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OVERVIEW OF THE HIV EPIDEMIC HIV epidemic among general population The prevalence of HIV among the general population is lower than 0.1% with an estimated 674 cases1 based on projected figures (2011). By the end of 2011, a total of 100 cumulative cases have been officially reported and the number of reported cases is 1.6 times higher compared to the previous reporting period (2009).

Of the total detected cases 80% of them were male; of these male cases, 82.5% of them reported themselves as men who have sex with men (MSM). Half of all female cases were reported among female sex workers (FSW). There is no reported case of HIV transmission relating to blood transfusions or from mother to child. 47 percent of all reported cases were identified via active surveillance, 27 percent via voluntary counseling and testing, 16 percent via prevention measures, and remaining 10 percent were identified within the hospital setting, for example those who were tested for HIV for diagnosis purposes. Out of total reported cases, there were 13 cases of HIV and TB co-infection (13%) and 9 of them had received treatment for TB. Currently three patients with HIV and TB co-infection are receiving treatment for TB. With regards to geographical spread, 91% of reported cases have been identified in Ulaanbaatar city and the remaining 9% in rural areas. At the end of 2011, 82% of all living reported cases


National estimation, Spectrum/EPP4.41, 2011