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Volume 1, Issue 3

Fall 2010

Free Mockup Program

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Get a preview of your new website before you buy

• Free Mockup Program • How are you promoting your business?

What’s a MOCKUP? A mockup is simply a one page, custom designed, sample layout that represents what your site could look like based on the answers you provide in the request form. Keep in mind that this is just a sample. It may be exactly what you have in mind…or it may not. We provide these mockups to give you an idea of the quality of our work.

Inside this issue: Free Mockup Program


How are you Promoting Your Business?


Reader’s Questions




Why should I hire a Web Designer


Why Offer Free Mockups? Knowing most companies do not offer mockups at all, not to mention FREE mockups, we are confident enough in our work and want you to feel just as comfortable with who you are working with. Our studies have shown that 90% of our customers who receive our FREE mockups do end up choosing Erin Calvin Web

Design as their design firm. It’s also important for you to keep in mind that we custom design ALL of the mockups ourselves, while other designers typically reuse templates.

and is not to be considered as the final product. The purpose is to show you our quality of work and how, based on just a few simple questions we ask, we can take your thoughts and ideas and translate that to the web. Since we do not use templates and every design is completely custom, we average about 48 to 72 hours to get the mockup back to you.

How Does the Process Work? When you call in, mention to our sales team that you're interested in a mockup. They will ask you a series of questions in regards to the type of site you're looking for; what To learn more about our color schemes you like, Mockup Program give us layout design ideas, etc. a call at 864.556.9100 Based on the information you provide, our design team will develop a 1st draft custom landing page of what your site could look like. This screenshot landing page will not display any moving parts like flash

How Are You Promoting your Business? Start by getting a website.

If you're not doing at least some part of your business over the Internet, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Today, the Internet is an integral part of our business world. But with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done. We can help! With our vast amount of experience in Web Site Development, we can guide you down the right path.

We can design a web site for your business or personal needs that's within your budget. This can be a simple "billboard" page or a more detailed, multi-linked web presence. Enhanced backgrounds, custom graphics and icons, pictures, forms, sound, video, and even ecommerce are all possible. Everything you need to get your information out to the

World. We can even help you get listed in some of the most widely used search engines on the Internet and keep you there.


208 Smithfield Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Phone: 864.556.9100 E-mail:

Erin Calvin Web Design Simple. Custom. Professional Websites

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We are a company of skilled professionals. Our discipline of design and development is to bring you the best quality on each aspect of your project without charging you large overhead cost. We strive to serve clients so they feel appreciated and their project is given the same care they put into it. We understand your needs and we can deliver a great product and great service along the way. If you would like to receive the electronic version of this newsletter please visit and sign up.

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Testimonials and Readers Questions THANK YOU!! We want to thank all of the clients that we have worked with over the last 2 years since the launch of Erin Calvin Web Design. You all have been wonderful! Please do not hesitate to contact us when you are in need of any updates. We are never more than a phone call or email away. That’s right we want to hear your questions and testimonials about how we are doing or any questions you might have about any of our services. We will answer and post them right here. Submit your questions and testimonials to q&

Why Should I Hire a Web Designer? With page builders or WYSIWYG software, just about anyone can build a Web site. So why would you want to hire a professional? Because a professional knows how to optimize graphics to reduce load time, understands the importance of clear navigation and clean fast-loading pages, and knows how to make a page that is search engine friendly. A pro can create a site that is cross browser compatible, meets current web standards, and doesn't look like a thousand other canned templates already out there.

Anyone can build a Web site. Not everyone should. You only have to spend 10 minutes or so surfing the internet to see what I mean. There are many examples of poor Web design out there. To get professional results, you need knowledge, talent, and experience. What kind of image do you want your site to present?


Get all the news about what’s happening at Erin Calvin Web Design Get a preview of your new website before you buy • Free Mockup Program • H...

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