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coming to you from busy ewan, sad ro, and tired gemima

ROAR Ginger Appreciation Day Celebrations Get Out of Hand In a confusing turn of events, Ginger Appreciation Day celebrations have arrived in Cambridge early. The totally-not-made-up national holiday is normally on the 22nd of February, but it seems the build-up to such a prestigious event has left some Emma students physically incapable of restraining themselves. Spotting and subsequently mocking a ginger is normally no difficult accomplishment - if the flaming streak of hair wasn’t enough, there are several Kickstarter campaigns for products that are essentially radars for people with no souls. But with riots in the streets rivalling Eagles fans’ post-Superbowl parties, and everyone from full-on redheads to barely passable strawberry blondes getting in on the action, Cambridge Gingers have, troublingly, begun their revolution. Stay safe, boring-haired people.

Side note - Olivia Malmose O’Connor demanded a shout-out for her crimson locks, She wanted us to include her and since she's the Vithe Presidente we had no choice. Enact some change in college Liv instead of gagging the press. We miss Tom George. #ImpeachOMO2018

Simon Mcguirk- he bought 20 bottles of the popular drink “Vodka Kick” (affectionately known as “VKs” by the millennial generation) in Kuda on Friday, got kicked out of life, inexplicably went to Friday Cindies who were hosting a reunion for Cats alumni who matriculated a decade ago, gave a homeless woman called Simone

Our Vithe Prethidente

£20, and tried to wheel her to her shelter past Addenbrookes - a true ginger icon.

These horrifying before and after images have emerged from the New South kitchens. Henry Smith-Gordon is a new addition to the ginger ranks, something he certainly must regret. We salute the attempt to glow up, but politely request that he shaves his head.


coming to you from busy ewan, sad ro, and tired gemima


From Emma's own Ellie Cole and Sammie Ruston comes FNTM arts fest, running from 17-24 Feb. They've poured their hearts and souls into this, and have created a great week of arts by exclusively female, non-binary, and trans male participants. Check their FB (unsurprisingly it’s called FNTM ARTS FEST), cop yourself a ticket (there are loads of amazing free events), support Emma arts, get online, get on it.

We are PROUD to include this announcement from the access officer, Rhys Proud:

Sign up for access bus, it's a great thing to do, and they are still looking for Sheffield and Essex volunteers!! All costs are reimbursed, so why not?

Importance of Being Earnest - Freshers’ Play in the Queens’ Lecture Theatre They're here, they're freshers, and they want you to watch them do some acting! REDS presents The importance of being earnest for one night only- it'll be a laugh and only £4 a ticket for some Sunday eve entertainment!!


Roar |Lent 2018| Week Four  
Roar |Lent 2018| Week Four