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Ron and Glenda Allan 0601-168 Riobamba Ecuador, S. America

August News 08

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Calls are free from Kelowna (or the cost of a call to Kelowna) which calls direct to us in Ecuador. 1-250-448-1922

Rabid Vampire Caterpillars Recently I heard that 38 people died in Venezuela bitten by rabid vampire bats. My mind was drifting around that topic as I lay in bed in the wee hours with my hair tickling my neck. I moved the tussled clumps around to a more comfortable spot, careful to leave some there because it works to keep me warm. Still I was bothered. So I rearranged the hair once again. Finally I gave a swipe and brushed the whole mass aside to avoid the annoyance. Then it happened. I got bit. I jumped up and yelled to Ron. “I just got bit on my neck!” He flicked on the light while I jumped up and started swishing anything I could out of my hair. We started looking for the culprit and soon found an innocent looking caterpillar curled up on the floor acting like he’d never done anything wrong. But sorry dude, you offended the wrong person. He was out the door and over the wall. Later I realized I was more likely stung by his little hairs than bitten. The little red dots on my neck told the story, not the traditional two that note a vampire, but several scattered little red ones. In reality we seem fairly safe from nasty creatures here in Riobamba. We have an occasional scorpion that hides away on the property and a rare tarantula or snake that cowers in the bananas coming from the warmer areas of Ecuador. Our daughter Zoe doesn’t feel the same sense of safety though. She hates every tiny little creature that passes her way. And they love her. If ever a fly was to land in a drink, it would have to be hers. She’s the one who ends up with worms in her soup, or something caught in her hair. It’s almost funny. But let’s hope she doesn’t hear about the bad vampire caterpillars. Her imagination might run wild.

The Story of the Step It used to be that when a child misbehaved, we would make him sit on his bed and await the dreaded conversation to bring about repentance. But one day a few years ago, we sent one bad little boy to his bed and forgot him for hours. He managed to get away from that discipline with Ron and I repeatedly saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” and as a result had no other consequences for his sin.

Little Yadira arrived from being beaten all over her body. Her own parents left her bruised, bleeding and swollen because she wouldn’t do her homework correctly. The judge from the minors court came with the police to drop her off and was brought to tears by the reality of what we do here. He’s usually preoccupied with Recognizing that our ability to remember paperwork and rarely gets the chance to things isn’t what it used to be, Ron and I see the true nature of the need.

decided to place future offenders on the steps right in the middle of all the action of our daily life. We couldn’t go to our rooms or the bathroom without tripping over the naught child and thus we wouldn’t abandon them forever alone in their rooms.

The step has become known as the purgatory of The Ark, where we all await our fates. So when I innocently sat down there the other day, the children ran to ask me what I’d done wrong. Like I say to the kids, “Hands on your knees, sit still, don’t Mom, Tania and Carolina sit on the talk, don’t play and I’ll be right with you.” step to await judgment.

Beach Bums Well, we still didn’t have any money when it came time to do our long hoped for beach trip. But Ron and I are determined people and not wanting to let the kids down, we just broke into our savings. One of our volunteers pitched in a donation too. We had a fantastic time. This year we left the little ones behind so we didn’t have to have quite so many eyes watching to make sure that everyone stays safe. We played in the surf, ate fresh fish and coconut candy, played in the surf, visited a place that looked like Gilligan’s Island where we drank coconut milk fresh off the tree, played in the surf, got hair braided and fake tattoos put on, played in the surf and played in the surf. In the evenings we prayed, studied the Bible and played some games. Our expenses with bus driver, house rental, food etc. passed $1500. We’re hoping that next year we can find a sponsor who will cover the cost of the trip.

Prodigal Sons At Christmas time three of our boys ran away from home. They were each 14 and had lived with us for years. Nothing had happened, no one was mad at them. Their departure was a source of great grief for me because I love them like my own. Freddy was the first to come home. He’d run the circuit seeing for himself if his family was there for him, and found emptiness. When that didn’t work out he tried living with friends. They would only take him for a night. Street life was tough and he was relieved to come home. Good thing he came when he did because his braces were starting to self destruct. The beginning of summer vacation brought Dario. He was living with a lady Freddy, Dario and Carlos who had encouraged him to get away from “the nasty institution,” meaning us. We invited him to go with us to the beach, and he started hanging around more and more. Finally he got up the nerve to ask us if he could come back. “Of course,” I answered. “But why did you leave?” He told me he wanted to get out and have fun, but that he regretted his decision from the first day. He said he’d spent the past months really depressed and was so happy to be home where he says he “really has fun.” Carlos was the last to arrive. He asked to go the beach with us and we said, “Sure.” Then he asked if he could spend the summer with us and of course we said “yes” to that too. Finally he built up the courage to ask if he could come back. Carlos has family on the outside, older brothers and sisters, a mom and dad, several aunts, uncles, and cousins. But the parents are a mess and the rest of the family doesn’t care or are struggling for their own survival and barely able to manage. Carlos has been with us since he was 3 years old, but the past few years he’s been a bit sullen, imagining that we were keeping him away from his real family. He wept over the difficulties and rejection that he’s been through since Christmas, and he cried with relief that he has people who love him that he can turn to. A favourite scene from last months For our part, we’re just happy to have our kids back baptism is when fellow missionary home. Chis threw Ron down when all was finished. Maricela’s Dream

Almost every night, we gather together to pray, talk and read the Word. On one particular night, we told the kids we needed to pray for our finances. Ron always jokes that if the kids pray, God will always answer quickly, because he loves to bless the fatherless. Of course he loves to answer everyone’s reasonable prayers. The kids got to talking because they were concerned that we were out of money. Suddenly they were making me offers. “I can sell candies on the bus,” “I can shine shoes,” “I can get a job!” All the mother in me rose to the top. No, I didn’t cry, but I was certainly blessed by their eagerness to take the load off of us. “Thanks guys, but you’re not going to do that. God will provide. We’ll pray. It’s summer vacation and you’re going to kick back and enjoy it.” That was the end of it, or so I thought. Maricela just told us the dream she had. Maricela and Chavah are preparing for their Quinceañera party which is a Latin way of celebrating the entrance into womanhood at 15 years old. Both of them were considering telling us to cancel their party so we wouldn’t have to put out any money for them. So before she went to bed, Maricela decided that in the morning she would tell me her decision. As she drifted off to sleep, she dreamt that the kids decided to help us with our problem and while we were asleep they all slipped out and went to work. They came home and brought with them a collected $1000 which they handed to us with joy. When I found out, I was furious with concern, telling them off for going out without permission, and telling them, “You could’ve all been killed!” Ron, on the other hand, said to me, “They did it out of love.” Maricela says that when Ron said that, then I got mad at him. I suppose that’s about right. Anyway, it’s really great to sense the love and commitment of the kids. And of course the kids will NOT cancel their party.

This month three of our toddlers were adopted. The sad news is that when it came to Moise’s turn, the parents came, played with him and then never came back from lunch. Moises stood at the front gate for two days holding the stuffed dog they gave him, pointing and saying, “Mama?” We asked the adoption committee to please have mercy and put his adoption at the forefront, but so far there’s no news.

Sponsor a Child EXPLAINING THE COST: Each of the children here at the Ark is beloved to us and to Jesus. We want to give them the best life possible. but to do that we need your help. Although I’d like to say that a dollar a day will give a child all he needs, it’s just not true for life in Ecuador. Our figuring is that we need approximately $250 per child per month to care for them. Juanito doesn’t look like he’s dying. Since the kids prayed, he’s been doing great, although the past couple of days he’s been coughing a bit. He has cystic fibrosis. The doctors told us he would be dead by now.

We realize that only some people can manage a full sponsorship so we want to make available partial sponsorships until they add up to the full amount. That means that you may sponsor for a dollar a day, but we will need to find additional sponsors until we reach our goal amount.

Carolina Sometimes basic needs are low cost, but at times they soar to unreasonable amounts. Buying braces for a child, starting the school year and medical care for a child who is crucially ill can drain resources quickly. A small gift on a regular basis helps us care for the children the way we would care for our own. In the outlying villages of Ecuador, people die because they can’t afford the medicine and services that are now available. But as sons and daughters of a loving father in Heaven we try to do all that we can to offer our children the best. CHILDREN WHO LEAVE: Many of the children stay at The Ark until they become adults, but there is also a percentage who either leave in adoption or are reclaimed by a family member. If the child you choose leaves, Naomi, who is charge of sponsorships, will send you the profile of another child so that you can continue to bless the children. You can accept or Silvana is delighted that she reject the profile, or ask for another child that you turned 5 this week. Now she’s would be more interested in sponsoring. considered one of the “big” kids who doesn’t have to be watched so closely, and who will be off to school with the rest of the pack this September

CONTACT US: Write to us at or go online and click on the “Sponsor a Child” link. You can fill out the application form there.

Naomi is excellent at multi-tasking.

We are currently updating our webpage. Soon all the children’s photos will be displayed and eventually we hope to offer each profile and needed sponsorship amount. If the information is not completely up to date, we apologize. We’re working on it. HOW TO PAY: Probably the fastest and simplest way is to make your payment on line through Paypal which is available on our web page. To pay by cheque, our addresses are posted below. Please send us a note that you are paying for a sponsorship and which child you are sponsoring.

Thanks for blessing the kids. Check out the following two pages to meet our children. DONATIONS and SPONSORSHIPS

On our website we have Paypal which allows online donations with your credit card. Website is


For Tax Receipts in the States send cheques to: The Ark Children’s Homes P.O Box 2352, Abingdon, Virginia, 24212 USA For Tax Receipts in Canada , funds can be received through our home church: New Life Church, 2041 Harvey Ave Kelowna, BC. V1Y 6G7 Canada

Julissa 2 months

Raquel 1 year old

Billy 2 years old

Jennifer 3 yrs

Mario 4 years old

Jhonatan 7 years old

Ismael 9 months

Ingrid 2 months

Mishel 1 year old

Moises 2 years old

Felipe 3 years old

Luis Andres 2 yrs

Jose Luis 3 years old

Andres 4 years old

Kevin 8 years

Samuel 1 year

Jacobo 4 years old

Stalyn 9 yrs

Jorge 9 years

Jazmin 1 year old

Danilo 9 months

Sara 1 1/2 years old

Elias 1 1/2 years old

Mishel 3 years

Xavier 3 years old

Ximena 4 yrs

Juanito 4 years old

Silvana 5 years old

Daniel 9 years old

Jose 7 years old

Carolina 9 years

Tania 10 years old

Rosalia 12 years

Salomon 14 yrs

Angelica 16

Denis 10 years old

Victor 11 years old

Jennifer B. 12 years old

Mirian 14 yrs

Xavier 16 years

Danny 12 years

Freddy 14 yrs

Ruth 16 yrs

Samuel P. 11 years

Kati 13 years old

Dario 14 years

Cristian 16 yrs

Graciela 11 years old

Cristian 14 yrs

Maricela 14 yrs

Victoria 17 yrs

Carlos 14 yrs

Polo 17 years

The children from the new home in MACAS.

Kerly 3 m

Daniel 7 yrs

Fernando 2 yrs

Anahela 8yrs

David 10 yrs

Magali 3 yrs

Rocio 10 yrs

Laura 6 yrs

Alexandra 6 yrs

Jessica 11 yrs

Mariano 11 yrs

Rosa 11 years old

Tania 14 years old

Marcos 15 yrs

Fernanda old) lives part time time with parents.

(17 years with us and part alcoholic

Josue 6 yrs

Nico 11 yrs

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Mom, Tania and Carolina sit on the step to await judgment. Little Yadira arrived from being beaten all over her body. Her own parents left h...