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Brought to you by EDC Creations Media Group Black Pearls Magazine Online is a free digital magazine committed to inspire, encourage and empower a international group of readers. Our mission is to provide information that is essential, enlightening and entertaining. The information that we publish helps to empower our readers, therefore enriching their lives and benefiting the communities in which they live. We believe in Giving the Gift of Knowledge! The words Black Pearls has become a metaphor for something very rare, very admirable and very valuable. We are here to bring you those literary jewels, Black Pearls, that are sure to bring you and your love ones much pleasure and empowerment. Every issue of this magazine will celebrate the accomplishments of authors and writers from around the globe, honoring proud traditions and spotlighting ways to enhance the reader's everyday life. Visit the magazine's Bookclub Reading Room for excellent selections: Discover great books, read about the authors, find other book club members, explore our reader’s guides, share our excerpts of new releases and more. Books are a blessing when you can learn and grow from what you read. I hope that you find many books to add great value in your life. Start by reading this entire catalog of suggested books. Please contact us at: and let us know who you would like to see in the next exciting issue of Black Pearls’ Magazine.

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Family and Friends, Can you believe that my 100th book is coming out this year? Yes, it's true and I appreciate the support you've given me over the past 18 years. Little did I know when I wrote my first book, Tonight and Forever - that 99 books later I would still be writing about the Madaris family. My 100th book - A Madaris Bride for Christmas - will hit the stores November 1, 2013. I hope all of you will join me in the celebration of this milestone. And it seems this is an historical event as well since no other African American author has written 100 novels in any genre! This calls for a celebration, and I hope you can come and celebrate with me. I want to give you a heads-up about the following event before tickets go on sale. The following announcement will officially go out August 1, 2013. Tickets go on sale August 5, 2013.

BRENDA JACKSON'S 100TH BOOK CELEBRATION A Red Carpet Affair Saturday, November 9, 2013 Touchdown Club East- Ever Bank Stadium, Jacksonville, FL 5:30 pm to 1:00 am | Tickets - $60 | Plated Dinner and After-Party

Portion of proceeds to benefit Josiephine S. Threatt Scholarship Foundation - Florida Memorial University. The host hotel will be the Crown Plaza Riverfront, 1201 Riverplace Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207 - (904) 398-8800 - Group Name – Brenda Jackson Books. The hotel has given us a special rate of $89 a night for a regular room with either double beds or king beds. We only have a block of 50 rooms and expect the rooms to go fast once the official announcement about the event is made. My readers from all over the country plan to join me in this history making celebration. You must purchase a ticket to Saturday night event to get this special hotel rate! Also, a special 100th Book Booksigning Party will be held on Friday, November 8, 2013 from 7:00 - 11:00 pm in the ballroom of the River City Brewery, which is in walking distance from the hotel using the boardwalk along the St. Johns River. Hors d'oeuvres will be served; cash bar available and dancing with music by popular DJ. Everyone attending will receive gift bag of commemorative goodies that also includes a copy of the 100th book that I will autograph that night!! Photographer will be on hand for pictures. The 100th book you will get in gift bag is a trade size book, which is larger than the one to be sold in stores. This is a special commemorative edition!

IT WILL BE A ENTIRE WEEKEND OF CELEBRATION!! Again, a portion of proceeds for both functions is to benefit the Josiephine Streater Threatt Foundation for Florida Memorial University. Thanks, Brenda Jackson

Anybody’s Daughter by Pamela Samuels Young When 13-year-old Brianna is forced into the horrifying world of human sex trafficking, her Uncle Dre, a former drug dealer, scours the dark corners of L.A. determined to find her. He ultimately comes up with a daring plan, one that puts many lives in danger. But will he find Brianna before it's too late?

Excerpt - PROLOGUE Brianna tossed the phone onto the bed and covered her mouth with both hands. OMG! She was finally going to meet the love of her life, Jaden. Jaden’s older brother Clint was taking them to the Starbucks off Wilmington. Her mother kept such tight reins on her, this was the only time she could get away. Jaden had assured her that Clint would make sure she got to school on time. Turning around to face the mirror on the door, Brianna untied her bushy ponytail and let her hair fall across her shoulders. The yellow-andpurple Lakers tank top her Uncle Dre had given her fit snugly across her chest, but wasn’t slutty-looking. Jaden was a Kobe Bryant fanatic just like she was. He would be impressed when she showed up sporting No. 24. Brianna slung her backpack over her shoulder and trudged down the hallway toward the kitchen. “Hey, Mama. I have to be at school early for a Math Club meeting.” Donna Walker turned away from the stove. “I’m making pancakes. You don’t have time for breakfast?” Brianna felt a stab of guilt. Her mother was trying harder than ever to be a model parent. Brianna had spent much of the last year living with her grandmother after her mother’s last breakdown. “Sorry.” She grabbed a cinnamon-raisin bagel from the breadbox on the counter. “Gotta go.” Donna wiped her hand on a dishtowel. “It’s too early for you to be walking by yourself. I can drop you off.” Brianna’s breath caught, but she kept her face neutral. “No need. I’m picking up Sydney. We’re walking together.” Brianna saw the hesitation in her mother’s overprotective eyes. Taller and darker than her daughter, Donna wore her hair in short, natural curls. Her lips came together like two plump pillows and her eyes were a permanently sad shade of brown. Donna had spent several years as a social worker, but now worked as an administrative assistant at St. Francis Hospital. Work, church and Brianna. That was her mother’s entire life. No man, no girlfriends, no fun. Brianna wasn’t having any of that. She was gonna have a life, no matter how hard her mother tried to keep her on a short leash like a prized pet. Donna finally walked over and gave her daughter a peck on the cheek, then repeated the same words she said every single morning: “You be careful.” Brianna bolted through the front door and hurried down the street. As expected, no one was out yet. Her legs grew shaky as she scurried past Sydney’s house. Brianna had wanted to tell her BFF about hooking up with Jaden today, but he made her promise not to. Anyway, Sydney had the biggest mouth in the whole seventh grade. Brianna couldn’t afford to have her business in the street. She’d made Sydney swear on the Bible before telling her about Jaden. As she neared the end of the block, she saw it. The burgundy Escalade with the tinted windows was parked behind Mario’s Fish Market just like Jaden had promised. Brianna was so excited her hands began to tremble. She was only a few feet away from the SUV when the driver’s door opened and a man climbed out. ( Continued Here... ) Pamela Samuels Young is a practicing attorney whose fast-paced legal thrillers tackle law and crime. Recognized for her savvy female characters, Pamela brings a taste of diversity to the legal fiction genre. Her novels include the Fall 2013 release Anybody's Daughter, Attorney-Client Privilege, Murder on the Down Low. Anybody's Daughter available November 5, 2013. Order here:

I Ain't Me No More by E. N. Joy Helen wasn't just born the devious vixen of New Day Temple of Faith. There had to be something rooted deep within her to make her inflict and feed off of other people's pain. Perhaps it was her own pain that she had suppressed for so many years-an unimaginable pain-that created an internal prison of which her mind was the only captive. But once the demons within her break free, those around her better beware, as Helen surely becomes the epitome of the saying, "Hurt people, hurt people." In I Ain't Me No More, Helen has no shame displaying that she hasn't been saved all her life. Will the divas of New Day Temple of Faith think Helen's worth saving? But more importantly, can God save Helen from not only her evil past; can He save her from herself?

First Chapter Excerpt Man, I hate the cleaning guy! Why does he have to do his job so well? Can’t he ever leave just one spot, smear or smudge on this dang stripper pole? Something so that I don’t have to see myself so painfully visible like this? What makes him think I want to be able to see myself twirling around this pole like some skilled monkey—caught up in the powerful grip of the almighty dollar; a grip known to have choked the life out of many while leaving others gasping for their last breath? “That’s for you,” Damon spoke out over R. Kelly’s “Your Body’s Calling.” With his chestnut brown, bald head and facial hair that is edged up nice and clean, Damon licks his thumb and uses it to flick a twenty dollar bill off the stack of money he’s palming. I swivel my body down to the ground the way the vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream at the DQ makes its way from the machine to the cone. “Baby, you know it takes gas to keep a Cadillac like myself going,” I say to Damon. “As long as you keep filling up the tank, I’ma go-go all night.” I swivel my body back up to a standing position while adding, “In any direction you want me to go.” Damon’s lips part into that sexy signature smile of his. “Whatever you want,” Damon said. “It’s your Caddy. I’ll drive, ride, heck, I’ll even be a backseat passenger. Just know that I got you, Ma.” Damon begins to flick off bills like he’s the dealer in a game of spades. I’m very much content with the hand I’m being dealt. So much so that I want to drop to my knees and begin scooping like a kid standing under a piñata that has just been busted open. But I don’t want to appear too desperate. Resolving to strip in the first place was out of desperation. At the time of making the decision I felt trapped, like Jonah in the belly of the big fish. I was always trying to make ends meet, but neither of my ends were the least bit interested in getting to know one another. Bills were due. I weighed some options on my immoral scale of desperation and stripping was a less load to travel with in my mental carry-on. I mean, at least I’m not selling my whole self --just bartering off a piece of me. “Go on, Go-Go Girl. You know you wanna bend that thang over and pick up that loot.” Once again, Damon licks his thumb and lightens his pile of money as he flicks a couple more bills onto the stage at my feet. “Come on, just show me a li’l sumpin’-sumpin’,” Damon urges. His eyes peruse my body from head to toe, wetting his thumb in preparation to keep making it rain. And this was rain, might I add. Ones being flicked off; that’s a chance of rain. Fives being flicked off; that’s a little drizzle. Tens being flicked off; that’s a scattered shower. Twenties; that’s rain. Benjamins; an all-out thunderstorm! “Come on, Damon, you know the rules. You don’t want me to break the rules and get put on punishment do you?” I ask, making a puppy dog face. “Forget the rules,” Damon barks like the big dawg he is. “And if all that is worthy of just a peek,” he says, referring to all the money he’s laid at my feet, “I can only imagine what this will get me.” I freeze on the stage, which means the bill Damon is now displaying must be triggering some type of ice storm. Until this very moment, I never even knew that such a bill exists.

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Intimate Conversation with Trice Hickman Trice Hickman is an award winning, bestselling author of contemporary fiction. Her love of reading and words led her to become a writer. Determined to have her voice heard, Trice self-published three novels before signing a book deal with Kensington (Dafina Books), who will re-release her original works. Trice is currently writing her next novel, and in her spare time she enjoys cooking, reading, home improvement projects, and traveling. BPM: Tell us about your passion for writing. What drives you? My passion for writing stems from my love of the written word. I love how words, when thoughtfully constructed, can have a profound impact on its reader. I write because it gives me joy! Writing is something you have to love because even when you're good at it, it doesn't always come easy. If you love it, you will continue to do it. Writing is a practice in patience, and writing is re-writing. I'm driven by my desire to be the best "me" that I can be. I continually strive to improve myself as I learn how to appreciate my achievements and grow from my mistakes. I hope that my book can impact readers in a meaningful way. After reading my books, it is my hope that the story will resonate in such a way that makes the reader think about social issues they've never thought about before, discover a new word they've never heard of, or simply receive hours of enjoyable entertainment. That, to me, is be worth the journey of writing. BPM: You believe strongly in: God and the power of prayer. Love and family. Compassion, hope, and the limitless endurance of the human spirit. BPM: You are humbled by: The tremendous love, support, and encouragement I receive from readers. BPM: Faith allows you to: Live without fear...something I haven't always done, but am practicing it now...every day! BPM: When you are afraid, you will: Pray, trust in God, and then put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. BPM: What have you learned from your readers: That although publishing is a tough business, there are still wonderfully kind, genuine, and supportive people in this world. BPM: Your greatest accomplishment as a writer: Receiving a starred review from Publishers Weekly for my first novel, Unexpected Interruptions. BPM: If this world were yours: I would spread peace from corner to corner of the globe, and then I'd make ice-cream fat and calorie free! Looking for Trouble -Order your copy today! Visit Trice at:

Intimate Conversation with Zuri Day Zuri Day is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels. An EMMA and African-American Literary Awards winner, two of her novels were also finalists in the Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance category. Along with titillating the sensual senses, Zuri loves to stimulate provocative thought on timely, relevant topics that will benefit her community of readers. She believes in true love, half-full glasses and dreams coming true. Along with writing, hearing from readers is one of her favorite things to have happen, so she’d love to hear from you! BPM: How did you get started writing romance? I'd just turned in a contemporary fiction novel when my editor, Selena James, asked if I could write romance. I said “Sure!” I'd grown up reading romance and thought writing one would be a breeze. Boy, did I have a lot to learn: about the formula, the dos and don'ts, the various types of romance. Thanks to my editor's patience and my agent's wisdom, Lies Lovers Tell was born. That first romance will always hold a special place in my heart. Many people have given up on love, much less romance. I'm hoping that somehow in the love-filled pages of my romance novels, they can ignite the desire to believe again. Anything is possible, when we believe... BPM: Tell us about your latest book, A Good Dose of Pleasure, from the Morgan Men series. A Good Dose of Pleasure, when artist Anise Cartier leaves Nebraska for L.A., she's finally ready to put the past and its losses behind her. She’s even taken a new name to match her new future. And she soon finds a welcoming committee in the form of one very handsome doctor, Gregory Morgan. Their attraction is instant. So is their animosity. Anise's goal is to start an art gallery, while Gregory is in a fierce competition for a multimillion-dollar medical research grant. His opponent for the coveted funding is not Gregory’s only problem. The beloved artist community where Anise plans to set up shop is the same location slated to be demolished to make way for the new research center. Soon, it’s a battle between art and science—one that neither Anise nor Gregory intend to lose. Their passion is intense, but can this heated war of wills lead to a lifetime of red hot love? BPM: What inspired the Morgan Brothers series? I knew I wanted my next set of romance novels to involve a family. I love the idea of readers being able to delve into the hero or heroine's inner circle and extended family, so much so that they actually become a part of the reader's lives. A series allows that to happen. BPM: What do you want readers to take away from reading your books? As with all of my novels, I want readers to be entertained and inspired. I want them to feel they've gotten a peek into someone's life and maybe learned a lesson or two from what the characters have learned or endured. More than anything, I want them to fall in love with my work, and since Zuri means "beautiful" in Swahili, I want them to always have a Zuri Day! Connect via her website, or on Facebook @ haveazuriday.

Platinum Promises by Zuri Day Seduction in the lap of luxury? Award-winning wines have helped Dexter Drake turn his family's luxury resort and spa into the most successful vineyard in Southern California. Yet Dexter has another talent— his prowess with women. He is having too much fun to settle down, until he meets Faye Buckner, a guest at the vineyard's hotel. Her act of kindness makes it impossible for him to get the beautiful doctor out of his mind. Faye believes in making the world a better place, and has dedicated her career to saving lives. She plans to concentrate on her work. But she soon discovers that the breathtaking playboy isn't just gorgeous—he is intelligent and compassionate, too. Should Faye remain focused solely on her career or listen to Dexter's passionate promises and her own heart? Platinum Promises (Kimani Romance) by Zuri Day Purchase:

Solid Gold Seduction by Zuri Day It's more precious than gold? The discovery of gold on Drake land significantly increases middle son Warren's already overflowing coffers. His ranch is the talk of exclusive Paradise Cove. But it's his gorgeous neighbor who's arousing the California cowboy's fantasies. Charli Reed sits a horse like no woman Warren's ever seen. Instead of pushing him away, her blatant lack of interest only increases his desire to execute the ultimate seduction. Just because Warren's as rich as Midas doesn't make the entrepreneur turned rancher a hero in Charli's eyes. And how can she trust a Drake—her family's most hated enemy? But Warren's sensual passion is slowly melting her resistance. Working together to catch the thieves who could turn their dreams to dust, Charli has to choose: hold on to the past or risk her heart for a love that's the most priceless treasure of all. Solid Gold Seduction (The Drakes of California) On the Shelf: 11/19/2013; Order:

Meet the Author Zuri Day is a national bestselling, award-winning author who snuck her first Harlequin romance from her older sister’s “off-limits” collection and was hooked from page one. Knights in shining armor and happily-ever-after were fitting fantasies, and she could get lost for hours in this world of positive possibilities. That Zuri now creates these stories as a full-time author is a dream come true! She splits her time between the stunning Caribbean islands and southern California. Having written more than a dozen novels, she is currently busy writing the next. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted on Facebook and at Visit her website:

The Eleventh Commandment by Lutishia Lovely The members of Kingdom Citizens Christian Center believe in sharing the spirit of love and generosity with others. Even so, they can't seem to follow the ten commandments, a fact that suggests it just might be time to add rule number eleven. . . While Frieda Moore has not found her way to the Good Word—she has charted a path to a really good, upscale life. Still, she's not about to let her prominent surgeon husband and baby son get in the way of her good time. The sizzling blessings she's getting from her primed-and-ready 25-year-old lover are too divine to resist. . .until one too many secrets threaten to ruin this bad girl's heaven on earth. . . Frieda's more sensible cousin, Hope Taylor, was sure she and her spouse, Cy, were solid-in-the-spirit. But now a long-lost love is requesting an act of Christian charity that for Cy could be a second chance at temptation. And when Hope's best friend, Stacy, must decide if a money-making scheme with her ex will fix her rocky marriage, the consequences will have the saved, maybe-saved, and the hardly-saved begging for deliverance . . . The Eleventh Commandment - An Excerpt, read it here:

About the Author Lutishia Lovely is the award-winning, best-selling author of nineteen novels. Lutishia burst on to the scene with Sex In The Sanctuary, a novel that crosses genres and shakes up comfort zones. Billed as the book “where sex and spirituality collide,” the year of its release Sex In The Sanctuary positioned Lutishia as a Debut Author Finalist at the Southeastern Arts Association’s Literary Awards. The novel was a bestseller on Amazon, Black Expressions and other internet sites and the subsequent books in this ongoing series: Love Like Hallelujah, A Preacher’s Passion, Heaven Right Here, Reverend Feelgood and Heaven Forbid, have enjoyed tremendous success as well, and have made her a popular guest with book clubs, magazines and radio stations. Thankful to be living her dream, Lutishia is also humbled to be the voice for so many who feel silenced. From molestation, homosexuality and infidelity in ministry to her latest series, The Business, that examines the dynamics of dysfunction among family and society, she approaches each topic with compassion and unconditional love—offering a safe place for those who’ve experienced such challenges to come forward and be “seen,” and also encouraging dialogue along with the space for healing and understanding. Lutishia's second series, which features All Up In My Business, Mind Your Own Business, and Taking Care Of Business blew readers away with the creative plots and fabulous leading characters. Fans of the Hallelujah Love series will be happy to know that that series continues in 2012. When not writing, Lutishia indulges in her other loves: sports, cooking, international travel, and entertaining family and friends in southern California. Find out more about this series and Lutishia at her website: Please sign up for her newsletter, where readers are treated to contests, updates, excerpts from upcoming novels, contests and more! Shop for Lutishia's books:

Looking For Trouble by Trice Hickman Some dreams will test your head and your heart… John Small may be a successful Wall Street banker, but at heart he's a country boy from the sleepy town of Nedine, South Carolina. John wants to open Nedine’s first black-owned bank. But big dreams can bring big problems—and John’s snooty New York City girlfriend is just the beginning. John is about to learn some hard truths about money, power, love, and loyalty. And when his future, and his family's legacy, is in danger, help will come from where he least expects it... Alexandria Thornton is a hard-working corporate attorney by day, but she’s passionately pursuing her dream as a spoken word artist by night. Frustrated with her career and her lackluster love life, Alexandria’s ready to throw in the towel on both—that is, until a man from her past reenters her life and changes everything. But her newfound happiness is short-lived when old lovers, lingering secrets, and hidden desires threaten to end it all… This story fuses the past with the present and takes readers on a journey filled with drama, love, betrayal, and mystery. Looking For Trouble is part of the Unexpected Love S eries, which began with Unexpected Interruptions.

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About the Author Trice Hickman released her self-published debut novel, Unexpected Interruptions, November 2007. The book garnered praise from literary reviewers, book clubs, and readers, and was selected by Black Expressions as their December 2008, Editor's Pick for Dynamic Debut Feature. Trice's much anticipated sequel, Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies, was released June 2009, and her third novel, Playing the Hand You're Dealt, was released August 2010. Upon the success of her work, Trice signed a multi-book deal with Kensington (Dafina Books). Her fourth novel, Breaking All My Rules, was released February 2013. Her fifth novel, Looking For Trouble, will be released on October 29, 2013.

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of Life, Love and Family by John Tracy Wilson Real world insights into our most important relationships. Aren’t all relationships overrated? Are you frustrated in your relationships with family, friends, love interests and even God? Isn’t the level of grief just too great? Hurt and pain are more likely to be the abundant yield than any lasting happiness or joy. Cynical? Maybe…but it’s an easy opinion to endorse until you’re brought to the realization that life is all about relationships. In John Tracy Wilson’s new book, he transparently bares his discoveries on building relationships that are life-changing. This book is for everyone who craves the richness that comes from knowing your life has meaning. As John says: “Whether idyllic or defective, relationships are the fabric of life. We are the threads that determine how the pattern of that fabric will take shape.” He shows us how we can find more joy, happiness and inspirational encouragement, while also voicing a few words of cautionary warnings to heed. He reminds us to once again begin understanding and appreciating what we have. To discover, maybe even for the first time, what we want in our lives, even when others and the world itself, are so negative. If you want to bring more depth and meaning to all of your relationships, you have found the perfect book!

Meet the Author Recipient of the AMG Heritage Award’s “Author of the Year,” John Tracy Wilson is a man with a heart to share his experiences and the insights he’s learned in life to build stronger families and relationships within our communities. His mission began with his songwriting and performing. His fans found honest connection and inspiration as they identified with the depth of his stirring message. Now he has included author to his bountiful credits with a book cleverly written, filled with real world insights delving into the core and essence of what makes our most important relationships thrive with success.

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John Tracy Wilson Website: http://

Sister Betty Says I Do by Pat G'Orge-Walker

An inspiring, devilishly funny tale of hope, secrets—and hard-knock faith that can make the most impossible situations right. . . For Sister Betty, the marriage proposal from trustee Freddie Noel is a once-in-alifetime surprise blessing. Unfortunately, she knows the chances of having a peaceful ceremony in their beloved Crossing Over Sanctuary Church are slim to none. But she's armed with enough sense and scripture to keep contentious church busybodies Bea Blister and Sasha Pray Onn from sowing even more chaos amid the congregation—until a rehearsal disaster and an unexpected secret causes Freddie to break off the engagement without explanation. . . While this no-nonsense prayer warrior needs all the holy backup she can get, her pastor, Reverend Leotis Tom, is desperately dodging temptation as Mother Pray Onn's wild-child niece and Betty's young cousin compete to become his First Lady. With her happiness, the church's future, and Tom's sanity on the line, Sister Betty will need to kick some spiritual butt, take names—and fight for some major soulsaving miracles. REVIEW FROM THE LIBRARY JOURNAL (PICK OF THE MONTH) Sister Betty Sarah Becton and Trustee Freddie Noel (skinny and yellow as a number two pencil) are both on the far side of 60 but decide to jump the broom. But there ain’t no drama like wedding-planning drama, especially in the small South Carolina town of Pelzer. Sweating in the Southern heat like “Friday night strippers sitting on Sunday morning church’s second pew,” church mothers Sasha Pray Onn and Bea Blister worry over Sister Betty’s plans. But Freddie’s off-and-on health issues may delay the big event. A wild bunch of extended family and church folk meddle in the plans lending the story a hilarious reality show vibe. Stealing scenes are Sweet Betty’s cousin Sharvon and sexy hot Ima, each batting their eyelashes at muscled and sexy Rev. Leotis Tom. Down-home humor, scripture readings, and outrageous trash talk. Priceless. VERDICT: Might there be an emerging subgenre of urban Christian romantic comedy? No matter how vendors categorize G’Orge-Walker’s work (Sister Betty! God’s Calling You, Again; Don’t Blame the Devil) it’s a wonderful romp that will have wide appeal to both sinners and saints. Sister Betty Fanpage: Pat G'Orge-Walker on Twitter: @PGOrgeWalker

Intimate Conversation with Pat G'Orge-Walker Pat G'Orge-Walker is the Essence best-selling author of almost a dozen novels and several anthologies. As a preachers kid, her perspective on the church community inspired her one woman comedy show centering on elderly sister Betty's, unchristian-like, behavior that blocks her blessings. With the success of the Sister Betty comedy show, she uses humor and imagination for Kensington books. She resides in long Island, New York. Visit her online at Twitter at Pgorgewalker and Facebook. BPM: Introduce us to your upcoming Sister Betty book. Sister Betty Says I Do is an inspiring, devilishly funny tale of hope, secrets-and hard-knock faith that can make the most impossible situation right. The main characters are: Sister Betty, her fiance Freddie Noel, and to the delight of most, and the chagrin of others, Sister Ima Hellraiser is back in Pelzer; the seductress has her perfectly aligned teeth set to take a bite out of Reverend Leotis Tom's single status. And introducing, no-holds-barred Sharvon Becton; she is Sister Betty's young and beautiful second cousin who has intentions of nibbling at the reverend's single status too. Of course, making life all the more difficult for Sister Betty (Honey Bee) and Freddie are: Satan's right-hand gals church mothers Sasha Pray Onn and Bea Blister. BPM: What makes each one special? Sister Betty is special not only because she started fighting on the Lord's side after she received a telephone call from God (read Sister Betty! God's Calling You Again) but she's never had a social life that involved a gentleman. She doesn't find love until she's in her sixties. Freddie Noel is special not only because of his shyness and his plain looks but because like Betty, he's served God for a long time. He too is in his sixties. Unlike Betty has never gone past the appetizers from the sexual buffet. His lack of experience makes him all the more endearing as he tries to navigate the love trail. BPM: Which character or topic in the book can you identify with the most? Why? I can identify the most with Sister Betty in this particular story. Like the character who is trying to be a caregiver to Freddie during his health crisis, she's in unexplored territory and meets with many frustrations, setbacks that cause her to question God and her faith, I've been there. BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book? As usual, I want my readers to know that "what you HAVE NOT ACHIEVED" is just as real as WHAT YOU HAVE. Keep the faith and know that every trial is not of the enemy. God often tests us before we can go to another level. One cannot expect to be a doctor without going to medical school. B&N:


Somewhere Between Here and There by Jason Gilmore Somewhere Between Here and There is the story of Corey Oakley and Melissa Forrester, headstrong teenagers who meet and bond over their desire to escape life in mid-1990s Toledo, Ohio, where twin traps of violence or complacency await them at every turn. As Jason Gilmore chronicles the mercurial but genuine progression of their unlikely friendship across colleges, states and relationships, he creates an engaging portrait of religion, sex, ambition, loyalty, adulthood and the cost of dreams. Somewhere Between Here and There is one of the most dazzling coming-of-age novels to emerge in recent American literature. Excerpt from Somewhere Between Here and There It was the longest quick trip of my life. But I was calm all the way there: across 80 East through Ohio, skirting the perimeter of bumpy, useless West Virginia, detouring before the frenzied DC beltway. But there was something about actually arriving on campus – about seeing all the fresh faces and impending freedom – that made me realize I had to ditch my dad. “That’s pretty much it,” he said. I guessed I should’ve been more appreciative, since he’d carried all my crap up to the third floor and down the hall pretty much by himself. Not to mention that he’d driven me there in the first place.

“Yeah,” I said, hoping he’d get the hint, “it is.” “Sure you don’t need anything else?” he said. “It’s gonna take you a while to unpack and get everything set up.” “No, that’s okay,” I said. I opened the front door, thinking it might be helpful. “Make sure you get this cleared out by the time your roommate gets here. You know what I always tell you about first impressions.” “Okay, Dad.” I grabbed his arm and guided him towards the door. “My roommate won’t be here until the fall.” “Melissa, if I can speak on your mom’s behalf, we’re both very proud of you. You’ve been such a good daughter.” Now he wanted to turn this into an after school special. And when did he ever speak on Mom’s behalf? Christ, why hadn’t he left yet?? “Dad, thank you. But you’ve got a long drive ahead of you. You need to get back on the road.”?He gave me this puzzled look, like he didn’t know he was leaving. He looked out the window. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”? I hugged and kissed him. He probably thought I was going to walk him to the car. I didn’t. I hurt him, probably, I was sure. But he was a parent. Wasn’t the first time, wouldn’t be the last. I couldn’t linger there, there was too much to do. And Toledo had wasted enough of my time. I spent 18 years as a larva. It was time to become a butterfly. It was like I finally learned how to breathe. Or like I already knew how to breathe but couldn’t, and someone saw me writhing on the shore and tossed me back into the ocean. That summer, Virginia might have been the loveliest place on earth. ( Continued... ) Genre: Literary fiction, Coming-of-age story Purchase from Amazon:

All That I Desire by Francis Ray New York Times bestselling author Francis Ray turns up the heat in this sizzling Grayson Friends novel about a woman’s life, liberty…and pursuit of passion. LOVE IS NEVER PICTURE-PERFECT… Nothing can stop a woman like Skylar Dupree once she makes up her mind. Defying her family and leaving law school, she’s landed her dream job as an event director at the prestigious Navarone Resorts and Spas in Arizona. It’s all that Skylar’s ever desired—until she sees Rio Sanchez, the resort’s head of security and Blade Navarone’s own personal bodyguard. He’s the sexiest, most striking man she’s ever met. SOMETIMES IT’S EVEN BETTER… When Skylar starts planning a huge charity auction at the resort, it’s Rio’s job to keep an eye on the prized art she collects from donors. Though he’s not blind to Skylar’s beauty, Rio is nothing if not professional—and he refuses to make a move. But when a mysterious stranger enters the picture—and puts Skylar’s life in danger—Rio attempts to protect her…only to be told, in no uncertain terms, that Skylar is capable of taking care of herself. Her brazen independence is enough to drive Rio crazy…with desire.

Read an Excerpt “Is everything going as planned?” Ruth asked. Skylar knew Ruth could have asked that question earlier, but hadn’t. Mrs. Grayson also didn’t let on she’d seen or talked with Skylar before. She smiled her thanks. “Yes, Mrs. Grayson. In fact, we’re ahead of schedule. As planned, the auction will be by invitation only. Thanks to Lance’s help, a printed color catalog with the starting bid for each item has already been sent out.” “Good thing,” Sierra interjected. “Because he and Fallon are off on their honeymoon.” “Still discussing if she’ll be able to go scuba diving due to her pregnancy.” Blade glanced at Sierra. “She’s almost as strong-willed as another woman I know.” Skylar cut a sideways glance at Rio. His arms remained crossed, his gaze somewhere over her head. He wasn’t going to make this easy. Back to the business at hand. “I personally called everyone to ensure they received the catalog and still plan to attend.” Skylar pulled out the guest list and stood to give it to Rio. “This week, four of the invitees asked if they could bring a guest. It was to be expected that some would ignore the one-month time limit to invite a guest. I know you’d want to check the people out before I committed.” He crossed to her in his effortless stride that reminded her of a stalking cat. Long, lean fingers took the list without looking at it. “Thank you.” His voice held no inflection. Trying not to sigh, Skylar retook her seat. She needn’t have bothered wearing a tangerine-colored dress that complemented her complexion and hazel eyes. However, she wasn’t giving up. “The items will be arriving by special courier or delivery service starting Tuesday. I’ll be here to check and sign them in. I’ll return each day until we have all the items in place,” Skylar told them. “We’ve already selected the room where they’ll be displayed.” “That’s too much trouble,” Sierra said. “It would be easier and make more sense if you stay here.” “I couldn’t agree more,” Blade said. ( Continued... ) Purchase from Amazon:

Baldwin Hills Housewives by Patricia Anne Phillips Baldwin Hills Housewives is a story of five women that lives in Baldwin Hills, in the county of Los Angeles, California, and supports each other personally and professionally without hesitation. Shonna Dupree, a lawyer that practices Family Law. She takes on clients and fights to win as she is struggling through her own divorce. Her husband Ron Dupree divorces her for someone else he is in love with, a man. Robin Flanigan, a successful Real Estate Agent with a background that only one housewife knows about. She gets a phone call from Child Services; her cousin died and left her eight year old daughter for Robin to take in. Robin knows nothing about parenthood. The father is believed to be dead, until one evening a stranger rings her doorbell. Sky Landers and her husband Monte have a wonderful marriage. Monte owns his own Construction Company and accepts a job in Las Vegas. The job is completed, and Monte goes home, but when he arrives in LA, only blocks from his home, he stops at a florist to buy roses for Sky, and is caught up in a dangerous robbery. Karla St. James and her husband Martin are happily married. Karla is a bestselling novelist; Martin has his own publishing company. They are financially secured, but Karla has one secret, she shoplifts in different malls. Candace Brown and her husband Kenneth are a close, religious family with an eleven year old daughter. The ladies respect Candace for her wisdom and encouragement. Candace owns a local restaurant and has three employees. The restaurant catches on fire with Candace and her employees inside. Candace is forced to figure a way out to save their lives.

Baldwin Hills Housewives supports each other. Although they have different views about life, they will be friends forever.

Falling In The Deep by Patricia Anne Phillips Falling In The Deep is a novel that gives the true meaning of rivalry, betrayal and deception, and no meaning at all for marriage vows, such as . . . through sickness and health. Falling In The Deep is a gripping, hurtful story of a woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Readers will feel her pain and wonder about the true meaning of their own marriage vows. Also, it will give readers awareness of MS and the symptoms. The story takes place in Mill Valley, a middle class neighborhood near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Sabrina Chapman had the perfect life, a loving husband and two adoring children. She was happy, living the life she always wanted and deeply in love with her husband, or so she thought until she was diagnosed with MS, and the essence of life she once taken for granted no longer existed. Jason Chapman is disappointed with the news of his wife health; it was no longer the life they had planned. Why should he stay in a marriage that he didn’t ask for? After all he wasn’t the one with MS? He wanted to make career moves, and have a healthy, beautiful wife by his side.

In Falling In The Deep, readers will cry, laugh and follow one woman’s life of bravery, as she forges ahead to make a life for her and her two children, and with the help of someone that see’s her as the beautiful, smart woman she always was.

Meet the Author Patricia Anne Phillips resides in Los Angeles, California. She has written nine romance novels. Her first novel Something In Common was self-published. June In Winter, her second novel was published at Kensington Publishing and was featured in Romance Times Magazine as Best Multicultural and best first time Multicultural Romance. As an enthusiastic fan of the romance genre, Patricia was inspired to begin writing her own romance novels. Learn more about Patricia and her books at:

The High Price I Had To Pay: Sentenced To 12½ Years For Victimizing Lehman Brothers Bank by author Jamila T. Davis The High Price I Had To Pay is a captivating real-life story that reveals another aspect of the inside fraud perpetrated by Lehman executives that has yet to be told! Years before the 2008 Financial Crisis, a major epidemic of mortgage fraud surged throughout the country. The FBI geared up to combat the problem, imprisoning thousands who were alleged to have victimized Wall Street giants, such as Lehman Brothers Bank. Hidden safely behind the auspices of being a "victim," savvy Ivy League bank executives created additional fraudulent schemes to further their profit. Utilizing their "victimizers" as scapegoats, the bankers' clever plan went undetected. Consequently, the real architects of the massive fraudulent lending schemes escaped unpunished. And the "small fries," who the bankers blamed to be the bandits, were left to do big time! This illuminating synopsis by author Jamila T. Davis, who is currently serving a 12½ year sentence in federal prison for bank fraud, is shared from a unique stand point. Davis was labeled by Lehman attorneys as the 25 year old mastermind who devised an elaborate mortgage scheme that defrauded their bank of 22 million dollars. Her shocking story captures the inside tricks of Wall Street elite and takes you up-close and personal into a world driven by greed and power. Davis' story will leave you amazed and make you think. Have savvy Wall Street executives, such as Richard Fuld, been able to outsmart the world? And while these executives escape unpunished, is it fair that "small fries," like Davis, are left to do big time? The High Price I Had To Pay paperback edition, is also available at Amazon for $7.99. Click the link below to purchase your copy today! The book is available as a FREE eBook on Click here to download today.

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Jamila T. Davis' Memoir She's All Caught Up She's All Caught Up is a real-life cautionary tale that exemplifies the powerful negative influences that affect today's youth and the consequences that arise from poor choices. Young Jamila grew up in a loving middle class home, raised by two hardworking parents, the Davises, in the suburbs of Jamaica Queens, New York. Determined to afford their children with the luxuries that they themselves never had, the Davises provided their children with a good life, hoping to guarantee their children's success. At first it seemed as though their formula worked. Young Jamila maintained straight As and became her parents ideal "star child," as she graced the stage of Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in dance recitals and toured the country in a leading role in an off-Broadway play. All was copacetic in the Davis household until high school years when Jamila met her first love Craig- a 16 year old drug dealer from the Southside housing projects of Jamaica Queens. As this high school teen rebels, breaking loose from her parents' tight reins, the Davises wage an "all-out" battle to save their only daughter whom they love so desperately. But Jamila is in too deep! Poisoned by the thorn of materialism, she lusts after independence, power and notoriety, and she chooses life in the fast last to claim them. When this good girl goes bad, it seems there is no turning back! Follow author Jamila T. Davis (creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series) in her blazing memoir, She's All Caught Up!

About the Author Jamila T. Davis is a motivational speaker and the creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series for incarcerated women. Through her powerful delivery, Davis illustrates the real-life lessons and consequences that result from poor choices. She also provides the techniques and strategies that she personally has utilized to dethrone negative thinking patterns, achieve emotional healing, and restoration and growth. Davis is no stranger to triumphs and defeats. By the age of 25, she utilized her business savvy and street smarts to rise to the top of her field, becoming a lead go-to-person in the Hip-Hop Music Industry and a self-made millionaire through real estate investments. Davis lived a care-free lavish lifestyle, surrounded by rap stars, professional sports figures and other well known celebrities. All seemed well until the thorn of materialism clouded Davis’ judgments and her business shortcuts backfired, causing her self-made empire to crumble. Davis was convicted of bank fraud, for her role in a multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme, and sentenced to 12½ years in federal prison. Read more in the book!

Life in Spades by Frances Frost Life in Spades explores the lives, loves and friendships among four contemporary AfricanAmerican women. Set in Washington, D.C. and its surrounding suburbs, Life in Spades is about the friendship of four thirty-something African-American women who regularly get together to play the card game Spades. Away from the card table, Gina, Sherry, Laura, and Cookie face challenges in inter-racial dating, impending motherhood, finding love, and recovering from an attack. Gina, an admittedly unathletic runner, is training for a marathon with her white boyfriend in an effort to change her mother’s mind about interracial dating. Sherry divorced her husband after he was convicted and imprisoned on charges of financial wrong-doing and is now enjoying her new single life. While debating her own possibility of motherhood, she is forced to help out her pregnant niece. Laura, a professional escort, plays by a strict set of self-imposed rules in order to maintain her one-woman business. Cookie, a cupcake baker, wrestles with memories of her late fiancée and an obvious attraction to the delivery man who comes by every day. An attack in her bakery scares all of the women and they are each inspired to figure out the next best hand to play. With humor and insight, Frances Frost weaves a story of these women as they face their personal insecurities, negotiate love, strengthen their friendship, and define happiness.

About the Author Frances Frost is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Wake Forest University. She chronicles her thoughts on motherhood, books, and crafts on Just Piddlin’ (, a Circle of Moms “Top 25 Family Blog by Moms”. She lives in Maryland with her husband, four children, and rescued pup where she is active in her community and sorority. Life in Spades is her first novel. Connect with her at her website,

Aqua Blue by Marian L. Thomas A friendship that begins to unravel. A young man fleeing the tragic loss of his mother. A romance that crosses the boundary of hatred and proves that love is stronger than the color of skin. Find it all in, AQUA BLUE. The hot new summer release from Award-Winning Author, Marian L. Thomas. Critics call AQUA BLUE- "Superb." Grab your copy of AQUA BLUE, on, Kindle, Nook or by order through bookstores nationwide. Read an excerpt and share it with friends:

About the Author Author Marian L. Thomas, is no stranger to the world of fiction. With three dramatic and engaging books to her credit: Color Me Jazzmyne; My Father's Colors and Strings of Color, this award-winning author continues to weave colorful stories of emotion and realism, that crosses all boundaries and finds a home in the heart of today's female reader. This has become her trademark. Visit the Author's Website:

Raging Blue by Renee Daniel Flagler Blue Holiday reaches the end of her rope, her marriage, and her long-time friendship with BFF, Mia Reynolds. She’s ready to move on but now her husband, the infamous bad-boy baller, Jaylin Mack, is cut from the team because of his erratic behavior and without Blue he’ll be broke. Their chances of reconciliation are doused the moment a salacious secret is revealed. As far as Jaylin is concerned, if he can’t have his wife, living off her trust fund will do just fine. Problem is, he forgot a woman in love will put up with a lot. But a woman enraged…will make you pay.

Meet the Author Renee Daniel Flagler is a teaching artist, award-winning freelance journalist, marketing professional, and the author of four novels, Raging Blue, In Her Mind, Miss-Guided, and Mountain High Valley Low. Renee resides in New York and is currently at work on her next novels, Still Raging, and Society Wives, and her first nonfiction work, The Relationship Survival Guide. Connect with Renee on Facebook, or at her website,


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Mama Don't Like Ugly by Rekaya Gibson Mama Don't Like Ugly takes readers on a journey of Dana Calhoun's life growing up in Nautica, Louisiana. Her mama finds her dark skin repulsive, so she abuses and neglects her. Also, she constantly compares Dana to her light-skinned sister. Regardless of Dana's unconditional love for her mama, she still encounters a cycle of torment. Will mama finally realize that Dana is a beautiful person in spite of her dark skin or will she continue to spew those hateful words, "Mama don't like ugly?" Rekaya Gibson is an Author and a Food Writer. Her fiction titles include Mama Don’t Like Ugly, The Food Temptress, The Food Enchantress, Are There French Fries in Heaven? and My Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie/El Pay de Camote di mi Mama. She writes cookbook reviews for Cuisine Noir Magazine and restaurant reviews for All Occasions Eater. She loves eating and photographing food for her cookbook, Cooking on a Dollar Store Budget. Become a fan of Author Rekaya Gibson on Facebook. Order books:

Sienna St. James Series by Leslie J. Sherrod She’s a sleuth. She’s a scorned wife. She’s a sista on a mission. Sienna St. James is more than a sharp-witted social worker. She’s a problem solver who keeps getting pulled into life-and-death mysteries that only complicate her already complex life. With a head-strong teenage son and a missing, estranged husband - who could be anywhere on the globe - Sienna has to figure out what gets her focus first: the questions she has about her own love and loss or the dangerous quirks and dark confusion of her current clients. And then there are the current eligible men around her who are jockeying for position, waiting for her to make up her mind about it all.

Featured Books by Leslie J. Sherrod * Losing Hope (Available Now) * Without Faith (Coming Fall 2013) * Sacrifices of Joy (Coming Spring 2014)

Losing Hope Social worker Sienna St. James is a woman with a complicated past and an alarming Tuesday morning. In one single day, every advance Sienna has made in getting over her long lost globe-trotting husband unravels in unexplainable fashion. From a mysterious package that hails from another continent to a new teen client who claims to have a missing sister, Sienna finds herself in the middle of a city-wide scandal, all while sorting out the painful details of her personal life. At center are two suspicious foster parents, a mega-church ministry leader, and Sienna's own fragile emotions over a man who changed the direction of her life. It's a test of her professional and moral will as Sienna seeks closure from a love she never understood and answers about whether a little girl named Hope ever existed. And if she did, where is she now? In this first installment of the suspenseful Sienna St. James Series, finding hope in the midst of questions and chaos becomes essential when life takes an unexpected turn.

Without Faith She’s moved forward, but has she really moved ahead? Social worker Sienna St. James is no stranger to setbacks. As far as she is concerned, her estranged husband set her back and off course over a decade ago. Now, she has reclaimed her sense of hope and purpose, set up a new therapy practice, bought a new home, and has finally moved on. Maybe. When a wealthy, secretive new couple she’s counseling pulls her into their very real life-and-death drama, and her long-lost husband’s whereabouts can no longer be ignored, Sienna realizes the truth about what has kept her emotionally frozen and fragile—it’s fear. Ready or not, she has frightening challenges to overcome: a kidnapping, a teenage son who’s gone AWOL, a tired-of-waiting potential new beau, and a journalist who’s made it clear that he’s interested in getting more from her than the breaking news the twists in her life are offering. Torn by professional and personal struggles that have now become a full blown war, Sienna must come face-to-face with her deepest fears—and survive them—before it’s too late.

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Sinful Liaisons by JC Gardner A family saga full of lust, lies and deceit, along with a nice heaping of spice! Are you ready to take a ride on the wild side? Smooth talking pretty boy David Jarconni, son of a millionaire businessman and a doting mother, is over privileged and doesn’t appreciate anything. Destined to run the family business, he’d rather run the streets than be in a business suite. His younger sister, Carol, is an overachiever who has already staked her claim to the company fortune. She undermines David at every turn. His new lady love, super model Danielle, provides him with a safe haven to escape the reality of his jacked up situation. And an old nemesis comes out of the woodwork for sweet revenge! Sinful Liaisons is bound to keep readers up into the wee hours of the night with its complex relationships and jaw dropping plot twists. It lives up to the fiery chili pepper on the cover…it’s smokin’ hot! Sinful Liaisons is available for Kindle and Nook; hard copies can be ordered here: Order from Amazon:

Book Excerpt: Sinful Liaisons David had been sitting in his cell for two hours coming down from his high, going over the events that led to his current predicament. He was supposed to call Danielle after that horrid dinner, but he was so wound up after visiting his parents’ house, that was the last thing on his mind. Sitting at the dinner table with them was hell. All Carol could talk about was work and how rewarding it was, and Lewis would just grunt and mumble about how he should give it a try. Then Carol retired to her room to work on her schedule for the next day and Lewis went into his study for some quiet time. David knew that meant some quiet time with his friend Jack…Daniels. Nicole had to clean away the dishes, thanks to Susie quitting. David went to his father and asked him for some money, hoping he was so wasted that he wouldn't have the guts to argue with him. But that was a huge mistake that started World War Three. Lewis was so upset, that Nicole had to calm him down. Thanks to her, Lewis gave him some money – no, Lewis threw him some money like he was a panhandler on the street. Of course, this would have made anyone else leave the money on the floor out of pride, but not him. He bent over and picked it up, cursing under his breath all the way. He had to get out of there. His mother walked him to the door trying to talk some sense into him. He kissed her on the cheek and left the house. He loved his mother dearly, but the rest of them could take a hike. He knew that his father hated him. He could see it in his eyes. And Carol, the little witch, was no sister of his, always undermining him. He practically ran from the house. He had to find a way to make some cash because getting it from his family was becoming increasingly difficult, not to mention painful. He drove straight to a bar and drank himself into oblivion. ( Continued... )

Meet the Author JC Gardner’s passion for writing began at the age of twelve, however, a series of unfortunate events forced her to be a closet writer. After many years, JC is finally able to walk into her destiny. A sequel for Sinful Liaisons is in the works, along with a children’s book and a novelette. By day, JC is a manager for a nonprofit agency; by night, she writes and spends time with her husband and two children. She is also a writing coach and inspirational speaker.

The Deadly Rose, An Assassin's Tale by J.M. Lominy Pierre-André François is handsome, intelligent, and the greatest soccer player in Haitian history. He also has a well-kept secret; he is an assassin. In fact, Pierre-André François is the vile and feared Haitian assassin known as The Little Rose. Like a skilled painter, he kills with style and finesse, bringing death in broad purposeful strokes and sweeps of red. Signing each piece of work with a fragrant red rose. The year is 1957 and Haiti is in turmoil.

Political wrangling has kept the

presidency vacant and the country is ripe with civil unrest and upheaval. Political positions are up for grabs and anyone with power, money and courage are out to claim them. Turmoil, conflict and distrust, the ideal environment for a skilled assassin to leave his mark! However, the Little Rose is not alone. After he assassinates a popular senator, he finds himself hunted by an unknown depraved psychopath. Ever confident in his deadly skills, the Little Rose is put to the test when he comes face to face with the machetecarrying killer. The Deadly Rose, chapter one is available for immediate reading:

Meet the Author Life began for J.M. Lominy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a husband, father, nurse and veteran Lominy has been making room to write since 2000. Specializing in Historical Fiction, he is the author of the upcoming book, The Deadly Rose, An Assassin’s Tale. His work, both poetic and determined in voice, places an emphasis on the Haitian experience as witnessed through the life of passionate characters. Mr. Lominy currently resides in Georgia with his wife and his three sons. Visit J.M. Lominy at his website to order books and to follow him online:

Twitter: Facebook:

Kinky Coily: A Resource Guide for Going Natural by Pamela Samuels Young Have you been thinking about transitioning to natural hair, but don't know where to start? Then Kinky Coily: A Resource Guide for Going Natural is for You! This book is a collection of the best resources to help you begin your natural hair journey. You'll find the books, the bloggers, tools, product and more. You'll learn how to develop a hair care regime, how to determine the tools and products you'll need and how to track your progress. Whether you have a relaxer, press 'n curl or you're already natural, Kinky Coily has something for you. So get ready to experience the true beauty and versatility of your natural hair.

Primary message in Kinky Coily: ▪ You shouldn't be afraid to go natural. ▪ You can take charge of your own hair care. ▪ You will experience a new sense of freedom by going natural.

This book will help African-American women with kinky hair learn the true beauty and versatility of their natural hair. Explore the Kinky Coily Video Tutorials:

Meet the Author Pamela Samuels Young is a practicing attorney whose fast-paced legal thrillers tackle law and crime. In her fifth novel, Attorney-Client Privilege, an explosive sex discrimination case is derailed by a brutal murder.

Pamela’s first non-fiction book, Kinky Coily: A

Resource Guide to Going Natural, goes on sale in the Fall of 2013. A former TV news writer, Pamela currently serves on the Board of Directors of the L.A. Chapter of Sisters in Crime, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women mystery writers.


invite Pamela to your book club meeting or event, email Pamela via her website at

The Red Order by Cerece Rennie Murphy

Order of the Seers Trilogy- Book 2 The Red Order continues the epic battle for freedom which began in Order of the Seers, revealing the secret motives behind an organization that exists to exploit and a renegade movement that seeks to usher in the next phase in human evolution. After successfully destroying the Guild’s Purification Center in Chicago, The Lost Seers, led by Joel Akida and Lilli Knight, embark upon a world-wide mission to save their kind from the tyranny of the Guild and unveil their greatest weapon – The Restoration Project. Developed in secret, The Restoration Project has the potential to awaken the supernatural ability within every man, woman, and child on earth and bring down the very foundation of the Guild’s power and authority. But the Guild has other plans. Driven by the necessity for control, Crane Le Dieu creates The Red Order, a new league of clairvoyants whose sole purpose is to hunt down and annihilate the Lost Seers. Without the Guild’s mind-controlling drugs, The Red Order is able to develop its gifts far beyond the capacity to see the future, honing their skills to become the ultimate threat






– will the power of The Red Order be enough to defeat them?




Intimate Conversation with Cerece Rennie Murphy Cerece Rennie Murphy lives and writes just outside of her hometown of Washington, DC. In addition to completing the Order of the Seers trilogy, Ms. Murphy is also developing a children’s book series titled Enchanted: 5 Tales of Magic in the Everyday and a book on understanding marriage/ relationship advice for single women entitled More than the Ring. BPM: When did you get your first inkling to write science fiction/ speculative fiction, and how did you advance the call for writing in this genre? I am as surprised as anyone that I am a sci-fi/speculative fiction writer. I have loved the genre from since I was a little girl watching Star Wars on the big screen, but I never thought I could be a writer, much less a science fiction writer. But one day, while washing the dishes I got this vision of a man walking towards me. He had a cataract-like film over his eyes with ash blonde hair and dark skin. Immediately, I knew his name was Marcus and that he was a Seer. Literally within minutes I had this whole world running through my mind and I just knew I wouldn’t let it go. I didn’t even know if I could write the story that was in my head, but I never doubted that I would try. To me, the story of the Seers is a gift. One I am privileged to tell. As far as advancing the call for writing in this genre, I don’t know that I have done that. There are a ton of talented authors in this genre and I am happy to be among them. But if seeing my work and hearing my story can convince someone who is wavering in their own desire to write to jump in the ring then I am even more honored to be in the position that I am. BPM: Introduce us to the Order of the Seers Trilogy. The first book in the Order of the Seers trilogy is about a group of people who can see the future and are enslaved for that ability. The story takes you on the journey of how they escape the organization that seeks to exploit them, regain their strength and ultimately fight back. The characters in Order of the Seers are struggling to understand who they are given the extraordinary gifts and situations that they have been forced into. And you see them make some incredible discoveries about life and love as they grow to accept themselves and their abilities. With the sequel, The Red Order, they take that knowledge further. Now that they understand who they are, the Seers really show you what they can do with that awareness. BPM: Which character or topic in the book can you identify with the most? Why? I think at its core, these books are about discovering and realizing your own potential and it’s interesting because I didn’t know that when I started writing the books. It was only later that I could see my own struggle to understand myself written between the lines of the page. I think all of us are told who we are - by our parents, our bosses, our communities. Sometimes those opinions are right, but not often. I think it is our work as human beings to find out who we truly are and distinguish between our true selves and who people say we are. Often we are limited by other people’s perceptions of us. To learn more about the author, visit her website at:

I'd Rather Be With You by Mary B. Morrison If you can’t get enough of all things reality TV get ready for drama like only New York Times bestselling author MARY B. MORRISON can bring it in! Mary B. Morrison expertly blends steamy fiction with reality. Morrison has been captivating readers since 2001 when she introduced the Soul Mates Dissipate series which explored the topic that puzzles most of us: how to find— and keep — your soul mate. The series did so well that Morrison received a multi-film development deal. Publishers Weekly noted Morrison’s sensual novels “pack in dozens of juicy episodes” in her “high drama page turners” and described her as “prolific” noting with Darius Jones, “there's not a dull moment in this shamelessly flamboyant romp that Morrison's many fans are sure to devour.” This summer Morrison is returning with the second installment of the If I Can’t Have You series. I’D RATHER BE WITH YOU is being published this August by Dafina Books in hardcover original.

In I’D RATHER BE WITH YOU, friends Loretta Lovelace and Madison DuBois return to deal with the aftermath of the provocative bet that forever changed their lives. Now, with their futures up in the air, the question is who will play one vengeful game too many? And who will wish she wasn’t left standing. Loretta believes she is the wife that Madison’s husband; Chicago DuBois really deserves. Nursing wealthy businessman Chicago DuBois back to health was the least Loretta figured she could do. After all, it was her bet that made Madison the object of a crazed stalker; Granville Washington affections and put Chicago at death’s door. But now Madison wants to take back what’s no longer hers and she knows just how to do it. To get her life back on track, she’ll have to settle the score with Loretta. But this spoiled beauty has just the plan to handle her competition, her stalker, and her straying husband.

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Mary B. Morrison is the New York Times bestselling author who brings the soulful, sexy, and totally uncensored voice to 16 bestsellers, as she continues to blaze sizzling new trails in African American erotic fiction that has made her one of the most exciting, poignant, and popular authors writing today! Follow Mary B. Morrison on Twitter:

Minus One by Norwood Holland The long awaited prequel to Sleepless Nights is now available! Minus One is the prequel to The Drew Smith Series. Back to the beginning of Drew Smith's legal career this is a retrospective narrative of the attorney’s first case. The recent law school graduate awaiting his bar exam results Drew Smith takes a job as a Concierge in a 5 star hotel, and befriends two bellmen an Arab and a Latino, Medhat, and Julio. Medhat is a spoiled brat estranged from his wealthy father with a penchant for partying, cocaine, prostitutes and barroom brawls. Julio is a smart high school dropout and a former street gang member. The son of peasant Nicaraguan immigrants he is forced to become the head of household when his father is killed in a construction accident leaving his mother and five siblings without a provider. This eclectic trio form a solid friendship put to the test when Medhat in his overindulgence runs up a drug tab he can't pay. Kidnapped and rescued by Drew and Julio, Medhat becomes a prime suspect when the drug lord is found dead. All three cope with romantic entanglements. Drew is captivated with the pretty Latina, Nina whose father objects to her dating a Black man. Julio falls head over heels and knocks up Chevy, a lovely Filipina. Medhat has a passion for blondes and night club owner Carol fits the mold perfectly. Life takes a turn when Drew becomes a member of the bar. Medhat is caught red handed and charged with murder. Drew and Julio sleuth to uncover the real killer. Minus One captures Drew Smith's evolution from youthful indiscretion to a professional burdened with the seriousness of purpose.

Meet the Author Norwood Holland is a freelance writer, lawyer, and author of the Drew Smith legal thriller series based on the capers of an urban trial attorney. He is a graduate of Howard University School of Law with a bachelor’s degree in English from Fisk University where he studied under the renowned Harlem Renaissance author Arna Bontemps. Holland favors D.C.'s local color in his fiction and currently writes the blog devoted to promoting independent authors among other things. He has served in several government agencies including the National Labor Relations Board and a number of Washington’s top national law firms. In the mid 90s Holland began freelancing for the local media. Some of his credits include The Writer Magazine, the Examiner, and Black Literature Magazine. Following up on the success of Sleepless Nights, the prequel to the Drew Smith Series, Minus One is now available.

Land of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson Ever since high school, Rebecca Lucas has not led a discreet lifestyle. She has grown accustomed to using her body as a bargaining tool. Although more than a few men have known her physically, only one man has dared to love her as a true friend. Now Rebi must return to her hometown after her mother's death to face that man. William Donovan is now the assistant pastor of Grace Apostle Methodist Church, adjacent to her family's home estate. He's devoted to helping Rebecca heal old wounds and rediscover her passion when she returns home. As they are settling her mother's estate, Rebi and William unearth a generational curse that threatens to dismantle their carefully built love affair. Listen to the author reading, go here.

Path to Promise by Sherryle Kiser Jackson There’s a difference between running scared and running free. Rebecca Lucas is on the run again, running from rumors, running from reality, and most of all, running from Will, her best friend and soul mate. This time Rebecca is ready to reclaim the life she left behind in Salisbury before the burial of her mother and the handling of her mother’s estate. Only to find that the time away has done little to alleviate her biggest problem – her co-worker, Kenny Burke and the indecent proposal he pitched to her before leaving town. She’s back, and he uses every resource at his disposal to get her to go along with his plan. Will Donovan, the man left in the trail of Rebecca’s taillights and exhaust fumes has a few problems of his own. His father’s secrets have left the senior Pastor Donovan ousted from his long time position as leader of Grace Apostle Methodist Church, and Will with one foot in the door. As a mandate of the church board, Will must apply and compete for his dad’s job. He ends up vying for that job along with the very charismatic and well-connected heir of televangelist fame, Danny Glass Jr. Will seems to be the only one questioning why his opponent is on his turf when he has his own father to succeed and struggles with the integrity of his decisions in an effort to carve out his own identity in ministry. For Will and Rebecca, the Path to Promise is far from a utopian street paved with gold. Will their paths marred with their own obstacles cross and lead them to the promises of God? Purchase books by Sherryle Kiser Jackson today, go here.

Sing a New Song by Michelle Lindo-Rice If you found out you were dying, would you suddenly confess all your past sins? When former chart-topper Tiffany Knightly learns that she’s dying from cancer, she leaves behind her plush California lifestyle to return to Hempstead, New York, with Karlie, her reluctant teenaged daughter. Her fans think she has simply gone home to die, but Tiffany has another mission. She desperately wishes she could leave her past in the past, but in order to secure her daughter’s future, she must tear open past wounds. Life wasn’t always easy for Tiffany. With a stepfather who abused her and a mother who didn’t believe her, she acted out by becoming promiscuous. Fifteen years later, she’s back to reveal to her ex-husband that he might not be Karlie’s biological father. In fact, there are four men who could have fathered Karlie—four that she’s willing to acknowledge, anyway. As Tiffany reveals her truth and searches for Karlie’s father, she reconnects with old friends and old lovers. Some reunions are happy, but some innocent lives are torn apart, leaving Tiffany to wonder if she’s doing the right thing. Through it all, she will have to learn to rely on the healing power of God’s unfathomable love.

Excerpt from Chapter One “I’m sorry, Tiffany. We’ve done all that we can do.” Dr. Ettelman spoke those words with great dread. Tiffany Knightly leaned back in the plush black chair across from Dr. Ettelman’s wide mahogany desk. The sun beamed on her honey-blond curls and heightened her hazelcolored eyes. From her vantage point of three floors up, she could look out the window behind him and make out the business-clad people scurrying like ants to keep appointments. Tiffany blinked in slow motion. How could the world go on when she had just received the most devastating news of her life? Dr. Ettelman must have moved from behind his chair, though Tiffany did not recall seeing him move. But the next thing she felt were his hands gently squeezing her shoulders. Instinctively she shrank away from him. He was the monster at that moment. “Whoosh.” Tiffany finally exhaled the breath she had been holding. Vehemently, she shook her head. “No, Dr. Ettelman, I must not have heard you correctly,” she croaked in a voice she hardly even recognized. She panted hard, feeling as if she was about to pass out from the magnitude of emotions hitting her all at once. Dr. Ettelman’s face reflected empathy. He was still talking about something. What was he even saying? “We’ve done all that we could do, Ms. Knightly. Is there someone that you can call?” She heard the hopeful inquiry but robotically shook her head. She needed some alone time to process the news she’d just received, and did not feel like calling anyone. Tiffany opened her mouth, but it just hung open. Words were stuck in her throat. Vestiges of all coherent thought left her body. It was as if her mind had disintegrated, leaving her powerless to stop the feeling of losing sanity. She screamed on the inside to regain some semblance of control. Tiffany could barely process the doctor’s words, but he had said it. He had said that she was dying. No. He must be mistaken—he was talking about someone else. Tiffany frantically looked around the room, scarcely seeing the pictures on the wall. Her eyes rested on his medical degree prominently displaying his specialty. Her eyes zoomed in on the calendar behind her. Today was March 17 . . . March 17 . . . March 17. . . . March 17 was the day she received her death sentence. ( Continued… )

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Historical Fiction Uses Genealogy to Trace African American and Native American Connections. Geared Toward Readers Ages 8 and Up

Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War by Marion T. Lane There were anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 soldiers of African and Native American descent who served under General George Washington in the Continental Forces. Fighting for a country under which they had no legal rights was not an easy road to travel. The stunning new picture book Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War: Part 1 is fiction, as told by a family historian to his great-grandson about their family’s service as African-Americans during the Revolutionary War. Readers ages 8 and older will be fascinated as they read about a nearly forgotten chapter in American history.

Genealogy is a hot topic. We would all love to know our family history, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes we must depend on oral history passed down through the generations, and many times it fosters questions. Some African American families may have Native American connections. Both of the fascinating, historical fiction, picture books serve as an example of how such connections and disconnections can be made.

More Than One Ancestry by Marion T. Lane In many African American families, there have been discussions about Native American family connections. This historical fiction picture book, More than One Ancestry: Part 2, serves as an example of how such connections and disconnections were made. This informative book was written to inspire research into family ties and to foster interest in family reunions for readers ages 8 and older.

Purchase books here: The books are also available at or

Meet the Author:

Marion T. Lane is one of the few African American members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Gavel Society and serves as the National President of the Society of Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge. In addition, this retired public school educator is a Board member of the Friends of Valley Forge National Historical Park. Follow her on Twitter: Follow her on Facebook:

YE SHALL GO OUT WITH JOY The old-timers used to speak of 'priming the pump.' To get water out of a well, they knew you had to: (1) keep pumping, even though at first, they were just pumping air (2) remember that when it required the greatest effort, the water was just about to flow. Are you getting the idea? Praise is what primes your pump and enables you to draw water from a well you already have within (Jn 4:14). Listen: "With joy through rejoicing shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation" (Isa 12:3). Nehemiah says, "The joy of the Lord [the joy that comes from knowing He is present with you] is your strength" (Neh 8:10). If you look to your circumstances to find joy, you'll live on an emotional roller-coaster. But if you look to the Lord of your circumstances and rejoice in His unchanging goodness, you'll move from weakness to the place of strength. The word joy can be translated 'to be connected to.' That's it! When you know you're connected to the source of all blessings, joy comes and strength is automatically released! James writes, "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face that you may be mature..." (Jas 1:2-4 NIV). Joy always finds purpose in pain, advantage in adversity and direction in devastation. So remember, wherever you go today, God's promise to you is, " shall go out with joy..." (Isa 55:12). Do you harbor joy in your heart and deep within your soul? Do you praise God wholeheartedly in spirit, song, and truth while trusting Him to bring forth His blessings? Is your heart attuned to the Father and His life-giving joy that sustains even when life is tough? Alternatively, has your heart grown heavy and cold due to certain ongoing matters that hurts? Has your joy meter gone out therefore you are simply surviving and going through the motions of life? Do you see it as sheer punishment instead of joy to go through trials and tribulations in life? Saints, we shall go out with joy if we grab hold of it with both hands! No matter what circumstances or events, we are currently facing - we can have access to the pure unadulterated joy of the Lord. His word is clear about how to access and tap into our life source. We can count it all joy as diverse trials and tribulations blow into our lives. Why? We know that those matters only last for a season and when God changes the page - we will have grown, matured, and taken joy in the important things in life. For every season doesn't last a lifetime but rather for an appointed time while God works things out behind the scenes. We can, also, trust that the Lord is good and that His grace, mercy, favor and provision will cover us as we endure certain matters. For His mercy endures forever. We do not have to fret or wonder about the outcome - we can have joy in the midst of chaos, confusion, and the most difficult situations. Let's fill up our joy meters today simply by connecting into our Source (the Father) by praying, meditating, and reading His word. Your Sister in Christ, Sister Rugina Poellnitz

TWA Solutions, Jessica Wright Tilles, Owner, Creative Director We approach each project from a fresh perspective. Established in 2000, TWA Solutions specializes in graphic design, advertising, marketing, packaging/branding, web design, book design, editing, publishing and so much more. We also proudly serve behind the scene for several publishing houses and advertising, marketing, and PR agency partners. Phone: 202-702-7120 | Website:

A Certified, Small, Woman- and Minority-Owned Business MBE/DBE - Maryland ACDBE - Maryland Small Business Reserve - SBR NAICS Codes: 541430 - Graphic Design 323122 - Prepress Services 541511 - Web Design Services 561410 - Editing Services

The Excellence Initiative, LLC is an innovative startup which provides career training and coaching to people of all ages and career and education levels. The company, founded by two women with more than 20 years of combined experience teaching career and life skills to others, offers services to clients such as: • Online GED preparation • Interview and resume consultation • Coaching for traditional clients and special populations (LGBT persons, veterans, and others) • Personal and professional development workshops

More information can be found on The Excellence Initiative by visiting or by calling 256.272.1GED

Celebrating the Life of Francis Ray Sunrise: July 20, 1944 - Sunset: July 2, 2013 It is with great sadness that I have to announce that literary legend Francis Ray has made her eternal transition. She passed away on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 after a lengthy illness. Ms. Ray was laid to rest on Saturday July 13, 2013 at 11 am. While I am brokenhearted, I know: Death ends a life, not a relationship! I will never forget her and the example she set for me as a business owner and publishing PR agent. I still remember the first day she called my house to ask about the work my company, EDC Creations, provided for authors. I was screaming like a teenager gone wild when I was told she was on the phone! I was jumping up and down, telling my family that FRANCIS RAY, YES, THE FRANCIS RAY was on the phone! When I settled down, breathing heavy and came to the phone, she was cracking up! Our relationship started that day. I have worked on her book projects since August, 2006! The first book I worked on was DREAMING OF YOU — Book #3 of the Graysons of New Mexico series. Over the years I had come to love this gentle spirit. She was sooo funny, approachable, intelligent, patient and always compassionate! She was one of the biggest supporters of my first BAN Radio Shows. Whenever I felt like this industry was about to overcome me, she would give me a wonderful written boost, to continue on. We were both sick at the same time, yet she was sending me pearls of wisdom. Every time I was in the hospital, she called! I have a folder with more than 100 emails that will NEVER be erased. I love her! While I'm sad that she has left us, I say to you all again: Death ends a life, not a relationship! Her legacy as a prolific author will forever live on in her 54 printed works and her work in the community with The Turning Point Legal Fund. Ms. Ray was a loyal supporter of homeless families and women involved in domestic violence. She left us her awesome legacy! It's up to us to carry it forward! In the Spirit of Sankofa, I will never let it die. We have her books to promote! She celebrated her 50th book with me, us, the world, and we are going to continue on... God bless Michelle and the entire Ray family! My prayers and condolences go out to them all. Ms. Ray actively worked on the Legal Defense Fund for Victims of Domestic Abuse. Memorial contributions can be made to The Turning Point Legal Defense Fund. Information below: The Turning Point Legal Defense Fund c/o The Family Place P.O. Box 7999 Dallas, Texas 75209 Leave your online messages and condolences at the Francis Ray fanpage:

EDC Creations Media Group is a marketing, branding, and promotions firm that specializes in Internet book promotions, Internet 3.0 marketing campaigns, brand coaching and RSS feed syndication for small to medium-size businesses, new authors and individuals. EDC Creations provides authors, artists, reviewers, journalists and book clubs innovative marketing and branding consultations with a special focus on the African American literary community. EDC Creations produces virtual events and PR, social networking opportunities, and provides innovative web media, which aid in creating strategic alliances with bookclubs, authors, social network partners, and business owners around the world .

EDC Creations was founded by Ella D. Curry in 2000 as a event planning agency and transitioned into a full service literary themed PR firm in 2005. Ella brings more than 25 years of PR and marketing experience to clients in film, music, publishing and corporate event planning. Her expertise as well as her love for all things literary, dynamic database of 165,000+ loyal readers, and collaborative approach with clients have earned her a reputation as a respected leader in the publishing industry. Learn more here:

Black Pearls Magazine Holiday Gift Guide  

Explore the fabulous books we recommend as gifts! Fill your gift bags and stockings with these amazing books. They also make great gifts fo...

Black Pearls Magazine Holiday Gift Guide  

Explore the fabulous books we recommend as gifts! Fill your gift bags and stockings with these amazing books. They also make great gifts fo...