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An article “People living with HIV and AIDS shall inform their partner, husband or wife immediately about their HIV status” was removed from the revised law. Changes made to conflicting articles and laws. For example, on the 5th May 2011, article 48.1.2 of the law on health was removed as it stated that citizens have responsibilities to be involved in prophylactics and diagnosis. This article conflicted with an article in the HIV and AIDS law stating that HIV testing should be on a voluntary basis. -

The Asian Development Bank, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the Association of Employers have supported the implementation of workplace projects about HIV/AIDS, human rights and social support. Trainings and seminars were conducted among media workers. According to non-government responses to the NCPI part B, the aforementioned progress is reflected in the increased rating of human right policies since 2003.

As per the implementation of those policies and laws, progress has been made in the recording, reporting and sharing information of stigmatized cases of high risk population by the civil society in the last two years. However, the scores for enforcement of human right polices has progresses very slowly and rates very low at 3 out of 10. No progress has been made in the reporting period to establish mechanism to monitor and enforce human right policies and appoint a specific organization, department or team that is dedicated to working on HIV-related human right issues. PLHIV communities reported that NCCD’s health service providers’ attitude has been improved. But PLHIV still face stigma and discrimination when receiving health services from the professional clinics or in rural areas.