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SOLANO COLLEGE ASSESSMENT TESTING 0900-1200_Room A99____________ 14 APR 11 12 MAY 11 09 JUN 11 14 JUL 11 ACT/SAT TEST DATES The ACT/SAT exams are offered at The Education Center for Active Duty military and Reserve personnel only. Please call 4243444 to sign up. TEST ACT

DATE 09 MAY11 12 SEP 11

TIME 0800 0800

FOR CLEP STUDY GUIDES: 1. .jsp 2. Click I” AGREE” 3. Click “LOG IN” 4. On your left-hand side of menu, under EDUCATION/TRAINING/FORCE DEVELOPMENT, scroll down to AFVEC-AF Virtual Ed Center 5. On your left-hand side of menu, under INFORMATION, scroll down to STUDY GUIDES 6. This shows you a list of all the study guides for all available CLEP & DANTES exams applicable to CCAF offered at UMUC. ! ! ! ! ! ! HOT HOT HOT! ! ! ! ! !

SOLANO COMMUNITY COLLEGE TRAVIS CENTER COUNSELING HOURS Monday 2:30pm-7:00 pm Wednesday 7:30 am-2:30 pm Thursday 7:30 am-12:00 pm Counseling is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call (707) 4242431 on base or (707) 864-7101 (counseling dept. Fairfield) TESTING SCHEDULE ED CENTER proctored tests: Bldg 249, A-Bay, upstairs Tues, 0800 and 1200 Weds and Thurs, 0800 and 1000 PME, DLPT, AFCT, and COLLEGE Tests: Call 424-3444 to schedule AFOQT and WAPS testing: Call 424-4699

Beginning 11 Apr 2011, the national test center will be testing at 0800, 1000, 1300, and 1500. The Speech Exam will also be moving to the National Testing Center. This will allow members to walk-in and take the Speech exam, just as they take the other CLEP exams Also, effective 1 Oct 11, the Excelsior Exams will No longer be FUNDED by DANTES and will also be given in ONLY computer-based format at the National Testing Center. Excelsior exams are another way to earn college credit for classes not covered by a CLEP exam. Members are still required to order their own tests via, and will test at the National Testing Center. For assistance in studying for the exams, please visit website: or visit the Travis AFB Mitchell Memorial Library to get study guides.

IMPROVED POST 9/11 GI BILL On Jan 4, 2011, President Obama signed S. 3447 into law. The Post 9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Improvement Act of 2010 amends the Post 9/11 GI Bill and other veterans’ educational assistance programs. The entire bill can be found at For a VA overview, go to

leadership and/or management of human resources.  Awarded CCAF associate in applied science degree  Formal application process; recommended for certification by the unit commander or commandant. A Letter of Recommendation template will be posted on CCAF’s website.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGER CERTIFICATION Effective 1 January 2011 This new program provides a validated credentialing process, which recognizes the SNCO’s leadership and management education, skills and experience. In addition, the program provides Air Force SNCOs with a structured professional development track that supplements Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) and Career Field Education and Training Plans.

Impact: Professional certification is a critical element of professional development for Air Force enlisted personnel. This professional credentialing program will recognize advanced levels of education, training and experience beyond the associate degree level, and as a result, instill a higher level of accomplishment and professionalism within the Air Force NCO Corps and better prepare our senior enlisted leaders for career transition.

Qualification requirements:  Awarded 7 skill-level (Craftsman) or higher  Complete Airman Leadership School or equivalent EPME  Complete Noncommissioned Officer Academy or equivalent EPME  Complete Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy or equivalent EPME  Complete 30 semester hours of leadership/management coursework (includes Enlisted PME credit earned); At least 6 semester hours of the leadership/management coursework must be completed through an accredited civilian institution or by examination credit (CLEP/DSST/Excelsior). Courses must emphasize the fundamentals of

To learn more about these professional credentialing programs offered by CCAF Please visit our webpage at:

POC - Mr. JR Breeding, DSN 749-5020

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