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A Christian ministry to children in Ecuador May – June 2008

LATACUNGA UPDATE - by Melinda: For many of you who haven’t been able to visit us in Ecuador, our Latacunga home is a dream happening somewhere far away, in a small city in central Ecuador. It’s a joy to share with you the progress you’ve been such a part of with your prayers, hard work and financial support. A week ago, my heart literally soared as I walked through the rooms, envisioning the spacious bedrooms with sleeping babies and toddlers, the playrooms full of the sounds of kids laughing and playing, and delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Our FHC-Latacunga children could possibly be spending this Christmas in their new home! It’s within reach! To all of you who have prayed, contributed financially, laid bricks, dug ditches, and to those of you who are planning to come to Latacunga later this year to hang drywall, do the electrical wiring, choose paint colors, tile, and pull together so many of the final touches before moving in, thank you! And here are photos of the miracle God is working through you:

Last year, in one of our newsletters we described the ways in which we plan to honor our financial donors. It seems very th appropriate to acknowledge them in this newsletter, too (donations received as of May 15 , 2008). If a donor’s name has been inadvertently omitted, please advise us, and in advance, our apologies.

For contributions to the land purchase and building fund of up to $1,000: The donor’s name will be recorded in a leather-bound registry permanently displayed in the entryway of the home. Bridgeport Christian Fellowship, Bridgeport, CA; Kurt and Lori Wilson; Joanna Jones; Frank Vigna; Teresa Wendlandt; Colleen Ostberg; Scott Liles; James Patterson; Meredith Sutton; Mayra Bedoya; Bill and Stephanie Schilthuis; Jarvis and Heidi DeGroot; Robert and Marjorie Rightnour; Carl and Laurie Mueller; James and Melissa Oliver; Wallace Sonny and Carol Wolden; Barbara Gilreath; Douglas and Candace Brooks; Tom and Kathleen Long; Danny Tracy; Edna Tracy; House of Ecuador, San Diego, CA; Gail and Betty Frampton.

For donations of $1,000 up to $5,000: The contributor’s name will be etched in paving stones leading to the main entrance of the home. Paul Rudder; Zion Lutheran Church, Alexandria, MN; Kirk and Nancy Smith; Norman and Ruth Boring; Jock Argust; Marla Daniel; Steve and Laura Tomac; Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Red Bluff, CA; Craig and Anna Waters; Gary and Maura Taylor; Glenkirk Church, Glendora, CA; Jay Murray; Leslie Maxwell and Rob Sckalor; Cambri Management Corp., London, ONT, Canada; Gary and Shirley Roberson; James and Susan Peterson; Wade and Lisa Meyer; Gary and Karilyn Myers; Richard and Viola Morse; Darcy Frampton Bauer; Jana Prescott; Michael and Melody Roberson; Kevin Frampton; Lakewood Baptist Church, Evington, VA; Wayne and Virginia Maxwell; David and Stephanie Nelson; Neil and Jane Simister; The Lighthouse, Mammoth Lakes, CA.

In honor of gifts $5,000 up to $10,000: The supporter’s name will be engraved on individual fascia stones surrounding the entrance of the home. Church on the Mountain, Crowley Lake, CA; Ralph and Susan Isak; John and Lynell Johnston; Acton Congregational Church, Acton, MA; Sierra Bible Church, Sonora, CA; Brent and Joyce Bourdeau; Dean and Leah Rosnau; Edward and Diane Bedrosian; Gregory Jennison.

Gifts of $10,000 and above: The donors’ names will be honored on a special “keystone” to be placed at the entrance. Carter and Beth Newbold; Stanwood Community Church, Navarre, OH; The Cino Family; BZ and Barbara Miller. We invite you to be a part of these visionary donors. And our sincere thanks to those of you who will continue your much appreciated support of FHC. Every contribution has been and is very important. It’s the combination of donations and gifts that have made the building of this home possible. As a continuation of the challenge mentioned in our last newsletter, our need is now: “75 people to donate $1,000”. This would entirely complete the first floor. We have already received word from a FHC supporter that a check for $1,000 toward the challenge is on its way, so the countdown is on! In closing, we hope our progress report has brought as much anticipation and excitement to you as it does to all of us at FHC, and most importantly, to His children. It is most certainly an amazing project underway. Thank you! Steve Kleban and Michelle Baca (Albuquerque, NM) and family visited FHC in late March. Their son, Galo, 10 ½ , was adopted from FHC in 1997, and Juan, 10, also was adopted from Ecuador. Galo loves sports and enjoys school. He and his brother were pretty excited about visiting Ecuador. FHC’s first Tía, María Tixicuro, joined the Vaughns and the Bacas during their visit. We so appreciate our adoptive families making the effort to return to Ecuador (and of course, to visit FHC). In the photo at right, Melinda and María (at left) are making sure it’s really Galo! They remember taking care of him when he was a tiny baby!

FHC’s Board of Directors met for their annual meeting in mid-April in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Board member Carter Newbold and his wife, Beth, graciously hosted the meeting, together with the generous hospitality of their church, Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. In the photo at left are Carol Wambeke, Dean Rosnau, Carter Newbold, Mark Yeadon, Leah Rosnau, Melinda and Clark Vaughn. Thank you to our board members for their faithfulness to the ministry.

We'd like to introduce Becky Gudiño, (at left, with Sofía), FHC’s new Child Sponsorship Program Assistant. Becky and her husband, Byron, live in Quito and have been involved with FHC for several years. (Becky grew up in Ecuador as her parents were missionaries.) Since late March of this year, she has been getting to know the children at FHC better, taking lots of adorable photos, and writing up reports to send to the children's sponsors. We're really happy that Becky is a part of our program. And if you are not part of our Child Sponsorship Program, send Becky an e-mail - she would love to meet you and connect you with one of our beautiful children needing a sponsor ( Sponsoring a child makes a difference in the life of a child at FHC, and you will be blessed as well. María Julieth, 5 1/2, met her forever family in April. Luigi and Patrizia traveled from Sardinia, Italy, to meet their new daughter. They overcame a few language difficulties in the beginning, and within a couple of days Julieth was asking to leave FHC to be with her parents in their hotel while the adoption proceedings were completed. On May th 15 , the new family visited FHC to say their final goodbye before leaving for Italy in late May. Julieth has blossomed – she has gained weight, is very relaxed and happy, and understands most everything her parents say to her in Italian. Julieth was delighted to see her best friends again at FHC (in the front row are Lisseth, 10 ½, Julieth, Jairo, 5, and Jessica, almost 7). At her farewell party at FHC, there were lots of hugs and kisses between Julieth and all the children at FHC’s Faith House, where Julieth lived since her arrival at FHC in September 2005. Our congratulations to the Biggio family! FHC- Latacunga: What do you think of this idea? – to decorate the walls of our new home in Latacunga with artwork by children adopted from FHC! If you are an adoptive parent reading this – and your son or daughter would like to create art (all mediums accepted) to display in the new FHC-Latacunga home, please contact us. We’d be honored to permanently display your child’s art for the children and visitors of FHC-Latacunga to enjoy. We will place a small plaque next to each painting/drawing/photograph with the artist’s name and photo, the year they were adopted from FHC, and a little about them. Contact us for more details! FHC-Latacunga would love to have the suggestions of a landscape designer and/or recreational space designer (children’s play areas). The construction project in Latacunga will be ready in a few months to develop the grounds and play area. We’d really like to consult with experts in this field so we can plan a quality play area for the children. If you can help or know someone who can, please contact us. In mid-May, newlyweds Christy Taylor and Michael Aguilera from Los Angeles, (at left, with Sebastian, Victoria and Emilia) visited FHC on their honeymoon! Michael said: “We can think of no better place for our honeymoon than at FHC.” Last year Christy and Michael celebrated their engagement at FHC and asked if they could return for their honeymoon. We’re blessed by the love and caring that these friends generously give to FHC. Congratulations! In early May, FHC welcomed Lisa Meyer and Andra Wheeler. Both ladies and their families are long-time supporters and friends of FHC, having made many visits with teams from their church, as well as with their families. Wade and Lisa Meyer adopted their son, Bryan, from FHC when he was a toddler, and FHC’s preschool is named after Bryan. Lisa and Andra were happy to spend their week hugging babies, playing with toddlers, and helping out with whatever we needed them to do. Thank you, Lisa and Andra!

In the photo at right, Lisa Meyer gives a hug to Marcos, 2 ½, at FHC-Latacunga. We know there’s an adoptive family for Marco somewhere, but they just don’t know who they are yet! Please join us in prayer for a family for him, as well as the beautiful children in the photos below: Carla, 5, Wilma, 5, sitting with José Luis, 7 ½, bottom row: Luis Mateo, 3 ½, Josué, 3 (in red hat), Alejandra, 3 ½ (on bike), and Angel, 4 ½.

A pastor/supporter in Wellesley, MA kindly asked if we would include praise and prayer requests in our newsletter, and here they are: we’re very thankful for God’s presence and guidance during the past few months through recent issues involving FHC staff, respiratory illness and hospitalizations of several children. We would appreciate prayer for motivation, good health and “refocusing” for our caregivers as recent employee turnover and rescheduling have left every one feeling a little “off balance”; for improved health for the children as the cold, rainy weather has brought viral respiratory infections; and for the prompt signing of contracts between international adoption agencies and the Ecuadorian government so that these agencies can continue their valuable work in helping to find families for our children with special needs. Please pray for adoptive families to respond to the need for parents for our waiting children; and please pray that the Ecuadorian authorities involved in child welfare would be more sensitive to expediting the lengthy legal process before a child is declared adoptable, which unfortunately means a child remains at FHC for a long time. Again, our sincerest appreciation for your support and prayers. Clark and Melinda Vaughn, Directors

For His Children - Clark and Melinda Vaughn, Directors Casilla 17-08-8545, Quito Ecuador Telephone/Fax: 593 2 247 0832, 280 8424 Email: Website:

Verónica Rodríguez, Administrator

Tax-deductible donations may be sent to: For His Children 9455 Elk Ridge South, Divide, CO 80814 USA Telephone: 719 686 0132 Brent Bourdeau, FHC Ministry Assistant

Thank you to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Red Bluff, CA for printing and mailing this newsletter for nine years! Please advise FHC of address changes. If you are able to receive this newsletter via e-mail, it will reduce the cost of printing and mailing. Thank you!

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For contributions to the land purchase and building fund of up to $1,000: The donor’s name will be recorded in a leather-bound registry perm...

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