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March 2013

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Essential briefing Leadership training that works: Join the latest Open Program hosed by Astellas IL Can your company count? The high cost of financial illiteracy The secret of self awareness: Unlock your leadership potential A different leadership ladder: An alternative view of getting to the top

Acceleration or stagnation? Your L&D choice. Retention alert: is your L&D pushing away people with leadership potential? Holding on to top talent is key to the future of every business. But many are still slow to accept that one of the fastest growing reasons for disengagement and loss of high-potential talent is the lack of meaningful development. Training which has little relevance to a job role can often lead to negative feelings and career stagnation. Feeling left behind, alienated executives tend to leave their company behind – taking their leadership potential with them. In contrast, training that is designed for immediate application boosts loyalty and productivity.

How to keep your top talent engaged

How Plusnet turned its managers into leaders Plusnet wanted to empower their managers with the financial skills, to understand how the business made money so they could set their own financial goals and achieve them. “We wanted them to be leaders rather than just doing what was asked of them,” said Plusnet. The problem was how to achieve this quickly on a very tight schedule... Discover how they did it

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Essential Events

Thoughtleader Viewpoint

Financial Skills Survey

Open Program: Magnetic Leadership

“We are all leaders... leadership development is for everyone”

Counting the cost of financial illiteracy

May 30, Northbrook IL Marshall Goldsmith summed it up perfectly "To help others develop, start with yourself" Astellas is hosting a full one day Magnetic Leadership simulation. This is our most popular and highly effective way to enhance your leadership development curriculum.

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Challenge your preconceptions about what we mean by the term “leader” in this thought-provoking feature by Alex Draper of ProfitAbility USA. Putting selfawareness at the centre of his argument he says “We all have the ability to help others improve – so we are all leaders”

ProfitAbility aims to find out how rife financial illiteracy really is in the first ever Global Financial Skills Survey

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Instant insight

Magnetic Leadership

Is this why you’re not on the board?

Learning to be a leader

“If you want to join the real business leaders at the boardroom table then you need to learn the language of finance fast” says Nick Eades, former Psion CMO.

How good is your financial understanding? Financial illiteracy is one of the last socially acceptable skill gaps, but could it impact on the success of your company – and on your own career?

Test yourself, and discover your own unique leadership style, through this proven, powerful way to improve self-awareness and develop leadership skills.

Have your say Take part in this month’s ProfitAbility Poll. Each month we ask the L&D community to give their views. Results in April Game Changer.

Nick argues powerfully that without an understanding of the ROI influenced outlook of CFOs (and most CEOs) your chances of leadership will always get overlooked.

He said what?

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ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602 ProfitAbility UK, Stables 1, Howbery Park Wallingford, OX10 8BA

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April 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: dial 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing Supercharged learning: Partnership promises increased engagement Focus on the USA: New US website promises leadership focus Have your say: Have you embraced social learning yet? Try a taste of leadership: Magnetic Leadership Open Program

Mold-breaking partnership promises more effective learning on- and offline

Open Program: Magnetic Leadership

May 30,

NorthBrook IL

Why does so much learning not work? Why is it so hard to engage learners so they retain course content and start using it? What is needed is a fresh look at personal learning, beyond the classroom – and now a collaboration of different training approaches is doing exactly that. Take the involving impact of ProfitAbility's customized business simulatios. Add the interactive nature of social learning. The result is a powerful learning combination. A collaboration like this creates highly effective learning experiences. They can be customized to the individual as well as the organization – and meet the challenge of a new generation’s expectations, attention span and work pace. Which is why ProfitAbility, with over 20 years experience of creating business simulations has now become partners with HT2, award-winning innovators in digital social learning. “It’s all about creating the opportunity for people to discover things and make connections for themselves, which they can immediately apply in the workplace,” says ProfitAbility founder Brian Helweg-Larsen. “It’s about changing behavior in the most effective way possible to measurably improve business outcomes fast.”

Marshall Goldsmith summed it up perfectly "To help others develop, start with yourself" Astellas is hosting a full one day Magnetic Leadership simulation. This is our most popular and highly effective way to enhance your leadership development curriculum. Places are strictly limited to maximize involvement, and only a few seats remain.

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Supercharge your L&D with the Curatr social learning platform

US website launch

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Digital Learning

Leadership focus for US organizations

Where are you on the social learning ladder?

Social, Engaging & Accountable

Has your business embraced social learning yet or are you still just thinking about it?

Meet Curatr. If the name means nothing to you yet, this is our powerful social learning platform designed to increased engagement so learning really has rapid impact.

Add your vote to our snapshot poll. If you’ve more to say, email us and you could be a guest contributor to Game Changer. ProfitAbility's new US website focuses on the key issues for US organizations, recognizing the sophisticated and complex needs of our US clients.

It lets learners discover things and make connections for themselves, while allowing you to “curate”, to guide and control their learning journey.

The new website - managed from the Chicago HQ of ProfitAbility Inc. - highlights events, news and views that help make US business great

Full details

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Latest blog post

Skills survey update

Breakfast Debrief

Capturing the lightbulb moment

2 + 2 = some surprises

Who said “What leadership means is highly contextual”?

“I’m always amazed by the buzz and excitement after one of our

Controversial statements, interesting insights, real experiences.

simulation-based courses. In my job I see light bulb moments every day.“ Read the musings of ProfitAbility facilitator Philipp von Both in “The lightbulb moment in just two hours” ...

We’re adding up some unexpected results already in our first analysis of the Financial Skills survey. Gender differences and geographic divides are already making interesting appearances.

Don’t miss the highlights from last month’s Breakfast Briefing ‘Developing next gen Leaders’. Who said what and the rest of the whole debate is now available:

And who knows most about financial ways to improve profit: marketers or accountants? You might be surprised ...

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Full details

ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602 ProfitAbility UK Stables 1, Howbery Park Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA

May 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: dial 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing Massive leap for e-learning: Find out about MOOCs fast Last few seats remain: Magnetic Leadership Open Program Can social learning supercharge L&D?: Find out at ASTD 2013 in Dallas Real life light bulb moment: Discover some experiential experiences

M is for Massive: Get ready for the MOOCs Revolution

Meet us at #ASTD2013

E-learning accelerates to the next level You’ve almost certainly heard of MOOCS by now: Massive Open Online Courses. Anyone online can join these courses and most are entirely free. But when you discover that course providers now include Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and the universities of Edinburgh and London, then you will realize that something serious is going on here.This is e-learning on a whole new scale. The implications for the future of workplace L&D are challenging. “Central to the idea of MOOCS is open access and collaboration,” explains social learning pioneer Ben Betts, CEO of HT2, who has just launched a MOOC for managers with San Diego University. “C-MOOCs might mean organized chaos, but X-MOOCs stick to familiar online learning methods"

Don’t know your C-MOOCS from your X-MOOCS? Find out what both could mean for your future L&D:

See us at booth #1146 Can gamified, social and collaborative e-learning really supercharge your training? How does it work and could it work for you? For a free demo of the award-winning effective e-learning platform Curatr, meet us at booth #1146 from Sunday. You will meet critically renowned social learning innovator Ben Betts and VP of ProfitAbility Inc Alex Draper

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Essential US Leadership Event

SRC Case Study

The Magnetic Leadership Open Program Hosted by Astellas, Northbrook IL, May 30

“A great program for emerging leaders”

SRC was able to transform the high level planning process using the Strategic ProfitAbility program. ”The only program we’ve experienced that can Magnetic Leadership is the ultimate self-awareness simulation, designed to bring out leaders' natural style. Leaders won't get far unless people want to follow them.

accelerate the learning curve by creating a real to life, business building

The simulation is completely flexible to enhance any leadership

experience”, says SRC HR Director Keith Boatright

curriculum. Whatever leadership framework you use, we offer a solution that literally changes leadership behaviors overnight. To find out more, simply come along to this free Open Program.

Could Strategic ProfitAbility enhance your strategic planning proces?

Is your leadership programs ready for an uplift?

Read more Book your seat now Last few places remain

Experiential Learning

Leadership Debate

Have Your Say

Daily Lightbulb moments

Should leadership be taught at school?

How’s your budget?

"You don’t even realise you’re learning – you just have the desire to try out new ideas"

No sooner had one person floated the idea of schools teaching leadership than someone added “yes, but it needs to start with teachers first”.

“It gripped the workforce like no other course before”

"I’m now able to understand what I can do to help the bottom line" ProfitAbility master facilitator Philipp von Both speaks out about lightbulb moments ...

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Across the coffee cups another voice said “Schools only teach leadership tangentially,” while someone mentioned “what about youth employment? We should be giving them leadership training!” If you missed out on the ideas, insights and opinions at our last UK Breakfast Briefing, catch up now: the transcript is ready to read.

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ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602 ProfitAbility Business Simulations Ltd Stables 1, Howbery Park Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA

Has your L&D budget recovered? Is it still severely cut? Maybe it is growing, or was simply restructured? Add your austerity experience to the findings of our snapshot poll – in strictest confidence:

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June 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: dial 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing Prepare for VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity Meet an experiential facilitator Lederhosen secrets The power of social learning:Latest webinar Essential Event: Magnetic Leadership comes to Michigan

The new VUCA world is here But is your business ready for it?

My Lederhosen Life The private side of a ProfitAbility facilitator

All of us are already living in the new VUCA world – one no longer based on certainties and gradual change but on Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Sudden unexpected events and new challenges are being thrown at us faster than ever before. Whether you think about economic, political, social, technological or many other areas of life, unexpected events seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere and impact in complex ways on all of us. Unpredictability is the new norm. Sticking to old rigid assumptions and patterns of decision making can quickly leave a business lost. And that means how we plan business strategies has to change fast too or we all risk losing control of events. To meet this need, ProfitAbility has just devised a powerful new Scenario Planning Simulation to enable you to survive and prosper in this unpredictable new world.

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“Yes of course I have a pair of leather trousers (that's pants to you and me) - my kids do too.”. Though it’s true Phillipp von Both, master facilitator at ProfitAbility grew up in Germany don’t try forcing him into some Bavarian stereotype. He spends much of his spare time supporting the AngloGerman Association dedicated to strengthening mutual understanding. “You’ll be surprised how much confusion there can still be between Germans and Brits, transcultural communication is something training often ignores.” And did he always plan to be a facilitator? “Of course not,” he says, “I always wanted to live on a Greek Island. But there was a flaw in this plan: my fair skin. It burns so easily in the sun.” Are transcultural issues being ignored by training?

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Case Study

Essential Event

Essential Event

How Compass transformed managers' ability to influence business performance

Magnetic Leadership Open Program

Will social learning change the future of work?

Hosted by AAA, Dearborn MI, August 8

Social Learning Webinar: 8th July 2pm – 3pm Find out just how big the affects of social learning will be on your business by joining our upcoming online workshop next month. Increasingly

Compass Group and ProfitAbility have been working together for more than five years, and have developed and rolled out two important bespoke programs to support Compass' business performance framework. The training programs Mapping for Value™ and Mapping for Action™ - have a distinct goal: to empower every individual Compass employee to make a positive impact on business profitability.

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Magnetic Leadership is the ultimate self-awareness simulation, designed to bring out leaders' natural style. Leaders won't get far unless people want to follow them. The simulation is flexible to enhance any leadership curriculum. Whatever framework you use, this solution literally changes leadership behavior overnight.

experts think this new form of learning will change forever the whole future of work. Can this really be true? Eight key issues will be discussed in the webinar and you can submit your own questions in advance. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure everyone can engage, ask and participate so please register now!

To find out more, come along to this free Open Program.

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Have Your Say

Our 2013 Insight Quest is on its way

The problem with social learning

Where are you on the social learning ladder?

Just what exactly is so important about social learning? What does it really mean for business?

Has your business embraced social learning yet or are you still just thinking about it?

It’s almost time for our annual survey into what’s really happening in L&D today. Each year we collect, analyse and publish the views of professionals from around the world. This year, we want you to be part of it too. This survey is important and makes sure your views get heard. Take a look at last year’s Insight Report. The changes, trends and influences it spots are fascinating.

With insights from Microsoft's Dave Coplin, our latest blog post considers that the power of “social” goes beyond learning and development.

Add your vote to our snapshot survey. If you've more to say, email your questions and comments.

It's about the whole future of work.

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Catch up now

ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602 ProfitAbility Business Simulations Ltd Stables 1, Howbery Park Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA

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July 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: call 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing L&D Insight Survey 2013 Win an iPad Mini Key questions answered: Eight questions on social learning Leadership simulationV get a bad rap ...ODtest blog post Did you miss out? Previous issues of Game Changer re-released

Leadership simulations get a bad rap

Your views matter Tell us what you think about learning today You could win an iPad Mini for taking part Make sure your L&D priorities, views and experiences get noticed by peers and training providers alike. It’s time for our third annual ProfitAbility Insight survey. The survey focuses on the challenges learning organizations are facing today, with a special section on leadership development - what's working and what's not. Each year we collect, analyze and publish the views of business, HR and learning professionals so that organizations can learn what is really happening in L&D today. Click here to take a look at last year’s report.

Leadership simulations have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Costly to customize; overly complex; too much focus on the simulation and not about how to apply the learning; more focus on skills rather than on behaviors.

It takes less than ten minutes to give us your views. As a "thank you", we’ll enter you into our free Prize Draw – you could win an iPad mini, or one of five $75 Amazon vouchers.

Take part in the 2013 Insight Survey

Social learning

I am sure you have some of your own bad experiences ....

Latest blog post

Last chance this year

From unconscious learning to looting riots

Magnetic Leadership complimentary program

Just a few seats remain for the complimentary open program on August 8th in Dearborn. It can be surprising what comes up when experts start evaluating social learning. Should you start big or small? Does most learning happen formally or informally? And even is there a connection between the Birmingham looting riots and social learning?

Full report now available

Previous delegates include Abbott; Accenture; Astellas; BMO Harris; Discover; Eaton; GE; Kehe; Northwester Mutual

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Essential webinar

Reread Game Changer

Latest video

Achieving goals with structured social learning

Browse back issues now

Experts answer eight questions on social learning

Don’t miss out on the all that’s new in L&D thinking. Every month Game Changer looks at the trending ideas and brings you an essential briefing. Catch up on the last four issues now.

1. What is social learning? 2. What tools can I use? 3. How do I get started? 4. What are the risks? These answers were recorded on June 19th. The answers to 4 more questions will be available in Aug.

Set goals, achieve milestones, optimise learning – social learning can do it all all. As long as you know the right way to use it that is. Discover how to make Curatr (our new structured social learning platform) work for you. Curatr Webinar 9 September

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ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602

Expert opinion

August 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: call 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing What’s changing in L&D? Our Insight Quest keeps track Simulations mean financial success: New Infographic The CLO and Talent Managment Forum: Meet us in Scottsdale AZ Social learning updates: Next videos ready to watch

What’s really happening in L&D today?

Update your engagement!

Add your opinions to the first results from the 2013 L&D Insight Quest

The launch of Curatr 3.0 adds even more engaging features

Have you had your say yet in our influential, annual survey into the L&D industry? These days, nothing stays the same for long and we’re anxious to accurately track the trends and changes over the last 12 months in the 2013 Insight Survey Have we shifted our priorities and interests in L&D? We need you to contribute so we can build a really up-to-date picture. Last year leadership development was identifies as the top learning priority, with strategic implementation following close behind. Will these results stay the same? Or have our concerns and focus shifted? So far, early results are interesting. They show over 85% of those surveyed have a leadership development curriculum – but it’s often not having the results that were hoped for. Strategic implementation has slipped back down the list of priorities. But measuring the ROI of learning and improving company culture have both zoomed up into top spots. It’s not too late to add your views. You'll receive a copy of the full analysis, and could win an iPad mini just for taking part.

Take part in the 2013 Insight Survey

More user-friendly, more intuitive and with more gamification Curatr 3.0 is here! We’ve listened to all the user comments about our social learning platform and integrated these into the latest version, adding extra special enhancements of our own. Get in touch now and we’ll organize an exclisive one-on-one preview. Explore the ingenious new ways Curatr 3.0 now involves the user: you can discover the Learning Locker, sign up for a MOOC and as Curatr 3.0 uses HTML5 it can be used on more devices than ever before, making it a really versatile learning tool.

Preview now

Case Study


ProfitAbility at CLO

Learning solutions for the energy sector

Simulations at a glance

Meet us at the premier networking event for senior L&D professionals “The CLO and Talent Management Forum is an event I look forward to every year. The atmosphere of collaboration and sharing is so rich, I leave full of ideas and partners/resources to help us implement them" VP HR & Talent Management, Dow Jones & Company

ProfitAbility has had a long association with the energy and utilities sector, starting in the late '90s when North American power utilities were facing deregulation. Then, as today, change was a great driver of learning. ProfitAbility solutions for the energy sector range from gas and hydro to nuclear, covering generation, hedging, distribution and retail.

Case study

The CLO & Talent Management Forum September 8 - 10 2013, The Phoenician, Scottsdale, AZ

Why are simulations such a powerful form of learning? Is there proof they really improve financial results? And how do they work? All this can be seen in an instant in our new Infographic – great for meetings or putting in proposals.

Meet us there


Making learning stick

Reread Game Changer

Experts evaluate ...

Ten Top Tips

For thoughtleaders & trendspotters

... social learning

Everyone agrees that the best workplace learning makes a real difference to the business. But how can you make sure learning really sticks? Based on 50 years of measurable success with companies like Nestlé (increased their share price), Compass (made group wide cost savings) and BT (turned managers into leaders) read our top tips which work!

Free guides

Staying up to speed with all the latest in L&D is a big effort, so we make it easy for you. Every month we bring you an overview of new ideas, innovative thinking and all the key trends that are being talked about, as well as evaluating their importance. If you missed out and still don’t know your XMOOCs from your VUCA world, the last 6 issues of Game Changer are all available to read again now.

Catch up now

ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602

Sit back and watch the stimulating debate recorded at our recent Breakfast Briefing. The next four videos in the series cover everything from the benefits of social learning to measuring its effect.

Watch debate or

Read report

September 2013 - The latest L&D thinking For more information: call 630-303-4300 or email

Essential briefing Financial skills: Why we all need them Top scoring simulation: Magnetic leadership feedback Social learning leap: Join Curatr3 webinar Be an L&D trendspotter: Insight Quest 2013

Is lack of financial acumen holding you back?

Feedback surprises facilitator

It’s a big mistake in business to think only those in financial skills departments need to understand the numbers. In fact, every professional performs better with a solid understanding of how profits are made in their organization – including those of us working in fields like HR, Training and Performance Improvement. But give everyone business acumen and the success of your whole organization can be transformed. Need convincing? Experience it for yourself in this powerful simulation. Business Acumen Simulation: for Training, Performance Improvement and HR Professionals 16 October 2013: MSU Tollgate Education Center, 2811 Meadowbrook Rad, Novi, MI 48377

Don't miss this

Business acumen is good for your career as well as your organization Knowing how every decision you take affects the bottom line helps power the performance of your whole business. And it’s good for your career too. If you’re trying to get your ideas heard by seniors they will expect you to speak the language of finance. Understanding the principles of making profit and loss will add weight to your arguments and show you really know what you’re talking about.

Leadership simulation impresses a hard to please audience of hardened L&D professionals Here’s one leadership simulation that has definitely dumped the bad image this sort of training sometimes gets. Instead of criticisms about being costly to customize and too complex, the one day Magnetic leadership simulation at AAA Michigan this summer really wowed the crowd. And this was no ordinary crowd but an audience of seasoned Talent and L&D professionals. “I expected and got a stimulating and very different take on leadership simulations,” said one. “I have never been on a program where everyone was so engaged, no one even wanted to check their email,” said another. Feedback this great needs further investigating. Could this be just what your organization needs to include in your own leadership development program?

Read feedback

Led by Alex Draper, VP of ProfitAbility America As lead designer and facilitator of Profitability's Business Acumen Simulations in N. America, Alex ensures that the lessons of finance and business are reinforced at every step of the learning journey. Prestigious companies like Nestle, Roche, GE, Siemens and many more already use these simulations to empower their people.

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Insight Quest

Transcultural change

Essential webinar

Help us trend spot

Is this big change being ignored?

Get updated on social learning

Whether your organization operates globally or not, the likelihood today is your colleagues, suppliers and customers could come from anywhere in the world. They bring with them all different cultural ideas about hierarchies, personal interaction, expressing individual views or challenging ideas. Are we taking account of this in training or pretending this difference doesn’t exist? Philipp von Both of ProfitAbility raises this controversial topic:

If you want to apply the advantages of social learning to your own training goals, you’ll want to know about Curatr v3.0. This latest version of the successful social learning program enhances the experience even more with upgraded capabilities, visual impact and user flexibility. Discover how to make the most of it in your organization by joining this online workshop now. Numbers are strictly limited so act fast! Curatr v3.0 Webinar 29th October:

What’s really changing in the world of training today? What new priorities are emerging or future trends on the rise? Is it still all about leadership? Or more about online training and social learning? Are budgets still being cut or are we investing in development again? Add your views to our influential and international annual Insight Survey and help us track the trends and changes in 2013.

Enter Insight Survey 2013

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Thoughtleader Insight

White Paper


Are you profitable?

Taking charge of change

50 seconds to survive change

If frequent change is now normal, how can we prepare our organizations to cope? Staff will constantly need to adapt their skills and learn new ones. In this influential White Paper, backed by recent case studies, it’s argued that one of the most effective ways to do this is the clever use of business simulations.

In less than one minute this short video clip will tell you exactly what experiential learning is and why it can be the key to coping with change. This different way of learning lets people try out new skills, practice adapting to new situations and develop the flexibility needed to survive in changing times.

In a changing world, is the definition of profitability as simple as it used to be? At college we were told profit means revenue less expenses. But which revenues and what expenses should you include? And is ‘being profitable’ about just making a monthly profit or creating and sustaining value?

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Read paper

ProfitAbility Inc 134 N. LaSalle St, Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60602 ProfitAbility Business Simulations Ltd Stables 1, Howbery Park Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA

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Gamechanger US  

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