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Welcome to my web page About Me I ’m 12 years old and I have brown haır and brown eyes. I’m tall. I have elder brother,Murat.He is a student at the university.

My school I’m a student at Ortahisar Fatih School. İt only takes five

minutes Favoriteto places Family Fun My diary haven’t got a Links

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get to school.It is next to our house.There are fifteen students in my class.I’m good at maths and volleyball. I’m bad at Art.

My home I have got a small house and a room. My room is always tidy. I haven’t got a computer in my room.But my father is going to buy it soon.Because I always study my lessons very much

My friends My best friends are Melike, Tuğba and Esra. Melike is shy and honest.Tuğba is clever and Esra is very funny.I love them very much.

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