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==== ==== Income Tax Preparation FREE Info Visit: ==== ==== By Doralin Danz It is not about how much money we make, but it is about how we use the money. Or you can simplified it by‌. It’s Not How Much, but where and how you save is important. One of the most basic things about personal finance is the concept of saving. No matter how much you make, you must put aside a little money as your saving. Is is very important for you to have your own saving. In a proverb I read, little by little and it could make it bigger. The idea here is to save. The larger you could save the better it is. But what happen to most of us is that we spend more than we earn. Therefore, it is important for you and me to start learning about personal finance, so we could be more wiser in planning our financial. It is better to be difficult now than latter. Like in a proverb, it is better to prepare an umbrella even before it is raining, even though the weather is sunny, because we can never able to predict the future. There are so many reasons why we should learn personal finance. With the inflation rate increasing every year, and with the price increasing daily, can we actually able to cope with it? How about big future finances that we are going to make? Buying bigger car, buying a house, decorating the house, financing children education and the list could go on and on. In personal finance, the earlier you start the better it is, and the simpler it is than when you start at later date. This is called the magic of compounding effect. If you do not know about it , then you missed something great because according to Albert Einstein it is the eight wonder of the world. Among the benefits of personal finance is, you learn and realize where your mistakes are. Example this. Do you realized that it is not the big purchase that usually consumed our money, usually all this small things that we can afford, but keep buying it even without the need to, make up for the loss of money that supposedly the money could be save otherwise. So, what do you think now? Still hesitating about the importance of learning personal finance? Have you checked your finances health? How about budgeting? Are you do it? Do you do it properly? Or do you think it is hard to learn about personal finance? You scared of mathematics? Well, it does not take a genius to know about it. You just need a pen, paper and calculator, and you ready to go. So, do now and begin change your finance health to be healthier. ^_^ I'm a personal Finance learner who discovered the importance of it at a late stage. So now, I want to tell people that it is very important to learn so that they can make a wiser decision and be wealthy. :).Want to learn Personal Finance in an easy way Check out my Personal Finance blog Article Source: ==== ==== Income Tax Preparation FREE Info Visit:

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