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==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ==== By ALAN YAMAUCHI Ever considered traveling long distance by train. There are many advantages when compared to flying. If time is a major factor then by all means, catch a plane. One advantage Amtrak has over planes is sleeper cars. On some routes sleeper cars are available for travelers. Superliners or one-level Viewliners are available. Each includes bedrooms with private bathrooms and showers. Most sleeper car rooms can accommodate two average-sized adults. Family bedrooms can accommodate two adults and two children. Note- when you book sleeping accommodations meals are included. One frequently asked question is: can you book a sleeping accommodations once onboard? Yes, if there's space available. Another advantage trains have are large, comfortable seats with fold down trays, individual reading lamps, and plenty of leg room. You won't have to climb over and disturb your fellow traveler like on cramp airplanes. If you choose to upgrade to business class the seats are all reserved. Quiet Cars are available on select routes for travelers wishing to travel without loud conversation or cell phones to disturb them. Baggage policy for carry-on luggage. There is a two bag limit. The bags can't exceed 50 lbs. The bags cannot exceed 28"x22"x 14" in size. Bags must be visibly tagged with passenger's name and address. Personal items such as strollers, laptops, purses, and briefcases are not included in carry-ons. Baggage policy for check-in luggage. There is a three bag limit. The bags can't exceed 50lbs. The bags cannot exceed 36"x36"x 36". Long distance trains have full-service dining cars. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are served on these dining cars. Lunches and dinners require reservations. Reservations are taken every 15 minutes. This is to avoid overcrowding. Lunches are served from 11:30am to 3pm. Dinners are served from 5pm to 9pm. Another big advantage trains have over planes is the view. Trains have large windows. You won't be straining to see the view. Flying at 30,000 ft. and lots of time over thick cloud cover, the view from a fast moving jet is limited. And those tiny windows on planes...forget it. Another thing, if a point of interest, like say, the Grand Canyon passes by on the right side of the plane and you're sitting on the left side of the plane....well, forget that too. Still another advantage of trains is onboard entertainment. Some routes have seasonal presentations and narratives. These are presented by volunteer rangers of the National Park Service through the Amtrak Trail and Rail program. One last thing, WI-FI service is available in select stations and trains. So won't have to miss out on the latest news, entertainment, or business matters. So you see, traveling by train has its advantage. So catch a train. You might just like it. ==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent Visit: Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ====

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