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Real talk Jamie Copeland • 910.389.4204 W.O.W. (Women of wisdom) Dianna Osborne-Hall 910.545.6473 Experiencing God (Henry Blackabee) Michele Stanek Teen moms Sandra Jenkins & Karen Tates Unsaved spouses Pat Ladson Entrepreneurial leadership Cindy Edwards Moms in prayer (for children & schools) Marilyn Ledoux & Ronda Williams • 910.937.0237 Moms of teens Heidi Turner 910.934.1465 Silver spirited senior intercessors Pat Gallagher & Derita Knox Spanish prayer Karla Ampier • 910.467.9899 Marriage, second time around Suellen Greer • 910.478.7541 (text please)

Pinterest Sara Michael • 612.940.9648 Your body is a temple Lee Golden

No meetings in July

No meetings in July Monday, July 2 @ 9:30a-11:30a 806 Clyde Dr., Jacksonville

This group will walk through Henry Blackabee’s “Experiencing God” Bible study.

No meetings in July

Monthly meeting for teen moms to engage in real talk all centered on Christ.

No meetings in July

Monthly meeting for women of unsaved spouses and the challenges they face as Christians.

Friday, July 27 @ 12 noon Duck’s Restaurant, Jacksonville

Cindy is a business owner with a gift for entrepreneurship. She will be discussing ways to be more successful in business.

No meetings in July Tuesday, July 17 @ 6p Moka Joe’s Cafe, Jacksonville Tuesday, July 31 @ 10a River of Life Church Every Friday @ 10a July 6, 13, 20 & 27 Location varies No meetings in July

No meetings in July Individual workouts will be scheduled this month. Contact Lee for details.

Healing Cathy Williams •

This group will be a safe haven for women to discuss real life issues that they face on a daily basis. This group will explore how you can become a wise woman of God as you walk through this Christian life.

No meetings in July

This group will be praying for children in school. Monthly meeting for moms of teens who can discuss and pray together about the challenges and triumphs of raising teens. Provides a strong network of prayer for ROLC families, will be taking prayer requests by phone and email and interceeding. Provides a time for Spanish-speaking women to pray together and discuss issues with each other. Provides a twice monthly discussion about marriage for the second time, and how to face marital challenges God’s way. DIY crafts, jewelry making, scrapbooks - if you’ve seen it on Pinterest and have always wanted to try it, this group’s for you.

This group will focus on valuing your physical health, and ways to be and stay healthy. God still has the power to heal! This group will be praying & discussing miracles & healing.

class discipleship fellowship



connectHER allure women • groups

River of Life Church • 1940 Gum Branch Rd. • Jacksonville, NC 28540 • 910.346.1114

THE GROUPS Managing your household Crystal Lange

No meetings in July

Learn how to manage your time God’s way so at the end of the day, your house is in order, and your home is blessed.

Homeschooling moms Racheal Singell 910.554.0980 •

No meetings in July

Social time, Biblical principles and time of bonding between homeschooling moms. Lunch will be served.

No meetings in July

This group will be like a traditional life group, where members can fellowship and interact on a monthly basis.

Recreational - Sundays, July 1, 15 & 29 @ 6p Advanced - no meetings in July McDonald’s on the corner of Hwy 17 & Onslow Rd.

Group for both experienced and beginner bikers. Spend time socializing, exercising and learning Biblical principles.

Life group Sumella Rambert 910.430.4053l Biking Kathy Kane Dreams & visions Kelly Myers • 910.358.7040 Life as a worshipper Topeka Benton Free from worry Babee Thompson & Dana Russell • Inner healing Betty Boney, Louise Young & Rena Provost 910.455.4971 • You are not what you weigh (Lisa Bevere) Cassandra Delong • 910.526.1242 Living beyond yourself (Beth Moore) Dottie Brawley & Naomi Wing Single moms Eva Evans & Deborah Love Adventures in widowland Dottie Brawley Alive Connection Katherine Mims & Savannah Phillips 910.333.7520 (Savannah) • 912.326.4437 (Katie) Pulse Gabrielle Landi, Marie Merced & Hannah Wunder 910.554.6901 • 910.265.7392 • 910.467.2004 Mothers of tots Leslie Carroll 678.234.0577 • Facebook: Leslie McGovern Carroll Embracing your place Veronica Madrid • 910.381.7439

No meetings in July

Monthly discussion geared toward realizing the power of prophetic dreams and visions.

No meetings in July

Monthly discussion geared toward learning how to live your life everyday in worship.

No meetings in July

Living an anxiety-free life will be the focus of this group.

No meetings in July

Focusing and praying through topics like basic trust, inner vows, performance orientation, bitter roots & expressing emotions.

No meetings in July

Monthly Bible study, going through Lisa Bevere’s “You Are Not What You Weigh” study.

Thursdays, July 12 & 26 @ 10a 104 Biscayne Ct., Jacksonville

Twice monthly Bible study, going through Beth Moore’s “Living Beyond Yourself” study.

No meetings in July

Single moms meet monthly to discuss issues and hang out together.

Sunday, July 22 @ 2p 104 Biscayne Ct., Jacksonville

Learning to laugh again through monthly adventures for widows.

No meetings in July

Group for teen (Flood) girls in 8th and 9th grades.

No meetings in July

Group for teen girls (Flood) in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

No meetings in July

Mothers of babies and toddlers meet monthly to discuss the challenges of raising little ones.

No meetings in July

Learning to embrace the place you’re in can be difficult. Find out how in this ConnectHER group.

No meetings in July

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential in having a blessed life. This group will tackle living healthily.

No meetings in July

Hospitality toward others is a gift from God. Learn how to be more hospitable to others in this group.

No meetings in July

Staying connected after 20 years can be a challenge. This group will explore those challenges in a Biblical way.

Band of daughters Octavia Thomas

No meetings in July

This group will target mothers and daughters desiring to strengthen their relationship.

Women’s wellness (Esther study) Debra Winters • 910.526.1783

No meetings in July

This group will target women’s wellness in every area: physical, spiritual, emotional & relational.

Saturdays, July 14 & 28 @ 6p 300 Caldwell Loop Drive, Jacksonville

This group is geared toward Engage-age women (18-30ish) exploring how to have Godly relationships with other women.

Healthy lifestyle Lula Washington 910.455.5556 Hospitality Barbara Dozier • 910.382.2436 Married for over 20 years, but not connected Linda Jones • 910.937.6490 • 404.368.6521 (text please)

Engage group - Godly relationships Amy Stewart, Jamie Sample & Holly Humphrey 910.330.0817 • 910.750.6917 • 910.526.9345 Cupcakes Tiffany Beasley 865.518.1011 • Overcoming sexual addiction & abuse Sandra Adams Running Dawn Romero & Sheila Johnson Heart to heart Tina Bryant • 910.548.1542

No meetings in July

This group will try their hand at creative baking. Members will learn how to mix & match cupcake flavors.

No meetings in July

Confidential and Biblical conversation about sexual addiction & abuse. A hotline for members is also available.

Thursday, July 19 @ 6p Jacksonville Commons Fountain

Twice monthly meeting where group members will receive an individualized exercise plan to run, walk, etc.

Fridays, July 6 & 20 @ 7p 815 Gadwell Loop, Jacksonville

Twice monthly meeting where the group discusses “real life” issues.

July ConnectHER brochure  

List of ConnectHER events for women sponsored by River of Life Church. These groups are hosted by the Allure Women's Ministry at the church...