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LET’S GET COLLEGE. Accordance to the USC Foundation Days’ Theme, the publication cover aims to retrospect the past of our educational system wherein the chalk and board are the primary aids of visualizing and conveying information for learning.

EDITOR’S NOTE The University Days has done quite good products in the inclination to unify and strengthen the Carolinian Community and at the same time substantialize the meaning of service to our local and challenged brothers and sisters outside the boundaries of school. Initializing that friendly competition through Intramurals creates an opportunity for bonding time with students and with their other fellow Carolinians of different fields of study is just one of the many objectives the school had in mind. If one were to scrutinize and give eye-to-eye contact with the activities lined up for the one week of “out-of-classroom-experiences” then they would see how exciting and stressrelieving it looked if one were to immerse themselves in the University Day’ good intentions. From sport matches between colleges, cultural shows, dance presentations, developmental contests, community services, exhibits for commemoration and new learning to academic stimulants within halls, it seems as though boredom sounds so far-fetched in one’s curious eye.

subject, the possibility that new knowledge and unforgettable memories could be generated from it is now an evident experience by these “forced” students.

We must remember the theme for the whole week and of how strong it wishes to be known through the activities if we wish to stabilize the week’s meaning into our minds. The theme: Glocalized Education: Rebooting Our Systems hopefully have struck at least half the population of the college level. To comprehend in one person’s opinion, it could mean the refreshing of our mental thinking through an education that has and could be reached globally and locally. One event as an example of hitting the theme could be the exhibits presented in the lobby at the Bunzel Building at USC’s Talamban Campus. It shows the local to global story of how the engineering building and its body have made it through the years. With this knowledge, one could be able to refresh their minds that there’s always potential in everyone, that using the talents and skills for the benefit and happiEven if one was forced to attend any ness for our world or to lower it down, give event due to a requirement for a certain some self-esteem to oneself are at least

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Igniting the Fire

Christy Ann Tulod

“University Days: Rebooting Our Systems’ – University of San Carlos engaged not only in academics but also in sports, as exercised in Intramurals 2013 held on August 19 – 24, 2013. The assemblage on the gymnasium of the University of San Carlos was filled with anticipated Carolinians. Hosted by the energetic duo, Keith Ang and Patricia Farraron, the Opening Program started with the parades of the USC Symphonic Band, University Intramurals 2013 Banners, followed by the Production Number of the USC Dance Troupe, after which was the Entrance of the Athletes with Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013 Candidates in their respective Colleges: The College of Education (CoEd) in Sky Blue, the School of Law and Governance (SoLG) in the shade of Grey, the Blue team which is the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) in Maroon, the School of Health Care Professions (SHCP) in violet, the team in Green which is the School of Business and


Economics (SBE) and lastly the College of Engineering (CoE) the team in Yellow. The athletes ramping on the gymnasium boosted the energy of the crowds in the venue as they cheered for their teams. Fr. Roger Geronimo T. Cayetano, the University Chaplain headed the invocation. The USC Symphonic Band played Philippine National Anthem and the USC Hymn. The Welcoming Remarks was given by the University President- Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD. Then, the raising of the College Colors commenced. As a typical tradition of an intramurals, Oath of Sportsmanship took place that was led by the record holder of the National PRISSA 2013 and the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines Mixed Relay Division Champion, Ms. Loren Dale B. Echavez. Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD, officially declared then the Opening of the USC Intramurals 2013.

Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex was filled with crowds rioting with colors.

Intramurals 2013



Presentation of Candidates for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013 where young lads and lasses from every college showcased their beauty, elegance, and confidence is one of the Opening Ceremonies’ highlights. Ramping in the rays of the setting sun were 14 dashing delegates of Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013. Each contestant introduced themselves in their own strategies on how to capture the hearts and minds of the spectators. After the production number and introduction, John Vincent Sepe sang

2013 Intramurals

for the candidates while the judges were deciding for the verdict. The result of the winners was then announced and it was assisted by Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2012. Ms. Juanita Romualdez from the College of Arts and Sciences won as 2nd Runner- up together with Mr. Benidicto Ocariza from the College of Engineering and they were awarded by Fr. Anthony S. Salas, SVD the Vice President for Academics. Ms. Vanda Dayagbil from the School of Law and Governance (SoLG) and Mr. Timothy Gigante from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) won as 1st Runners- up and they were awarded by the Vice President of Finance Fr. Generoso Ricardo B. Rebay-

la, Jr., SVD. It was a landslide win when both students from School of Business and Economics (SBE) won the crown as Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013, Mr. AJ Dela Calzada and Ms. Denesse Ann Rebadomia were both awarded by the University President, Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD. The Ceremonial Toss initiated by Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD ended the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013.

HAIL THY BRAWN AND BEAUTIES. The winners striking their pose as Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013 was commencing. In order: left to right, 1st runners-up Ms. Vanda Dayagbil (SoLG) and Mr. TImothy Gigante (CAS) , titleholders Ms. Denesse Ann Rebadioma (SBE) and Mr. AJ Dela Calzada (SBE), 2nd runners- up Ms. Juanita Romualdez (CAS) and Mr.


Bring It On! Christy Ann Tulod

Part of the tradition of the USC Intramurals is the Cheerdance Competition in where seven colleges competed for the title of the champion of Cheerdance 2013. Each team showcased their routines, the uniqueness of their dance, the acrobats, and the enticing lifts. Their colorful and creative costumes added color to the venue that all students cheered, yelling, and supporting their teams. Grooving to bring it on and nailed it through the end with their dance’s spectacle that struck the crowd visually was the School of Business and Economics (SBE) as they took the victory in this competition. They were awarded by Fr. Generoso Ricardo B. Rebayla, Jr., SVD and together with the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) took the 1st runner- up with their smooth- sailing routines and was awarded by Fr. Anthony S. Salas, SVD. College of Architecture and Fine Arts for the 2nd runner- up with their precise and accurate movements and was awarded by Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD.

SQUADS: IN IT TO WIN IT. The squads executing their moves and incredible formations as they eagerly vie for the championship title.


Intramurals 2013

Straight to the Point: AJ dela Calzada Christy Ann Tulod This simple yet affectionate young man captivated the hearts of the crowds and the judges as he showcased his best asset--- smile, during Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2013. Having asked who chose him as the representative of Mr. Intramurals for the SBE he answered cheerfully: “The head teachers of our college, I guess because to tell you honestly, I don’t know what their positions in our college because they belong to different departments. Hehe” AJ didn’t expect to win the said contest when he saw other contestants’ preparation for the pageant but he was grateful to his friends, teammates, parents and crush that made him bring out his best. AJ didn’t consider other participants on the pageant as his competition in a denotative way but he considered them as his friends whom he can learn things and build friendship with. He was happy, blessed and honored to win the title as Mr. Intramurals 2013 WHO IS AJ DELA CALZADA? Getting to know him more, 19 year old, 4th year HRM student was born on November 24, 1993. He usually spends his leisure time in playing guitar, singing, dancing, and bodybuilding. He is also into sports like badminton, swimming, basketball, table tennis, boxing and as well as capoeira thus proving him as sports- lover. He is fond on making silliness and outrageous acts because he likes other people to laugh, smile and be happy. He is the guy who loves to smile. He also loves eating street foods. But what’s nice about him is that he is an epitome of a nice guy. He gives charity to those needy people, friendly, and religious. Having his own celebrity crushes like Julia Barreto and Selena Gomez, he sees his ideal woman as: “A woman who would love me for who I am, not for what I am, and I would give her the kind of love she is giving but a million times better.” A couple of years from now he sees himself as a successful man with a very happy family. AJ Dela Calzada impressing the crowds with his acts.

2013 Intramurals

Question: Who would you wish to thank for your acquired success? Answer: “First would be The Lord then the people, friends, and family who supported me all throughout the contest.”


Winning with Confidence: Denesse Ann Rebadomia Christy Ann Tulod The conquest for Ms. Intramurals 2013 was participated by indisputably aspiring hopefuls who graced the gymnasium with their beauty and figure bestowed by the nature upon them either possessing girlnext-door looks or a budding beauty. However, must be a crowned winner, the one who stands out above the rest. She could be noticed through their glowing skin, luscious hair, effortless grace or striking personalities. But in the case of Ms. Intramurals, Denesse Ann Rebadomia, her asset was simply her confidence. An obvious choice, Denesse was personally asked by the Image Club president to audition for the SBE Ms. Intramurals representative, but after the initial blow, Denesse felt honoured to be chosen. With her introductory quote: “Sportsmanship is the acceptance of defeat and the victory of others like the acceptance of the ups and downs of business. So let’s do business and join the sports.” With the tremendous support he received from her friends, classmates, parents helped Denesse to pursue the title. 18 year old, 2nd year Business Ad Marketing Management student raised by Mr. Ardes Rebadomia and Maria Socorro Rebadomia, the second of three children celebrated her 18th birthday last August 15. In spite of this, she had no expectations whatsoever to win because she thought that she’ll just do her very best infront of everyone. That’s why Denesse was genuinely surprised when her name was called as Ms. Intramurals 2013. Like any other young woman her age, she also has a crush on Enrique Gil. Aside from her showbiz idol, Denesse also confessed her ideal guy in real life would be smart, honest, and God-fearing. So take note to all of those guys who want to chase after her. In her free time, she enjoys watching television particularly the comedy series “Big


Bang”, writing her diary and hanging out with her friends and she is also into dancesport. She describes herself as a strong girl big dreams and one of those is that years from now she sees herself managing her own business. Her message to those people that made her to acquire success: “I want to thank God because he guides me in every step I make. For my friends and classmates who gave all their voices just to cheer the loudest for me and for my family who believed in me and for not giving up on me, Thank you for the support.”

Ms. Denesse Anne Rebadomia shows her confidence and grace under pressure.

Intramurals 2013

Recollecting the Pieces of The Past James Kenneth Navarro

This year’s USC Foundation Days unveiled hand drills, some old navigating apparatus, the past as the College of Engineering orga- a device that determines the torsion strength nized an Exhibit at Lawrence Bunzel Buildk USC TC. “A Diamond in the Rough”- this ing, year’s exhibit theme showcased USC’s history and achievements as celebration of the 75th yrs. of the College of Engineering and the 50thcommemoration of the Bunzel building of the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus. There are pictures and the actual inventions of brilliant students that brought

of a metal, some old computers that were acquired by EE and ECE Department during the early 1980’s, and many more interesting things that would really retrospect our minds. The picture’s on the exhibit is all about the history and achievements of USC’s College of Engineering starting form 1939 when it was essuccess to USC in different engineering fields. tablished until 2010. It showed the outstanding There is a go-kart that is powered only by abilities and skills of the engineers from USC. RETROSPECTING THE VINTAGE. A picturesque perspective of the old USC was unveiled in the exhibit.

2013 Intramurals


TC Students Siege to Dominate Ed Samuel Bacaltos August 23, 2013- After beating down School of Business and Economics and College of Education, the men’s badminton teams from the College of Engineering and College of Architecture and Fine Arts clashed into the court to claim the championship title of the Men’s Badminton Tournament during the University of San Carlos Intramurals’ Week at Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex, USC- Downtown Campus. During the Singles A, both

players from the team started a neck-and-neck play during the first set as they rallied through the court barely having gaps with their scores. But the COE out leapt CAFA’s bound by executing several


smashes pairing with good floor defense conclud the set by 21- 13 in favor of COE. CAFA started to break the compartments by giving the COE some down the line attacks but his opponent was not hesitant to avenge delivering several drop shots and short serves heading with a slide. COE then gained the two points advantage after CAFA’s error and his striking smash. Second set ended by 22- 20 leading the COE a point closer to championship. Meanwhile in the doubles, the COE tandem swept the CAFA team. COE initiated the first set with several smashes spurting ahead while CAFA bounced back showcasing some crosscourt attacks. But then, COE played with zeal ousting CAFA with 21- 16. COE’s momentum extended as they tighten up their teamwork as they handed kills and half court shots through CAFA’s court resulting with a 2116- scored second set favoring the COE in the doubles’ game. Instead of having a game for SINGLES B, the COE garnered the gold as they straighten out the match having a 2-0 stand,

placing the CAFA behind them with silver. Before the championship game started, the semi- finals’ loser teams, School of Business and Economics and College of Education headed way out a siege for bronze. The COED who turned out to be the underdogs of the tournament locked the match with a 2-1 state, prevailing before the ranked- two SBE.

BE STRENOUS FIRST, GRIN LATER. The men’s badminton team of College of Engineering smiles after dominating the championship game as it pockets the gold medal.

Intramurals 2013

CAFA Purges SBE through Rallies Ed Samuel Bacaltos

It was a critical match as the College of Architecture and Fine Arts purged out the School of Business of Economics as they dueled to grasp the championship title of the Women’s Badminton Tournament during the University of San Carlos Intramurals’ Week at Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex, USC- Downtown Campus last August 23, 2013. The Singles A game’s first set was solely dominated by the player of CAFA as she managed to mitigate SBE’s enthusiasm by smashing the bird to the other court for kills leading her to swiftly acquire points and ending it with a tough interval of 21- 4. Despite SBE’s attacks towards CAFA leading to some few points, CAFA was able to cope up by delivering good floor defense and some striking down-the-line attacks in the second set. SBE then wilted under pressure unable to cling on to the tactics of CAFA heading way through the set with a stand of 21- 10. The Singles The MVP from CAS smashes A game then gave CAFA a point advantage to claim the championship the bird to the outer court . title. A long game was exposed during the Doubles as both teams strived to excel. The tandems of CAFA and SBE rallied throughout the playing court from down-the-line to crosscourt attacks during the first set. At the edge of the set, SBE’s mistake led the CAFA to take the notch resulting to a 21- 19 outcome. On the second and third set, it was the same story after all. Both teams are in long rallies rarely making the service over for few seconds making the Doubles game critical. SBE’s mistake during the first set was then covered up with their good teamwork and strategies by giving downward kills and defending the court vigilantly at almost end of the sets resulting to 19-21 and 18- 21 stands for second and third set. It was then a tie at stake for both teams for championship. Lastly, the game of SINGLES B seemed like the repeated history of SINGLES A. CAFA was fighting tooth and nail to dominate the entire first set with kills of smashes while SBE garnered some points with the errors of CAFA finishing it by 21- 12 in favor of the former. CAFA’s momentum was unstoppable as she inclined much in gaps with points by her attacks beatCAFA’s veteran player prepar- ing down enormously SBE to a state of 21- 10 in the second set dictating the match wherein CAFA made to covet the gold and SBE for the silver. ing to serve. Meanwhile, it was also a crucial and a parallel fate for the match of CAS and SHCP for bronze. CAS won the bronze against SHCP with strive and not merely by landslide of wins. CAS nailed both Singles A and B while SHCP for the Doubles ending the match with a 2- 1 stand.

2013 Intramurals



School of Health Care Profession (SHCP) basketball women gained the crown when they dominated the School of Business and Economics (SBE) basketball women (43-38) score. #23 Clay, #7 Siclot, #1 Anderson led Team SHCP as they dumped Team SBE in the championship game last August 23, 2013. A great turn of events happened because team SHCP supposed to be the underdog when Team SBE tamed Team SHCP in the elimination round. But Team SHCP defeated Team COED and enters the semi-finals competing with Team COE with (2-0) in the eliminations. #23 Clay led her team and dumped Team COE; Team SHCP advances to the finals as Team SBE tamed Team CAS-College of Arts and Sciences and finally, “THE UNDERDOG .VS. THE UNDEFEATED” competing for the crown. On the finals, SHCP was on the edge as they had a big lead over SBE but SBE closed the gap into three in the second quarter. But then again #23 Clay had tighten her house and tried to deny any ball to enter. The game was clearly in favor with Team SHCP. #23 Michelle Clay “The Best Defense and The Great Offense” led her team to gloriously gain the crown and become the MVP for basketball women 2013.


The “undefeated” SBE smiles after winning a game.

BALLS AREN’T ONLY FOR BOYS. SBE (in green) and SHCP (in red) women basketball teams take the hardcourt with guts as they head out for the championship title.

Intramurals 2013


Maxinne Ville Cedeño When playing in a big game or in front of a large crowd, it can be extremely intimidating and the losing of focus, confidence, and concentration hits almost any vulnerable player. This is the exact moment they need to maintain their mental strength. Pressure is created not by the game’s different situations but by how we handle it. Being a basketball player requires you not only to deal with pressure, but thrive under the stress of competition. Players need to work on the mental game just as much as their physical game. Basketball is one of the well-known and well-loved sports by the Filipinos that all men indulged into this sport as well as the women. A thrilling competition was served to the crowd as the SBE Warriors hit to the top during the USC Intramurals 2013’s Men’s Basketball Tournament last August 23, 2013 at Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex, USC- Downtown Campus. It was a tough game between the SBE and COE- GAMMA basketball teams as they head out for the championship title. Both teams aimed for the gold, striving to hoop and shoot on the court. But in the end of match, SBE prevailed with their 3- point shots and decent man- to- man defense clobbering the COE- GAMMA.

FROM THE TOP. SBE heads with COE- GAMMA vigorously. Each team is taking the hardcourt for notch during the finals.

2013 Intramurals


School of Health Care Professions Strikes Again! Lord Emmanuel Selgas Back to back Champion during intramurals 2012 – 2013. Last 2012 intramurals School of Health Care Profession won the bacon and for this year intramurals they still won the bacon by their determination to win. Their hard work paid off by winning the championship game against School of Business and Economics last August 23, 2013. The Championship game was held in the quadrangle of Downtown Campus. The School of Business and Economics volleyball girls gave their best to defeat the champion team last year which it made it to 5th set of the game. The most valuable player of volleyball women was Catherine Marquez of School of Health Care Profession. Catherine Marquez was also the MVP last 2012 intramurals. The skills and mindset of Catherine helped the team to defeat the SBE team. The School of Business and Economics defeated the College of Arts and Science which led them to the finals. While the School of Health Care Profession defeated the College of Arts and Fine Arts during the semi finals which led them to the finals. Both teams gave their best performance which led the crowd to cheer their bet team who will win the game. The line up of School of Business and Economics this year is much stronger than last year’s line up because of their new first six in the game. SBE lacks coordination in the game which it led them to lose the game,


where the SHCP has coordination and defence in the game. The SBE team is more on offense than defence which it must be balance for they could defeat the SHCP in the finals. Since the 2013 intramurals is over, who will be the next champion next 2014 intramurals will be the SHCP still or it will be a new champion?

Catherine Marquez of SHCP (12) spiked the ball against Camille Largo (12) of SBE.

Intramurals 2013

SBE DEVOURS COE AND CAS Besides all kinds of training before a match, knowing the strategy of the game or having an excellent physical condition for a match obviously are very important, but that is part of the regular day by day training of every volleyball player. So what aspect makes a difference before a match starts? Well something hugely important is the kind of mentality you wish to inject into the court when you play a match. It depends on you and your skills. SBE Warriors showed superiority once again as they devour COE and CAS during the USC Intramurals 2013 Men’s Volleyball Tournament at USCDowntown Campus last August 23, 2013. It was a neckand – neck play

2013 Intramurals

Maxinne Ville Cedeño as both teams showed what they’ve got- from lethal serves to hard spikes. Tournament’s MVP, Niño Lariosa aided points to SBE as he gave open spikes to the court of SBE. Opposing this is the great defense of the COE to be able to catch up during the match. Though both teams strived to excel, SBE took the lead during the 5th set as they strengthen up both their offense and defense, concluding the match with SBE for the gold.

MORE THAN A SIGH. After putting COE behind them, SBE’s men volleyball team smiles while being captured in scene giving the “high- five” resembling the team’s 5th consecutive title.



Table tennis is a game that is also known as “ping pong”. Is a sport in which two of four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using table tennis racket. Play is fast and demands quick reactions. Spinning the ball alters its trajectory and limits an opponent’s options, giving the hitter a great advantage. This sport requires quickness, focus, reaction speed and strategy. Last August 23, 2013, the championship game of the table tennis Women’s category was held at Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex. Initiating the championship game in enthusiastic manner for gold were the teams of the College of Education and School of Business and Economics. The place was full of supporters and spectators much anticipated for the match. The games from Singles A, Doubles, and Singles B were pretty much intense as both teams showed their guts with their smashes and drops. The athletes gave their best and for them, every bounce counts. Each player fought hard to not let their opponent score. Every player form each department gave their very best, but only one team succeeded and brought home the bacon it was the College of Education. Meanwhile, College of Engineering paced off College of Arts and Sciences as they headed for the bronze medal. Both teams gave their best but as a finisher, COE took the edge and dominate everything furiously by smashing the ball on the racket.

A player from CAS trying to hit the ball.


Intramurals 2013


Every sport has its own rules, concept and movements in playing. Some only use and apply the body parts while some require a material or object in order to play. One of the noble sports created by man is the table tennis. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a sport which involves two or more players using a table tennis racket. It can either be singles or doubles. A game usually takes place in a hard table divided by a net. Different skills and techniques are made when one can master the game of table tennis. August 18, 2013, USC’s intramurals officially started and the table tennis room already had loads of spectators. Players from different departments competed with each other to prove their skills. One player who had proven himself was Ralph Ryan Armas from the School of Business and Economics who became a Most Valuable Player in Table Tennis. It was then that SBE grabbed their title as champion. The 1st runner up was College of Engineering and CAFA as 2nd runner up.

DOING IT LIKE BUSINESS. SBE takes the game with the COE like coursing the business.

2013 Intramurals


Team SBE: “I came. I swam. I conquered” Justine Ray Flores Team SBE- School of Business and Eco- Team SLG. But the domination was clearnomics dominated the swimming women ly on Team SBE as once again Christine against all competing teams. Denise Ong, Sesante was hailed as Queen of Sprint. Karla Casiño and Christine Sesante led Team SBE for being the overall champion in swimming women and put Team COECollege of Education at 1st runner-up and Team SLG-School of Law and Governance at 2nd runner-up. Last August 22, 2013, the Finals for Swimming Women was held at USC Swimming Pool in the Downtown Campus. The swimmers were all warmed up. The crowd was on their feet as they patronized their representatives. As expected, it is a home court advantage to team SBE but the other participating teams’ cheerers didn’t even bother. They cheered as hard as they could for their representatives. It’s amazing to sight extraordinary reflexes of the swimmers as early as the blow of the whistle until the firing of the gun; swimmers put their best foot forward in order to bring pride to their college. But clearly Team SBE had the best foot for winning most of the event. Although Team COE only gained the 1st Runner-up title, they are contented because they all know they gave their best and also with


GILLS FOR A MOMENT. A swimmer struggles to win the heat of the competition.

The venue’s perspective for the swimming competition.

Intramurals 2013


The sport of swimming dated back in history and our ancestors have created different techniques and rules to create the game and sport exciting. Exciting enough that even now, it continues to thrill people globally. It’s more than just wading your limbs and head in the water. To be balanced and push through even with the opposition are one of the things that swimmers have to practice and it’s not an easy task. For many accomplished swimmers, it took long hard years of practice. Practice for the swimming competition must have been just as fierce as the competition that commenced. In the University of San Carlos, Downtown Campus, was where the swimming competition for the Intramural games commenced. Out of all USC Colleges, CoE earned glory for swimming it all the way to the finish line. Another glory for the College of Education has put another mark on the records sheet. On the scene, it was a tough game. There was no doubt every single swimmer from all colleges were worthy to enter such an honorable competition but in the world of sports, someone has to be on top. Hardwork and dedication to what they do was evident in their backstrokes and kicks in the water. This made them win the first place during the USC Intramurals 2013.

2013 Intramurals

Winners : Champion: College of Engineering (CoE) 1st Runner Up : School of Business and Economics (SBE) 2nd Runner Up : School of Law and Governance (SLG)

PLUNGE! A male swimmer tries to catch his breath as he sprint through the waters.


CHECKMATE! John Oliver Abrico

August 19, the day the Chess Tournament for the USC Intramurals Week 2013 started. Everybody was excited and players were getting ready for the game. Minds are already packed with techniques and tactics on how to move every piece on the board. The first day of the chess game was very peaceful and smooth flowing. Once the player’s game ended, mixed emotions took place. Some were happy, sad and some felt just dead tired. Aug. 20, the second day of the tournament. Chess players were praying as they got ready for the game. In the room, you can feel the support of each department. Players were silent, focus and very careful of their moves. They thought before they made a move. The game was still smooth flowing. Aug. 21, the last day of the chess competition. Finalists were nervous at their finest. Pressure took toll on each of their minds. The room was full of different emotions. Some supporters were also there. After every game, there were cheers, smiles and sorrows. But after every game, players shook hands, like what they did before they started it, a sign of camaraderie and sportsmanship. In the end, the chess players from the College of Arts and Sciences took the 2nd runner- up, the College of Engineering took the 1st runner- up and finally, the champion of the chess event, the School of Law and Governance

CONCENTRATING LANE. Chess players are meditating into their games in able to bring pride to their departments.


Intramurals 2013

It’s A Hat Trick Sean Geoff Picorro It was another good day for an- cer baseball or will their crown be other sport to play. 7 colleges line up turned over to another team? to claim the crown as champions of the sport, soccer baseball. After days of playing in intense battle, the two teams that reached the finals were CAS-College of Arts and Sciences and COED- College of Education. When the finals started, the game wasn’t so intense yet but after a few innings CAS was able to win with a score of 9-5 against COED. A close battle but CAS won the championship trophy. This is the third time in a row CAS won the soccer baseball event making it a Hat Trick. CAS with so much pride and glory to keep title, have strongly stood champions once again. With this achievement, CAS is very proud of their hard work. At the awarding, CAFA-College of Architecture and Fine Arts won the 2nd runner up, COED won the 1st runner- up, and CAS once again the champions. In the next years of the Intramural Games, will CAS continue to reign as champions of soc-

2013 Intramurals

KICK FOR INNING. A CAS player attempts to kick the ball while an opponent from COED was in a guard.

The CAS Soccer Baseball Team doing the shout out to release tension and pressure in the game.


Seized The Crown

Sean Geoff Picorro

Football is undeniably a very young sportsmanship and accepted their loss. sport in our culture and with this fact; On the awarding, CAS won 2nd it’s still in the process of improving, in runner up, CAFA won 1st runner up, and the hope of raising the Filipino pride. COE won as champions of this year’s Last year’s champion was the competition. They raised their trophy as College of Architecture and Fine the sign of their glory. Until next year’s Arts(CAFA). CAFA and COE-College Intramurals, will COE defend their title of Education faced each other last year or will another college take their glory? and CAFA was able to win the championship. This year all seven colleges compete again to try and win the championship. COE, CAFA, CAS, and SBE were able to reach the semi-finals. After an intense battle, COE and CAFA met up again in the Finals. When the finals started, it was evidently seen that CAFA wanted to defend their title and that COE wanted to take their place. After a few minutes, the game became rough and physical. Minutes pass by and COE were able to score a goal. CAFA felt intimidated but they did not give up. A few minutes later when the whistle was blown, the game was over and COE won with a score of 1-0 against CAFA. Even in their defeat, CAFA had the good value of


COE’s goal keeper trying to redistribute the ball back to the field.

STUGGLE FOR GOAL. COE’s player kicking the ball to avoid CAFA’s destuction.

Intramurals 2013

SBE Takes it All Martie de Castro

The audience is ready to watch. The players are all geared up to fight. The mighty Carolinian Warriors are ready for their game- the ambiance that was shown during the finals of Lawn Tennis Women last August 22, 2013 at USC- Downtown Campus’ Lawn Tennis Court. The finals was pretty much intense as both teams rallied through the court from serves to smashes. Competing to covet the gold medal were the College of Arts and Science and School of Business and Economics. The SBE won the Singles A as kills were thrown to the opponent’s court. In the Doubles, the fate turned to be different. CAS redeemed their serves as they strengthen their teamwork to outcast SBE. Concluding the story of the finals is the SBE, as they proved themselves dominant to victory during the Singles B. It’s a job well done SBE! Congratulations to all winners!

A tennis player trying to return the ball to the other side.

2013 Intramurals


SBE dominates Lawn Tennis Championship Game Joshua Villaver During the intramurals week, Lawn Ten- player lost his focus and still SBE won the nis was one of the sports being introduced round. The game lasted about an hour and and students of seven different depart- reached the score of 8 (SBE) – 2 (COE). ments did their best to reach the top and Although COE had a twice to beat adgrab the crown. vantage, it seemed that SBE is winning this Last August 22, 2013 was the champion- year’s intramurals. The SBE’s victory in the ship game of two of the remaining teams first game led both teams to another set in lawn tennis in men’s category. One of of game. The final match was crucial. COE the strongest departments was the College pushed and gave their all but SBE’s skills of Engineering which fought against the were high and proved themselves to be the School of Business and Economics. The ven- best. The School of Business and Economics ue of the game was held at the lawn ten- dominated the finals and was declared the nis court inside the University of San Carlos winner. downtown campus. Due to some delays, the first match started at about 10 o’clock in the morning which was supposed to be at 8:00 am. Each department consisted of two players: Singles A and B. The tournament was said to be scored in teams but played individually.

In the first game, the player of SBE was furious and pounded the COE’s first player, having a score of 8 (SBE) and 2 (COE). The winning player, Mico Castro, had no difficulty in his first match. After the match, the second game immediately followed and continued by two other players. The College of Engineering almost had it but the


Mico Castro of School of Business and Economics standing up and awaiting to the next attack of his opponent.

Intramurals 2013

Himig Pinoy 2013: The Evaluation Sheet Judy Anne Jamora

On August 20, 2013, a Tuesday night to be exact, as a custom practiced within the USC’s University Days, a glorious singing contest entitled, Himig Pinoy 2013, held at the Rudolf Rahmann Cultural CenterSouth Campus was witnessed by an audience of whose expectations for the event were exceeded by the contestants’ perseverance. May it either be from trying to create that entranced low key melody to magnetize the judges and the audience to no-sweat bullet shooting some high notes right out of the vocal range that majority of the non-singers like us felt impossible to reach. A few minutes after 6pm, the contest commenced with a video invocation, singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the USC Hymn. To open the whole event the USC Dance Club took the floor and may I scrutinize over the fact of how unorganized it look. The pathetic dance moves that could’ve been polished a little better and the choreography that only seemed to satisfy individually and not as a whole group, to be honest, made my eyes twitch and eyebrows heavy. Although the expressive and sometimes seductive dance moves exhibited suited their physical attributes, the dance looked immature and not the kind of hip-hop or dance exhibition I would’ve liked to see in an institution such as this. Although I have sited a lot of negativity on that part, I shall praise each dancer for their strong facial and believable expressions as they did their body language. It gave an illusion to some audience that it looked good and believable. Expectedly, the contestants of each category: elementary, high school and college had every strand of singing potential right to set themselves on the stage’s spotlight but obviously, only few will stand on top. The three judges that made quite big decisions that night were Mr. Nino James Banares, Mr. Elvis Somosot and Mr. Boy Alingasa. Results were based on the critera given which were: tonal Quality (Beauty and Vibrancy) was 30%, Timing (precision of attacks and

2013 Intramurals

releases, rhythmic accuracy and phrasing) was 30%, Diction (clarity, ease and fluence) was 30% as well and Stage Presence was only 10% thus had the total of 100%. As a critic, I took into considerations as well, the physical set-up of the event. Although, yes, the venue was in order and in shape, I would rate a two out of five to the committee who decided to create the stage design. The musical notes that were suspended or the cloth that hung, I believe were not enough to create a strong and lasting impact to the audience. The design was simple and appropriate but it was just “okay” for my taste and I believe that an event such as this should be given a bit more credit to design than just plan suspended notes and cloth hanging. If I were to be frank, the theme design on the tarpaulins to advertise the event and the similar taste of it in the

The stage’s physical set- up at its perspective.

Powerpoint presentations (shown as a way introducing contestants and judges), looked undeniably childish for me. It was a design that for me was just pleasingly “okay”. I was extremely fond in my observation in both the singing technique and maturity of self-presentation by the contestants in the three categories. On the elementary category, obviously, their voices haven’t gone through puberty but the notes were a precise hit. What made them different was their obvious scared glances that proved that they still had a bit of stage fright. Majority of them forgot their facial expressions,


to sing from the heart > Jacqueline L. Bual; College of Fine Arts and Archiand so, what came tecture (Champion)- Shine forth to the audience > Georg Joni Laurente; School of Law and Goverwas a glorious voice nance (1st Runner- up)- Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin with a pokerfaced ex> Trishna Mae Tarona ;College of Arts and Sciences pression on. (2nd Runner- up)- Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin BATTLE ROYALE. The excitement and thrill kicks- off as contestants sing during their production number.

A few of them had trouble on right diction on low keys due to the fact that they didn’t flex their mouths wide enough to let it all out. Their gestures as they sung were clearly practiced and sometimes gave an awkward angle to them. On the high school category, fear was much slighter and facial expressions deemed a bit more worthy. Precision and endurance on high notes were clearer than on the elementary category. On the college level, I believed they looked more professional due to how accurate their timing was, vocal style of their own was a bit more evident, stage fright was invisible to the audience, mouth was widely flexed and gestures were made from the heart. Here are the winners and their song choices: •ELEMENTARY CATEGORY: > John Dale Tinamisan; Grade 6- South Campus (Champion)- Lipad na Pangarap > Donita Rose De los Reyes; Grade 6- North Campus (1st Runner- up)- Tagumpay Nating Lahat > Therese Antoinette I. San Juan; Grade 4- Montessori Academy (2nd Runner- up)- I Can •HIGH SCHOOL CATEGORY: > Pauline Zamora; Grade 9-South Campus (Champion)- Gisingin Ang Aking Puso > Jexyvs Ketih Zuniga; Grade 9-North Campus (1st Runner- up)- Lipad ng Pangarap > Phoebe Ann D. Mangabon ;Grade 10- South Campus (2nd Runner- up)- Ikaw •COLLEGE CATEGORY:

Before going forth to the next category, last year’s winners were given a chance to perform a song and each made every person in the room go out of breath. Their performances were splendid. Before the giving of results, the whole contestants sang a tribute to their ever supportive families and friends. It clearly showed that no matter how far you go through life, you should never forget the people who lifted you up to reach success. It was just too bad the host of the event seemed for me, not lively and too grim or serious in his tone of voice. That even the announcing of winners, he seemed to be monotonous. And also, may I add, that having the song “Chinito” by Yeng Constantino as a music background for the announcing of winners was a mistake that the music committee would take seriously next time. It didn’t emphasize on the moment on the stage. It actually made it all look as if it wasn’t worth being serious about. Anyway, the contestants and as well as the other singers from last year’s contest, are brilliant and clearly, gave their all-out best. Thus, I give them five out of five stars. As for the whole program, from physical arrangements, the emcee’s performance and the dance intermission number, I shall rate it with a three out of five stars. SHINE. The title says it all after M s. Jacqueline Bual bagged the 1st place with her rendition of Regine Velasquez’s “Shine”. VOCALLY RIPPED OFF. The winners from different categories showcasing and celebrating what they have won after the competition.


Intramurals 2013

Curtain Call: The Grand USC Showcase Judy Anne Jamora

Last August 22, 2013,- applause was just never enough justice to express the crowds’ entertained Thursday night in the Rahmann Cultural Center at USC’s South Campus. Golden stars ranked above every performance. Presentations came into the stage in a variety of ways to get the word out that Carolinians don’t just have brains but the “glamour-stylestaged” skills to make a mark in the performing arts industry. There was, without a doubt, no dragging moment within every scene. Thus, the whole show reached beyond expectations. The commencement of the event was done with an invocation by the USC Choristers by around 6:40pm and even at that moment, the singing of a prayer, the National Anthem and the USC Hymn already gave the chills and sent a message around the corners of the venue that this

is not just an ordinary show. This was then followed by a big opening number performed by the USC Dance Troupe. Then “Huning Binisaya” was shown on screen to give a sign of the next performance which was a singing tribute to the Orignial Pinoy Music, specifically the famous bisaya songs. The USC Dance Troupe then followed with their dancing number of the Kuridang.

SHOW STARTER. USC Dance Troupe depicts ASEAN Panorama giving us rich heritage of the different nations through dances.

The USC Chorister singing the Doxology, Philippine Ryan Cayabyab’s composition, “Limang Dipang Tao” National Anthem, and USC Hymn. renders by USC Chorister. 2013 Intramurals


If you thought the audience would be calm in their seats, think again. Below was the program flow of the whole glorious event that brought so many smiles to all: Doxology- USC Choristers Philippine National Anthem- USC Choristers USC Hymn- USC Choristers Opening Dance Number - Dance showcase of the different Filipino Cultural Dances USC Dance Troupe Part 1: Tribute to Original Pinoy Music  Huning Binisaya - Singing of Famous Bisaya Songs Tres Divas  Kuradang USC DanceTroupe  Sumayaw, Sumunod! Basic Education Department of South Campus  Limang Dipang Tao USC Choristers Part 2: Phenomenal Hits of the Decades  1960’s USC Dance Troupe  1970’s- “Shake Your Booty” -Basic Education Department of South Campus  1970’s- Mashup of Abba’s songs -USC Choristers  1980’s USC Theatre Guild  1990’s Basic Education Department of North Campus  2000 USC Dance Club Part 3: Contemporary Fad  Fashion Array (Fashion Model Walk) PE Fest Candidates  Christina Aguilera USC Dance Troupe  Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and Katy Perry’s “Thinking of You” Song rendition CAS Glee  Little Mix’s “Wings” Equivocal  2012 USC Choristers  Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Misunderstoodz  Maroon 5 & Justin Bieber Kinesyx  Hiphop Medley Good Vibes FINALE: All Star Cast

The hardwork exerted was transparent and the love for the stage was evident. Everything was in detail. Although there were mistakes may it be either, one not keeping up to the beat due to loss of footwork or hitting the wrong key by accident, they were only so slight to create an impact. The whole percentage of the event was a joy and they deserve extra credit. To the directors, stage managers, technical team, backstage crew, performers and all supporters of the event, your faith in working was not a waste and you have once again proved how magical it is to put talents together and celebrate God’s wonderful gifts.

CONCOCTION OF 70’s and 90’s. The USC Theater Guild emulating 70’s Abba musics and 90’s Sisters Act.

GROOVE WITHOUT LIMITS. Kids from the USC Dancesport Team grooves sexy and enthusiastic Latin dances.

ENGINEERING PRIDE. Kinesyx delivering flawless performance infront of the anticipating crowd.


Intramurals 2013

GROOVERS ON THE LOOSE James Kenneth Navarro

Last August 24, 2013 at the USC- Talamban Campus Soccer Field, freshmen from different departments groove through the beat as they impart their selves in the annually held P.E. Festival. The P.E. Festival 2013 is still celebrated through marvellous dances and colourful costumes. The theme for this year’s P.E. Festival is the retrospection of the dances from folk dance to the dances in 2013 in accordance also to the USC Foundation Day’s theme wherein different classes represented each dance. This year is also the debut of the Mr. and Ms. P.E. Festival. Representative from each class strutted on the field as they tried to impress the crowd especially the judges who will be giving the verdict. At the end, Christopher Alvarez and Anna Sandiego were hailed as Mr. and Ms. P.E. Festival 2013. The last part of the festival is the Final Dance, where all of the first year students danced together. The song Gentleman by the rising star Psy is our background music. It was fun and full of energy.

Mr. and Ms. P.E. Festival winners posing on the stage.

2013 Intramurals

The dancers performing Psy’s Gentleman in the finale.



After the almost week long University of San Carlos’ Intramurals 2013, the time to commence it and give merits to those who excelled in different sports competition was held last August 24, 2013 at Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex, USC- Downtown Campus. In every competition, there will always be a winner and a loser. And by any chance, it is just right to give due recognition to those who have reaped the fruits of their labor. Just like the opening ceremony, the USC Symphonic Band still played Philippine

National Anthem and the USC Hymn together with the voices of the USC Chorister. Still the Masters of Ceremony, Keith Ang and Patricia Farraron. Here are the colleges who never failed to excel and give pride to their teams: CHESS: > 2nd Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Law and Governance SWIMMING: (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: School of Law and Governance > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Business and Economics (MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: School of Law and Governance > 1st Runner Up: School of Business and Eco-

nomics > Champion: College of Engineering TABLE TENNIS: (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Engineering > 1st Runner Up: School of Business and Economics > Champion: College of Education (MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Architecture and Fine Arts > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Business and Economics

BRINGING PRIDE AND HONOR. Different winners from different tournaments candidly smile as they are given the awards.


Intramurals 2013

BADMINTON (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > 1st Runner Up: School of Business and Economics > Champion: College of Architecture and Fine Arts

VOLLEYBALL (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Architecture and Fine Arts > 1st Runner Up: School of Business and Economics > Champion: School of Health Care Professions

(MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Education > 1st Runner Up: College of Architecture and Fine Arts > Champion: College of Engineering

(MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Business and Economics

LAWN TENNIS (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: School of Law and Governance > 1st Runner Up: College of Architecture and Fine Arts > Champion: School of Business and Economics (MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: School of Law and Governance > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Business and Economics SOCCER BASEBALL (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Education > 1st Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > Champion: College of Architecture and Fine Arts FOOTBALL (MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: School of Business and Economics

BASKETBALL (WOMEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > 1st Runner Up: School of Business and Economics > Champion: School of Health Care Professions (MEN) > 2nd Runner Up: College of Engineering (ALPHA) > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering (GAMMA) > Champion: School of Business and EconomicsTeam A CHEERDANCE > 2nd Runner Up: College of Architecture and Fine Arts > 1st Runner Up: College of Arts and Sciences > Champion: School of Business and Economics POP JAZZ > 2nd Runner Up: College of Education > 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering > Champion: College of Architecture and Fine Arts

CONGRATULATIONS! 2013 Intramurals


POP JAZZ KICKS OFF! Martie de Castro

Dance-is one of the best ways to express oneself. It brings out what you want to convey, simply through body movements. And of course, our fellow Carolinians would never fail to show what they got in this state. Last August 23, 2013- the pop jazz competition was held in USC-Downtown Campus. Every side of the gymnasium was filled with the different colleges, ready to support their teams. The competition was a very close one. Each college had their own theme. There were tribe men turning to wolves by the College of Engineering, an element of fire by the School of Business and the Economics, an aquatic theme by the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, a warrior like theme for the college of Arts and Sciences, a Persian theme for the School of Health Care Professions, and an Alien inspired presentation by the College of Education. But, despite the beauty and creativity of all teams, there will always be winners. Here are the following results of the said event:

2nd Runner Up: College of Education 1st Runner Up: College of Engineering Champion: College of Architecture& Fine Arts

Though the crowds’ favorite COE’s KINESYX failed to uphold the crown it is still a job well done to all dancers! Truly, you have all given up a spice to the USC Intramurals 2013. Until next year, see you on the next Pop Jazz Competition 2014!

CAFA TAKES IT ALL. With their KINESICS. Engineering Pride’s aquatic theme, CAFA dancers unveils KINESYX unleashes their body lan- the evil sirens as they dramtically guages to uphold the crown. pose before performing the routine.


ALIENESQUE. COED’s alien theme brings some futuristic ambiance to the crowd.

Intramurals 2013