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==== ==== Thrifty Living Info You Need to See Visit: Thrifty Living ==== ==== By Scott Oberholser Lack of sleep is a nightmare for a lot of Americans. Not figuratively, literally. Not only do sleepless nights lessen our quality of life, they also cost us a lot of money. There are several areas of our financial life that are severely impacted by not getting a good night's sleep. From health expenses to daily products we buy, losing sleep prevents you from saving money. Start sleeping and you will save money. 1.More Accident Prone-Sleep deprived individuals are more accident prone. Accidents typically cost money to fix. For example, car accidents involve a sleep-deprived driver 18%-55% of the time. Although you may have insurance, you are still going to have to pay if you are the cause of one of these accidents. Those pesky deductibles are going to run you anywhere from $250-$1,000. 2.Increased Medical Expenses-Bodily injuries from a car accident caused by lack of sleep is one thing, health issues that sleep deprived individuals experience is another. 48% of people that suffer heart disease are those of us that don't get enough sleep at night. You are 15% more likely to suffer a stroke if you are sleep deprived. In addition, if you get 4 hours of sleep or less a night, there is a 75% chance that you will become obese. 3.Bad Financial Decision Making-Not getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night will cause your brain to lose an essential element it needs to make proper decisions, Dopamine. By not sleeping and consequently depriving yourself of dopamine, you will automatically force your body into making risky decisions. This is not something you want to do where your finances are concerned. Risky decision making usually results in losing money. 4.Paying For Convenience-The things you do when you are rested and do have energy will now become things can't do because of exhaustion. You will now most likely pay for to get these things done. Things like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and washing the car. With proper rest, these things can be done by you. Without proper rest, you are paying a pretty penny to have someone do them for you. A couple hundred dollars a month. 5.Caffeine Costs-What do we all do when we are tired and wish to wake up? Most of us consume caffeine. Specifically coffee. If you drink espresso and rely on it for energy every day, you could end up paying up to $4,000 a year. Regular coffee every day could cost as much as $2,000 a year. Sleep is essential to functioning properly both physically and mentally. Financially, it is essential to learning how to save money. The act of sleeping itself, believe or not, is saving you money. Article Source: ==== ==== Everything You Ever Really Need to Know About Personal Finance FREE Info at: Personal Finance on 1 Page ==== ====

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