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ECS Meeting Abstracts — Copyright Release Thank you for submitting a Meeting Abstract (the "Work"). By providing your initials on the submission form to confirm that all co-authors know of and concur with the submission of the Work, you represent that you are one of the following. The sole author. Not the sole author, but have the written permission of all the authors to act as an authorized representative. An authorized representative of the commissioning person or organization. An employee and authorized representative of your employer. Acting in the above capacity, and in consideration of ECS agreeing to publish the Work (if accepted), the Authors grant to ECS for the full term of copyright in the Work and any extensions to the term, the exclusive right to (a) publish, reproduce, distribute, display, and store the Work in all forms, formats, and media now known or later developed (including without limitation in print, digital, and electronic form) throughout the world; (b) translate the Work into other languages, create adaptations, summaries or extracts of the Work or other derivative works based on the Work; and (c) license others to do any or all of the above. All accepted Works become the property of ECS and may not be published elsewhere without prior written permission of ECS, except as noted below. The Authors represent that (a) the Work is original; (b) does not infringe any copyright or violate any other right of any third parties; and (c) that the Work has not been published elsewhere, other than an ECS publication, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. The Authors (and in the case of a Work Made for Hire as defined in the U.S. Copyright Code, 17 U.S.C. §101, the employer) shall retain the following nonexclusive rights (the “Author Rights”). a. All other proprietary rights not transferred to ECS, such as patent rights. b. The right, after publication by ECS, to use all or part of the Work without revision or modification, in print compilations or other print publications of the author’s and/or the employer’s own works, and on the author’s and/or the employer’s website, and to make copies of all or part of the Work for the author’s and/or the employer’s use for lecture or classroom purposes, provided that the copyright notices are not removed, and provided that copies are not offered for sale and are not distributed in a commercial way outside of the author’s employing institution. c. The right to post and update the Work on e-print servers as long as files prepared and/or formatted by ECS or its vendors are not used for that purpose. Any such posting made or updated after acceptance of the Work for publication shall include a link to the ECS publication of origin. d. If the Work was prepared under a U.S. Government contract, the Government shall have the rights under the copyright to the extent required by the contract. All copies, paper or electronic, or other use of the Work in any form must include the following notice: “© The Electrochemical Society, Inc. [year]. All rights reserved. Except as provided under U.S. copyright law, this work may not be reproduced, resold, distributed, or modified without the express permission of The Electrochemical Society (ECS). The archival version of this work was published in [insert bibliographic information here].” Please refer requests for all uses other than “Author Rights” to The Electrochemical Society. U.S. GOVERNMENT WORK (Please print out this document and fax it to ECS at 1.609.737.2743, Attn: MA Copyright Release) This is to certify that ALL authors are or were bona fide officers or employees of the U.S. Government at the time the Work was prepared, and that the Work is a “work of the U.S. Government” (prepared by an officer or employee of the U.S. Government as part of official duties), and, therefore, it is not subject to U.S. copyright. (This section should NOT be signed if the Work was prepared under a government contract or coauthored by a non-U.S. Government employee. Employees of national laboratories, e.g., Brookhaven National Laboratory, are not U.S. Government employees.)

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2016 Meeting Abstract Copyright Release  

2016 Meeting Abstract Copyright Release  

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