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Email Marketing Lists Most accurate Business email lists with multiple selection criteria. US/Canada/UK Businesses, Specialty Lists and Custom Build email Lists.

Email Marketing Services Personalized email Marketing Services for your business. You decide the target audience, we will email your message. 100% CAN-SPAM Act Compliance.

Data Cleansing Services Enhance your customer data with most accurate email addresses and phone numbers. Quality data saves you more resources and improve response rates.

Our Data Quality To provide most accurate and current data, our data analysts verify all fields in each data record and Guarantee the data quality before delivering the list to every customer. We provide more than 20 fields in each record including email and phone number.

Our Prices Our prices are exceptionally competitive along with data Quality and Guarantee. Our price includes all fields, no additional costs for extra fields you may desire.

Integration We can format and provide our lists compatible with your CRM tool to download them directly into your CRM database. If needed our Technical experts work with you to download our lists into your CRM tool.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed In email marketing lists, you may receive incorrect data, e.g. undeliverable email addresses and disconnected phone numbers, due to the fact that businesses usually may change the addresses or entities go out of business. Unlike most other data companies, we will cross check and replace the right data for you. If we could not able to correct or replace with accurate data, we will refund your money for the portion of incorrect data you received.

US business email lists  

eDataMarkets is a marketing solution provider with client specific target lists

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