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==== ==== Website Creation Free Info Visit: ==== ==== So you want to know how to link a website? It's actually simpler than you might think. In this article I'll share with you how to link a website using a hyperlink (which means text which is "clickable" and leads to a website), using a couple of different methods including HTML. I'll also describe how to link a website to a picture or banner. So, let's get started. Hyperlinks - Clickable Text To link a website within a forum post or from your own website, you'll need to create a hyperlink. You'll also need a hyperlink if you want to link a website from within an email. Once you've created a hyperlink, when someone clicks on the linked text or picture, they will be taken to the webpage you've entered as the destination. How to link a website in an email To link to a website in an email, simply type the words you want to be clickable and select them. Next, open the webpage you want to be the destination and copy the URL (right click in the website address bar and click "select all" then right click again and click copy). Now go back to your email and, with the words you selected earlier still highlighted, click on the button which looks like a chain link (sometimes it will be a picture of the earth with a chain link). A box will pop up for you to enter the website address. Paste the URL you just copied from the webpage into the box and click Ok. You now have a hyperlink. How to link a website using HTML - without knowing what you're doing! A very simple way to link a website using HTML - without actually knowing any HTML - is to do a search for a free online HTML editor. This will give you a text box with buttons similar to those you have in email accounts and in MS Word. Follow the instructions above for how to link to a website from an email. Then, once you've created the hyperlink, click the button to view the HTML (in some editors it's labeled "view source"), select all of the code by right clicking and "select all" and copy it. Then paste the HTML code into the HTML field in your website editor or in the forum. How to link a website to a picture To link to a website from a picture in an email or forum, you should be able to use the editing buttons in the same way you link text. Click the "Insert Image" button in the tool bar (it will usually have a picture of a mountain - hover your mouse over the buttons until you find it). Upload your picture file and click Ok. Now select the picture and click on the Add Link button. Copy and paste the URL of the webpage you want the link to lead to (see above), and click okay. How to link a website to a picture using HTML Search online for "free online HTML editor". Now, using an online HTML editor means you won't be able to upload a picture from your computer, you'll need to have your picture already hosted online. If you don't have it online already, you'll need to upload it to either your own website, or a forum, or to one of the many free picture hosting websites like Image Shack or Photo Bucket - do a search for "free picture hosting" for a list of choices. Once you've uploaded your picture, right click on the image and click on Properties. Select and copy the URL (web address) of the picture. Now go back to the online HTML editor, click on the "Add Image" button and paste the URL of the picture into the relevant field. Enter the website address you want the picture to link to, and click ok.

Now, click on the button that allows you to view the HTML code (sometimes labeled "View Source"). Select all of the code, copy it and paste it into the HTML field of your website or forum. Now that you know how to link a website, be sure to test it Once you've created your link, make sure you click on it to check that it's working. If you're creating it in an email, the link may not be clickable until the email is sent, which means you'll need to send a copy to yourself first and then click on the link to test it. Have fun!:) If you are looking for a no cost way to get started with making money online (or to increase the income you're currently earning online) - this Free internet marketing training course is for you. There are a few steps that you can take (starting right now) to start getting sales - whether you already have a product or not. For your free training course: FREE Mad Marketing Method For free keyword research tools, website building software, squeeze page/landing page creation, article writing software, free website hosting, niche research tools, free training in all aspects of Internet Marketing and one-to-one coaching... and lots more, take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate University Article Source: ==== ==== Top Rated Web Creation Software Find it at: Master Business Services Store

How to Link a Website - With or Without HTML  

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