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==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ==== By Anupriya Bishnoi Traveling is what relieves a stressed mind. But for different people it has different connotations, like for me traveling means fun and exploration. And like others, my favorite traveling destination preferably would be some desert, hill station or an island. Being a student I never got a chance to visit an island and experience its fun but being an Indian I certainly know how much fun a hill station and a desert can be. Though I’ve been to many hill stations but Shimla would be my all time favorite. The beauty and the weather are enthralling and the diversity which we get to see there is astonishing. So many communities and people from different countries gathered at one place. I make sure while traveling I don’t waste time and keep myself busy in exploration and gathering information from the locals. The people of Himachal Pradesh are very warm and they will give you every possible information they have. Belonging from the same state I can say that ‘It’s beautiful’. Right from educational institutes to eating joints, Shimla is repleted with everything. The Indian institute of advanced studies is the center of attraction which is a heritage and is meant for research students. Then I want to say something about the most visited and the most talked about Mall Road of Shimla. It’s a beautiful road or we can say a commercial street flooded with all the branded showrooms and eating joints. If one wants to make most out of one's trip one should keep learning side by side while traveling. This way the journey becomes more fun and worthwhile. Now talking of the deserts I want to talk about Rajasthan. This is also a tourist destination. When we talk about Rajasthan how we can forget about Jaipur, also known as The Pink City, as most of the buildings are painted pink. Rajasthan is a shopping destination too. One who has inclination towards Indian wear. Rajasthan is the best place to shop. One can find huge ranges of ethnic wear. Jaipur is famous for its historical monuments which were all built in the time of the Mughals. Like the “Hawaa Mahal”, “Fort of Agwara”, “Amber Fort” etc. to name a few. Gathering information about a place you’re visiting while you are there doubles the fun of actually touring. If we can add knowledge just by gathering information, then I guess there isn’t any harm. Now the place left to talk about is an island although I haven’t been to an Island before so can’t actually provide you with any useful information on it and how it feels like to be there, so stay tuned as I’m hoping to visit and island soon and bring you all the fun and exciting information about it. And also to see whether the trip to an island can bring any knowledge to us or is it just a fun trip. I'm waiting for that day... This is my experience as of now and I liked sharing it here. Article Source: ==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ====

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