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The case discusses how Anatolian ballooning emerged as a tourist destination at a time when many other tourist destinations, particularly those in Europe, are reeling under the impact of the economic slowdown and how this new tourism enterprise can be sustained in countries, already underdeveloped touristic countries with new ideas, innovation and creativity within the industry.

The case provides detailed information on the growth of the ballooning industry in Cappadocia.Over the years, the tourism sector in Turkey grew rapidly and constituted an important part of the economy of Turkish towns and cities.After this page,according to numbers of touristical destinations,Turkish tourism industry arrived an important point.

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Fransa 79.1 İspanya 58.5 ABD 51.1 million Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti 49.6 million İtalya 41.1 million Birleşik Krallık 30.1 million Almanya 23.6 million Meksika 21.4 million Avusturya 20.3 million Rusya 20.2 million Turkey 18.9 million Kanada 18.2 million Ukrayna 17.6 million[a] Malezya 17.5 million Hong Kong 15.8 million Poland 15.7 million Greece 14.3 million[a] Tayland 13.9 million Portekiz 11.3 million Hollanda 10.7 million Flag of Macao.svgMakao 10.7 million Macaristan 9.3 million Hırvatistan 8.7 million Mısır 8.6 million Güney Afrika 8.4 million İrlanda 8.0 million Suudi Arabistan 8.0 million[a] İsviçre 7.9 million Singapur 7.6 million Japonya 7.3 million Belgium 7.0 million Fas 6.6 million Tunus 6.5 million Çek Cumhuriyeti 6.4 million Güney Kore 6.2 million Bulgaria 5.2 million Brezilya 5.0 million Avustralya 5.0 million[a] Endonezya 4.9 million Danimarka 4.7 million[a] Bahreyn 4.5 million Hindistan 4.4 million Arjantin 4.2 million Dominik Cumhuriyeti 4.0 million BAE 3.9 million[b] Norveç 3.9 million Porto Riko 3.7 million

In addition to sea-sand-sun tourism, winter, highland and health tourism, as well as nature sports, Turkey offered alternative forms of tourism such as ballooning making it one of the most preferred tourist destinations across the world.

In 1989 , ballooning companies invested significantly in promoting Turkey as a tourist hotspot. This was in line with its long-term tourism strategy to become one of the five top destinations in the world by increasing the number of tourists and tourist receipts by 2023.

The case discusses the massive promotional campaign started up by Anatolian Balloons in Turkey with the aim of attracting more visitors and strengthening Turkey's position as a global tourism brand, As part of the campaign, Anatolian Balloons came out with a series of television commercials and promotional events highlighting the best features of Cappadocia and The common opinion reached at international balloon festivals is that Cappadocia is the most pleasant in the world to fly a balloon

The case goes into the challenges faced by the ballooning tourism sector and how they might affect the growth and enlargement of the sector in the future.

Examine the challenges faced by by hot-air ballooning in Cappadocia and explore strategies that Anatolian balloons could adopt to overcome these challenges


There are many hot air balloooning companies in Cappadocia.As they use lots of helium and propan gases,they have got negative effects on ecological balance.

Because of a large number of balloons and non-controlled flights also close flights over the fields damage products in agricultural fields which balloons land in.

Cappadocia, generally referred to as the "the cradle of civilization," . It is a vast region with incredible landscapes bordered by valleys and fairy chimneys. It boasts of a rich historical and cultural heritage and natural beauty.In such a exotic region,during the past 20 years the number of companies doing commercial flights has reached twelve in Cappadocia and the number of balloons has reached nearly 80 so far.

Local Administration ,civil air aviation, local environment council should bring some Standarts and limitations for number of hot air balloons and their heights.

All of the hot air balloon companies should come together with local administrations for applying standarts on flights and heights of Hot air balloons.

For farmers whose fields are damaged because of hot air balloons , Companies should guerdon all the costs.

Companies should insert GPS devices for all Balloons to provide controlled and secure flights.



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