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The Bi-Weekly

Yellow Newsletter Prep A

Learner Profile Awardees

Teacher’s Notes

These past two weeks has been a busy week with the start of our new UOI ‘Schools serve different needs’. In the UOI we will be looking at the organization and roles in the school. Also, class colour and UN day was great day for us celebrate our school spirit! Please visit our class website for daily updates! IMPORTANT DATES


October 31st / Where: DDS / When: 1:10am Parents are welcome to join the Halloween assembly. Students are encouraged to dress up and bring wrapped candies on that day.

Rebecca received a Learner Profile award for being a caring student. She helped other without asking and helped others in need. Good job Rebecca!

What we did

We did the following the in past two weeks: • Learned new Dolch words • Learning the letter ‘Jj and Mm’ • 2D shapes and there properties • Counting and reorganizing 1-30 • Learning the class poem and song • Went on a school tour for the start of our new UOI ‘School serve different needs’ • How a school is organized and laid out.

Dolch Words we learnt three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you, they, into, brown, all, under, four, good, ate

What you need to know

For the next two weeks we will be finding out more about our school. We will be focusing on two lines of inquiry: 1) Different jobs and responsibilities in our school 2) Independent learners at school. Also, we will be engaged in Halloween activities leading up to Wednesday. Please remember to dress-up. Yours truly,

Prep A Team

If you have any comments or questions please contact us at: Doris Cen / Edward Cheung /