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Companion Update January 2018

Thank you for your support and regular donations throughout 2017. Your generosity means so much to everyone at the Home and we truly value everything you do. We saw many animals arrive at our doors last year and you played a huge part in ensuring they were well cared for. In 2017 alone we saw;



dogs and          cats rescued (strayed, abandoned or surrendered)

     cats reunited with their owners or rehomed to new homes 483   dogs and  96 This would not have been possible without the kind contributions from amazing people like yourself. We are so fortunate to have continuous support from our local community, individuals and businesses and cannot thank you enough! Last year we saw significant changes at the Home including the launch of our our brand new regular giving 'Companion' programme where we asked supporters of Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home to give a donation by Direct Debit. Since the launch, there has been a steady increase in the number of people setting up a regular donation and we are delighted to say that there are now almost 200 of you supporting us in this way each month! Between January and December 2017, you helped to raise over £13,000 which is absolutely incredible. Thank you for being so paw-some!!!

Some of the animals who found their forever home last year... Freda White Tabby/D.S.H Cross at the Home for 688 days

Arlo Black D.S.H at the Home for 116 days

Eli & Tigger Ginger & White Tabby at the Home for 150 days

Honey Tabby D.S.H Cross at the Home for 75 days

Gizmo Grey Domestic S.H at the Home for 18 days

Alfie Black & White D.S.H at the Home for 34 days

We have been rehomed! Tizer Alsatian/Collie Cross at the Home for 78 days

Ziva Neapolitan Mastiff cross at the Home for 162 days

Benji Hector Black Lab/Retriever Cross Chocolate Cockapoo Cross at the Home for 53 days at the Home for 45 days

Nila White Staffie cross at the Home for 161 days

Jackson B&W Merle Collie at the Home for 50 days

Success Stories Oh My Daisy! Daisy (previously Psotka), a Lowland Terrier arrived with us as a stray back in September. Originally from Poland, she didn't have the best start in Scotland. Unfortunately, her owners could no longer look after her and abandoned her. In need of some veterinary care as well as a lot of love and affection, it would be a number of weeks before she was made available for adoption. Over these weeks, a timid terrier transformed into dauntless Daisy. Sandy, who volunteers within the fundraising team at the Home, met his perfect match last September. He was first introduced to her and it didn't take long for him to decide she was the one for him. Despite it being a fairly recent addition to the family, she has had a massive impact on his life and he was more than happy to share his story with us.

"Having Daisy around has been such fun and motivates me to walk in interesting and beautiful places. She settled in within minutes of coming home and has been very well behaved. I enjoy her company and feel so lucky to have adopted such a lovely, mild-tempered little animal. Daisy is pure joy to own. My cat would write this differently but we’re making progress!" We look forward to hearing how this relationship blossoms!

Success Stories You may have read about Kellina in our Taily Mail newsletter but it is one you would not want to miss. Found abandoned in the street, Kellina was brought in to us by a member of the public in early 2017 when she was only two or three weeks old. This tiny little kitten was in such a bad way that she didn’t even have the energy to lift her head. The team could barely tell if she was alive or dead, so they sprang into action to drive her up to The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (RDVS) where she was whisked away by the vets as soon as she arrived. Things didn’t look positive; she was cold and unresponsive, hanging onto life by a thread. For the next two weeks, the nurses at RDVS were bottle feeding her every two hours during the night and even then, no one could be sure she’d still be with us in the morning. She received intensive care at RDVS for the next two weeks and miraculously pulled through.

Our little miracle was named Kellina, meaning strong-willed. Having managed to overcome such an ordeal at an early age, Kellina is one of the strongest willed animals that have come through our doors! When she was fit and healthy enough to come back to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home from RDVS, it was the turn of our staff to take charge in providing food, heat and plenty of love for Kellina. Our Assistant Kennel Manager, Jessica took on the task of bringing Kellina through the next couple of months until she was fit and strong enough to feed herself and act as a normal cat. Kellina soon grew into a happy young kitten, and despite being diagnosed with a neurological syndrome known as 'wobblers', likely linked to having had such a rocky start in life, she was ready to find her forever home. At the end of July her new owner picked her up to take her away to her new life and we couldn’t have been happier.

What's next... Save the Date We will be holding a special 'thank you' event at the Home later in the year which we would be delighted if you could attend (please feel free to bring a guest too)! Based on feedback from last year, I have organised two date options in the Summer months. If you would like to attend, please RSVP by email to or call 07931 673 977

Thursday 21st June  6pm-8pm or Saturday 4th August    1pm - 3pm  In addition to these events, we will be holding a number of other fun filled days out including our Open Day, a Pub Quiz and a Ceilidh. For more info, visit

We hope you enjoyed this update and reading about all of the animals that your support and contributions have helped. If you have a story you’d like to share or have any feedback, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! The next update will be sent in July 2018 but should you wish to receive more regular updates about the Home do let us know as we have started both monthly e-newsletters and postal newsletter on a biannual basis.

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Companion update - Jan 2018  
Companion update - Jan 2018