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Engaging, Motivating and Rewarding, PHX’s “U” – Premier Loyalty Program” A new initiative announced at the PHX Forum which created high interest amongst the attendees was the introduction of the brand new customer loyalty program, the U… Premier Loyalty Program. Differentiating our value through a customer loyalty program will create excitement and enhance our relationships with our clients. And that’s exactly what we want to do with the U program; we want to create something that will delight our customers, reward loyal customers and most importantly show customers our gratitude. Since we wanted to make sure we created a truly comprehensive program, we decided to select a vendor with proficiencies in this industry. After careful evaluation, PHX selected a subject matter expert in this industry to aid us in developing this program named Badgeville. Badgeville has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to create behavioral tracking CLP’s, such as ours, but with one major difference. Customer loyalty programs are commonplace for consumer based businesses, but have not extended over to the B2B world. Except for now… PHX is in the process of creating the first B2B customer loyalty program which utilizes gaming elements, and not just in the healthcare industry, but across all sectors. This is truly groundbreaking and PHX is excited to be on the forefront of innovation.

The foundation of the loyalty program is based on modern technology and well founded behavioral tracking models. It’s based on the concept of gamification. Gamification is the method of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. For example, if you participate in airline or hotel rewards programs, this is an example of gamification; you accumulate points, put into a certain level and then ultimately get rewarded. This is how the U program will function. Our clients will be able to accumulate points by performing pre-determined activities. Also, by fulfilling set criteria, clients can be placed in status levels, which will enable them to earn points and redeem rewards through an online fulfillment center. The new U…Premier Loyalty Program utilizes innovative technology coupled with the theory of behavioral motivation to engage, excite and reward our customers. Release of this program will be in the second quarter of 2012 in conjunction with the new website. Get ready to get your game on!

PHX has a new Look! And a new message…. One of the highlights at the 2012 PHX forum was the unveiling of the brand new PHX. This anticipated reveal had clients buzzing about PHX’s commitment to innovation which was quite evident during the presentation at the forum.

the Power of 3: Integrity, Advantage, and Intelligence.

It was stressed that since PHX’s inception, a choice was made that PHX would be a customer driven organization, but over the last year, we started to ask ourselves, what does that really mean? To answer that question, we had to revisit our corporate culture and fine tune who we were and where we were headed.

• Advantage is our ability to provide innovative solutions that combines cutting edge technology with high impact partnerships and outstanding customer service.

At the end of that process, we concluded that our DNA is deeply rooted around providing customer satisfaction and building relationships into the future. It is at the core of what we believe in and it is the reason our customers believe in us. In order to evolve as a company and yet still sustain our commitment with our existing customers, we thought it was imperative to rebrand, redesign and repackage PHX. Thus, a new PHX was born…. This new look is reflected in a number of different ways, the website, the logo, and most importantly the message. Our message is communicated by the concept of

These three fundamental pillars are the essence to how we form that unique connection with our clients, support their growth, and ultimately invest in their success. • Integrity is our ability to consistently and reliably deliver value to our clients through our core services.

• Intelligence is our ability to be able to collaborate and strategize the most favorable solutions to healthcare cost management issues that are facing our clients. The new PHX is a reaffirmation of our partnership in healthcare cost management and our commitment to deliver the knowledge, tools, systems and results that add value to our customers’ businesses. However, even with these substantial changes, our pledge still rings true as stated by PHX CEO, Todd Roberti, at the end of his Forum presentation, “I promise we are the same company, dedicated to producing real value and no false promises. Results, performance, and expertise you can trust: that is our commitment to our clients.”

Employee Spotlight Michelle Marmolejos Client Service Associate

Our latest spotlight of a noteworthy member of our PHX family is on Michelle Marmolejos. Michelle joined the company in June 2009 and has been a valuable edition ever since. Michelle’s responsibilities as a Client Service Associate include being a direct liaison for clients regarding daily claim operations, as well as providing internal support to various departments within PHX . Recently, the Xchange had the opportunity to talk with Michelle at our corporate headquarters here in Bedminster, New Jersey. Xchange: Michelle – what is the best part of your job as a Client Service Associate at PHX? Michelle: I believe the best part of my job is building long lasting relationships with my clients and co-workers. Being able to assist both in daily operations. Xchange: Can you tell me about your most rewarding or satisfying experience since you joined the company? Michelle: The most satisfying experience I’ve had is when I ensured high dollar savings on a claim for a client and followed through with the provider to make sure it was paid on time. This prompted the client to take the time out and email our COO, Lori Sempervive, thanking me for my efforts. I was pleased that we maximized savings for that client. Xchange: What is Client Services role in the overall mission of PHX ? Michelle: Client Services plays a huge role in our mission statement. Since we are the primary liaison for the day to day operations of our clients, it is imperative that we give them a sense of security and let them know “we have their back.” Xchange: Well, since you mentioned “having their back”…What does that mean to you… what does good customer service mean? Michelle: Good customer service means understanding my clients’ questions, requests, or concerns and making sure they are addressed accordingly and in a timely manner. I also think being personable plays a huge role in client services, being able to relate and having a sense of compassion for their needs. Xchange: You’re right, being personable does go a long way when interacting with clients…how about internal customer service? Since that’s such an important component of Client Services, how do you provide internal customer service?

Michelle: Many of our clients have stipulations as to how claims should be handled for them; therefore we need to communicate with other departments within PHX. I make sure that I familiarize myself with these stipulations in order to assist other departments when questions arise and make sure all lines of communication are open until the claim is settled. Xchange: Is team work important in Client Services? Why? Michelle: Team work is super important in Client Services. We have to be able to back up each other if someone is out or if another rep needs to delegate work to another team member in order to ensure quick turnaround time. Also, we have a great relationship amongst all the team members within the department and this shows through to our clients. Xchange: Let’s switch onto a different direction now…. PHX is going through a major transformation, what do you think of the new logo and branding? Michelle: I think the logo is a sharp new look for PHX, refreshing and simple. It shows our clients we are working hard for them and we are constantly creating ways to keep PHX technical and savvy for our clients. Revamping our website is a great example of this. Xchange: What’s something most people would not know about you? Michelle: Ummm..well that I’m very family oriented. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and doing things like cooking together. Xchange: Any specialty dish? Michelle: We have a Dominican dish called Arroz’s Valenciana which is yellow rice with chicken and melted cheese. Xchange: That sounds delicious…you need to bring that in for our next PHX luncheon! Michelle: I would love to. Xchange: Michelle-now for the last question… If you could meet one person, who would that be and why? Michelle: Oprah, I think her life story is inspirational and motivating to many women including myself. She is an example of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

Our promise is to consistently deliver value and support growth.


eCubed - Spring 2012  

Published by Premier Healthcare Exchange

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