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PREPARATION OF MONGOLIA’S AIDS COUNTRY PROGRESS REPORT The preparation of Mongolia’s 2012 country progress report has been led by the National Committee on HIV and AIDS. The development of the report involved the key stakeholders including government institutions, civil society organizations, multilateral and bilateral partners. Preparation process: A roadmap was created in December 2011 identifying the overall activities, timeline and consultants required to be recruited. A technical working group was established to provide support to the consultants. Members of this group has provided technical support during the process and identified data sources for key indicators. Data collection process: As stated in the roadmap, data collection and desk review of documents developed and/or released in 2010 and 2011 were completed between the 1st and the 11th of January 2012. During this period the main data sources were pre-identified. On the 11th of January 2012 the technical working group meeting agreed on indicators and data sources to be included in this report. Selection of data sources were based on survey coverage and potential bias of the particular survey. For example there were two surveys available reporting on HIV related knowledge, practice and behavior: Multiple cluster indicator survey (MCIS) 2010 and the Knowledge, Attitude, Practice survey among youth. Based on the survey methodology, sample size, representativeness of survey finding, the MCIS survey results were used to report this particular indicator. Part A and B of the National Composite Policy Index (NCPI) were administered to thirty respondents representing government, non government, private institutes, multilateral and bilateral agencies and people living with HIV and AIDS between the 16th and 31st of January 2012. Information gathered for indicators was analyzed and then triangulated in February. The final indicator data values and key messages were presented in the consensus workshop held on 22th March 2012 for feedback. National AIDS Spending Assessment: The NASA was conducted for the second time in Mongolia. A separate working group was established to ensure effective implementation of the NASA process and to further establish mechanism for efficient use of limited resources. NASA team distributed three sets of questionnaires to government entities, development partners, and national and international NGOs. Results were tabulated, analyzed, and key messages corroborated in the National consultation meeting.