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August News 08

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The Heart and Soul of What We Do Last night we were sitting around with some friends just kicking back after all the children were in bed. About 10pm the doorbell rang and through the intercom, we heard that the police were outside our door. Both Ron and I went running, because a visit from the police usually means a new child has arrived. It was almost funny to see the officer standing there with a little newborn in his arms. In fact, I wouldn’t tell the macho cop, but he was actually glowing with delight at presenting me with a new baby boy. I’m sure my eager grin stretched from one ear to Baby NN (No name) the other as I welcomed the new little one into our home. And inside the excitement was almost tangible. Everyone was trying to get a chance to hold the tiny creature, smothering him with kisses, and reluctantly passing him on to the next in line. After the celebration died down and we all headed off to bed, I got to thinking about how what brings such joy to us, is really a terrible tragedy.

Jennifer with “Mom”

The baby had been dumped in a public bathroom, rejected by his own mommy and daddy. He was an unwanted creature, an annoyance and a discomfort to someone who in the peak of their selfishness chose to abandon the beloved darling to his fate.

A few weeks ago the police brought us two little boys, 3 and 6 years old who had been beaten till they were black and blue and abandoned at the bus terminal. No one has ever shown up to reclaim them. The little one doesn’t talk, but the older one knows his mom and his grandma. He’s too young to explain to anyone where they are, or where he comes from. The sadness and rejection these kids pass through is terrible. They are beautiful children and I can’t imagine why anyone could bring themselves to throw them away.

Zoe and Carolina

What we do here at the Ark is the best kind of search and rescue. We get the joy that parents should be experiencing. We receive the children that are meant to be great blessings and joys to their parents. We bring the children in, bathe them, cut their toenails, put new clothes on them, clean the lice out of their hair and treat their wounds. We hold them, kiss them, talk to them, sing to them, hold their hands and give them toys to play with. We teach them about Jesus, pray with them and for them. They go to school, some of them for the first time, they receive medical attention, get their teeth taken care of and see specialists for any serious problems.

Fabian and his big brother Javier were beat up and abandoned. Fabian has braids that you can’t see in this picture. Some people here believe that little boys shouldn’t cut their hair until they’re 5 years old. Javier is six so his hair is now short.

We can’t do everything, but we do our best. Sometimes hidden wounds continue to cause the children anguish in spite of the love that we pour out on them. Occasionally we are criticized for not being able to cure every trauma that has occurred in their short lives. Nevertheless, we do all that we are capable of doing. If God is pleased, we are content. What we do is important. Last week our son Jesse and his wife Maria came to visit us. They are spending their lives ministering to people who are in need, Jesse with the Salvation Army, and Maria with the Gospel Mission. I’m grateful every time I hear of someone who is offering themselves for the sake of others who are suffering. It’s so easy to fall into caring only for us and our own.

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Chavah and Maricela celebrated their 15th birthdays this month, a big formal celebration here in Ecuador. Everyone had a great time.

The Truth about People It wasn’t long after I was newly born into the kingdom of God that I began to feel like I was part of an elite club. I don’t think anyone really taught me that, but I just got the impression that because God had mercy on me, I was no longer one of “them.” It was in our first year of being Christians that a pastor told Ron he was impressed with his spiritual growth because he didn’t dress with the same dorky hat anymore. We just laughed at this ridiculous statement, but the truth is we can be just that superficial to believe that adherence to outward trappings really makes a whole lot of difference. Immediately following our conversion to Christ, Ron and I quit smoking dope, drinking, swearing and dressing loosely. To those on the outside the change was remarkable. Yet on the inside lay all the hidden problems still to be resolved. It’s true that our lives took a dramatic turn, but the real difference was the clean heart, the incredible mercy of God and his love. What still remained were our more serious issues, and lots of them. A number of years ago, we hired pastors and their wives to help us raise the children here at the Ark. Some of them stole the children’s Bibles and toys, beat the kids heartlessly, took other jobs while the kids were left to struggle on their own, and cheated on the finances, among other problems. Still they gloried in their sacrificial position of “ministering to the orphans.” If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve despised Christianity. I still love fairy tale endings, happy stories, warmth, love and affection. I’d like the whole world to be that way. But it’s not. And the church is not either. When we come to God we bring “stuff” with us. We are finicky and selfish, angry, bitter, proud, self-pitying, and much more. Our initial repentance must be something that we live in forever. Paul the apostle says, “I die daily.” All that said, we would love to tell you that everything about The Ark is perfect. Actually much of the time it feels like it, because there is a lot of love and harmony here thanks to the Spirit of God. But we are living in a house overflowing with people and each of us has their underlying concerns to deal with. All of the children have passed through serious rejection and pain and many are still recovering. The staff come in with their problems and we have our own as well. Our family is here to be salt to the earth. So here we are reaching out to Jesus and passing him on to all who are in our path. HELP THE CHILDREN THROUGH SPONSORSHIP. VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT AND SIGN UP.

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Recently someone told me that I should be careful about the kids here. Our friend thinks I’m naïve because I love the kids and believe they’re all great. He told me, “That kid (specifiying one boy in particular) is a powder keg. The minute he’s gone from the discipline of your home, you don’t know what he might become.” I had to answer him this way. “I’m also a powder keg and so is Ron. Any one of us has the potential to suddenly go off.” God gives us strength and grace to be like him, but we choose our path. “Do you like Green Eggs and Ham!! I We can go wrong if we want to. do not like them, Sam I Am.” I told one really bad boy that even though he has Truth be told, it was broccoli soup lots of things to deal with inside, he should just and they did like it. But when Samuel behave for now and trust God to do the healing. and Mishel were full , it became a Bit by bit he will come out of his troubles. I could substance to enjoy in other ways….like playdough. take the same counsel for myself. We must simply do what’s right and let God do the surgery if there are emotional cancers that lie below the surface.

Persecution It was hard to see our twins go off to “colegio” (middle and high school) this year, away from the protection of our own school. At eleven years old, it just seems too young to me that they have to go off and face the lions. Sure enough, Graciela and a few of the boys ended up with a teacher who hates Christians. Every contact she gets with our kids she insults them and talks against the stupid evangelicals, how they are empty headed and worse sinners than the rest of the world. Graciela, who has always had perfect marks in school, got a zero the other day, and Cristian was stood up at the front of the class to embarrass him, while the teacher told the class that the stupid Christians are worse than a stick, they just stand there and have no brains. Cristian is also a good student. We were going to report her to the officials, but Freddy informed us that the teacher would just fail the kids and give “reasonable” justification to the board, making them think the kids are the problem. So what we have to do is encourage the kids every time before they have social studies and every time after. We told them that if they can just endure the pain and maintain good character, the teacher will eventually get bored and forget. I hope that’s true. The kids seem so young to have to face such persecution. I’d like to see the lady face me with the same insults. RIOBAMBA SHIELD

The truth is some of the local pastors here were the first generation of Christians in Riobamba, back when persecution used to be the norm. We should be thankful that things have changed. Riobamba created its crest to highlight the head of a bearded man with two swords stuck into it,. The Riobamba claim to fame is the tale of some Catholic priests who told the people to starve “The Lutheran” so he would leave, and when he went into the Catholic church to complain, they killed him with swords before the altar. Yep, things are definitely looking up. Carmita

The Stork Has Been Busy We were just settling in from our excitement over the baby abandoned in a bathroom, when the police came to the door once again with little Carmita who is 4 months old and was left by herself for 8 hours while the mom went off to work. She will probably go home after the mom has some counsel. But then later in the afternoon, a newborn baby boy arrived at the door. We named him Aydan Mateo.

Aydan Mateo

I guess the stork is no longer on vacation and he has our address. Our baby rooms are filling up.

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HEY KELOWNA FRIENDS: Our home church in British Columbia is hosting a get together for us when we visit on September 28th. It will be held at New Life Church, 2041 Harvey Avenue Kelowna. The luncheon will be by reservation at a cost of $7.00 per person. We will have a meal together, a chance for a face to face greeting and sharing the good things God is doing. It will take place following the 10:00 AM service. The meal will be served at 12:30 and we will finish by about 2 or 2:30. All are welcome. Book a table of 8 and make it a party. Call Doug at 250 765.1074 or email:

AVERAGE MONTHLY EXPENSES Pays and Salaries Taxes and Social Security payments Office supplies and repairs Food Clothing Medication Doctors, therapists etc. Lessons for piano etc. Rent Gasoline etc. Transportation Travel Basic services Hospital Social help Various Bank fees TOTAL

$7,445.50 2670.89 $390 $4,980.00 $300 $250 $430 $300 $350 $300 $200 $50 $750 $200 $140 $764 $150 $19,670.39

Just thought you might like to know how it goes here. The amounts include both homes in Riobamba and in Macas. Clothing expenses are low due to donations, as is medicine. Some doctors offer their services for free. You can see that most of our costs go to paying staff and professionals, government, and best of

The police brought us Miguel last week by order of the court, even though they know we are now technically not taking children over 9 years old. Our social worker who makes the decisions was set to say “no” but I personally was somewhat concerned about the haunted look in his eyes, so I said we’d take him. It turns out he doesn’t know his mom and dad and was raised by his grandma who recently died. He went to live with an aunt who beat him and sent him off to live with a stranger. That fellow put him on a bus and abandoned him. Miguel is now lively and content. He says he’s happy to be here.

Trip to Canada Ron and I and 2 of our daughters are headed to Canada for two weeks. Jemimah needs a check-up from her heart surgery two years ago, and Zoe is heading off to a Christian missions training school for 6 months. Zoe is already a great missionary, but it’s always good to hear fresh words of truth from new sources. At the same time we’ll visit our home church in Kelowna, some old friends in Cranbrook and best of all, our grandson Caeden. I should also mention that we’ll enjoy Caeden’s parents as well, ) (Sarah and Jeremy) and our other children (Jesse and Maria, Silas, and Bethany) who now live the Canadian life.

The rest of our family will be making sure all is well here at the Ark. We have two supervisors who will help out. The kids say they’ll be good and helpful. I sure hope so.

Till next time….love and blessings.

On our website we have Paypal which allows online donations with your credit card. Website is

For Tax Receipts in the States : The Ark Children’s Homes P.O Box 2352, Abingdon, Virginia, 24212 USA

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For Tax Receipts in Canada , funds can be received through our home church: New Life Church, 2041 Harvey Ave Kelowna, BC. V1Y 6G7 Canada

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