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Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring 2011

Why Engage a Web Design Company?

Inside this issue: Why Engage a Web Design Company?


I Have a Website, Now What?!?


Reader’s Questions




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There are many people that have started their online business having little or no money. And because the funds have been inadequate, the business owner had to do everything himself; the development of market strategy, the designing of the website layout, to the actual creation of the web pages. Engaging a web design company was as remote an idea as any. However, as the business grew over time, the owner came to a realization that the website has been outgrown and needs to be renovated to accommodate present realities and developments.

maybe it’s time you hire the day, seven days a week. services of a web design A web design company carefully selects employees company? that fit your design project. And when you hire the comWhen you engage a web design company, you’re not pany to do the web design task you ask them to, you just passing on a project that somebody cannot do. are getting the fruit of a collaborative effort by different And you’re not just throwing hard earned money ei- masters. You get the serther. You are engaging the vices of a creative arts designer, content editor, marservices of professionally trained and skilled persons keting executive and even that have lots of experience security and legal advice. You are giving all of them doing the job. They have the entire dirty job associthe creative talent to craft ated with the website so and design a site that you you don’t have anybody to may not be able to come up with, let alone visualize wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you there by yourself. They can deis a problem. You are paytect problems that are asing somebody else to do If you are one of these kinds sociated with certain feathat for you. of business owners, chances tures so they are able to are you’re thinking of choosing come up with solutions besomeone among your employ- fore these problems even Hire Erin Calvin Web ees to do the website uparise. So you can sleep Design today to do your grade. Or you think to do it soundly at night knowing web design project. Call us one of these days when you’re that your website is humat 864.556.9100. free, which we all know never ming along and generating happens. Why not think business for you 24 hours a

I Have A Website, Now What?!? Promote! Promote! Promote! The 1990s myth, “If you build a web site, they will come,” is still commonly believed by companies and organizations. The reality, however, is that people won’t come to your website unless you promote your website both online and offline.

A website is no good unless you tell people about it.

The only way to do that is to advertise it. It is always important to include your web address on anything and everything that involves your business. Many things that you can add your web The web is the first thing peo- address to are: ple go to find out about a business. Continued on page 2


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We are a company of skilled professionals. Our discipline of design and development is to bring you the best quality on each aspect of your project without charging you large overhead cost. We strive to serve clients so they feel appreciated and their project is given the same care they put into it. We understand your needs and we can deliver a great product and great service along the way. If you would like to receive the electronic version of this newsletter please visit and sign up.

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I Have A Website, Now What?!? Promote! Promote! Promote! Continued from Page 1 Business Cards, Store windows, Vehicle Decals, Brochures, Newsletters, Promotional Items: Pens, T-Shirts, Notepads. Promoting on these advertising mediums will help you get your business website out there for the world to see. This also helps in the advertising of your business, because everybody wants to receive more business. Directing people to your website will help people find out more about what you do. So the three things you need to remember after you get your website launched are: Promote! Promote! Promote!

Testimonials and Readers Questions That’s right we want to hear your questions and testimonials about how we are doing or any questions you might have about any of our services. We will answer and post them right here. Submit your questions and testimonials to q&

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Spring 2011 Newsletter  

Spring 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011 Newsletter  

Spring 2011 Newsletter