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Quito The Ecuador experience

“Not only did you showed me your incredible country, I gained true friends in you guys. Thank you EC Travel” Goeril Pietikanen - Finland

We couldn’t have put it better. At EC Travel we believe that travelling is so much more than sightseeing, it is about truly understanding and knowing Ecuador’s true richness: Its culture and its people. Travelling can’t get any better than when you have a local friend to show you around. We don’t believe in big group travelling, we believe in friends sharing an amazing trip in a Diving friends with Rafael beautiful country. On our tours we try to involve the communities as much as possible. In Otavalo, for example, over 40 indigenous people from Iluman are directly involved in our tour. In our offices, we do our best to hire the best guides and staff to assist you. And on your tour, we will do our best so you can have the most rewarding and fun trip ever.

Cayambe summit with Rafael

More friends at Oriente with Luis

Altos del Pastaza

Conveniently located at the shores of the Pastaza River in the Puyo Province. Shamans, waterfalls and rainforest. The lodge is located near the “Hola Vida� reserve in the Puyo province. Scattered on 96 ha of primary rain forest, this unique rainforest reserve and lodge is located on the upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic Pastaza River, where you will appreciate Sangay national park, as well Sangay, Altar, and Tungurahua Volcanoes.

Mals Family

Activities include walks to the reserve to two beautiful waterfalls, hikes into primary forest and visits to the nearby Shaman indigenous communities. Peguche waterfall

Other custom activities like rafting are available on request.

La casa del Suizo

Located near Tena, this lodge is a perfect nearby location to experience the rainforest at its fullest. The Casa del Suizo gives a perfect combination of adventure and luxury in the Amazonian jungle. Once in the lodge you can choose for a wide variety of activities such as visiting the Misicocha lake hiking through primary and secondary forest, along paths where you will be able to appreciate different bird and bug species. You can also visit an indigenous family and learn from ancient traditions like the use of the blow pipe and more. Or watch as local families show us the ancestral manner of seeking gold. Other visits include the island and the Cosano reserve.

Napo Wildlife Center

One of Ecuador’s most awarded lodges, it is located on the incredibly diverse Yasuni National Park. The lodge itself is beautiful with local architecture, hardwood floors and well considered amenities. Nearby blinds built at parrot clay licks bring the action to you, a 120-foot canopy tower deep in the forest allows you to experience the life above the forest floor, and the natural attractions are simply unmatched in Amazonian Ecuador. Flocks of colorful tanagers pass right through the canopy of the tree, Monkeys, Parrots, and Giant Otters during the day. At the end of the day, the comfort of a hot shower, tasty dinner, and a cold beer . This is the way to see the rainforest in luxury.

La Selva Lodge

Located on the Yasuni National Park, a perfect combination of luxury, incredible activities and wildlife. A socially and environmentally friendly lodge. Most of the employees are native folks from the region that have been involved since 1986. The Yasuni National Park offers one of the most diverse locations in the world and its yours to enjoy with a broad variety of activities and hikes.

Mals Family

Peguche waterfall

Explore the Amazon jungle through primary forests, get to know local cultures and discover everything that this paradise has to offer with the best comfort, fine cuisine and the best local guides!

Yachana Lodge

Winner of the Geo-touristic project award by National Geographic. Yachana means a place for learning. As you embark on your journey deep into the Amazon, you can be proud that your visit is helping to address education, conservation and sustainable development in a unique way in this environmentally sensitive region. The Yachana project tries to involve the Kichwa community with tourism. The lodge is located on the shores of the Napo River. During your stay here you will hike around primary forest, visit the Yachana community college for some ďŹ rst hand interaction with the Kichwas and enjoy some local cuisine! An experience to remember in the heart of the jungle!

Sacha Lodge

Sacha’s 5000 acre private ecological reserve hosts one of Ecuador’s most reknowned lodges. The lodging at Sacha was carefully designed to offer comfort to the traveler yet preserve the environment and rainforest ambience.

Mals Family

Imagine hiking on the rainforest and something unidentified crashes off into the underbrush, and you catch a glimpse of two magnificent Blue and Yellow Macaws startled into flight.

Peguche waterfall

Featuring a 940-foot (275-meter) long canopy walkway. At Shaman approximately 94 feet (30 meters) above the ground, imagine exploring the rainforest up in the treetops!

Kapawi Lodge

Located in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle, deep into the Achuar territory. Only accessible by small planes. Located in the territorial lands of an indigenous nation (6,000 people in 64 communities) still living as they have for generations and in intimate harmony with nature, Kapawi provides guests a range and depth of cultural experiences unmatched by any other rainforest lodges. The lodge oers a multitude of activities, so that with your Aschuar guides and your group you can design a exible program to suit your interests and activity level. Most itineraries include a visit to an Achuar community, where you will be invited into a home to experience Achuar hospitality and taste the famous manioc beer.

Tapir Lodge

Located on the Cuyabeno Reserve, one of the most biodiverse and exotic places in our planet.

Mals Family

Tapir Lodge is located in the northeastern Province of SucumbĂ­os, in the upper Ecuadorian Amazon region, within the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, and was built in partnership with the family members of the local Siona Community. Your activities in the lodge can be chosen to your preference and include: hiking in the rainforest, piranha ďŹ shing, cultural encounters, taking a canoe on the lake, visiting the famous Cuyabeno lake, birdwatching and more! Shaman

If you are looking for an authentic rainforest journey, we invite you to come and visit Tapir Lodge.

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