It is exactly because of the strict security procedures, that I feel totally safe on an airplane. In fact I feel that a major airline is one of the safest places to be because of the safety measures in effect. People complain such as, about the new x-ray machines in use at many airports now. People claim it invades their privacy, to show on a x-ray the inside of your body and such. I say it is not an invasion of privacy- it is to protect this country from terrorist attacks. It is a small price to pay to protect this country's security. Anyway if you have nothing to hide- why would you mind going through an x-ray scan anyway? I say the more security measures you have, the better- remember the old saying- an ounce of prevention etc. I always fly economy class, so this is written from that perspective . One of my favorite things- believe it or not- is airline food. I really like the food on all the airlines I have used. I never once had a complaint. Sure the portions are small- they have to be because of space considerations on the plane, but if you need more snacks- just take them on board with you when you fly- I do. I have always found the flight attendants to be very nice and helpful to my every need. I have never found one of them to be rude. My favorite thing is just getting to the airport a few hours ahead of time and relaxing. I love airports for some reason. I love watching the people in the waiting area waiting to board the plane with me. Watching how everyone is passing the time with one thing or another. I love just the anticipation of my flight. My pet peeves are not many, but I have them. The sound quality of the tv monitors is poor. Sometimes even at full max- I can hardly hear the audio from music or a movie i am watching. They need better quality headsets. A minor complaint- I am a big dude! Going to the bathroom is an adventure for me- There is hardly room for me to move in there- maybe the airlines could make their rest rooms a little bigger. I have a major issue with the airlines I have used- that is the price of flights. I understand prices have to be raised around the holidays every year- December 1 through January 1- but to make them so high that only the wealthy can afford them is going too far. It defeats the purpose when many people change their mind about flying- the airlines lose a lot of customers that way- customers they could have had with more reasonable airfares. A case in point- America will probably never have a supersonic commercial jet for a long while- the reason- the fares would be unaffordable. That what help to drive the Concorde out of business. Anyway, for all of you air travelers out there- bon voyage and have a nice flight. Check out my blog post at - Article Source:

==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ====

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