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Systems Engineer SCHOOL ADRESS 478 1st St. Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 555-6000

PERMANENT ADDRESS 30 S. NC 291 Hope Mills, NC 27882 (495) 294-4895

Objective To obtain position as a project manager where my skills in math, engineering, and leadership can be applied to Systems Engineering. Summary I am currently completing my Bachelor degree in Systems Engineering. My education so far has helped me to become capable of managing projects in the production industry. I have acquired many needed skills in the systems engineering field; including project analyzation, thorough project design, optimization, and problem resolution. I have a strong understanding of engineering basics in the fields of electrical, graphics, thermal fluid science, dynamics, and mechanics. I have superb math skills ranging from statistics to calculus III. Education Bachelor of Science, Engineering Concentration- Systems Engineering East Carolina University, Greenville, NC Computer Skills Microsoft Office MathCad LabView Microsoft Publisher VxWorks software C++

Expected May, 2009

Matlab CORE ArcSoft Arena Microsoft Visual Basic Win CE

Sample of Projects Completed • MatLab/LabView- Design and linearize an operational amplifier-based bridge circuit using a resistive network that contained a thermister. Then the circuit design was tested and characterized with actual temperatures. A temperature gauge was designed using LabView. • CORE- In this assignment we were given a product to analyze. The product had to be fully disassembled and the function of every piece was established. Then using the CORE software, the Physical and Functional aspects were broken down completely and the two were intertwined so that every physical aspect had a function as well as every function was linked to a physical aspect. • Evacuation- In one assignment groups were given the task of evacuating the city of San Diego in the case that a situation similar to the one in New Orleans was to arise. We had to establish evacuation routes, transportation, medical aid, and shelter for 400,000 people. This gave me amazing experience in working with groups on a large project with many different aspects to analyze. • Capstone- Redesigning a compressor for Waukesha Electrical. This involved thermodynamic analyzation and optimization. Work Experience Smart Move LLC Furniture mover Rock Springs Jockey Club Server/kitchen staff Extra Curricular Activities Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity House manager Scholarship chair Recruitment chair

June 2004-present October 2007-present

Fall 2005- present Fall 2006 Spring 2007 Fall 2007


SCHOOL ADRESS PERMANENT ADDRESS 478 1st St. 30 S. NC 291 Greenville, NC 27858 Hope Mills, NC 27882 (252) 555-6000 (495)...