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Black Pearls Magazine Legacy Collection

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Black Pearls Magazine Legacy Collection

Black Pearls Magazine is an award-winning digital magazine committed to inspire, encourage and empower a international group of readers. Our mission is to provide information that is essential, enlightening and entertaining. Tantalizing stories, memorable characters, provocative storylines are all here! We bring you the hottest titles released by the most talented authors, writers, and poets of the craft. These pages are filled with glorious books and book club introductions! Featured Bookclub Top: Sistah Minds In Motions Book Club (SMM) On the Front Cover: Sankofa Literary Society, Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club and Sisters Sippin’ Tea Literary Group– Tulsa Chapter On the Back Cover: Deep in Thought Bookclub, Girlfriend Bookclub ATL Chapter and Jacki Lawson from the Sweet Soul Sisters, Maryland

Black Pearls Magazine Legacy Collection Give the Gift of Knowledge! Black Pearls Magazine is proud to announce the launch of the "Give the Gift of Knowledge Campaign," bringing readers and authors together to help improve literacy. Yearly, we encourage readers to purchase books to give as gifts. Each year thousands of people - educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers - devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books! However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve. It is our mission to connect readers with these hidden gems and bring them books that will change their lives. Let's "Give the Gift of Knowledge" and help to strengthen our future generations!

About Ella Curry Ella Curry is the president of EDC Creations Media Group. She brings more than 25years of PR and marketing experience to clients in film, music, publishing and corporate event planning, earning her a reputation as a respected leader in the publishing industry. EDC Creations produces virtual events, social networking opportunities, and provides strategic alliances with bookclubs, authors, social network partners, and business owners around the world. EDC Creations Media Group is dedicated to serving authors and companies in need of creative and rewarding marketing strategies that will make their business grow. We can leverage the power of the media and Internet to promote their books or business and its "brand" to the consumers. Offering the independently published author the same quality of exposure as the traditionally published author. Ella Curry is the producer of the Black Authors Network Radio Show. Through the internationally syndicated online BAN Radio Show, Ella has interviewed community leaders and celebrities such as: Byron Pitts EmmyÂŽ award-winning journalist for 60 Minutes, literary legends Dr. Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez, Queen Latifah and Hill Harper. Join Ella and her team in Giving the Gift of Knowledge!

Black Pearls Magazine Legacy Collection Black Pearls Magazine Legends & Leaders Awards J.D. Mason, Lifetime Achievement Award Ama Kuma, Children Author of the Year Nandi's Unexpected Gift by Ama Kuma Tee C. Royal, Lifetime Achievement Award RAWSISTAZ Founder Kim Knight, Business Owner of the Year Between The Lines Bookstore

Black Pearls Magazine Authors of the Year Anita Ballard Jones

Rochelle Alers

Christine Young-Robinson

Sadeqa Johnson

Janice L. Dennie

Sharon C. Cooper

Joan Vassar

Sheryl Lister

Michelle Lindo-Rice

Suzette D. Harrison

Naleighna Kai

TĂŠ Russ

Pamela Samuels Young

Victoria Christopher Murray

ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Yonder Harrison

Rhonda McKnight

Zuri Day

Black Pearls Magazine Legacy Collection 2017 Black Pearls Excellence Award Winners

1. Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors - Black Lives Matter Activists

31. Lisa Borders Muhammad, Diva's Literary World

2. Angela Hunt, Chocolate Beauties Book Club

32. Lutisha Bass, Books and Booze Book Club

3. Aprille Franks-Hunt, Coach, Speak & Serve Lounge

33. Michelle Chavis, Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club

4. Blessings, Business, Collaborations Facebook Community

34. Monika Scales-Mitchell, 556 Book Chicks

5. Bobbi Ramey, Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club (SMM)

35. Orsayor L. Simmons, Founder Book Referees

6. BookTini Book Club, All Chapters

36. Priscilla C. Johnson, Cilla Maniacs

7. Chandra Sparks Splond, Magic City Momma Blog

37. R.A.R.E. (Reading And Rapping Experience) Book Club

8. Classandra Green, Mocha Girls Read, Illinois

38. Read Reading Between Wine, South Carolina

9. Debra Mitchell, Black Women with Opinions and Attitudes

39. Renee Spivey, All the Buzz Reviews

10. Debra Owsley, Simply Said Reading Accessories

40. Robilyn Heath, A Distinctive Touch Concierge, MD

11. Dee Fogarty, Founder of I Love Books and I Cannot Lie

41. Sophisticated, Talented, Ambitious, Reading Sistas

12. Destined Readers Book Club, Georgia

42. Sharon Blount, BRAB Reading Warriors Retreat

13. Diane Rembert, Diamond's Literary World

43. Stacy Johnson-Leonard, Community Leader

14. DivaLit Book Club, Atlanta, Georgia

44. Tamela Todd, Brown Girls Read

15. Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club

45. Tamika Sims, Self-Assured Woman Movement

16. Divas Read Retreat - DRR

46. Tanishia Pearson-Jones, Characters Book Club

17. Don't Read Me, Read A Book - DRMRAB All Chapters

47. Tiffany Tyler, Reading in Black & White Blog

18. EyeCU Reading & Social Network

48. U.S. G.I.R.L.S. Reading Group, Florida

19. Glory Edim, Well-Read Black Girl Community

49. Vivienne Diane Neal, One World Singles Blog

20. Glory Girl's Book Club, Baltimore, MD

50. Wanda Fields, Real Divas Read and More

21. Karen Michele Bowman, S.O.U.L Book Club, NC

51. The Author's Lounge Radio Show

22. Karyn Smith-Davis, Girl Fridayz Book Club

52. JB Williams, Literary Community Ambassador

23. Kesha Redmon, Sankofa Literary Society

53. Shannan Harper, Literary Community Ambassador

24. Keys & No Lock Facebook Book Club

54. Melesia Tillman, Lines That Bind Book Club President

25. Kiera J. Northington, Sankofa Literary Society

55. Suzetta M. Perkins, Sistahs Book Club

26. Kim Knight, Between The Lines Bookstore

56. Mary Farmer, Sister Circle Book Club

27. Kisha Green, Literary Jewel Blog

57. Shelva Hogan-Echols, BookMarks Book Club, President

28. La Detra White, Founder at Noble Insight, Inc.

58. Circle of Sisters Book Club of Columbus

29. Lanika Griffin-Craig, Noble Mindz Book Club, Georgia

59. Joyce Dickerson, Literary Activist

30. Letrise Carter, Sistah's Place Blog

60. Trudy Estelle, Literary Community Ambassador

The Sankofa Literary Society

The Sankofa Literary Society consists of authors, librarians, 80 established bloggers, 42 nurses, 15 independent bookstores, 45 reviewing bookclubs and has over 2,700 members online and offline in total, with 877 of those members coming from bookclubs or established reading groups. Quarterly the SLS publishes the popular TOP 100 BEST BOOKS lists. Each summer the SLS hosts the annual Chocolate Socials which brings readers and authors to Atlanta, GA and New Orleans, LA for the private literary events. Sponsored by EDC Creations Media Group and the Black Authors Network (BAN) . The SLS members and BAN Radio guest speakers are dedicated to providing information to black business owners and authors so that they may gain access to the global consumer and to helping promote the growth of black owned publishing related businesses and more diverse literature. Come join our lively discussions each week as we tackle a number of topics relevant our community. Each week, the Black Authors Network Show interviews special guest authors, community leaders, educators, and experts from various fields in publishing, who want to make a difference in the lives of Americans. Our mission is to improve literacy in our community and to help improve relationships, all relationships in the African American community globally! If you're not a part of the movement, don't let another day go by without joining us. Listed below are all the details for the Black Authors Network Radio Show. Black Authors Network Radio Show: www.blogtalkradio.com/black-author-network

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The Black Pearls Magazine family would like to thank each of you for joining us monthly in celebrating the best in literature and the arts. Our team of writers, bookclubs and authors are so humbled that you have allowed us entrance into your life. It amazes me each month as I check our subscribers how many of you deem us worthy of your time and support. We appreciate each of you for telling 10 people about the magazine and for driving people to our website. YOU make Black Pearls the magnificent publication that it is, by sharing the Gift of Knowledge! Please know, as we prepare each issue for you, we look for those stimulating conversations, the most thought provoking articles and most of all, the best books on the shelves. We want each page of this magazine to add value to your lives! Your comments and feedback are welcomed. Join our blog and share your news, advice and wisdom with the other readers. Tell us what you want to read too! We hope to bring you more provocative topics and life empowering books to shape your lives. We have contests for the readers and more interactive sections added to the ONLINE magazine. Let us know what you think of the fresh new content by emailing us. Thank you! Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Founder & Editor In Chief Black Pearls Magazine BPM Website: http://www.blackpearlsmagazine.com Ella’s BPM Email: elladcurry@edc-creations.com


Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason The propulsive second novel in a new contemporary trilogy about unforgettable love, scorching desire, and dangerous secrets. When Abigail Rhodes bought that old house she fell in love with in Blink, Texas, she got more than she bargained for. After being told by the local psychic that it is filled with a passionate energy from the previous owners, who died years ago, Abby decides to fix up her beloved house and reluctantly moves in. But ever since then, strange things have been happening in her newly renovated home, and Abby has been plagued with dreams that wake her up and leave her breathless. After a tumultuous life these last few years, Jordan Gatewood is following what amounts to a trail of breadcrumbs in an effort to find a renewed sense of purpose. Searching for the truth about the man his adoptive-father really was, Jordan makes his way to the old house where his father was murdered, in Blink and right to the petite, understated beauty that answers the door. It’s not long before Jordan realizes, quite unexpectedly, that Abby is the perfect woman for him. Jordan doesn’t believe in ghosts or fate, but he does know that the powerful connection he feels for this woman started the day he met her in that house and he is determined to make her his. Robin is a successful Corporate Attorney, and was proud to be the lover of the most sought after bachelor in the state of Texas--until he abruptly breaks off their relationship, leaving her confused, heartbroken and bitter. When she discovers that he’s left her for another woman, a woman she considers beneath her, Robin is determined to teach him a brutal lesson. A man like Jordan has too many secrets, secrets that, if found out, could not only destroy his relationship with this other woman, but that could also cost him the biggest business deal of his life, and possibly, his freedom. Robin is the last person he wants to go up against, and she will stop at nothing to get him back or to make him pay for his betrayal, even if that means unleashing those secrets. The question is, will Jordan let her? Or will his all-consuming obsession with Abby win out, in Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason. The Real Mrs. Price by J.D. Mason, a thrilling novel of contemporary suspense "A heart-pounding and terrifyingly awesome story!" - RT Book Reviews Top Pick J.D. MASON is the author of Seducing Abby Rhodes, The Real Mrs. Price; Crazy, Sexy, Revenge; Drop Dead, Gorgeous; Beautiful, Dirty, Rich; Somebody Pick Up My Pieces; Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It; That Devil’s No Friend Of Mine; You Gotta Sin To Get Saved; This Fire Down In My Soul; Don’t Want No Sugar; And On The Eighth Day She Rested and One Day I Saw A Black King. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her two children.

Black by Joan Vassar Clarion Review from Foreword Magazine 5/5 Vivid, poignant, and absorbing, this outstanding novel reaches back in time to portray Nat Turner’s son’s quest for freedom and equality. Set in nineteenth-century America prior to the Civil War, this well-researched novel depicts the horror of slavery and the violence of revolt in a heady mix of bloody realism and heroic romance. Joan Vassar portrays Nat Turner’s literate son in his passionate quest for freedom and equality in Black, a moving, revelatory, and disturbing narrative. This is the first book of a promising series. A skillful blend of fact and fiction, Vassar’s plot is a journey that takes place during a volatile period in US history. Her believable protagonists emerge from carefully crafted pages with a human quality that transcends ordinary characterization. Without whitewashing or condemning, Vassar depicts Black as he leads a slave uprising, while he and his lover, Sunday, face incredible obstacles to be together as the country teeters on the edge of war. He rescues her from a life in captivity and then teaches her to read, eventually marrying the young woman he has befriended and nurtured. Laced with heavy dialect—perhaps too much in places—and straightforward description, this somber book allows a candid look at behind-the-scenes maneuvering and clandestine negotiation in a world where no one knows for certain who can be trusted. Danger lurks on every path along the Underground Railroad, from bounty hunters in the North to plantation overseers in the South, creating a treacherous route to freedom and relative safety. Potent use of language empowers the story, giving a film like quality to action scenes. Sexual interludes are explicit, often beautiful, sometimes rough. The focus remains on Black and Sunday, even as cataclysmic events threaten to tear them apart; they live in the now of the mid-1800s. External conflict heightens their passion, awareness of mortality always in the forefront rather than suppressed in the depths of subconsciousness. In a heartrending battle for his life, Black struggles to survive serious injuries. Ideal for adult classrooms and book groups, Black educates with an honest yet aching style. Vassar’s outstanding novel reaches back in time, vivid, poignant, and absorbing. No one will walk away from this literary endeavor without unearthing a piece of history to serve as a reminder of what previous generations endured for the sake of universal emancipation and abiding love. --Written by Julia Ann Charpentier New York native, Joan Vassar is an avid reader and storyteller. Joan graduated from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in NYC, which heightened interest in journalism. She has always had the in-depth ability to astutely relate, interpret and bring words to life. Joan works as a software analyst by day, but her true passion is storytelling. She enjoys writing narratives that bring to life the African American experience both past and present. Joan is the author of Introduction to Love and Self and the Black Series, which are her latest publications.

Nandi's Unexpected Gift by Ama Kuma With her 10th birthday coming up, Nandi is eager to receive a special gift that she's never asked for before, something that makes her feel like she's really growing up and becoming more like her big sister Vanessa. She and her buddies Anara and Lila have some very important studying to do for school, but Nandi's excitement about her birthday causes her to lose focus and head down a path she wasn't expecting to go. In the end, it's her Grandma Janie who teaches her a very important lesson and gives her the best gift she's ever received. The unexpected gift her grandmother gives her is not only a gift for Nandi, but for you as well!

Nandi's Unexpected Gift Book Reviews "In Nandi's Unexpected Gift, Ama Kuma creates a character and a community full of Black love and Black beauty where children not only thrive to be their very best, but also see their beauty reflected in their culture and the nurturing of mamas, grandmas, teachers and friends, especially in the face of life lessons that yield the greatest gift of all: Love. All children will see themselves in Nandi and her struggle. At time when representation of Black children in American publishing is lacking, Ama Kuma gifts us Nandi's Unexpected Gift, a story that is, in the words of Alice Walker, a 'temple of our familiar.'" -Tony Medina, Poet, Children's Book Author, Professor of Creative Writing at Howard University

"There is a certain urgency to the life of a young African American girl discovering what makes her unique in a world that seems to demand that everyone fit some standard that is based on how we look or what we wear. It is a journey shared by many youth, one often too mysterious and difficult to understand. But here, in Nandi's Unexpected Gift, author Ama Kuma creates an intimate space for discovery through a familiar experience rendered anew through the life of Nandi, one super smart and adventurous young African American girl. Nandi is delightfully engaging as she counts raindrops during thunderstorms, climbs trees, makes up lyrics to the jazz her grandmother plays at home, and basks in the love of her family. Set in the lush landscape of Polk County, Florida, this story illuminates an important rite of passage in Nandi's life as her tenth birthday approaches. There are unexpected challenges for her to face, even in the magical realm of her dreams. Avery-Liell-Kok's illustrations reflect the vibrant lives of the characters revealed so lovingly by Ama Kuma's writing. And the book is certainly a crucial affirmation of the spectacular lives of African American girls. It centers, lifts, and celebrates them. It is one of those children's books that will be remembered for years to come; the kind that you hold onto far into your adult years. It is a book you pass to others, knowing they will find themselves in the pages and hold onto what's discovered there. It is a treasure of a book, an absolute gift of a story." -Nina Angela Mercer, Playwright/Interdisciplinary

Intimate Conversation with Ama Kuma Ama Kuma was born Alexia J. Hogan in Orlando, FL. The pen name “Ama Kuma” was adopted after a trip to Ghana in 2007. As a child, she loved to read, sing, dance, and climb trees. Her passion for language and art continued to grow as she grew older, and she loved to learn about people from all walks of life. She studied English at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and African Studies at New York University before returning to Polk County to teach elementary school. Ama currently resides in her hometown of Orlando where she enjoys writing, painting, singing, playing the piano, and going wherever the wind takes her. Nandi’s Unexpected Gift is her first published book. BPM: What made you want to become a writer? How long have you been writing? I’ve always had a healthy appetite for literature. I got an award for being the outstanding English student of my 12th grade class, and I majored in English at Howard University. I’ve written poetry and short stories here and there since middle school, but the urgency of writing never hit me until I taught elementary school and saw firsthand the need for diverse books for our children. BPM: How do you think you’ve evolved creatively? I’m not afraid to be candid and honest anymore. I don’t place pressure on myself to impress anyone. My goal is to simply speak from my heart. Because of that, my creative process has become organic, cathartic, and very rewarding on a personal level. BPM: Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice? Absolutely. The written word is extremely powerful, and with the right intent, writing has the power to transform, heal, and empower both the writer and the reader. BPM: Share one specific point in your book that resonated with your present situation. As a woman, I constantly have to remind myself that I am beautiful inside and out. I have to accept my flaws and uniqueness and live out loud. That’s what Nandi had to learn, and it’s what I have to re-learn over and over again in my own life. BPM: Does writing energize you? Writing is life itself. I need to write like I need to drink water. BPM: Do you try to deliver to readers what they want or let the characters guide your writing? I completely let the characters guide the writing. I write from a place of empathy, so I try to develop very intricate characters that readers can naturally resonate with. Readers can discover more about me on my website: http://www.amakuma.net

Abuse of Discretion by Pamela Samuels Young Coming Tuesday, September 26, 2017 A Kid’s Curiosity Becomes a Parent’s Nightmare. The award-winning author of Anybody’s Daughter is back with an addictive courtroom drama that gives readers a shocking look inside the juvenile criminal justice system. Graylin Alexander is a model fourteen-year-old. When his adolescent curiosity gets the best of him, Graylin finds himself embroiled in a sexting scandal that could ruin his life. Attorney Jenny Ungerman is hired to defend Graylin. She isn’t thrilled when ex-prosecutor Angela Evans joins Graylin’s defense team and the two women butt heads from day one. Can they put aside their differences long enough to ensure Graylin gets justice? Unbeknownst to Angela, her boyfriend Dre is wrestling with his own drama: Someone from his past wants him dead. For Dre, his response is simple. Kill or be killed.

Mysteries That Matter!

Pamela Samuels Young Pamela Samuels Young is an attorney, anti-trafficking advocate and award-winning author of multiple legal thrillers. Her mystery Anybody’s Daughter won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Fiction and was a Top Ten pick by In the Margins, the best books for at -risk teens. The former journalist and retired lawyer is also a natural hair enthusiast and the author of Kinky Coily: A Natural Hair Resource Guide. Pamela received her bachelor’s degree from USC and also earned graduate degrees from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley School of Law. The Compton native is a frequent speaker on the topics of sex trafficking, online safety, fiction writing, selfempowerment, and pursuing your passion. To invite Pamela to a book club meeting or speaking engagement or to read an excerpt of Abuse of Discretion and Pamela’s other books, visit her website at www.pamelasamuelsyoung.com.

Pamela’s Tips for Pursuing Your Passion 1. Put in the Time—I meet people all the time who have a dream, but expect that dream to come to fruition at the snap of their fingers. The reality is, it takes time. I completed my first novel by getting up at four in the morning to write for a couple of hours before work. It took me three years to finish my first book, and then I couldn’t find an agent. I didn’t give up. I wrote a second novel, Every Reasonable Doubt, which kicked off my writing career. Anything worth having is worth working for. 2. Master Your Craft—Concentrate on learning your craft. When I finished my first book, I just knew it was going to be a bestseller. I still have that manuscript and it sucks! It took time and study to learn how to properly craft and plot a mystery novel. Take courses, research your passion online and practice, practice, practice. Make sure you’re really as good as you think you are. 3. Join Professional Organizations—Surround yourself with others who share your passion. There are hundreds of professional organizations whose sole function is to help their members develop their creative talents and realize their business goals. I belong to Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and Romance Writers of America. These groups have been very instrumental in my success as a writer. No matter what your passion is, there’s bound to be a networking group you can join. 4. Ignore the Naysayers—People who don’t have the motivation to pursue their own dreams will often try to derail yours. People repeatedly discouraged me when I told them I planned to give up my law career to write mystery novels. I also received over a dozen rejection letters before finally landing my first agent. After landing a book deal for Every Reasonable Doubt and In Firm Pursuit, nine publishing houses (including my original publisher) rejected my third book, Murder on the Down Low. That left me no option but to selfpublish, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my writing career. My novel Anybody’s Daughter won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Fiction against four bestselling authors at major publishing houses (Walter Mosley, Terry McMillan, Sistah Soljah and Victoria Christopher Murray). Later, two publishing houses who’d previously rejected my work, were now interested in publishing me. Their outreach was a major validating moment. All the rejection I experienced taught me to take charge of my own writing career. I’m now happily self-published and writing full time.

What I Do Is Taboo Book Series by Yonder Harrison

I am Yonder the author of the What I Do Is Taboo Book Series and the Erotica Mystery Series that begins with The Incubus. What I Do Is Taboo is an erotic series of books following journeys of some special characters. Erotic in nature, but also hilarious and exciting, this collection of short stories, inspired by true events, gives my readers insight into a whole new world of fantasy or is it? The What I do is Taboo book series is my premiere series currently available to the public. The complete series will consist of 7 books. Upon the completion of the What I Do Is Taboo Book Series I will be releasing books which cross genre such as spiritual, motivational books and poems . I've influenced many people which has inspired me to open doors to other aspects of this literary world which I belong. I am proud that I can bring awareness to business, health, relationships, family and god all while adding humor to everyday difficult situations. Website: www.yonderpresents.com

Sisters Sippin’ Tea Literary Group –Tulsa Chapter

The Tulsa chapter of Sisters Sippin’ Tea Literary Group is committed to providing an opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together for a common and primary goal…reading and promoting literacy through our community outreach programs. Our pledge is to transmit our passion for literary pursuits to future generations. BPM: How did your organization develop? How many members are in the group? The African American Resource Center was hosting Roslyn McMillan and extended an invitation for people to read three of her books and we would meet once a month for three months prior to her visit to discuss. We had an awesome time and wanted the group to continue but because of prior commitments and time constraints the AARC Coordinator could not commit. A couple of us located book clubs but they were not a good fit, they lacked structure and consistency. Several months later I attended a weekend Literary Retreat with two friends at a secluded B & B in Texas hosted by Sistah Circle Book Club. We had an awesome time. I decided then that if we couldn’t find what we were looking for I would get a few ladies together and we would discuss starting our own club. My vision was to form a sisterhood who shared a passion for reading, promoting literacy and making a difference in our community. We began as Emerging Minds Books and More. After a few months I started investigating national book clubs and brought the idea to the group of becoming affiliated with a national group where we could broaden our literary experiences and connect with other sistah’s from all around the globe. I provided the group information on three national organizations and it was a unanimous decision that we join up with Sisters Sippin’ Tea; it’s been a wonderful journey every since! The Tulsa chapter currently has 11 members. BPM: What is the primary mission of the group? SST is dedicated to promoting literacy in our community. We are actively involved in various activities that are geared towards raising literacy awareness through mentoring, counseling and outreach programs.

Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club

Michelle Chavis is a native of Brooklyn, New York and now lives in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Michelle Chavis is the President of Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club. When she started reading novels it gave her a peace of mind and helped her relax. She has encouraged and helped others to also fall in love with reading. Recently Michelle has become a Total Life Changes (TLC) Representative. Her genuine, honest spirit allows people to feel comfortable talking her about anything. She has also been called a “Life Coach�. She is very passionate about helping people find their true purpose and becoming their best. Victorious Ladies Reading is located in the Raleigh/Durham North Carolina area. God gave Lacha Mitchell the vision to start the book club, through that vision we started the Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club. We currently have 10 members. We are group of beautiful women, of all personalities, that mesh well together. BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? When I first joined the group the President and Vice President alternated months and picked the books, we now take suggestions from the members. Yes we have read other books that was not the book of the month and had a call to discuss the book. We may post book covers and suggestions on our own Facebook post and share them. BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library? Yes, I prefer to read books by authors of color, but I will read others also. Yes, I support self published authors and I also borrow books from the library. To add to that, I give the library a list of AA authors and their books every quarter for them to add to their selection. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club? Communication is the key to every relationship, when you have that you will have a successful book club. Be passionate about your membership, participate as much as you can.

Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club

My name is Toshona E. Carter and I am the Founder & President of this awesome book club. I currently reside here in Little Rock, Arkansas. My book club name is Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club located here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club was established on July 17, 2010. Our first meeting was held at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Little Rock. We started with only four members. We have grown to 18 members and counting. Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club was created to promote “Togetherness” among all Women of Color. When we thought of the word Diva, we thought of someone beautiful who knew what they wanted and would do what it takes to make things happen. Our invigorating club thrives to enrich the lives of Women “one page at a time” through literacy & community service. Our mission is to help uplift, magnify, encourage, respect and provide a nurturing environment for women of color; who are strong mentally, physically, spiritually by educating, encouraging and supporting each other while utilizing “POSITIVE” energy from one to another. BPM: What has the main focus become over the years? Our main focus over the years has been on community service. We have given financially and of our time to many local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Union Rescue Mission, Arkansas Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, The Dorcas House for Battered Women & Children, New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center, Fund-a-night Stay at the 20th Century Lodge in Little Rock for cancer patients and the Salvation Army to name a few. We have participated in numerous projects over the years. We would like to leave the legacy of service behind to those watching in the community. We want to make a difference. At the end of the day, we hope that our contributions will positively impact our society. We would like to encourage every one to be a Drum Major as in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. in his sermon "The Drum Major Instinct." Another main focus of our club is to promote literacy through reading and encouraging other to pick up a book regularly from local and well-known authors. Facebook: Divas Leaving No Pages Unturned Book Club

The Book Worm Diva's Book Club

I am Shabrika Mitchell, The Secretary/Treasurer of The BookWorm Diva's Book Club. We are The BookWorm Diva's which consists of Val Hinton as The President, Tamika Cloud as The Vice President, and I, myself, as The Secretary/Treasurer. The BookWorm Diva's Book Club is located in Newnan, Georgia. In March, 2010, Val, Tamika and I started the club because we all had an interest in reading. We now consist of 9 members. Our name has its own special meaning each letter stands for something different. BOOKWORM DIVAS means Brilliant. Obedient. Observant. Kind. Women. Outstanding. Reliable. Mindful. Dedicated. Intelligent. Vibrant. Awesome. Sisterhood. BPM: When accepting members into the group, what are you looking for in the person? We are looking for a commitment and passion for reading and helping others. We have an Cyrus probation period before you become a member. Basically a trial period to see if your heart is really in it. We have a Facebook page which is open to the public. BPM: How do you feel about attending book signings, literary festivals and events? We love attending book signings, literary festivals, and author meet & greets. We enjoy hearing the authors reading from their books. BPM: Do you host special events during the year or do you work for any charities? Yes, we host several events yearly such as an Easter Egg Hunt, Family and Friends Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, and a Christmas Toy Drive. We sometimes do a girls night out or just hang out. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club? Yes, make sure everyone has love and passion for reading and set goals and achieve them. Also set rules for everyone to follow and it should help the club last a long time. We are 5 years and counting and we love it!!

Real Divas Read and More, Social Club

The Real Divas Read & More Social Club, located in Conley Georgia, began in 2013, and currently has 10 members. The conception of RDR was an idea that Diva Wanda established, after not receiving the fulfillment and satisfaction that she truly desired out of other groups, therefore; she blended her love of reading and interacting with other women that shares the same passion as she does. The RDR social club was conceived, to build everlasting friendships with beautiful women who are ambitious, hardworking, optimistic, passionate and enthusiastic about life and reading. As a “Sisterhood”, our book club signifies the words of our mission statement as follows: “Enlightening, Uplifting, and Empowering Women through Fellowship, Service and Support”. The women of this group portray a more positive, sisterly and supportive attitudes with one another to debunk the myths about all of us being catty and confrontational, which ideally sets us apart from groups. BPM: When accepting members into the group, what are you looking for in the person? The Real Divas Read social club welcomes women who are authentic. They must enjoy participating in community awareness events, social events, and of course have a passion for reading. We would like to have divas that have the time, dedication, and openness to be a part of our club. Life happens to all of us, therefore ones priorities change because of circumstance, so we understand when a diva wants to leave the group. Ladies request to be a part of the group all the time. Meetup and our Real Divas Read Facebook page are the two ways women who are interested can learn more about our group. BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? The days of purchasing printed/hard copy books has become obsolete, but in order to support authors that are invited to our meetings we do support them by purchasing their novels and having it signed. Although, the price is cheaper that is not our deciding factor. Ebooks come into play because they are convenient. A member can log on from any device to enjoy a great read on a tablet, phone or desktop at work. Being avid readers who may travel a lot, digital books provide the convenience (no packing) of having several books on hand at once not to mention purchasing a book in a matter of seconds.

Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club

I'm Bobbi Ramey Founder and President of Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club (SMM). Sistah Minds In Motions Book Club (SMM) was established in November, 2009 by Bobbi Ramey. The first official book club meeting took place on January 16, 2010. Bobbi Ramey is an avid inspirational reader happily married for almost 16 years with two children. Her idea was to bring together a diverse group of women who enjoy reading and to bond spiritually. She asked her family and friends if they would be interested in joining and the rest is history! SMM was born! SMM is a small African American book club and social organization for positive, spiritual women who enjoy reading. Sistah Minds In Motion Book Club currently has ten members. The purpose of SMM is to advocate sisterhood and share our love for reading with others. To advocate literacy throughout our community with volunteer efforts, to have women contributing to a collection of wisdom with an environment of lively discussions and to build lifelong friendships, to fellowship and host monthly meetings in order to share ideas and dialogue about a variety of books and finally to build strategic relationships, advocate book clubs, African American authors and other literary organizations and events. BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? Each member is unique and has the opportunity to choose a book and location once a month. Yes we do discuss other books outside of the book if the month. Yes, SMM posts monthly on Facebook & Twitter for the book of the month. BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library? Yes, SMM enjoys reading selections by authors of color. Yes, SMM support self-published authors. No, SMM will mostly purchase each book of the month. BPM: What genre/types of books do you prefer to read as a group? SMM reads all genres to include Christian fiction, non-fiction, fiction, inspirational, romance and a wide variety of other topics chosen by our members. No, the types of books have not changed over time. SMM writes reviews on Amazon.com. SMM really does not write bad reviews, like my mother always said, if you cannot say anything good, do not say nothing at all!

Cilla’s Book Maniacs

Priscilla C. Johnson, aka ‘Cilla, is the founder of Cilla’s Book Maniacs. Cilla developed a love of reading and books during childhood where she would spend hours in the library waiting for her mother and her brothers while they were practicing sports. Having befriended the owners of a local AA Book store in 1999, Cilla began working there part-time just to be close to the books. It was at this time that she began building relationships with her favorite authors, scheduling book events and books signings. Cilla joined Beverly Jenkins’ Yahoo Group where she developed friendships with the women and they began traveling together to various book events. In 2015, Cilla began PCJ Consultant Group, LLC where she helps aspiring authors achieve their dreams of getting published, organize and build street teams, and introducing authors to new readers and book clubs. Cilla’s Book Maniacs’ main purpose is to simply share our love of books, encourage and support each other and have fun. We travel together to various conferences, particularly the Romance Slam Jam Conference, where we have been named 2015 and 2016 Spirit Book Club of the Year. BPM: How do you find new authors and interact online? We find new authors at events and conferences. When we find or come across someone we think everyone will enjoy, we simple post the author and book in the group or we will post the review. Social media has introduced us to alot of authors we would not ordinarily chose to read. Current author favorites: Keith Thomas Walker, Eva J Brock, Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, all of our Club Authors (they know who they are ). BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers who might want to start a book club? Find a group of people that you like and enjoy to be with or have similar interest. Keep everything fun – leave the personal stuff outside. Remember – every book is not for everybody and its okay to not like a book. Webpage: www.facebook.com/groups/542630352450755/

Brown Girls Read

Tamela C. Todd founded Brown Girls Read in March, 2016. The program provides age and grade level appropriate workshops that are engaging and educational. There currently are 40 members enrolled in the program. Brown Girls Read operates out of the Northwest Activity Center on Detroit’s west side near Meyers Rd. Brown Girls Read is a book club/mentoring program. Our purpose is to increase adolescent literacy and to empower our youth in the community. Our program strives to provide workshops that are both fun and educational. The members learn essay writing, tips for applying for college, best practices for obtaining financial aid, money management and more. Our clubs are divided into groups based on age and grade level for girls ages 715. The groups are as follows: Group Yellow: ages 7-9, Group Orange: ages 10-12 and Group Green: ages 1315. BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? Brown Girls Read has a theme for each month. Book selections are based off of that particular theme. Example: For November our members will read about voting, presidents, debates. We feature our monthly books, for all three groups, on our website. BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library? Brown Girls Read book club is open to all books as long as they fit the age range for our youth. We are very supportive of all authors. Yes, I personally borrow books form the library. BPM: How do you feel about attending literary festivals and events? I absolutely love any type of literacy event. Brown Girls Read was apart of the Motor City Book Experience where we met other book clubs and many wonderful authors promoting their books. In June, 2017 Brown Girls Read will be looking forward to attending the 9th Annual AAMBC Literacy Awards in Atlanta, GA. I would like to see more participation from the community at literary events. Website: www.browngirlsread.org - #browngirlsread

Dangerous Consequences by Lisa Renee Johnson Debut author Lisa Renee Johnson delivers an edgy, sexy novel about a man who has it all—until one night changes everything… Dubbed the “Sex Doctor” on his local radio show, psychologist Donathan James advises callers on their sexual issues. With his gorgeous and brilliant neurosurgeon wife, Sydney, at home and women flirting with the hot doctor everywhere he goes, Donathan is living the high life. But when he wakes up naked and drugged in a hotel room, with no memory of the evening before, the doctor suddenly has problems of his own. Soon, Donathan’s sexy stalker is sending him photographic evidence of what they did that night, turning up in his office to rant about her unstable past, and demanding they meet again and again. All Donathan wants is his life back—and for his wife not to find out. But when the relentless stranger goes too far, it leads him to discover his beloved wife has secrets of her own. Now, to save their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. James will have to hold on tight to survive the bumpiest ride of their lives. Lisa Renee Johnson is a sought-after speaker, publishing coach and self-made Sunshineologist. Her mission is to help others create an amazing life and shine from the inside out. She leads workshops and training programs that teach individuals to shine in life and business. She is the founder and Chief Sunshineologist of Shine Brighter™ a community for women who would like to gain clarity and unleash the shine within. In addition, Lisa created The Bestseller Game Plan™ a proven step-by-step program for aspiring authors to publish their book and to fuel higher profits in their business. Lover of the written word, she is the CEO of Brown Girl Press, an independent publishing company that supports authors, writers and coaches through the self-publishing process. A true sunshine girl at heart, Lisa Renee was born in Florida, reared in Texas and now resides in Northern California with her family. Lisa Renee inspires individuals to shed their excuses, live life out loud, and to define success and happiness on their own terms. Surviving the Chase by Lisa Renee Johnson (November 28, 2017) In this page-turning follow-up to Dangerous Consequences, a serial killer wants revenge—but two surprising people stand in her way . . . Abandoned by her mother as a kid, Payton Jones wants no reminders of her past and no commitments. She’s beautiful, educated, rich, and gets what she wants—even if her favorite friends-with-benefits, Tony Barnes, is a hot complication. But her life of shopping, spa appointments, and mindless sex is interrupted when the most wanted woman in the Bay area starts hunting for Payton’s estranged mother. Curiosity leads Payton into unfamiliar—and risky—territory. Psychologist and local radio show host Donathan “Sex Doctor” James almost became a victim of the killer, who bared her every twisted thought to him. He knows she won’t stop until she commits the most personal murder of all. But when his wife’s best friend, Payton Jones—who Donathan isn’t quite sure he can trust—uncovers a shattering connection to the killer, they team up to find her.

Intimate Conversation with Lisa Renee Johnson Lisa Renee Johnson is a sought-after speaker, publishing coach and self-made Sunshineologist. Her mission is to help others create an amazing life and shine from the inside out. She leads workshops and training programs that teach individuals to shine in life and business. She is the founder and Chief Sunshineologist of Shine Brighter™ a community for women who would like to gain clarity and unleash the shine within. In addition, Lisa created The Bestseller Game Plan™ a proven step-by-step program for aspiring authors to publish their book and to fuel higher profits in their business. Lover of the written word, she is the CEO of Brown Girl Press, an independent publishing company that supports authors, writers and coaches through the self-publishing process. A true sunshine girl at heart, Lisa Renee was born in Florida, reared in Texas and now resides in Northern California with her family. Lisa Renee inspires individuals to shed their excuses, live life out loud, and to define success and happiness on their own terms. Lisa Renee Johnson is an author, foodie and closet mixologist! After co-founding and running a book club for almost two decades, Lisa Renee took the plunge into the world of fiction writing with her debut novel Dangerous Consequences. Lisa Renee also captured the country's attention with the hashtag #laughingwhileblack that ignited a media firestorm and prompted global conversations about race, power, privilege and bias. In addition to writing, Lisa Renee, a selfproclaimed Sunshineologist, created the I Got Sunshine movement to inspire women to define success and happiness on their terms. A true sunshine girl at heart, Lisa Renee was born in Florida, reared in Texas and now resides in Northern California with her family. Her highly anticipated follow-up novel Surviving the Chase, will hit the shelves soon. Visit her online at lisareneejohnson.com BPM: How has writing impacted your life? I write fiction, but I also journal daily and create visuals in my dream book. I write with no expectation and the practice is relaxing and sparks reflective inquiry, creativity and ideas. I’m better because I write. BPM: What inspired you to write this book? Why now? Ever experience writers block? This book was inspired by society. I read the newspaper, a few celebrity blogs and stay up to date on current events. Cheating is EVERYWHERE. I started writing this book several years ago and this topic is just as relevant today as it was three years ago. Not only do athletes and celebrities cheat, but everyday people cheat too and we see this played out nightly on the show Cheaters, not to mention Maury Povich and Divorce Court. It was my curiosity surrounding how people who live their lives in the public eye deal with infidelity and relationship issues publicly. I mean it’s one thing to have your mate cheat on you, but then to have EVERYONE know about it and critique your handling of the situation has to be stressful and plays a big part in your decision-making as to whether you go or stay. There are other topics covered in the book such as: Mental Illness, Blackmail, Sexual Harassment. The book is available on Paperback, Nook, Kindle and Audio.

A View from Harlem by Tracey Fagan Danzey A View from Harlem by Tracey Fagan Danzey takes a look at our friends from Jasper's Cafe On The Boulevard five years later. Life makes the distinction between lasting or lust and forever or not. Nearly five years ago, the contrasting lives of these unlikely friends became cemented. Through all their differences, they toiled through the grit of building friendships and finding love. Now it truly begins. Perry and Robert Nichols have finally transitioned from living a lie into living that life. Despite her once-pretentious facade, Perry now touts a coveted life—one she never apologizes for. What matters is her marriage, her two children, and the success of her upscale business, Lux Body & Soul. Perry’s wrath abruptly becomes unleashed once being betrayed, causing her life to quickly unravel. When everything she holds dear is put at risk, Perry must call on Harlem Brooks. Harlem Brooks, the good boy gone bad, has returned to the city. He has cleaned up his act and is no longer the judge’s prodigal son. Harlem is back at the firm, committed and living a more suitable life. As his determination increases to spare Perry from ending up behind bars and keeping her family intact, he is unknowingly blind-sided by what is awaiting his own. When he returns to the office late one night seeking any crucial evidence to turn around a plummeting trial, Harlem makes a shattering discovery. Now more than ever he longs for what his brother has . . . his own family. Like many men, Harlem hasn’t quenched his insatiable needs. What he desires most is the one thing he can’t have. Erika Townsend's beauty is alluring to Harlem, but what intrigues him most is her resilience. That unshakable strength is what Harlem needs now more than ever. Torie Matthews is finally settled and happy after marrying Quinn, her best friend and kindred spirit. In the face of their marital bliss, there has been immense heartbreak. When their marriage receives yet another devastating blow, Torie questions whether their bond is strong enough to endure.

Jasper's Cafe On The Boulevard by Tracey Fagan Danzey Read an excerpt here: http://conta.cc/20Bh66I

About the Author Tracey Fagan-Danzey is an author, occasional blogger and has been described more than once, as a natural storyteller. A long story short is rarely an option for Tracey. It is her craft that allows her to create an experience, conjure emotions and share vivid views for her readers through her careful selection of words, which has produced her thoughtful writing as shown in her debut novel “Jasper’s Café On The Boulevard”.

Turning Trials Into Triumphs by Michelle Chavis Turning Trials Into Triumphs by Michelle Chavis, Nichole Page, Shavonna Futrell, Venita Alderman Sadler, Patricia Alston-Tapp, Asha Jones-Wade and Tracey Burwell Deshazo. Non-Fiction/ Self Help Trials are an inevitable aspect of life and come upon us in many different ways. Ways which may include the death of a loved one, an illness, disappointments, betrayal, or parental abandonment. GOD has allowed us to endure many trials, situations and tribulations. When planting a tree you have to consider the soil. Not all trees can grow or thrive in the same dirt. Certain soils produce different fruit. Therefore, the various types of trials we go through yield different results as well. Turning Trials into Triumphs is an anthology of events that could have left the contributors bitter, but instead their circumstances evolved for the better. The ladies of VLR believe that the attitude we display through trials , will determine whether an individual will emerge victorious. Out of our greatest trials, comes the defining moments of life that lay the foundation for building the strength of our character. About the Authors Turning Trials into Triumphs was written by seven members of Victorious Ladies Reading (VLR) Book Club who wanted to encourage others to conquer every problem or situation that may arise by trusting GOD even when you can't trace GOD. Watch him turn your TRIAL into a TRIUMPH!

EyeCU Reading & Social Network A Detroit native, Ebony Evans has always had a knack for creating and implementing exciting out-of-the-box ideas. Quite the event planner, she has embarked upon many different endeavors; be it a shopping trip to the Big Apple, photo shoots of all kinds, pole parties or giving her time to charities near and dear, Ebony was and is doing it! Ebony Evans, EyeCU Reading & Social Network founder is an enthusiastic reader and self-proclaimed “book nerd” at heart! EyeCU Reading & Social Network, is a combination of yet another creative idea, fused with one of Ebony’s dynamic passions…reading. She and a host of friends together developed this idea into a reality. Life has taught Ebony the value of surrounding herself with a close-knit circle of like-minded supportive friends, with whom she reciprocates compassion and that same support. EyeCU Reading & Social Network is made up President Ebony, Secretary Samara, Treasurer Bayyinah and members Chineda, Monique, Rhena, Satanya, Stacye, Tamara and Tina. BPM: What is the purpose for your organization? The purpose of EyeCU Reading & Social Network is to promote literacy in the African American community with an emphasis on African American women. To support primarily, but not exclusively, the works of African American authors. To encourage community involvement through charitable endeavors, support and motivation. Our club was born from the vision of providing an avenue for women to fellowship with a primary focus on reading thought provoking books, networking with other book clubs, attending literary events and meeting fascinating authors. We also want to show our beauty and boldness in all that we do! BPM: Do you support self-published authors? Yes! We absolutely support self-published authors. Book club member Stacye Lewis aka Kaylynn Hunt is a talented self-published author of several books. Ebony is on the cover of two of her books, “Love With A Vengeance” and “Catching Dreams.” Not all talented authors have a big house book deal so we definitely support and acknowledge authors both small and large. BPM: What genre/types of books do you prefer to read? We pretty much read it all! From Christian based to the most erotic and everything in between. The diversity of our group and our variety of interests leads us to open our minds to literature of all kinds. BPM: Have the types of books changed over time? As our group, matures, it seems that yes, the types of books have changed over time. While we started out reading lots of urban fiction, we’ve evolved to reading pretty much everything! We’ve even indulged in and enjoyed Sci-Fi; a genre that wasn’t even on our radar at first. Please join our Facebook Group: EyeCU Reading & Chatting where we regularly host Facebook Live chats with our featured authors and discuss other literary randomness.

One World Singles Blog One World Singles Blog, winner of The 2017 Black Pearls Literary Excellent Awards A blog for people of all colors, ages (18+) religions, ethnicities, and lifestyles. Bringing you informative articles and advice on dating, romance, love, relationships, featured romance authors, virtual book tours, interviews, events, movie trailers, and so much more. At One World Singles Blog, (OWSB) our visitors are the primary focus of everything we do. We want to provide the level of information that will best meet your dating, romantic and relationship needs and wants and to take this time to thank you for visiting our blog. If you haven't done so yet, please visit and join our dating site One World Singles. And please tell your single friends and associates about the benefits of becoming a member of One World Singles. There are over one million active members seeking love, romance, a lifetime partner, pen pal and much more. If you have any success stories in meeting someone on our blog or dating site that you would like to share, we would like to hear from you. Stories submitted become the property of HMCS and may be republished on our blog or in any other media without any compensation to the person submitting the story. When submitting your story, please include your name, age, and country where you reside. If we publish your story, only your name and country will be mentioned. We have the right to edit your story for clarity. Send your stories to us and in the subject area, write My Success Story. To participate in any of our events, you must over 18 years of age.

About Professional Blogger Vivienne Diane Neal My name is Vivienne Diane Neal. Born in 1946, I am a writer, blogger, and an author with a wicked sense of humor. I have been writing articles for over thirty years, started penning fictional short stories in 2007, and get my story ideas from observing people, places, and things and watching true TV court cases and talk shows. I have been featured on Black Pearls Magazine online, SingleEdition, Black Love is Beautiful, A Book Inside, Susan Whitfield’s Blog, Cluculzwriter, Have Stress Relief Now, 1st Author Interviews, IMRR Bookclub Newsletter Fall 2011, Writers Get Together, Mary M. Forbes Blog, Romance Review Ramble, AuthorMePro, The Writer’s Voice, Polygirl Publishing, and Writers Get Together and was a contributing writer to NINA Magazine and Honey Magazine, Multicultural Media and Vocal. Now, semi-retired, I continue to write articles on love, romance, relationships, and other topics of interest. Check out Vivienne Diane Neal, founder: http://www.oneworldsinglesblog.net

Destined Readers Book Club Destiny Hawkins and Tiffany Booker are the Cofounders of Destined Readers Book Club. Destiny Hawkins is an Admin. Asst., a wife, a mother of two sons, ages 17 and 18, and the adoptive mother of two small furry dogs. Destiny enjoys attending book events. Tiffany Booker is a children's author, a current middle school teacher, a wife, and mother to two young men. Tiffany hopes book clubs will some day become as prevalent as being a sorority member. Books are Tiffany's passion of choice. Destined Readers Book Club was founded in Marietta, Georgia in August 2014 by Co-founders Destiny Hawkins and Tiffany Booker. We started a book club out of the sheer frustration from attending several meetings of another book club whose club seemed, to us, to be very snooty. They did not have a sense of genuine warmth, fun, nor true friendships in their club. Destiny and I are very down to earth people and have a lot in common, so we wanted to create a book club with like minded women as well. Destiny Hawkins is so humble that she makes it a point to ensure everyone knows that she WAS NOT responsible for creating the name of our book club. It was actually my idea to name the club Destined Readers Book Club. Due to our frustration with the other book clubs unwelcoming club culture, we WERE DESTINED to begin our own club. The rest as they say, is history or in our case HERstory. Although we are still a fairly new club, we are nine members strong with several prospective members awaiting acceptance. We want to keep our book club at a maximum of 15 dedicated members. We have successfully developed a culture of a genuine kinship with one another, which has allowed us to forge ongoing, true and genuine friendships that we know will last a lifetime, all while having fun doing it. For example, one of our members took a teaching job in Japan, but she comes back every year to visit the club and facilitates a book discussion. This is a true example of what our club means to her. It's the friendships, the fun and the books that keeps her coming back. We are still accepting applications for serious, avid readers. We invite potential members to attend as guests just to get a feel for the members. BPM: In your opinion, what makes a good book club conversation? In Tiffany's opinion, what makes a good book club conversation is our unique Trivia Question segment of the meeting. It is our tradition to ask random trivia questions to our members as a good book conversation starter. This keeps members on their toes in reading the selected novel thoroughly and paying attention to key details in the book. This leads into a well prepared discussion. We either use the available reading guide the author has provided or we use our own to lead the discussions, but the key is having fun while doing it. Our trivia questions are the key to our book club discussions. Most times if the book is interesting enough, then we tend to keep the book discussion on topic, however, if for some reason we conclude that the current book was either boring or we didn't like the book, we tend to roam off topic, but our agenda keeps us on task to ensure we do not waste valuable time during the book discussions.

Round Table Readers Literary Book Club

The Round Table Readers were founded by La Sheera Lee. The book club is located in Danville, VA. The group was founded on the principles of spreading literacy, fostering sisterhood, and assisting their local community. The group was founded in 2010. Currently, we have eight members. Their names are Tora Ballard, Latonya Terry, Hannah Lee, Kay Edmondson, Traci White- Williams, Twozynn McGhgee and Joyce Laverne Mayo. The Round Table Readers has hosted three events to date. Each event presented their local communities with the opportunity to meet their favorite authors and to learn about the world of publishing. The literary events have also served their communities. One event featuring Zane, raised funds for a Breast Cancer Survivor. Attendees of other events, have donated can goods and school supplies for admission. The Round Table Readers also likes to connect with other book clubs. The Sisters of the Red Tent, Sistahs of Urban Literature, and Victorious Ladies of Reading are all considered their sister book club. The Round Table Readers have enjoyed organizing book club events with these wonderful ladies! BPM: Has social media changed how you feel about authors? Social media has forever changed the literary landscape. Authors, book clubs, readers are able to engage and discuss books. Video sharing platforms have also made it easier for readers to virtually host authors for meetings etc. However, I think that authors need to be mindful of comments or pics presented online. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions. However, if you are a public figure, you must be mindful of the impact your actions might have own your readership. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club? It is essential for all members to respect the time and opinions of all members. It is also important to make sure you have members who personalities click.

Lady LOTUS Book Club - Louisiana

The Lady L.O.T.U.S (Loving Others Through United Sisterhood) book club began in July, 2013. They are located in Monroe, Louisiana. The Lady L.O.T.U.S book club consists of 20 sisters (members). The first book that they read was The Reverend's Wife by Kimberly Lawson Roby. Their first literary they attended was the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. Tammy Washington, Lady LOTUS Bookclub Founder, is a country girl at heart, with a love for reading that takes her imagination beyond the stars. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is an Early Childhood & Elementary Ed. Curriculum Monitor. Most of her adult life has been dedicated to mentoring and servicing children and families. Tammy said, this is not just a passion, but her ministry. She loves to encourage others with a famous quote by Dr. Seuss, "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." She shares this quote in an effort to help others embrace who they are in spite of what society says they should be. Tammy's very own quote is, "True beauty begins with the heart and mind, and then flows to be seen through the eyes and smile." Amanda Presley, Lady LOTUS Bookclub Co-Founder, is somewhat of an Army brat. Both her parents were in the army. She was raised and still lives in Monroe, Louisiana. She currently works at an elementary school as a Pre-K Paraeducator. She has been in this position for the last seven years. Amanda also does after school tutoring through the school's tutoring program. She is very active in the church. She sings in the church singing group and also work with the mentor program. She loves spending time with her family and friends, especially her girls. In her alone time, give her a good book and she is good to go. BPM: What legacy will your bookclub leave for those watching in the community? The lesson and legacy that Lady L.O.T.U.S bookclub purposes to leave is that reading is not only an outlet, but can unlock doors in the mind to build, strengthen, and enhance knowledge (spiritually, mentally and academically). They strive to model UNITY and SERVICE to our community. As God allows us to be a blessing to one another, so shall we be to our community.

King Brooks - Black PageTurners Founder

Black Page Turners was formed by Cleavester b.k.a. King Brooks in 2013. Before Black Page Turners, I hosted an online radio show and various other book magazines and websites. I am a team of one. I was inspired to start Black Page Turners by the closing of Black Issues Book Review. I wanted a place where I could come and find out all about African Americans books, publishing information, writer’s tools, etc. The purpose of Black Page Turners is to inform readers about books written by and about African Americans. BPM: Do you support our self-published authors? Yes, I love books by black authors and I support self-published books that are properly edited. BPM: Has social media changed how you feel about any authors? No, I have learned how to separate the work from the person. So I want be disappointed. As long as you write a good book. I have no problem with you; but if the book is not good, then we have a problem. In the words of Don Miguel Ruiz "Don't Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering." BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for others who might want to start a book blog? In the famous words of Nike 'Just Do It.' If you are getting into this business to be about yourself or to be famous. Turn and exit now. Be prepared to invest long hours into your blog and be patient. The followers, authors, and publishers don't come overnight. If anyone tells you 'No,' don't take it personal. Just keep moving forward and be very creative. Website: www.blackpageturners.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/bpageturners Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackpageturners

Girl Fridayz Book Club - Buffalo, New York

The Girl Fridayz Book Club was conceived in August ,2005 out of the founder’s love of reading. She brought together a group of “sisters” who also have a love of reading and on September 30, 2005, the Girl Fridayz Book Club was born. We meet the last Friday of each month with different members hosting the meeting. The founder’s name is Karyn Davis and she and the other members of the book club reside in Buffalo, New York. We currently have ten active members. The main purpose of our book club is to strengthen our passion for reading, share our faith, explore quality works by African-American authors, share ideas and opinions and fellowship with like-minded friends. We have supported authors who have come to our city for book signings/workshops (Virginia DeBerry, Kayla Perrin and Beverly Jenkins), as well as other book clubs who host authors. Also, at least once a year, we contribute to a young adult pursuing his/her dreams. This year we contributed to a young athlete so that she would be able to attend the regionals for track and field. Last year, we contributed to a young lady’s fundraising efforts for Jabberwock, an evening of elegance and entertainment that showcases the gifts and talents of the young women participating in the program while advancing the goals and objectives of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s scholarship program. BPM: Do you feel as if African Americans are represented in a good light in the novels you read? Our book club read mostly African-American Christian fiction. Although some of the characters get themselves into situations that are not very Christian-like, they usually find their way out through prayer and a willingness to do what is right. What we feel puts African Americans in a bad light is when characters consciously conduct themselves in a certain way without thought of consequences and repercussions. BPM: Do you think digital books will ever replace a printed book? We don’t believe that digital books will ever replace printed books. We love to turn the pages of a book and most of our members will not purchase a e-book priced more than $5.00 The majority of our members will NEVER stop buying printed books and the only way we could be forced to not buy them is if they stopped selling them.

Indulge Book Club - Washington DC

Indulge Book Club was started December, 2005. We are located in Washington DC. We currently have ten members. Indulge Coordinator/Founder is Micole Marbury, Secretary is Marcia Horton, Activities Coordinator Latarsha Reid, Photographer Chaquita Goode, Indulge little readers facilitator Mailka Watkins. We started Indulge because we love to read and we wanted an outlet from our daily lives and to fellowship with friends. We are a group of individuals who meet every 1st Sunday at various member homes from 4pm to 6pm for book discussions. We are varied in age and are of numerous backgrounds. We are passionate readers who have been reading together for twelve years. The mission of the group is to free our minds from the stresses of life and indulge ourselves in great books, food and conversation. Indulge was not originally established for community service purposes, but in the upcoming years we plan to start promoting the importance of reading. BPM: What types of monthly activities do you enjoy as a group? Do you travel? We meet once a month for our book club meetings. We have activities planned for every three months in the year. We have an annual game night, we see movies together, go to dinner together, and for our 5th Anniversary we went on a cruise on the Odyssey. BPM: How do you feel about electronic books such as for the Kindle, Nook or iPad, etc? These devices are good because it helps the reader now have so many books all over the place. But they do not hold the same substance as printed books. BPM: What impact has reading or being in a organized group had on your life? As the Organizer/Founder of Indulge Book Club, it has been a great pleasure to know and meet so many amazing people and to hear their thoughts and emotions. The experience helps us grow as individuals. The books are a bonus.

Janice L. Dennie, Writer & Filmmaker Janice L. Dennie is an Amazon.com Bestselling Author and Indie Filmmaker. Mrs. Dennie’s Underwoods of Napa Valley series, has readers reaching for her books time and again as she delivers entertaining stories featuring tall, dark, handsome heroes and feisty heroines. Mrs. Dennie has thrown her hat into the film industry by making The Underwoods of Napa Valley into a featurelength Indie film. Born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Northern California, Dennie graduated from California State University, before starting a career with a Federal Agency. Mrs. Dennie regularly posts film updates on JaniceDennie.com and TheUnderwoodsofNapaValley.com She posts release dates for new books on Facebook: @janicedennieauthor and Twitter: @jdennieauthor. She’d love to hear from you and will reply to any email sent to her at janice@janicedennie.com

Kente Productions is an Independent Film Company that develops scripts, handles casting, filming and provides a platform for actors, and film crews to display their talent. Janice L. Dennie, formed Kente Productions in 2016 to bring her novels to life. Together with Producer, Donyale McCollins, they began planning season one of The Underwoods of Napa Valley, based on Dennie’s bestselling novel, Kenton’s Vintage Affair. Kente Productions plans to release The Underwoods of Napa Valley in the theatrical market, or as a film produced for television, cable, Internet web-series, Digital HD markets, Blue Ray, DVD, “Made for Pay” motion picture. The Underwood’s of Napa Valley movie: www.TheUnderwoodsofNapaValley.com

The Underwood’s of Napa Valley is a feature-length film about an African American wine-producing family of four brothers and their grandmother who deal with internal conflicts, complicated love relationships, and obstacles in the competitive wine industry–a story that has rarely, if ever, been reflected on film or television.

The Underwoods of Napa Valley History Henrietta and Frank Underwood worked as sharecroppers in Waco, Texas before moving to Napa, California during the Great Migration. They made a modest living growing corn and then in the eighties, switched to growing Cabernet grapes. After opening Underwood Hills Winery, they became independently wealthy. Although Frank has since passed away, Henrietta has turned over the running of the winery to her eldest grandson, Kenton Underwood. Henrietta’s focus these days, is on marrying off all four of her adult grandchildren to loving spouses, beginning with Kenton. She’s dubbed each one with a character trait.

STATIONS: Changing Your Life – Changing Your Career Stations: Changing Your Life–Changing Career by Dr. Lynda Mubarak


The current global workforce has changed tremendously during the past decade and your workplace is part of that change. Labor trends, increased use of technology for goods and services, and the reduction of workers at all levels has generated a need to view employment and self-sufficiency in a new light. If you have children, they will need to be able to work in a 21st century work environment with a diverse workforce, which will entail jobs which are being developed as they enter elementary grades or high school. STATIONS is the quick resource guide that offers suggestions and time-proven strategies for parents and professionals who interact with children and young adult workers. STATIONS is a collection of essays that provides food for thought as we make our way through the different situations, events, stages, circumstances and parental decisions that will ultimately affect personal lifestyles and career options. STATIONS examines childhood academic and social skills, and addresses the challenging task of teaching children to be healthy and financially sound while preparing them to thrive and survive in a global workforce driven by cutting edge technology and ongoing competition. STATIONS is concise, amusing, informative and frank in its discussion of life’s everyday circumstances, including social media and proactive workplace practices that affect all of us from childhood through adulthood.

Meet the Author Dr. Lynda Mubarak is a native Texan, Army veteran, and grew up in Waco and Ft. Worth. She is a retired teacher and special education facilitator with 37 years of experience in special needs instruction, ESL education at Tarrant County College, and developmental writing at Strayer University. Lynda is a graduate of P.L. Dunbar High School, Ft. Worth, TX. She earned her BS in Elementary/Special Education from Texas Christian University, M.Ed. from Texas Wesleyan University, and Ed.D in Higher Education from Nova SE University. Dr. Mubarak is an active volunteer with several Ft. Worth organizations. She loves crossword puzzle competitions, live theater, contemporary music history and traveling with her husband.

Sheryl Grace and Dr. Lynda Jones-Mubarak will host The Author’s Lounge Radio Show, airing on Tuesdays at 3:00pm – 5:00pm CST on the Fish Bowl Radio Network. To listen to the show, go to the Grey Stream at: http://fbrn.us

Mississippi Magnolias Book Club

Mississippi Magnolias Book Club was founded November, 5, 2012 in Gulfport, Mississippi by Antionette Gates, President. MMBC officers are Antionette Gates, President, Ethel Smith, Vice-President, Taironzika Wesley, Secretary, Angela McNair, Treasurer, Photographers, Lisa Ladner and Kimberly Robins. MMBC currently have ten active members. Our first book read was Money Can’t Buy Love by Connie Briscoe. MMBC was created from avid readers that also happen o be members of Unity Festival, Incorporated, a nonprofit organization. Yes, a few of us post reviews on Amazon. We contribute to all UFI events throughout the community; Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, books or prizes for the Children’s Book Jamboree, and sponsor Angel Tree children, at Christmas. MMBC members also volunteer at the organizations various functions including the neighborhood Unity Festival in March of each calendar year. BPM: What type of books does your group read? Do you support self-published authors? Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Erotica and Mysteries are group favorites. Some members thoroughly enjoy paranormal books as well. There is no genre that we absolutely will not read. A book excerpt does not help in the book selection. The majority of books read by MMBC are by authors of color, but books have been chosen by authors who aren’t of color. MMBC members definitely support self-published authors. Any support given self-published authors help promote awareness of the book and enlighten other readers about both the author and their books. This action in turn will someday garner a larger following for the self-published author. BPM: What factors help a book remain on your mind long after the last page? A few key factors are great characters, realistic problems or events, and a fantastic location. BPM: What legacy will your club leave for those watching in the community? Our goal is to improve our community through literacy and literature. We hope to bring a sense of joy, hope, and adventure associated with the love of reading, and volunteerism to the youth on the coast. It is our goal to further these efforts in future through a youth reading group or book club.

Sandra Randolph Literary Ladies Book Club

In October 2008, the Literary Ladies Book Club was established in Rahway, New Jersey by sisters, Sandi and Maria. As busy career women with little free time to enjoy friends, fellowship, adult conversation and a good “Girl’s Night Out”; the sisters decided to start a book club driven by their love of African American Literature and their shared desire to engage in honest, enthusiastic, enlightening discussions with other individuals that truly enjoy reading. In order to rise to their fullest and purest potential not only as readers but also as women, they encouraged members to empower one another by sharing ideas and materials throughout the month that promote personal growth and enhance awareness within literary, social, spiritual and economic areas. In a nutshell, the original eight members gathered with the purpose of creating unity, friendship, and sisterhood amongst positive women of color. Presently, we have 11 active members. In addition, our members are busy scheduling authors to participate in future monthly discussions. Currently, approximately 80% percent of our monthly discussions entail author participation either in person or via video or phone conference. BPM: What is the purpose for your organization? Do you host events during the year or provide services for the community? The purpose of our group is to gather literary women who enjoy reading. We come together to fellowship and discuss our book of the month along with what is going on in the literary world. We explore many different genres and writing styles. Literary Ladies looks forward to growing the club, possessing a stronger presence in the literary world and to whatever the universe has in store. We host an annual bowling party every August and we host the "Lunch with the Literary Ladies Book Club & Friends” every Fall. BPM: As a loyal reader, what are some of the things you want to see more of or less of in books? The African American community includes people from all socio-economic levels; so we’d like to see a broader representation of us as a people overall in African American Literature. We would also like to see more books for teenagers. As loyal readers, our biggest pet peeve is poor editing. Often, there are so many typographical and grammatical errors that it becomes necessary to go back and reread a sentence, paragraph or worse yet an entire page in order to understand and follow the storyline. It is very frustrating to say the least.

Fourth Sunday Book Club

The 4th Sunday Book Club was founded in the 1994 by six professional African-American women from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area . These women shared a desire to read books of quality and substance and formed a loosely structured book club simply referred as “the book club”. The objective was to read books written by African-American authors. Over time the club diversified to include at least one non-fiction book per year and has grown beyond solely African-American authored works. The book club, which met on fourth Sundays, soon found that contemporary literature did not reflect them or their lives. Motivated by this realization, the club began writing its own book. The result is Fourth Sunday: A Journey of Book Club, which was written under the pseudonym B.W. Read and published in May, 2011 by Strebor Books for Simon and Shuster. In honor of the success of the book, “the book club” was renamed “4th Sunday Book Club.” The 4th Sunday Book Club has grown in membership and purpose. The club now has 13 active members. However, it remains an unstructured, intimate club where books are our connection and our bond is our strength. BPM: In your opinion, why is reading important in our lives? Reading is important because it exposes us to experiences and information we may not otherwise encounter. Reading helps us to become more educated and well rounded. Books, like "A Wrinkle In Time" by Madeleine L'Engle, influence lives at an early stage and have lasting effects. BPM: What types of books does your group read? How do you select the featured books? The club reads11 books per year. At least one non-fiction and a book with a romantic theme or undertone are read each year in February. The club meets only once during the summer months, for a co-ed meeting where spouses or significant others are invited. Books are selected at the January meeting and are selected by consensus. BPM: Is there anything you would love to see more of in books? YES. More diversity including, but not limited to mixed race couples, gay characters that aren't caricatures or stereotypes, people doing meaningful things with their lives that make them happy, and people being accountable for the decisions (good and bad) they make without blaming society, lack of money or their parents.

Girlfriends Book Club - Dallas Chapter

My name is Shameka Latimer, President of Girlfriends Book Club Dallas Chapter. GBC was founded in 2004 by Tamika Shamberger, CEO in Sacramento, CA. Dallas Chapter Officers are: Shameka Latimer- President/Secretary, Tonya Henderson-Smith-Vice President and LeTanya White-Kennedy- Treasurer. GBC Dallas was founded in July, 2009 and is the fifth out of seven chapters. As of now we have a total of eight members. Our mission is to promote sisterhood and utilize this book club for self, as a stress reliever and a motivational tool. We look forward to working with all local and mainstream authors as much as possible to promote their novels. BPM: What impact has reading had on you? Reading has been a stress reliever for us. It helps to take our mind off of things we may be going through. Reading has opened me up to new author and great discussions. BPM: What impact has being in a organized group had on your life? GBC has been more then just a book club, it has been an outlet for me. All women face challenges, everyday, be it at home or in the work place. When we get together we open up our hearts to each other. This organization has led me to meet some wonderfully encouraging women. It's like having an extended family. BPM: What is your favorite genre of books? This is a tough question. We enjoy Contemporary fiction, Memoirs, Biography, Self-help, Mystery, Romance, and other genres. Since we all have different personalities our taste in books varies. Books that relate to our everyday lives are the ones that remain on our mind long ever the books are closed. BPM: How do you feel about electronic books? As far as electronic book, I think its convenient and great. I think it depends on the person because some people want to collect the books they have read and some don't.

Prominent Women of Color

Prominent Women of Color is a group of women dedicated to the exploration of collected written works in all platforms. This a collection of eclectic perspectives dedicated in enhancing the minds of its members and others in the intricate world of literature. PWOC is well versed and well-traveled in all manner of the written word and that devotion is shown in this delicate array of women who make up this sisterhood. PWOC is located in Jacksonville, FL and St Mary’s GA. And was formed in 1999 and we currently have 14 members. The purpose of PWOC is to enrich and enhance our knowledge through our love for reading and encourage one another through fellowship. We promote literacy in every way possible. BPM: How do you make your book selection? Our BOM (Book of the Month) is chosen by our hostess for that month based on the theme for that month. Yes, several members do read other books and they are shared throughout the month with others in the group. We share our BOM on Social Media monthly and a picture of the current hostess with their chosen book and/or author. We also often Skype with various authors when we have chosen to read their book for that month.BPM: BPM: Do you read books by authors of color only? What genre does the group prefer? The majority of the books we read are from authors of color. We do support various self-published authors and often borrow books form the local library. The majority of our members have e-readers, but some still prefer hard copy books. We read books of all genres, we have member that prefer romance, Sci-Fi, murder mystery and others who prefer urban lit and biography. So as you can see, we dabble in all types of genres. BPM: How do you feel about attending book signings, literary festivals and events? When we hear about a book signing, or literary event we are ecstatic. If it is within a 2 hour driving distance, we are there supporting the author, (we call these Road Trips) We also as a group try to attend most of the literary festivals and events such as Romance Slam Jam, National Book Club Conference, and authors sponsored cruises. These are the things we plan for throughout the year.

Lines that Bind Book Club, Atlanta

Lines that Bind Book Club, based in Atlanta, GA, was established in February 2017. The group is comprised of 5 Grown Women who have chosen to remain small for the purpose of having deep, intellectually stimulating conversations that thoroughly dissect their monthly reads on various levels. Each member is an avid reader with a strong passion for a great read. For them, the best works are those that leave them hungry for the next book. Lines that Bind Book Club originated with 3 young ladies who would discuss books in such detail during their leisure time that the idea for a book club was inevitable. Joined with an additional 3 members, Lines that Bind was formed to bond and interact on a Grown Woman’s level with a maturity that leaves the meeting refreshed and not drained. The interactions with these ladies is enlightening, they draw strength one from another from the wisdom that is embodied in them individually and collectively. Our president, Melesia Tillman brings a thirst of reading with the perspective of reality, Ziyesha Kehinde is filled with an understanding approach of reason, Shy Armstrong is our no holds barred, abrupt and to the point perspective, Antanya Chung is not only inspirational but highly intelligent in her thought process of how and why things occur in the manner that they do and Norlita Brown enlightens the group with interesting perspectives from that of an author who is also an avid reader. With each meeting we evolve, we grow, we bond. The purpose of our group is to come together and share not only opinions, but experiences, failures, skills, joy, pain and laughter. Lines That Bind, while a social outlet, is also a group that hopes to make a difference in each other’s lives, their family and community. What really makes us unique is the personality that each member brings to the group; to include the realist, inspiration, pessimist, optimist and the visionary. These temperaments bring about hearty discussions and passionate dialogue that we all enjoy and look forward to. The focus of the group has been to gain understanding from the author’s writing that can be applicable to everyday life – some of which has brought forth an enriched knowledge and some has given delightful entertainment.

Don't Read Me, Read A Book (DRMRAB)

DRMRAB members have earned the nickname, “The Paperback Gang,” due to their high level of participation at the many book festivals held throughout the year, and their voracious appetite for purchasing paperback books. Members are proud of their expansive bookshelves, many of which hold books with personal, handwritten notes and signatures from their favorite authors. Their motto is: "We are not just a book club, we are a movement.” Don't Read Me, Read A Book is based out of Columbus, Ohio, with chapters located throughout the United States and on Facebook. DRMRAB started online as a Facebook group in January 2015. I started the book club because I wanted my own group, instead of administering someone else’s. Fast forward to April of the same year, when I became acquainted with a couple of local readers and decided to start an in-person club that would meet once a month here in Columbus. A very good friend of mine, author Fabiola Joseph, suggested that I start offering readers in other cities a chance to organize under the DRMRAB umbrella. So, in February 2016, the first chapters began. Our Facebook membership has grown to over 2,000 members and our chapter members now total over 200 and growing! DRMRAB promotes literacy in the African-American community, while supporting authors in a positive, judgement-free environment. We stand out from other groups for a few reasons. First, our members support the authors we read by purchasing thousands of paperback books. With the popularity of eBooks, common thought was that paperbacks were dead until we came along and showed everyone how false that assumption was. Second, we host and participate in face-to-face discussions with authors, and you really don't see that anymore. The name of our organization has a very special meaning to me. My favorite cousin (who passed away last year) helped me come up with the concept during a battle for my attention, while I was trying to read. That memory is so dear to my heart, that I give out a yearly award in his honor. BPM: Do you host special events during the year or do you work for any charities? Every year, we gather at the Sistahs on Lit Book Festival. Papaya Wagstaff, who happens to be our DMV chapters chairman is the owner of this great event. S.O.L is amazing because it gives book clubs a chance to mingle with fellow readers as well as different authors. Yes, we also participate in several charities. When we first heard of the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, we teamed up with Hood Books to send over 8,500 bottles of water to Flint’s residents. In 2015, we adopted a family for Christmas, and in 2016 we adopted two families. We've also donated countless books to children. This year, we will also assist families with back-to-school and Christmas needs, among other initiatives. As far as hosting event every chapter host several authors throughout the year.

U.S. G.I.R.L.S. Jacksonville, Florida

U.S.G.I.R.L.S. Interview conducted by Founding Members: Karen Lewis, Jennie Blue, Valerie Jefferson and Ardee Harris. Unique, Sophisticated, Girlfriends Inspirational Reading and Literary Society, located in Jacksonville, Florida formed in October 2004. It all began with an email from founding member, Karen Lewis, in September 2004 entitled: “Calling All Bookworms.” With the new phenomena of book clubs forming throughout the city, Karen visited several, with intentions of joining, but was not impressed with any of them. She called upon her friend, Jennie who was in another book club and her sister-in-law Ardee “Dee” to consider forming a book club. Jennie then called her friend, Valerie who was also in a book club at the time. Karen hosted our first meeting in October of 2004. During this meeting, the four of us formed by-laws for our book club and gave suggestions for a name. We were nameless and simply referred to ourselves as “the book club” until 2007, when Karen came up with our clever name and acronym “U.S. G.I.R.L.S.” During the formation meeting we also agreed that we would not elect officers, and preferred to have the "Founding Members" designated as the governing body. We currently have nine active members. We are all professional women of color; our youngest member in her early 40s. We have various undergraduate and graduate degrees, and possess strong, diverse personalities which always make for an interesting meeting. We enjoy debating and agreeing to disagree on various book discussion topics. BPM: What legacy will your club or blog leave for those watching in the community? Founding Members: As our mission statement says, our main focus is to bring attention to issues of interest to women of color, while encouraging and increasing an appreciation for literature. Over the years we have become more than a book club. We are not only “black women who read” but we are have also extended our involvement through book drives and other community outreach ventures. We feel that those watching in the community see us an active group of black women operating with a spirit of excellence in our endeavor to uplift, inspire, promote and encourage women both young and old, while building lifelong friendships and relationships. Website: http://usgirls04.wix.com/usgirls

Go On Girl! Book Club - National Chapters

The Go On Girl! Book Club is the largest national reading organization in the U.S. for black women. Our national headquarters are in New York. In 1991, founders Monique Greenwood, Lynda Johnson and Tracy Mitchell-Brown decided to turn their office chat about the latest offerings from Black authors into formal book discussions with their immediate circle of girlfriends in New York City. At the end of the club's first year, Evalyn Rose Hamilton relocated from New York to her native Washington, D.C., and the second chapter of the Go On Girl! Book Club was born. Since 1992, more than 30 chapters have sprung up across the country in much the same way — started by former members relocating to new cities or by members' relatives and friends living in other or the same cities. In 1995, the club became a legally incorporated non-profit organization, and it currently boasts more than 300 members in cities across the country. We currently have chapters in Alabama, California, DC, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington and Virginia. The overall agenda, goals and duties of the organization are administered by an executive committee of 10 women: Lynda Johnson (Co-founder/Chair and Media/Author Relations Chair), Vivian Phillips-Husband and Shirley Coker (Co-Chairs); Valeria Porterfield (Recording Secretary); Evalyn Rose Hamilton (Historian); Tracy Grady (Treasurer); Willette Hill (Corresponding Secretary); Elaine Spears (Parliamentarian); Judy Ivory (Membership Chair) and Joyce Williams (Reading List Chair). BPM: Do you host special events during the year? YES! GOG hosts an annual Author Awards Weekend held in a different city every year and attended by all the chapters in the organization. Members vote for a winning author in two categories: New Author of the Year and Author of the Year. The winning authors are invited to attend our Author Awards Weekend. The chapter (s) in the designated city is our host chapter. At the author awards lunch (or dinner), the authors are given a handmade plaque especially designed for them. Our Author Awards Weekend serves two purposes: it gives our members a chance to express our love and appreciation to the winning authors, and it provides all the chapters a chance to get together to meet/greet and express love for our literary sisterhood. Interviews of our winning authors are published in an annual GOG Magajournal and distributed to our members. In between the author awards luncheon or dinner, GOGs enjoy the hospitality and activities that our host chapters plan for us. Our website, www.GoOnGirl.org has the details.

Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workspace Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workspace A Primer for Minorities in the Business Community by Gregory L. Harris Imagine a world where prejudice and past discrimination's impact in the workplace don’t exist. Not reality, but this book, Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workspace: A Primer for Minorities in the Business Community, helps minorities deal with the real business world as it is. Bias and racism won’t just slip away in our country. It takes a combined effort to change patterns of beliefs and practices fostered and entrenched for some centuries. Each person deals with these realities every day in their work space to one degree or another. Individuals can take a stand and make a way—converting one person at a time—if necessary, while thriving in their environment, job, and career. We can accomplish that goal while being successful in our day to day work responsibilities. Not as a new burden, but in ways that make all of us better.

Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workspace Non-fiction >Leadership >Discrimination & Racism >Motivation & Career Development

About Gregory L. Harris An author, a public speaker, and businessman, Gregory L. Harris pens his new book Overcoming Bias and Racism in Your Workspace. Using his experiences with racism as a child raised in a military family in the poor coal and steel region/area /country of eastern Ohio, as well as his professional experiences at IBM and Wang Computers, Gregory shares tips and tools to effectively deal with the challenges of racism and bias head on. A proud graduate of Morgan State University with over 20 years career experience as an executive, Gregory knows what it takes to survive and thrive in the world of business. A former Global Vice President of Business Development and Marketing in the corporate realm, he continues to work as a consultant and coach encouraging success for all in the high tech arena. With a passion for writing and reading, Gregory hopes to inspire and motivate others toward change. A youth sports coach in his spare time, Gregory always encourages others to be the best image of themselves and to stay true to one’s beliefs. Contact Gregory online at www.gregharrisauthors.com.

Black Cotton by Tomeekha Pitre BLACK COTTON is a collectable photography art coffee table book that tells the story of the African Diaspora woman’s beauty, style, presence and journey in other cultures. The vision of Rasta Escott El and Tomeekha Pitre was to produce and publish a book that uses visual and literary arts to display the African Diaspora woman in a way that demonstrates the strength in her grace, beauty and journey. Rasta worked his creative genius with each photograph, graphics and edits. Poetic quotes by literary scholars such as: Evy Trezvant, Sadiki Bakari, Proverb C. Wisdom, Rasta Escott EL and Tomeekha Pitre complements the story behind each photograph. Rasta and Tomeekha collaborated with professional artists in the divine creative production that gave birth to the vibrantly bold looks exhibited in the cultural coffee table book, BLACK COTTON. More details: www.smore.com/b83e

About Tomeekha Pitre "We heal ourselves and others by sharing our stories. We are both the educator and the student of everyday life experiences. I simply want to be used as a vessel to inspire and heal as many as I can in this life that is gifted to me." Tomeekha is a successful business professional within the corporate world of medical healthcare. She is a zealot for multi-media art and community advocacy for artists. She has curated and represented emerging visual artists, produced theatre productions, and spearheads HUEMANITEE, Inc., a non-profit that focuses on visual, performing, and literary art education and its ability to heal the mind, body and soul. Tomeekha is the co-owner of Black Cotton, LLC where she is Publisher of literary projects for the Black Cotton Publishing division. Her expertise in business and the arts allows her to enjoy consulting for startup businesses and creative projects. Her robust creative background has made her an astute observer and writer. Her debut novel, Earth’s Quiet Chaos, is a fictional narrative inspired by life experiences. She is spirit-led to share stories that will uplift, empower, educate and inspire individuals to live in the highest version of self. Tomeekha resides in Los Angeles, California, where she enjoys writing, painting, making happy birthday video's, singing and dancing in the company of family and friends. She has recently begun the study of songwriting and the art of vocal instrumentation.

Book Pearls Book Club - Chester, Virginia

There are readers, individuals who may casually stroll from series to series as film adaptations have peaked their interest and driven them to the nearest bookstore or library. Then there are literary advocates, individuals who believe that books are as recreational as they are academic and socially impactful; these are individuals who have made it their life's work to foster and nourish the livelihood of literature despite society's shift and focus on media that can be absorbed quickly. Opting to combine the base philosophy of literary advocates like herself with her personal beliefs, Yvonne Bailey has founded Book Pearls, a book club devoted to increasing readership within Black communities and uniting women through sisterhood and fellowship. The Book Pearls meet monthly to discuss the chosen book of the month. Each discussion is different as these women have chosen to embrace all literary genres. "We love to read all genres, each book that we read carries a different message and has touched our lives in various ways". Often, the monthly meetings carry the Pearls to various locations within their community and surrounding areas as they believe literature is a moving art form that reflects the world we live in. As the Pearls grow, they hope to become more involved within their local communities and reading communities worldwide. BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? Whoever host for that particular month gets to choose the book. This gives each member a voice and a chance to pick a book they may have been wanting to read for some time. We generally do not read and discuss books outside of our book club pick. We may read other books during the month and suggest them to one another but we do not discuss them. We are currently on Facebook and will be branching out to Instagram and twitter within this month. We share our bookclub meetings as well as our featured books on Facebook. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club? The biggest advice to give to someone who is wanting to start a book club, Go for it! Life is too short to not live it beautifully, so why wait or let fear cripple you. Call a few friends who share the love of reading and choose a book. Interview submitted by Renee Bailey, president of Book Pearls Bookclub.

Mocha Girls Read Book Club

I'm Alysia Allen. We are Mocha Girls Read an online and in person book club for Black women. We are located in five cities right now in Los Angeles and San Diego, California; Tempe, Arizona; New Lenox, Illinois and now Waldorf, Maryland. Mocha Girls Read started in October, 2011 after I looked all over the internet for a book club, I found two and joined them both. They were good and I have made a few new friends from them. But I noticed one thing about both of them…I was the only black, woman of color, African-American, mocha girl in the clubs. I thought about this for a while and finally said to myself, “Self, there has got to be some sistas in LA who like to read.” After much thought and discussion with family and friends MOCHA GIRLS READ was born. As of today Mocha Girls Read book club has about 2,000 members world wide. Mocha Girls Read members are all ages. Our youngest member in 21 years old and our oldest is in her 80’s. We have working mom’s, single women, grandmothers and newly weds. We even have a few non Black members who just love what we are about and want to support us in all our efforts. We are a group of black women who love to read, want to read more and meet like-minded women. The books we read range from fiction, self-help, historical romance, best sellers, good ol’ short stories and basically anything we can get our hands on. Mocha Girls Read brings black women in the community together to read great literature, online and in person chit chatting about the monthly selection and a whole lot more. We are different form other book clubs because: 1. We read all genres, by authors of all genders and races, and from any publication date. 2. We are free to all women. 3. We never close meetings and membership. 4. We are ageless. We just ask that members under 18 years old have the permission of a parent each month. BPM: What legacy will your club leave for those watching in the community? Our main focus has been sisterhood. Our members are so diverse and have various reasons for joining but the end result seems to be the same. We love being in each other company. I hope Mocha Girls Read brings the joy of read to each community and uplifts the Black women in each chapter through fellowship. Website: http://mochagirlsread.com

Soul Sistahs Book Club - Chattanooga, TN

Soul Sistahs Book Club was founded in 2011 by Kenya Ervin of Chattanooga, TN. Initially comprised of coworkers, membership has been extended to close family and friends that share a passion for books. Soul Sistahs Book Club's mission is to promote literacy and encourage sisterhood among women of all ages and backgrounds through the love of reading and lively conversations. Currently, we do not have officers assigned, but everyone comes together to get things done. We have five active members. BPM: When accepting members into the group, what are you looking for in the person? Do you have an online version of the group? When accepting members into the group, we explain all of our requirements in detail. We look for people that love to read and are willing to commit to attending meetings once per month. Over the years, it has been difficult for people to stay in the group due to their lack of commitment and participation. We do not offer an online version of the book club at this time but we do have dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages to interact with other readers and authors. BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? When do you select the books? SSBC: When we started the book club, I would search online and best sellers lists to choose our book of the month. I would choose three books and allow my members to vote on the book they would like to read for the following month. Recently, I started a "Book Box". I allow my members to write names of books on a slip of paper and drop it into the box whenever they like. Each month, I draw from the box and that's what we will read. It's been very interesting so far. Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulsistahs.bookclub

Sisters With Books - Los Angeles California

We are Sisters With Books. We are located in Los Angeles California. Our group began in 1995. A group of black women mainly educators decided they wanted to discuss books after they've read them. On roll, we have 25, we average 15 to 20 every month. Sisters With Books consist of black women, ages 40's 50's 60's and 70's. We're high energy, love to debate and generous. The purpose of our reading club is sisterhood, and to read books written by black women. We have made exceptions: Leonard Pitts, Amy Tan, Daniel Black, and Guy Johnson. BPM: Have you faced any challenges as a group? If so, what and how did you deal with them? One of our original book club members, lost her only child in a horrific car accident. It was in the month of June, she had just retired from teaching, her anniversary week-end and Father's Day. We rallied around her. There are some books, that are just to difficult for our sister friend to handle. She has started attending book club again. This happened 3 years ago. We had a special meeting just to talk, it was therapeutic. This is an example of how our book club has served many purposes. BPM: Do you post book reviews? How do you handle bad reviews or books that flopped? Individuals have posted reviews. We give suggestions and identify what we didn't agree with. In 2011, Sisters With Books participated in DIGG INTO BOOKS web show, created by 4 Hearts Productions. It can be found on YouTube. BPM: What type of books have generated the most interesting discussions? The historical fiction "Wench" was the book we discussed on YouTube slavery vs enslaved. "Gathering of Waters" by Bernice McFadden, spirits, and so many of the women experienced spirits. "Before I Forget" by Leonard Pitts Jr., a Black man realizing he wasn't a good father. BPM: What legacy will your club or blog leave for those watching in the community? Sisters With Books' legacy will be black women coming together through adversity as well as celebrating each other.

Hollywood Skye by Suzetta Perkins Skye Taylor-Culbertson is a naïve, attractive 19-year old who coerces a soldier from a nearby army base to marry her to get as far away from her small Kansas hometown. But she comes to realize that she’s in a marriage from hell and with very little money, she leaves her husband for the bright lights of Los Angeles, a city that she’s ill-equipped to navigate, to pursue an acting career. The budding actress puts her life and livelihood into the hands of a man, who becomes her manager, and just as her minimal success as an actress begins to soar, she is arrested by the feds for participating in her manager’s illegal business, of which she is unaware. And one wrong turn and several bad decisions may not only cost her a blossoming acting career but also her life.

Hollywood Skye Customer Review Author Suzetta Perkins rises to the top again with her newest offering HOLLYWOOD SKYE. All that glitters is not gold. We've all heard that saying, but sometimes it's not until we see it manifest in our lives do we realize the significance of it. In beloved author Suzetta Perkins' new book HOLLYWOOD SKYE she allows us to see beyond the goals and ambitions of Skye Taylor and the road she travels to get what she wants. Along the way Skye's hopes seemed to be dashed when her associations led her down a difficult path. She was betrayed and made to feel less than she is, but her saving grace comes in Henderson, a man who understand the costs of life in the fast lane and who sees Skye for who she really is and can be. Hollywood Skye is one of those books that reminds us all that sometimes we have to lose everything in order to discover what really matters. It also reminds us that life can happen to any of us. What matters, however, is what we choose to do next. Full of the kind of twists and turns and life lessons we have come to expect from Ms. Perkins, this is one of those books that is sure to rise to the top for readers. —Written by Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

About the Author Suzetta Perkins has penned and published Behind the Veil, A Love So Deep, Ex-Terminator, Déjà vu, Nothing Stays the Same, Betrayed, At the End of the Day, In My Rearview Mirror, Silver Bullets, and Hollywood Skye. She co-authored The Adventures of Grammy and Sammy with her granddaughter. Suzetta is a contributing author of My Soul to His Spirit, which received the 2006 Fresh Voices Award and featured in Ebony magazine. Suzetta is President of the Sistahs Book Club.

Earth’s Quiet Chaos by Tomeekha Pitre Earth’s Quiet Chaos is set in a historically significant community in Los Angeles, California. Earth Hartley is an African American businesswoman whose life is consumed by caring for her older sister, Moon, and trying to save Moon from the consequences of her careless behavior and substance abuse. Moon is paranoid, violent, erratic, and irrational. She thrives in her life of chaos, and has no regard for the pain it causes her family. Ra, their brother, is the lifeline between his two sisters. He’s the glue that holds the family together until a horrible and violent act results in Moon’s arrest. The story of Earth’s Quiet Chaos is about finding and holding onto true love while dealing with family issues that are considered to be taboo in the African American community, but are relatable to all. 5.0 out of 5 stars By Amazon Customer This is a MUST READ, not only for the African-American community but for all. It is relatable, inspiring, educational and a very easy read. It is unique in it's style and content. It was difficult putting the book down once I began to read it. After completing the book, I was encouraged and motivated again. It inspired me to begin meditation activities; to stay hopeful and to progress forward no matter what the circumstances of my or my families' life were. The author blessed us with this story and helped to make the quiet chaos in my life more manageable. 5.0 out of 5 stars By Paulette The author has written an excellent book about the emotional turmoil experienced between close siblings and their significant others when the eldest appears to be in denial about being controlled by substance abuse. It's evident the three siblings, the main characters, love each other as they endure many struggles in their attempts to keep the family intact. Blessed with great parents who instilled spiritually-driven values, the younger two are committed to doing whatever it takes to save their sister. The character descriptions and actions are so vividly detailed you find yourself communicating with them and reluctantly putting the book down to sleep. Although the story was complete, I'm still hooked and crave more about the secondary characters who helped to make this story seem more real than fiction. I hope the author takes the hint and blesses us with a sequel.

Tomeekha Pitre is the co-owner of Black Cotton, LLC where she is Publisher of literary projects for the Black Cotton Publishing division. Her expertise in business and the arts allows her to enjoy consulting for startup businesses and creative projects. Her debut novel, Earth’s Quiet Chaos, is a fictional narrative inspired by life experiences. She is spirit-led to share stories that will uplift, empower, educate and inspire individuals to live in the highest version of self.

Reading with Soul - Columbus, Ohio

My name is Sheryl Towns, President of "Reading With Soul." We are located in Columbus, Ohio. Reading has always been a passion. I had friends, family and co-workers who read all the time. We would share books and discuss them whenever we got together. I was a member of a bookclub previously and I realized I wanted to join another bookclub, but then I choose to start my own. I made fliers, posting them in places where you would see readers (hair salon/work). In November, 2006 we had our first meeting at Barnes and Noble. We started with five members. Those same five ladies are still members. Our membership has been up and down. Thank God we are blessed to have a total of nine members. Our purpose is to give back to the community and to read for enjoyment, enrichment and knowledge. -Pat, Reading with Soul Member BPM: What are key factors that help a book remain on your mind long after the last page? The key factors that I look for and remain long after the last page are, when a book club member relates, and feel happy or sad for a character, or when we want to just say a prayer for when the pain of a character effects our soul. -JoAnna Clark, Reading with Soul Member BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? I prefer to read hard copy books, because I prefer to read hard copy books and keep them as keepsakes. The price of the books does not matter to me. I would not stop buying hard copies and I doubt that I would switch to digital books permanently. -Deanne Payne, Reading with Soul Member BPM: Do you serve or donate to any charities? For our charitable giving, and as our way of giving back and supporting the community, since our book club started we have been involved with a homeless family shelter. A couple times a year we purchase food, cook and serve the residents. In addition to that, we donate items and gift cards to this shelter. -Leslie, Reading with Soul Member

Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club

Ella Curry of EDC Creations sits down for a Intimate Conversation with Shana Plummer Chapter Secretary of The Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club. Shana, how did your organization develop? How many members are in the group? In October 2005, four ladies that enjoyed reading books by African American authors decided to change their causal conversation about the latest book into a formal monthly meeting. They named themselves The Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club. Over time, they opened these discussions to other friends and family and now The Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club has 9 members. The primary mission of the book club is to broaden our literary experience by reading books written by authors of African American descent. Keeping abreast of the latest books and meeting the author that wrote them all while building life long relationships. Ella: Ultimately, what do you want members to gain from your union? First, we want our members to gain the desire to expand their literary choices. Since each member has a choice of a monthly selection it allows for a good variety. Second, we want our members to gain a connection. The Sweet Soul Sisters are more than just a book club, we are a family and we treat each other with sisterly love and respect. Ella: Shana, what do you define as Quality Literature? Quality Literature is piece of written work that has the ability to withstand time and be passed down through generations. This is a book that you would want to pass on to your children and your grandchildren. Quality Literature also has the ability to evoke emotion. It can provide you with a feeling of joy because of a happy ending or a tear because of sadness or sympathy. It draws you in and holds a place in your heart and memory.

A Calm Heart Effect: Minding My Heart Business by Lola C Booker “A Calm Heart Effect” is a book of poetry and prayers about life's relationships of love and friendship. The poems are earthy with emotions exposed, and they hit at the heart of relationships with friends and family. The author's wit and wisdom come through the verses which evoke an emotional response that is delightful and satisfying to the reader. The author's premise is "a heart needs to be whole to hold love". She also believes that "minding your heart business" will help to turn your life and love right side up. This book is for adult readers who are seeking answers with a spiritual basis to help them cope and heal from relationship issues. “A Calm Heart Effect” was written to bring true feelings to the light in order that peace of mind can be achieved. The author's hope is that the readers can also experience a calmness of heart as they engage their minds into something other than the BIGness of life’s problems.

About the Author Lola C. Booker is the mother of two grown children and a retiree from the Talladega County School System in Alabama. She has been a full-time writer for most of her life. Nothing has separated her from the pen and paper, and she hopes it never will. “A Calm Heart Effect” is her first published book of poems and prayers. She is a prolific writer, having written hundreds of poems and prayers over a span of years. Her poems are earthy with emotions exposed and they hit at the heart of relationships with friends and family. She is a skilled wordsmith, weaving her wit and wisdom through the verses which evoke an emotional response that is delightful and satisfying to the reader. Her belief is that "when life and love are turned upside down, minding your heart business ll help to turn your life and love right side up". Her hope is that the reader will be able to relax with her book and relate at a heart level. Her premise is that "a heart needs to be whole to hold love". Her book of poems and prayers is designed to help the reader with their own "heart business".

Sistahs and Friends Book Club

Founders of Sistahs and Friends: Yvette Barrett, Malinda Burden and Priscilla Myers. In December, 2014 we lost our 4th founder, Theresa Jackson. Sistahs and Friends Book Club started in 1997, in Chicago, when 4 young professional co-workers, Priscilla Myers, Theresa Jackson, Malinda Burden and Yvette Barrett discovered they shared a common passion. That passion was the love of reading and the desire to share their thoughts with each other. We had our first book club discussion in a conference room during our lunch hour. It was such a great experience that we decided to continue and called ourselves, Sistahs Bookclub. Later on we had a male that wanted to join us. So in fairness to him and other potential males, we changed our name to Sistahs and Friends Bookclub. We started with 4 and currently have 12 members. Our members are mature professionals who all grew up from various backgrounds and areas in the city of Chicago. We started this group 19 years ago as "Bubbies" and have grown into mature outgoing, outspoken women who love a great book, with a great meal, a great glass of wine and a great discussion. These is no room and no tolerance for pettiness and or catiness. We may not always agree on the rating of a book but we will always have a great debate regarding the merits of our selections or lack thereof. BPM: What legacy will your club leave for those watching in the community? Sistahs and Friends exemplify the true essence of sisterhood. Our legacy will be that true Sistahs support, lift and motivate each other not tear them down. BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you borrow books from the library? In the early years of Sistahs and Friends we only read books by African American authors. However over the years we have developed an appetite to broaden our horizon and not limit ourselves. During the years we have supported all authors as well as self-published authors and invited some of them to attend our bookclub discussions (via in person, Skype, FaceTime and conference calls). Yes, a few of our members still borrow books from the library but the majority have Kindle or a Reader. Website: sistahsandfriendsbookclub.com

R.A.R.E (Reading And Rapping Experience)

Patricia Turner Smith is the presiding president of RARE Book Club. Patricia resides in Memphis, TN and lives each day enjoying retirement. Patricia is an active member of the Orange Mound Energizer Line Dancers, Family and Friends a group of members from various churches that meet to share ideas to improve the community and provide assistance to the less fortunate. Patricia volunteers her time by reading books to elementary school students at various schools and assisting the teachers when administering tests. The ladies of RARE Book Club is located in Memphis, TN. R.A.R.E (Reading And Rapping Experience) was founded September 7, 1997. We will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of RARE this year. There are twelve active, unique and energetic members of RARE. The ladies enjoy reading and rapping about various book selections. They are imaginative, and don’t hesitate to put their twist about a story line. BPM: What is the purpose of your organization? Does the name have a special meaning? The ultimate goal of RARE is to read and have book discussions, network with other book clubs, coordinate and host author’s book signing events and all other literary influences as we promote the importance of literacy. The ladies of RARE have a “Reading And Rapping Experience” during our book discussions. They have shown enthusiasm and dedication for literacy by collectively reading 801 books from September 15, 2015 thru August 26, 2016. It is their goal to read books, have intelligent discussions and promote the importance of literacy. RARE was presented the 2016 award by BWABC (Black Writers and Book Clubs) Literacy Rocks Association for “Reading the Most Books”. BPM: Do you host special events during the year or do you work for any charities? The ladies of RARE host an Annual Tea and Social in February that feature spoken word, poetry and local and out of state authors. The authors have included but not limited to Christian fiction authors, EMMA and African American Literacy Awards Winners, Rosa Parks Award Winner and new authors. The authors have an opportunity to expound on how they got involved in writing and provide their experience based on their writing career. The authors and guests have an opportunity to mix and mingle, take pictures and purchase signed copies of books. The fellowship has built lasting relationships thru literary genre. RARE Book Club had the distinguished honor of receiving the 2016 Book Club of the Year Award by BWABC. The ladies do socialize other than at the book club meetings.

Circle of Sisters Book Club of Columbus

Circle of Sisters of Columbus Interview with Helen Gibson and Georgette Martin—Helen Gibson, Circle of Sisters Book Club is a straight country girl from Alabama who currently resides in Columbus Georgia. She is a lifelong reader who honestly cannot remember a time that she did not have a book in her hand. She’s told that even as a toddler she was reading magazines upside down! BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? When do you select the books? The first few months of the club, it was difficult selecting books. No one wanted to actually nominate a book; we got a lot of “whatever the group decides…”. After talking it over, my co-president and I decided to just make the selections ourselves since everyone wasn’t participatory in nominating and voting. For 2017 we made book marks for the year’s selections with no problems. Every other month we read an AA book; we decided early on that we would not limit ourselves to a particular genre of books. This has worked well for us during our first year. We read one book a month for discussion, but if we read a particularly good book in between we make sure we tell the others to get it. BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? Early on we made it clear that it did not matter how you read the book. We just encouraged reading; that was our main goal. We do, however, stress the importance of supporting AA authors, buying their books instead of sharing their books, and leaving reviews for the books we enjoy. So far, the price of e-books has not been questioned and has not hindered our reading selections. Although most everyone in the group has an electronic reading device, I don’t think we will ever stop buying DTB. I visit our local B&N store at least once a week. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for others who might want to start a book club? If you want to start a book club…JUST DO IT….don’t wait for ‘whatever’ to happen or not happen. Just send out the invites and start your club. If only two people show up, meet and keep it moving. If you’re already in a book club, enjoy the experience and don’t stress about the rest.

Chocolate Beauties - Pontiac, Michigan

We are the Chocolate Beauties Book Club located in Pontiac, Michigan. We were established in 2010 by our president and founder Angela Hunt. Currently we have 14 members. We are a sisterhood of fun loving, reading women. We are all African American women (single, married, mothers, working, 35 years or older) Our group is good hearted, comedians, some what serious – great combination that works together. The Chocolate Beauties purpose: • To have a strong, positive and divine sisterhood • To uplift and not tear one another down • To push each other forward when we are stuck in our situations • To encourage each other to reach our goals • To pray for one another • To fellowship and have fun • And of course to discuss the book of the month BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? Do you prefer digital books? Members are responsible for purchasing their books. Most are purchased online and/or in bookstores. Some members use/have the Kindle reader. Cost/price does not play a part in book selection/purchase. Yes, we will continue to purchase printed books.

Marcus Book Club - Oakland, CA

Interview with La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson & Yolanda Smith of Marcus Book Club Marcus Book Club started in August of 1997, in Oakland, CA as a part of Marcus Book Store (the oldest, African American owned bookstore in the nation.) We gathered that first time as a group of 232 readers, divided into 6 “Chapters.” Each Chapter met once per month, at the bookstore. Over time the numbers decreased, eliminating the need for Chapters. Today we are 12-15 strong and meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meetings are still held at Marcus Book Store. Our book club’s main focus is in alignment with the tradition of Marcus Books; to read and discuss books BY and ABOUT Black People everywhere. The book club has the name of the bookstore, which was named in honor of Marcus Garvey. We tend to be serious about great literature and sometimes have to remind ourselves to “lighten up” and make some “completely fun” book selections. We enjoy diverse opinions and lively discussions. BPM: What types of books have generated the most interesting discussions? Books that force us to address cultural and societal issues have generated the most interesting discussions because everyone has some level of investment in the topic. It is not out of the ordinary that we will “agree to disagree” during these discussions. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other readers starting a book club? Have fun, give everyone equal voice and be open to reading books you might not choose on your own. There have been many times when we did not like the book and had amazing discussions or developed a different appreciation for the book.

Books and Booze Book Club - Chicago

I'm Lutisha Bass from the Books and Booze Book Club. We are based in Chicago, IL. A few of us have known each other for years and knew we shared a love for reading. One day our founder, Jomonique Moore, posted a request online asking anyone if they'd be interested in forming a book club. The response was great and we've been meeting ever since. That was over a year ago to date. Our first meeting was August, 2014. We have 62 online members that join our chats via social media. However, we have 15 members who come out face-to-face every meeting. We have not elected any officials for the group. 2

BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? Usually I stick with the authors of books that I've previously read and enjoyed BUT if I step outside of that norm I seek the recommendations of friends/associates whose opinions I value. BPM: What genre/types of books do you prefer to read as a group? The genre of our books vary. I would like to see our group venture off into possibly making our own 'Books n' Booze guide to 'Owning your own kind of beautiful, self love and empowering women' kind of guide. Some of the experiences we've shared with each other has the capability to reach other women in a positive way. I really don't know if the types books have changed over time. BPM: What are key factors that help a book remain on your mind long after the last page? Great characters will help a book remain in the mind long after the last page. If you can't remember the characters you are less likely to remember what they did. BPM: Have you faced any challenges as a group? If so, how did you deal with them? The only problem we've faced is scheduling our meetings. With everyone leading fruitful and busy lives everyone is not always available. We are now trying to be a static date, like the last Sunday every other month, to meet so people can plan their lives around the block club date.

Sistahs BookClubbing Shreveport, LA. My name is Tannie Lewis Bradley, I'm a member of Sistahs BookClubbing in Shreveport, LA. There are 25 active members. Our book club meets the first Saturday of every month to discuss the book of the month. On occasion, authors of the books have joined our discussion by phone. Sistahs BookClubbing organized Shreveport’s first citywide read, “One Book One City: Shreveport on the Same Page” in 2005. I was a member of the Northwest Louisiana Management Team for the 2009 “The Big Read,” an initiative of the NEA, designed to restore reading to the center of American culture and bring together partners across the country to encourage reading for pleasure and enlightenment. In response to the need for hair care products for African American service women deployed in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Ships at Sea, our book club organized and implemented Shreveport’s first Sister Soldier Packing Party. A total of 452 hair care packages were packed and shipped from 2009 thru 2012 when President Obama brought the troops home. I was named 2015 Book Lover of the Year by The Shreveport Times. Please visit our website: http://sistahsbookclubbing.webs.com

Diamond's Literary World Diane Rembert is an avid reader of over 30 years, reviewer, promoter, branding coach and founder of Diamond's Literary World, a literary blog that highlights authors, promotes literary events and gives innovative reviews. In April 2016, she created Diamond's World, a Blogtalk radio show that bridges the love of words, sentences and paragraphs to whomever has a like passion. She shares this footprint with all avid readers who wish to have a voice. Her motto is "Conquering Life One Book at a Time." The main focus of the blog and radio program has been to highlight African American authors (new and old), new book releases, literary events and all things book related. Hopefully, this will continue for generations to come. BPM: In your opinion, what makes a good book conversation? Diane: In my opinion, a good book conversation consists of a few avid readers, a good book and a glass of wine. Many times the conversation will stray off topic, because one good book is often compared to another one or a movie. For the record, I very rarely use a reading guide, so I wouldn't know if they were helpful or not. Books that address controversial issues generate the most interesting discussions. Website: www.diamondsliteraryworld.com

The Literary Apothecary Books are the very stuff of human civilization and it seems almost improper to be in a position of not sharing insights I have obtained from them. Yes, there are those for whom books are mere items for collection. For me, it is so much more. It is a way of escape. Being able to secretly slip into a magical, sacrosanct work of fiction is sheer bliss. Moreover, it became the release of my ever stressed and fretful soul into distant places. Books, digital or physical, are a talisman for my psyche. The Literary Apothecary blog started out as a requirement to read ARCs. But, it has become my online journal, traipsing through my thoughts and stamping the blogosphere with its footprint. You may find something that piques your interest and you may not. Either way, you are welcome to travel the path of questions, concepts, and random thoughts my scientific brain creates. Pro-blogger Erica Watkins is from Maryland, where she spends time with her loving husband, awesome son, and four rambunctious four-legged friends. She blogs about books and frequently hides books in the Little Library's around town for children and adults. She dreams of becoming a Book Riot contributor, where she would bring attention to black authors. Blog address: www.theliteraryapothecary. blogspot.com

TaNisha Webb - KC Girlfriends Book Club TaNisha Webb is the president of the award winning KC Girlfriends Book Club. TaNisha is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Book Club 101 Magazine, founder of Book Club 101 University and author of The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club. KC Girlfriends Book Club is located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our book club was established in 2002 by a group of girlfriends that decided to create a book club to discuss their favorite authors’ books. In 2003, our book club dwindled down to two members due to various reasons. The sole original member and I decided to advertise the book club on a local social event calendar and our book club grew from two members to forty-one members within one and one-half years. We are now at a comfortable and dedicated twelve members at this time. BPM: In your opinion, what makes a good book conversation? The first thing that makes a good book discussion is when all of the members have read the entire book. Regardless if the book is good or bad you really can’t have any discussion if no one has read the entire book. Having a group in various age range also helps with having a great discussion because everyone has different prospective versus a group that’s the same age. Coed book clubs probably have better book clubs than same sex book clubs because men will bring an entirely different prospective to a discussion. These particular part of the discussions actually helps book clubs to become like family because we learn more about one another when we discuss our personal experiences. A good facilitator will know when to move the discussion along. Website: www.kcgirlfriendsbookclub.com

Kisha Green Writer's Life Chats Kisha Green is a published author, virtual assistant, literary consultant, promoter and book reviewer. She's the owner of DivaBooksInc. It's motto, ‘Turning literary dreams into published realities.’, she has a strong passion for assisting authors in their writing and making their dreams come true. Aside from having a passion for supporting authors, Kisha is a wellestablished author. She's been writing professionally since she was twenty-one. Her most popular novel is, ‘And Even If I did’, released in 2006. Kisha Green is also the host of Writer's Life Chats, an online radio show where she interviews aspiring and seasoned authors. Writer's Life Chats has been nominated multiple times for Best Blog Talk Show, winning the title in 2009, 2010 and 2011. As an avid reader and book reviewer, Kisha Green’s reviews have appeared on Urban Book Source, Shelfari, Goodreads, Amazon and other notable sites. In 2016, she was nominated for Literary Activist by AAMBC and is the recipient of the 2014 and 2016 Literary Excellence Award presented by Black Pearls Magazine. As a firm believer in "each one, teach one," Kisha Green launched Literary Jewels in 2011, an online resource for aspiring writers interested in self-publishing. Currently, Kisha resides in New Jersey and is a contributing writer for Urban Tymes, LitIsh, and Literary Jewels. Kisha can be found at: www.divabooksinconline.com

Orsayor L. Simmons - Book Referees Founder Orsayor L. Simmons is the founder of Book Referees. Book Referees spotlights/reviews/promote all genres in the literary world. She is the recipient of the 2013 Top 25 Literary Leader Award and 2014 Top 25 Literary Leader Award (presented by Ella Curry) and 2015 AAMBC Blogger of the Year. Book Referees are here to serve the literary community by being committed to getting word out about the importance of reading, the importance of reviewing, and importance of supporting authors. Book Referees was formed to get my book loving friends to read, review and to spread the word out about their favorite books, but now it seems to have taken on a life of its own. I'm now spreading the word through my blog, interviewing authors and getting books in the hands of celebrities. The blog continues to grow, so now I have added reviewers to my team. When readers log on to my blog they are able to read reviews from different perspectives. Because when it boils down to it - it's about the BOOKS! Books are the common denominator to bringing us together. Read reviews: on the web - www.bookreferees.org | On Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Orsayor

Letrise Carter Sistah’s Place Blog Letrise Carter is the founder of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog and a fierce entrepreneur, freelance writer, and new author. She selfpublished her first novel Deceitful: Playing with Fire in 2017. She has featured articles published in Caution Magazine, Black Pearls Magazine and in Beautifully Said Magazine. Sistah’s Place is located in suburbs of Chicago, IL. Sistah’s Place was launched in July, 2014 to be the source of entertainment news for film, television, theater, and publishing. The blog focused on the talented minority men and women following their dreams while inspiring others to take that leap of faith with their dreams. The blog platform started as Sistah’s Blog2 with so many ideas to inspire and share with others that Sistah’s Place Entertainment was birthed from my first blog. The blog sparked the interest of subscribers and followers to want to hear more about indie talent in entertainment. The purpose of Sistah’s Place blog is to serve as a platform for indie talent/artists, writers, poets and creators. Sistah’s Place gives indie and national artists the opportunity to showcase their gifts, talents, and projects that gives them exposure to new audiences across multiple platforms and countries. Sistah’s Place represents home and being with your own brothers and sisters supporting their dreams and gifts. Website: www.sistahsplace.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/sistahsplace2

Keisha the Librarian - Suburban Chicago Keisha Hester is a librarian residing in Chicago. She connects readers with books on a daily basis, and is in the process of writing of her first novel. BPM: Do you have any words of wisdom for book clubs? Decide the ground rules from day one. If your group will actually discuss the book at length, then requirement number one is that everyone reads it. If it will be more social in nature, then pick books that are light and quicker to read. Also, feel free to totally judge a book by its cover! If it is aesthetically appealing to you, chances are higher that you will read it to completion. BPM: How do ebooks fit into libraries? Would you ever stop buying printed books? Libraries now offer ebooks through various platforms to patrons, though not every ebook is available for libraries to purchase. The publishers have placed certain restrictions on their digital works, which is unfortunate. Personally, I would never stop buying printed books. Here’s why: you don’t actually own the digital book itself in some cases. Publishers can essentially encrypt files to self-destruct after a certain time period, as it were, which is what happens when you borrow it from a library. After the loan period is up, you can no longer access the ebook unless you check it out again. And the platform that you use to access that ebook could also go away. What would you do with the files then, if the platform used to access them no longer existed? With the printed word, all you have to do is go to your book shelf, pull it off, sit down, and read!

Jacob’s Eyes by Anita Ballard -Jones Book Review By Yolanda Maria Jacob's Eyes is a wonderful suspenseful historical that kept me on the edge of my seat. It is about a man's journey to take his birthright and use it not only to free himself but his family as well. On his journey to freedom, Jacob is assisted by a white Christian family who proves that not all white people are racist. This was true even during slavery. She taught them to read. More importantly she introduced them to the one true God of Love. Jacob's determination to move north with his family, some free and some not; was met with violent opposition from his brother. Of course his brother was his white half brother. At times I had to put this book down. The writer captured the realism of bitter ill that was slavery. She did extensive research and captured the Civil War and the South's opposition to Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves. Great and intriguing read! Anita Ballard-Jones is the acclaimed author of the novels, Rehoboth Road, The Dancing Willow Tree and Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down. She is a native of Brooklyn, NY and a graduate of C.W. Post, at Long Island University. She is retired from New York State's Long Island Developmental Disabilities Service Office where she worked as a Treatment Team Leader. She is a long time resident of Long Island, New York and enjoys spending time in North Carolina and Florida. She loves hearing from her individual fans, as well as book

I Believe in Butterflies by Marian L. Thomas Three women. One mission. An unparalleled journey for redemption. Seventy-six-year-old Emma Lee Baker has lived a seemingly ordinary life near the banks of Thomas Bay, but a shocking discovery turns her ordinary life into something altogether extraordinary. Honour Blue Baker is the polar opposite of her gentile mother. There’s only two things in life she fears: her past and the idea of falling in love. Those fears come full circle when she returns to Barrow County to visit her mother, never knowing that her journey home will become a journey of a lifetime. Twenty-three-year-old Lorraine has hedged her bets on three things: love, butterflies, and the fact that she’s a white woman. When she discovers that her long-held beliefs are nothing more than fallacies, all she’s held dear is shattered. The hard truths force her to seek out a fresh start – far from the life she thought she knew – but that new life will not be without its share of perils.

Life and Love - The Journey in Verse by Pat C. Life and Love - The Journey in Verse by Pat C. speaks from the heart of the author as she revisits, observes and fantasizes the beauty of love. It immediately becomes apparent that the reader will be personally escorted by verse to observe and to understand the language that only love speaks. The couplets and the tone capture the beauty of the soul, the mindset and compatible lives being joined together in unity by the power of love. The mood has been meticulously established for reading. I was captivated." - Dr. Claudia Wells Hamilton Secondary School Principal

About the Author Pat C. was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pat C. is a mother, grandmother, poet, trainer, a certified life coach and now author. Pat C. possesses a natural gift for coaching and encourages all to live and love to the fullest.

Sin of a Woman by Kimberla Lawson Roby After her very public divorce from Dillon, Raven Black is recovering nicely. Dillon has done everything he can to discredit her, but Raven has learned from her mistakes and him. In fact, she's intent on using every bit of Dillon's revenge and betrayal, as she prepares to take what is hers - and more. Her ambitions have never been so great, and Raven always knows how to get what she wants. She also won't allow anything or anyone to get in her way. She has become her ex-husband in more ways than one and is slowly leading those connected to her down a terrible path of destruction. But playing with the lives of innocent people has dire consequences - the kind that Raven won't see coming. Raven, of all people, should know that what happens in the dark will eventually come to light...and that there's only so far you can run before your past catches up to you. About the Author—Kimberla Lawson Roby is the New York Times bestselling author of the highly acclaimed Curtis Black Series. She lives with her husband in Rockford, Illinois.

Stacy Johnson-Leonard, Mo'Red Production Founder Mo'Red Production - Where Creativity and Originality meet Promotion Stacy Johnson-Leonard is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. Stacy started Mo Red Production in 2006 because she was Momager to her young daughter and music artist Young Star. Stacy’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, and looks forward to prevailing over them. Before deciding to her work full-time at Mo Red Production, JohnsonLeonard was an avid reader and supporter/friend of several authors. With encouragement from friends, Stacy incorporated author promotions under the umbrella of Mo Red Production. Stacy is a Blog Radio Co-Host at Jones Vlog Spot. Fast forward to the present; Mo Red Production,is a now a positioning and branding firm that helps authors and business owners increase their sales volume. Stacy Johnson-Leonard is a content marketing professional who is responsible for, increasing client Brand by converting readers, consumers, attracting visitors to website and closing them as customers. In other words, Stacy sees herself as an Industry Liaison because Stacy connects authors to their readers and readers to their authors. Stacy loves promoting author brands and events. Stacy often refers to her books as babies and the autographs of the authors as their birth certificates. Mo Red Production has worked with music artists, Marcus Devine, Tiffany Bryant, Dorrell Mays,Young Star, Dion Black, Branu, and Music and Film executive, Tanya Robinson. In 2017, Stacy was recognized with the Community Leader Award by Black Pearl Magazine and Tour Coordinator for JL King. Facebook: www.facebook.com/moredproduction

Toni Bonita Robinson Member of PWOC Book Club Prominent Women of Color (PWOC) is a group of women dedicated to the exploration of collected written works in all platforms. This a collection of eclectic perspectives dedicated in enhancing the minds of its members and others in the intricate world of literature. PWOC is well versed and well-traveled in all manner of the written word and that devotion is shown in this delicate array of women who make up this sisterhood. PWOC is located in Jacksonville, FL and St Mary’s GA. And was formed in 1999 and we currently have 14 members. The purpose of PWOC is to enrich and enhance our knowledge through our love for reading and encourage one another through fellowship. We promote literacy in every way possible.

The Hair Adventures of Princess Lindsey Sidney Meet Princess Lindsey Sidney, a precocious little girl with big, bushy hair! Join Lindsey Sidney for a week of “hair adventures” as she watches her hair transition from bushy, to straight and all styles in between. She celebrates her unique styles each day of the week. The hair adventures of Princess Lindsey Sidney is the first in a series of children's books entitled the Princess series. Each book aims to serve as a dialogue for children, parents and educators to address such issues as positive self-image and dealing with the loss of a loved one. I hope you enjoy reading about Princess Lindsey Sidney in this book as she celebrates her beauty; and later, as she triumphs through difficulties in "Grandma is Dancing in Heaven." About the Author Eartha S. Dunston has been writing since she was a freshman at Alabama State University. She first realized her love for writing when one of her best friends secretly entered her into his fraternity’s poetry slam. Her educational background coupled with becoming a mom, inspired her to begin writing about issues that affect children such as positive self-image and loosing a beloved family matriarch. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Clinical Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Eartha enjoys traveling, encouraging others through life’s obstacles, reading and crafting stories in all genres.

Crown Holder Treasure Boxes Brought to you by EDC Creations Media Group Crown Holder Treasure Boxes are book-of-the-month subscription boxes geared toward sharing independently published books as well as commercially published titles with readers who lack access to bookstores or other means of purchasing new books. We are here to introduce readers to authors they might not be aware of and to provide the reader with various genres of published titles. We partnered with small press publishers, book wholesalers and major publishing imprints to bring our readers incredible books before they hit the shelves, out-of-print core books and books to fill your collection with the classics. We also offer digital selections too! For those ordering the KID ZONE box, we aim to send your child books written by authors you may not know about yet, but should! Our selection of children books is phenomenal. Not just any children's books, but those that depict the diversity in children literature. We cater to our African American kids and the writers that represent them as well. Sign up here today: http://www.chtreasurebox.com

Do What You Gotta Do by Christine Young -Robinson In this sizzling story of family drama, money, and seduction, one woman’s desire for a luxurious lifestyle leads her to prey on a vulnerable man—until his father’s suspicions threaten to undo everything. Aniyah Sanchez is a wild, sexy, and seductive woman—and has just been released from prison for crimes of fraud, kidnapping, and embezzlement. Without parents to turn to, she’s surprised when her aunt Tessa comes to her rescue and sets her up in an apartment until she can find work. But Aniyah is determined to move out and start a new life her own way—by finding a wealthy man who can provide the extravagant lifestyle she longs for. That man turns out to be Jarvis Powell, Jr., who finds Aniyah very attractive and gives her a job at one of the banks owned by his father. There’s just one problem: Jarvis’s father is suspicious of Aniyah and will do everything in his power to protect the family legacy…especially from a woman he suspects is trying to ensnare his son to get to the family fortune. Now, with Jarvis, Sr. watching her like a hawk, Aniyah is more determined than ever to win over his son. Will the bond of a father and son undo her plan, or will she finally get her chance at a new beginning?

That Church Life by Teresa B. The Church Gal Crew is leading the way to Salvation at Mt. Zion Holiness Church. Feisty Natalia Freemon is the “head” of the crew. Rebellious and outspoken, she has no problems challenging the church status quo. Years later however, her loss of faith will tragically impact her life. Michelle Hanks, a country girl from a hardworking farm family is the peacemaker and “soul” of the crew. Although struggling with selfconfidence she is wise beyond her years and can’t wait to escape the farm life and find success; even if it costs her soul. Missy Jones, the “heart” of the crew, has the face of an angel and a voice sent from heaven. A pastor’s daughter raised in the church, Missy loves the ministry and her place in it. But the flesh is tempting, especially when it comes in the form of sexy church musician and Mt. Zion playboy Tommy. In spite of her dedication to the word, Missy falls hard for Tommy, and then falls out of favor with the church. Trapped in a cycle of relationship abuse, Missy’s world is falling apart until Beanie, a reformed stick-up man turned Deacon, shows her real love. But when tragedy strikes, Missy is torn between the truth, that could jeopardize everything she loves, or a lie that could be her damnation. These three best friends drift away from each other and the church but come back together through spiritual downfall, relationship crises, drug addiction, and even murder. Just some of the drama you’ll find, in that church life!

Suggested Reading List

She Touched My Soul by Naleighna Kai

Shattered Vows: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 3 by Natasha Frazier

Broken Spirit by Rose Jackson-Beavers

Struggles of the Women Folk (Tethered Angel) by TM Brown

Suggested Reading List

Snatched Away by Denise R. Coleman

The Journey of Ruthie Belle by Imani Wisdom

Second House From the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

The Sisterhood: Book One by Nichol Bradford

Suggested Reading List

Charge of an Angel by Linda Diane Wattley

Into The Mist (LaShaun Rousselle Mysteries Book 4) by Lynn Emery

In the Dark by Unoma Nwankwor

Lawful Deception by Pamela Samuels Young

Suggested Reading List

Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins by Victoria Christopher Murray

Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers by Therez Fleetwood

Passion Whispers an Execution Trilogy by Victoria A. Young

Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion by Nigeria Lockley (Non-fiction)

Suggested Reading List

Ellis and the Magic Mirror by Cerece Rennie Murphy

Ellis and the Hidden Cave by Cerece Rennie Murphy

Soul Talk: Anthology Compiled by Cheryl Polote-Williamson

Soul-Bearing Conversations From Men Sharing Their Unspoken Truths

Suggested Reading List

For Better and For Worse by Monica Lynne Foster

His Eyes Are on the Sparrow by Antoinette R. Davis

Sexpionage by Lesley E. Hal

Karma by Antoinette R. Davis

Suggested Reading List

A Reason to Believe by Ella D. Curry

A Touch Of Love by Sheryl Lister

And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson

Brandon's Artistic Passion by Janice L. Dennie

Suggested Reading List

Double Down and Dirty by L.A. Lewis

Drew Smith Detective Series by Norwood Holland

Mercy's First Semester by W.M. Bunche

My Joy by Suzette D. Harrison

Suggested Reading List

Caught Up by Kristina Smith

He Calls Her Blue by Sheryl Grace

His Redemption by Sage

Path to Peace: Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One by Angie Ransome-Jones

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2017 Black Pearls Excellence Awards  

Here is a sample of the Souvenir Magazine we will give out at the annual Black Pearls Magazine Excellence Awards and Chocolate Social in Atl...

2017 Black Pearls Excellence Awards  

Here is a sample of the Souvenir Magazine we will give out at the annual Black Pearls Magazine Excellence Awards and Chocolate Social in Atl...


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