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Developing a Portfolio for Your Job Search

Your Success Is Our Business

What is a Portfolio? 

Marketing tool that provides evidence of your accomplishments, skills and abilities

A Portfolio serves as an organized collection of material that presents your personal and professional skills in a concrete way. Format Options:  Hard Copy  Disk  CD-ROM  Web

Documents the scope and quality of your experience and training

An Effective Portfolio Can: 

Demonstrate your work, provide samples, back up claim to be a producer

Demonstrate learning, collect assessment and reflection information

Provide a competitive edge

Purpose of a Portfolio    

 

Identifies skill or experience gaps Review achievements and enhance career self-efficacy Provides a framework for career development Helps you focus on your accomplishments Can enhance self-knowledge and reflection Tracks and documents career progress and readiness

For Job Search Purposes Pre-interview:  

Networking Application materials

Interview: 

Present and highlight qualifications and experience

Post-interview: 

Send on a CD as a follow-up

Developing Your Portfolio Start a “Me” file and collect copies of your work, including:

  

    

Resumes Job Descriptions Appraisals Transcripts Course Descriptions Projects Honors Certificates Reference Letters

Evaluate Items in Accordance With Your Career and Educational Goals ď Ž

Demonstrate that you have the required qualifications.

ď Ž

Identify gaps in education and skills; establish an action plan of response.

Make Sure Your Assembled Portfolio Achieves the Following: 

 

Enhances your credibility Projects your capabilities Enables feedback Identifies you as an Individual

Develop Your Presentation and Practice How You Plan to Deliver It ď Ž

Check for interest during presentation and seek opportunities to use your portfolio

Hard Copy Components 

Table of contents

Career summary and goals


Official transcripts

Awards and honors

Samples of work selected to demonstrate required qualifications

Letters of recommendation & references

Conferences and workshops

Additional Possible Portfolio Items 

Writing samples

Letters from clients, customers, faculty



Audio or Video clips

News clippings


Assembly of Your Hard Copy Portfolio  

  

  

Pick a binder style based on the largest item to be included If you use a black 3 ring binder, pick one with a insert-able cover and spine Make a cover and spine label Get divider tabs for organization Use clear plastic sleeves for documents Don’t permanently mount originals Use acid free/lignin free papers Provide color copies of your originals

Electronic Format Components    

 

Profile Resume Capabilities/Skills Transcripts Project Samples References

Electronic Portfolios 

Use Optimal Resume to create your own Online Portfolio! Upload professional documents into an attractive portfolio that can be viewed as part of the professional website you create with the Website Builder  File Cabinet vs. Slide Show 

Advantages to Electronic Portfolios Clusters related areas and ideas. Searchable/scan-able. Facilitates Multi-media presentations. Easy access from any computer. Can provide more information in multiple languages. Demonstrates computer literacy.

Easily accessible by multiple viewers. Easily stored.

Advantages to Hard Copy  Better for interviews.  Does not require computer skills to produce.  More personalized.

 More conducive for face-to-face presentation.  Not everyone can access computers.  Changes are usually easier

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Portfolios (Fall 2008)  
Portfolios (Fall 2008)  

Your Success is Our Business. 701 East 5 th Street (corner of 5 th & Jarvis) Greenville, NC 27858 252-328-6050 Develo...