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A publication of the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center

Fall Break T.R.I.P.S 2010 Turning Responsibility Into Powerful Service (T.R.I.P.S.) is a student-led program that encourages ECU students to engage in service while on fall or spring break. During fall break, the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center hosted multiple local service projects in which ten East Carolina University students participated. On Sunday, students assisted the ViQuest Center with their 10 year anniversary event. Students assisted with children’s activities, inflatables, and miscellaneous needs associated with the event. On Monday, a small group of students volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They unloaded delivery trucks, assisted customers, cleaned, and moved donations. On the final day, a large group of students volunteered at the American Cancer Society McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge. Students assisted with grounds maintenance and cleaning. Overall, the group of students contributed to over 60 hours to service to the three organizations. If you are interested in participating in T.R.I.P.S. this spring, contact the VSLC for more information.

Holiday Service The countdown has begun! After the craziness of exams and the end of the semester, the holidays can sometimes induce a lull in students. However, the holidays are a great time to volunteer! You have the opportunity to work in your communities without the added stress of schoolwork. No matter where you go, volunteers are always needed! The holidays can be an incredibly hard time of year for the less fortunate. You can add cheer to the season! Some ideas include volunteering at your local assisted living facility, nursing home, food bank, community shelter, or other organization. Many organizations experience their greatest need during the holidays! For more ideas on how to get involved, visit or These websites are great resources to help you find service opportunities wherever you are. Remember, there is need no matter what time of year it is. So this holiday season, spend your break doing something good for others.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Adam Denney and Michael Kratzer

The Little Willie Center The Fairytale Boutique

Calendar of VSLC Upcoming Events

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East Carolina University

Volunteer Spotlight

Michael Kratzer and Adam Denney

Mohandas Gandhi once said, “that service is the noblest which is rendered for its own sake.” This quote epitomizes the work of two students at East Carolina University: Michael Kratzer and Adam Denney. These two students volunteer a great deal of their time to help others, taking full advantage of their talents in their quest to help others. As two of four service learning associates, Kratzer and Denney help ECU students make the connection between what they learn in class and what they can do in the real world. Mike Kratzer is a service learning associate, a coordinator for the ECU READS program and a member of the student advisory board for the College of Human Ecology. After two years of primarily online classes at a community college, Kratzer realized he really wanted to be involved on a college campus. In the fall semester of 2009, he took a service learning class with Dr. Ballard here at ECU. It was then that he learned about what service learning can really be. He applied for, and was accepted as a service learning associate. Since then, Kratzer has been working with professors and their classes to make their service learning experience the best it can be. He says being a service learning associate (SLA) has “opened my eyes to poverty. I wanted to try and do something…” Adam Denney learned about the service learning associate program from Mike. After growing up together in New Jersey, they met up again on ECU’s campus. Mike says he knew Adam would be great in this position. “He cares,” Kratzer said of his friend. A senior special education major, Denney is in his first year as an SLA. He was excited about the chance to help others make the connections between college and life. Denney had never been in a service learning class before, but now understands the deep impact it can have. As an SLA, he has had the opportunity to get in front of large classes to lead reflections and discussions. His desire to encourage students to give back to the community drives him in his work. His advice to students? “If you are looking for something more, give yourself the chance to get involved. It is more than just experience” Kratzer and Denney show the friendships that can be built, or renewed, in service. You can often see these two walking the halls of the VSLC together, laughing on their way to a meeting. Their dedication brings home Kratzer’s words, “if people would put as much concern into what they are doing in their community as what they are driving, we would all be better off.” For more information about how to become a service learning associate, contact Jessica Gagne- Cloutier in the Volunteer and Service Learning office at

A single act does make a creates a ripple effect that can be felt many miles, and people, away. -Lee J. Colan

Community Partner Profile East Carolina University

The Little Willie Center

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Some people see a problem and say to themselves, “Wow, that needs to be different.” Others see a problem and say “let’s change it.” The Arrington’s are some of those people. The Little Willie Center is their answer to a problem they saw, and they didn’t wait, they did what they could to solve it. In 1985, Marvin and Renee Arrington moved back to Greenville to start a restaurant. After opening, “The Raven,” they began to see the deep problems that plagued the West Greenville community into which they had moved.

They soon began to notice children playing alone in the unsafe streets. One of these children was a boy whose nickname was “Little Wille.” This short, street smart child made an impression on the Arringtons. He was invited to come eat and play in the restaurant after school. Soon, he began to bring his friends along, and the Little Willie Center was born. Officially begun in 1990, the Little Willie Center was organized to meet the needs of children coming home after school to an empty house. The Little Willie Center offers assistance with homework and provides food to these “latchkey” children. The center is located in West Greenville, and offers parents peace of mind while they are at work. Services are offered for free to the children enrolled in the program.

Children are bused to the center after school ends and are fed a full meal. Then, tutoring begins. All students receive help with their homework and other studies. The volunteers at the Little Willie Center teach the children about manners and other social skills that are often not taught in the school system. Respect is a big deal at the center. The children say please and thank you, and wait patiently in line behind others. Parents give back by volunteering at least two hours a week, and attending parenting and education classes. The volunteers at the center know every person who walks through the front door by name. Their work has made a difference in the lives of countless children and adults in Pitt County.

The Fairytale Boutique Every year high school students across the country don elegant dresses, tuxedos, high heels, and corsages to head to their prom. What is a tradition for many is not attainable for all. Some of these students are unable to attend prom because they cannot afford a dress. Students at East Carolina University are trying to change that. In 2008, The Fairytale Boutique was conceptualized as a way to reach out to students who would not be able to attend their proms due to financial concerns. New and gently used gowns, as well as other accessories are donated to the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center, then distributed at no cost to young women in need. The Fairytale Boutique is currently accepting donations for this year. Dresses, shoes and jewelry from 2007- present are accepted in all sizes. All donations are tax deductable. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Jessica Gagne-Cloutier at, or drop your items off at the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center. Remember, you can make someone’s dreams come true.

VSLC student staff members model dresses and accessories from the Fairytale Boutique.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

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Wednesday, December 8 Pirate Treasure-Willis Building 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Volunteers will assist with supporting off -Campus Student Services with an exciting donations program, receiving and organizing donations. Please contact Michael Loeffelman at 252-328-2735 or Sunday, December 12 Holiday Parade- Downtown Greenville- 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Volunteers will assist with performing and walking HSEC dogs in the Hoilday Parade. Please contact Katie Benson at 252-413-7247 or Monday, December 13-Friday December 24 Humane Society Gift Wrapping 11 a.m -8:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday 1 p.m.- 6 p.m. Sunday Belk - Victoria Secret area in Mall Organization: Description: Volunteers will be gift wrapping. Previous experience gift wrapping, but will train. Please contact Katie Benson at 252-413-7247 or Wednesday, December 15 Gift Wrapping - Battle for Leukemia Barnes and Nobles Book Sellers 2 p.m.- 5 p.m. Volunteers will be gift wrapping. Please arrive 15 minutes before shift. Contact La’Ronnieca Maye at 252-258-1964 or lsmaye06@ Saturday, December 18 Special Olympics Team Basketball-Elm Street Gym 9 a.m.-10 a.m. Volunteers will be assisting the head coaches with practice. Please contact Deirtra E. Crandol or Scott Lineberger at Greenville Recreation and parks. 252-329-4541 or 252-329-4270 or or Monday, December 27 Festival of Trees - Take Down of Trees The Greenville Convention Center 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Volunteers will be taking down trees and decorations packing trees in boxes, loading trees into U-Haul, vacuuming and cleaning floors afterwards. Please contact Chintal Jones at 252-328-9332 or fsnenc@ For more volunteer opportunities, visit the Volunteer and ServiceLearning webpage at

Student volunteers with the Campus Kitchen at ECU serve meals to children at the Little Willie Center.

Blood Donation Fact

Platelets, the clotting factor in whole blood, have a storage life of only 5 days. Platelets are used primarily to treat leukemia and other types of cancer. Source: American Red Cross

Winter Edition 2010

Judy Baker, Institutional and Community Development Consultant Jessica Gagne Cloutier, Service-Learning Coordinator Michael Loeffelman, Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer and Service-Learning Center Shawn Moore, Community Partner Coordinator Old Cafeteria Complex 252-328-2735 (phone) 252-328-0139 (fax) Alice Tyson, Office Manager Katie Winn, AmeriCorps*Vista Member

A Pirate's Guide To Service Winter 2010  

Calendar of VSLC Upcoming Events The countdown has begun! After the craziness of exams and the end of the semester, the holidays can sometim...

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