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BSc (hons) Architecture - Studio 3 Portfolio (shortened)

by Edan Turner



Final Project - Bristol School of Architecture

Building Concept and Use Floor Plans Structural Strategy Sections and Interior Study Elevations Exterior View Technical - Detailing Interior View

1-2 3-4 4 5-6 7 8 9 10


Building Use and Concept

The client for my building is the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. The building would place the existing architecture school of UWE in the centre of the city. It would also provide an accessible architecture facility to the public.

The building would be used by the public, architecture students and architecture start-up practices. The aim of my building is to create a space that can benefit these three groups. The students would benefit by receiving tutoring from the start-ups and in return the start-ups would be provided with facilities and equipment needed to run their businesses.

The design objective was to create a building where collaboration could take place and the boundaries and functions of each floor level could be broken and blurred. The following images and diagrams show how open plan and levels have been organised to create connections between spaces and therefore collaboration between the users of the building.

The public would also be invited into the building for consultations and to use the cafe and main exhibition hall on the ground floor.

UWE in Relation to City Centre Diagram

Openings Between Floors Floor Uses Hierarchy Diagram

Atriums Start-up Student


Shared Floor 2 Shared


Central Bristol and Hotwells/ Harbourside


Shared Floor 2 Shared Floor 1


Floor Openings Start-up Student


Shared Floor 2 Shared Public


Process - Structural Model and Levels

Open Plan Diagrams - showing lines of sight in plan

Process - Testing the Interconnections of Spaces

Ground Floor

First and Second Floor


Third Floor


Shared Floor 2

Shared Floor 1

Fourth Floor

Public Floor

Cafe Model

Crit and Lecture Theatre


Floor Plans Ground Floor (public floor)

First Floor (shared floor)

Section BB 3


4 2

Section AA 5

Second Floor (shared floor)

1 6


1. Student crit space 2. Open plan lecture theatre 3. Outdoor cafe/bar seating 4. Public cafe/bar 5. Delivery storage 6. Plant room 7. Outdoors 1:1 model space


Structural Strategy Third Floor (student floor)

Fourth Floor (start up floor)

Structural Plan (ground)

The structural grid is based on a 5 metre span in both directions. The exceptions in the regular grid layout are designed to catch the edge of the floor plates where openings have been placed.

Concrete column External structural wall Concrete shear wall Building envelope

Longtitudinal Load Paths Section (Section AA)


Sections/Interior Longitudinal Section (Section AA)

The goal of creating spaces which connect with one another is best seen in section with the interplay of floor levels and openings. Section AA

Section BB


Interior Materality Study

Cross Section (Section BB)


Elevations West Elevation

The elevations communicate the manipulation of levels taking place interiorly through the use of cantilevers and recessed parts of the facade.

East Elevation

South Elevation


Exterior View Exterior Perspective of West Facade


Technical - Detailing Full Height Detail (Section CC)

Detail One - Window

Detail Two - Parapet

Detail Two

Section CC

Metal capping Black stainless steel Black stainless steel window frame

Steel framed louver bolted back into panel structure

Plywood PVC membrane (finish) Underlay Insulated upstand

Double glazing Black stainless steel with drip

Detail One

The detailing, construction and materiality are designed to last. The concrete finishes provide a robust and neutral background canvas for the users to exhibit their work.

Black stainless steel cill Concrete block

Rigid insulation Vapour control Layer

Galvanised steel bolt (applies to all bolts) Telling Ltd - Glass fiber reinforced concrete panel Vapour barrier

Rigid insulation Structural insitu concrete wall

Ventilation Strategy

Stack ventilation Solar shading

The passive ventilation system uses the atriums to create a stack effect and the double height spaces use cross ventilation.

Stack ventilation

Section DD Cross ventilation

Section DD


Interior View Interior Perspective of Cafe - with view through to the model workshop


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Portfolio Sample (BSc Hons Architecture)  

Portfolio Sample (BSc Hons Architecture)