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September – October, 2008 From FHC’s Board of Directors: Greetings to our supporters and friends! As the Board of Directors of For His Children, we are writing to provide you with an update on the operational and financial status of FHC. The ministry continues to be blessed richly in terms of opportunities to serve children, to show them God’s love, and to work toward their reunification with birth families or adoption into “forever” families. As you all know, the ministry is solidifying its extended geographical coverage with the construction of a new home in Latacunga. We are working to develop new mission partnerships with U.S. churches, and are enjoying new opportunities to work with government agencies and other private Christian missions in Ecuador on how to better care for children in protective care and to streamline the adoption process. The mission and vision of FHC are thriving, and we continue to look for ways to improve our programs and better serve the children in our care. These opportunities, along with the rising cost of living in Ecuador, of continuing to provide quality care for the children at FHC, have increased the core operating costs of the ministry. Specifically, the operating budget for the two homes in Ecuador has increased by 40% in the past two years. For the second consecutive year, FHC is responding as best as possible to a dramatic decrease in financial giving. In order to cover these deficits, FHC is depleting critical financial reserves which the Board believes are extremely important for urgent needs and emergency situations. FHC needs, appreciates, and is so grateful for your current level of engagement and support for this ministry. Without it, we cannot accomplish the joyful work that God has placed before us. Will you join us as we continue forward to meet the future challenges that God has placed before FHC? Will you help us spread the news of our ministry? Will you pray for us? Can you continue or increase your level of support? For all the ways you feel led by God to be part of the work that He is doing in Ecuador at FHC, we are very thankful. Sincerely,

Carter Newbold, Signal Mountain, TN Dean Rosnau, June Lake, CA Carol Wambeke, McClain, VA Mark Yeadon, Colorado Springs, CO Clark Vaughn and Melinda Vaughn, Quito, Ecuador THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS - FOR HIS CHILDREN At right: Juan Jose, 3, says it best with his handsome smile – “We keep on doing our best at FHC- we’re stretching every penny. Thank you! Race you to the swings!” School’s in session in Ecuador, and at FHC we have 12 children attending school. Last year when donations dropped dramatically, some of our children with special needs were withdrawn from school. This year we have enrolled our schoolage children in appropriate schools and have rehired our preschool teacher, Daniela Teran. Seeing the looks of joy and excitement on the children’s faces as they climb in the van to go to school or line up at the door of the preschool every morning confirm to us that we’re doing the right thing by making sure the children at FHC receive the best quality education. Edison, 3, is attending a school for children with Down Syndrome. Grace, Lesley, Jofre and Wilma attend the Fudrine

School for children with special needs. Jairo, Jessica, Carla and Marina are attending Jocarlo School, a Christian school just 1/2 mile from FHC. Rosita, Tatiana, Lisseth and Jose Luis attend the Institute for Cerebral Palsy, where children with all different abilities attend school daily from 8 AM to 1 PM. (In photo left: Jairo, Carla, Marina and Jessica (behind Carla) arrive at school for the first day of the new semester.) Thank you to our supporters who participate in our Child Sponsorship Program which allows these children to attend school in the community. Your financial contributions are very important and enable our children to keep up with their peers as far as their educational opportunities. We appreciate your faithful support.

The final mission teams of the summer visited FHC in August and encouraged us in many ways. From prayer and financial support to their hard work in caring for the children and helping with various maintenance projects and more, we thank them sincerely for their generosity. The team from The Wellesley Congregational Church, Wellesley, Massachusetts, (in photo above right) took on a pretty daunting challenge their very first day of work by taking care of all the children in the three homes in Quito while our caregivers attended an all-day workshop. The team amazed us with their hard work and joyful spirits all day long. They were a perfect example to our staff, as the topic of the workshop they attended was “Teambuilding”, presented by FHC’s psychologist, Gabriela. And the last team for the summer was from the Vineyard Fellowship Church of Red Bluff, California, led by pastor Steve Igarta and former FHC intern Dan Ackley. The group (in photo at left with our workers in Latacunga) painted the second floor exterior walls at FHC Latacunga, tended to our garden and grounds and helped to maintain and repair many items in our 3 homes in Quito. Thank you to Team VFC Red Bluff, and all the teams that have blessed and given so much in so many ways to FHC in 2008. We appreciate you and thank you from our hearts. This year FHC received 13 mission teams from the United States and Canada and we are looking forward to receiving many more in the coming years!


Welcome to Stacey Smith, a new member of FHC’s staff! Stacey grew up in Ecuador, the daughter of missionary/pastor parents, and is the founder of Precious Miracles, a ministry to children in Ecuador, similar to FHC. Last year Stacey suspended the operation of her children’s home and spent a year in the States. When she returned to Quito, she approached Clark and Melinda about joining the ministry of FHC. Stacey is now working full-time at FHC (her salary is paid by Precious Miracles). Clark and Melinda appreciate her efficiency, experience, and willing heart. We are so blessed to have Stacey with us and ask our supporters to keep her in prayer. (Stacey, at left, gives extra hugs and attention to Josue, Marco and Eduardo at FHC-Latacunga.)

Energetic, smiling faces filled FHC this past summer as several college students helped out at FHC: Heidi Mogrovejo of Cuenca, Ecuador (photo at right, accompanying Melinda in receiving a new baby from the Maternity Hospital), Zan Schmidt and Megan McGrath of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Katie Bolgiano and Monica Frantz, of Reisterstown, Maryland. These young women lovingly and faithfully took care of the children, accompanied them to medical appointments, field trips and helped with other tasks at FHC. Jeff and Kristin Bradach (of Massachusetts) made FHC the focus of their family “working vacation” this past summer. Spending time at FHC is an amazing opportunity to teach children about life values that are really important, like sacrificial giving, compassion for others, and so much more! Thank you to the Bradachs for loving FHC’s children and spending time at FHC this past summer.

Blessings flow, as they always do at FHC when forever families are formed at FHC by way of adoption: Santiago and Janeth are Emilia’s new parents (photo left). The couple own and manage two businesses in Quito. Santiago has two teenage boys from his first marriage. The new family lives in Quito, and welcomed Emilia, 2, to her new home on August 14th.

to accompany them home to Quito on September 7th.

Mayurlin, 14 months old, arrived at FHC-Latacunga just 12 months ago. Fewer cases and more efficient case management in the Cotopaxi courts mean that Mayurlin’s papers were ready for the assignment of a family much sooner than other children at FHC. New mom Patricia is a Social Worker and will be taking time off from her profession to be a full-time mom to Mayurlin. Dad Edison is an attorney. The new family spent three days in Latacunga getting to know Mayurlin, and they invited her

Our congratulations to these new families. Please remember them and their children in prayer over the next few months as they continue to adjust to a new life together.


Returning home – several children were reunited with their birth families over the past few months. After diligent counseling with FHC’s professional staff and therapy and compliance oversight from outside selected counseling centers, a plan is made, along with the birth parent or family member who will be responsible for the child, to reunite the child with his or her birth family. Among the children who left FHC under these circumstances this past summer are David, Jeremias, and Bleiner (at right with his mom), all from FHC-Quito, and Luis Enrique and Hernan (both cared for at FHC-Latacunga). Again we ask for your prayers for these new families in the coming months and years. A new admittance to FHC-Latacunga is healthy Ismael, (photo at left) who was born on September 6th. Someone placed him in a cardboard box and left him at the door of an ice cream shop in the neighboring town of Salcedo. He was admitted to the Provincial Hospital of Latacunga for a few days, and then the court’s social worker called FHC to receive the baby on September 17th. He is doing well and being pampered by our caregivers in Latacunga. FHC’s Christmas cards are available! We want to give our supporters plenty of time to place their order for Christmas 2008. The cards feature original Christmas theme artwork by Nicole Ward, who was born in Ecuador and cared for at FHC. Nicole now lives with her adopted family in Sweden. The price per package for 12 cards, (two cards of each design), is $12.00, including postage and mailing. All proceeds from the sales of the cards will benefit the children and the programs at FHC in Quito and Latacunga. Send Melinda an e-mail to place your order ASAP. As we conclude this newsletter, we wanted to share some interesting numbers we counted up recently: 1,700 - number of people who receive this FHC newsletter via the internet. 400 – number of people currently financially supporting FHC’s ministry. To our readers who receive FHC’s newsletters but are not supporting FHC financially: if you have considered encouraging FHC with your economic support, now is the time! As we mentioned earlier, FHC’s financial reserves are being depleted because of the decrease in the level of donations. In about three months, FHC will face difficult decisions again, such as not accepting new admittances, reducing our caregiver-child ratio so that more children are cared for by each caregiver, and eliminating programs for the children such as schooling, therapy, etc. It’s a matter of dollars and cents. Will you help us spread the news of our ministry via your church, social organization, etc.? Will you agree to sponsor a child and encourage family and friends to do the same? Will you pray for FHC for wisdom, financial resources, for the children and their future? Can you continue or increase your level of support? Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can be a part of this ministry – and again, thank you to all who are financially supporting and praying for FHC. Sincerely, Clark and Melinda Vaughn, Directors For His Children Casilla 17-08-8545, Quito, Ecuador Telephone/Fax: 593 2 247 0832, 280 8424 E-mail: Website:

Tax-deductible donations may be sent to: For His Children 9455 Elk Ridge South, Divide, CO 80814 USA Telephone: 719 686 0132 Brent Bourdeau, FHC Ministry Assistant

Thank you to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Red Bluff, CA for printing and mailing this newsletter for nine years! Please advise FHC of address changes. If you are able to receive this newsletter via e-mail, it will reduce the cost of printing and mailing. Thank you!


September - oktober 2008  

September – October, 2008 At right: Juan Jose, 3, says it best with his handsome smile – “We keep on doing our best at FHC- we’re stretching...