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All About Positive Dear Friends and Colleagues: It is easy to get caught up in the myriad of obstacles and challenges, both personal and professional, that we must face and overcome on a day to day basis. One of the blessings of writing an annual report is the opportunity to look beyond these daily concerns to reflect on the progress made, the successes achieved, and the opportunities yet to be grasped and realized. One could say, it is the chance to be all about positive. Here at Community Alliance, there is much to be positive about. Our positive history and legacy. Our continued growth. A cadre of staff and volunteers second to none, all dedicated to educating, teaching, connecting with and positively impacting our community. The immeasurable value of our partnership with you and with the countless professionals, advocates, leaders and visionaries with who we interact across Nebraska and the U.S.


We are positively positive about one thing in particular - the strength and

Helping people with

power of recovery. People come to Community Alliance to get and stay

mental illness achieve

well. They overcome homelessness and reconnect with community here.

their unique potential

They develop strengths and skills here. They learn what it takes to achieve physical as well as mental wellness here. They reconnect with families

and to live, work, learn

and go back to work here. They learn about recovery and they achieve

and contribute in a

recovery here.

community of

We thank each and every person who has contributed to the many,

mutual support.

many positive stories of recovery that have been realized this past year. With your help, we positively look forward to many more such stories in the days, weeks and years to come. Sincerely,

Carole J. Boye Chief Executive Officer



Positive Legacy Ours is a legacy of identifying the need, responding to that need, getting results and celebrating individual and collective successes. We learned that from our founders 37 years ago. These pioneers were positive that we could do better than the revolving door of hospitals and institutions for their adult children and for all those living with mental illness. And they were right! Our continuum of services have been called innovative, essential, a model for others and rooted in the community. It is all of these. But mostly, our continuum of services is about the recovery focused, positive outlook we have for the men and women we serve, helping them to live, work, learn and contribute as friends, family members, co-workers and members of our community.

Persons Served Psychiatric and Counseling Services Individualized diagnosis, counseling, therapy and medication support.

Primary Health Care Physical health care integrated with mental health care, including acute, preventative, and chronic disease management, care coordination and wellness support. Rehabilitation Services Services to help restore strengths and skills for those living with serious mental illness.

Employment and Community Services Housing, job and community supports when and where you need it.

Family and Peer Support Practical, hands-on advice and understanding from others who have been there.


Psychiatric Care




Primary Health Care


Assertive Community Treatment



Day Rehabilitation






Employment Services

Community Support



Family Education and Support


Residential Rehabilitation

Peer Support

Homeless Service

Safe Harbor Peer Crisis Services Guests


Safe Harbor Peer Crisis Services Callers


Positive Growth Our growth is purposeful and continuous. We work to remain responsive to the needs of those facing mental health challenges. We reach out to men and women who could benefit from our help. We continue to develop services that promote physical as well as mental health and wellness providing alternatives to the use of hospital and emergency room services and meet basic needs. And we take steps to approach our work in smarter, more efficient means through evidence-based practices and the use of technology.

Growth in 2018 Our areas of growth in 2018 reflect our knowledge that physical and mental health are inextricably inter-related and overlooking this reality leads to increased disability and early death. It acknowledges that expanding access to services requires up-to-date methodologies in our outreach efforts. As our field



increasingly understands that traditional treatment and medication methods are not enough, the need for expanded housing resources, work opportunities and meaningful social connections also expands, leading to the development of additional resources in these important areas.

• Persons served in 2018 increased by 4.6% over the prior year. • 14 new apartments were added as a result of renovations to our MorningStar facility. • With the addition of a full-time primary healthcare provider and nurse care coordinator, our integrated health care clinic is open on a full-time basis with walk-in hours and same day access. • A pilot program inserting peers in emergency shelters was successfully implemented and obtained continuation funding for the next two years. • Expanded outreach efforts resulted in doubling the number of on-site guests at the Safe Harbor peer crisis diversion program and increasing warm line calls by 22% over the prior year. • Community Alliance provided peer support training which helped expand the available peer support workforce state-wide with 56 people completing coursework in preparation for State certification. • Following a comprehensive review and assessment, our communication and outreach strategies were significantly overhauled, resulting in a broader outreach effort incorporating updated website, social media, print and other materials.


Increase of people served from the previous year


New apartments were added to MorningStar facility


Increase in warm line calls at Safe Harbor peer crisis services over the prior year


People completed coursework in preparation for State certification through comprehensive peer support training

• A new electronic health record system providing more robust integration capabilities, improved functionality and greater capacity for data mining and alternative contracting was purchased at year end with implementation planned in 2019.


Positive Action. Positive Outcomes. Our new tag line, ‘Positive Action. Positive Outcomes’ was introduced in 2018, stating simply and succinctly what our clients, partners, payers and community can expect from us each and every day, and what we expect from ourselves. We plan. We act. We helped 2,620 men and women this past year meeting them where they are at and helping them chart their unique course toward recovery. And our actions, across the organization and all our services, led to positive results.


Clients reported stabilization or improvement in symptoms

Clients reported reduced psychological distress



Clients reported improved ability to deal with daily problems



Clients reported that they benefitted from services received


Improved Mental Health • 70% of those using Community Alliance as their primary psychiatric or therapy provider reported stabilization or improvement in symptoms that impact their life; 80% reported reduced psychological distress. • 94% of clients responding to a post-discharge survey reported improved ability to deal with daily problems as a result of services; 97% reported that they benefitted from services received.

Improved Mental Health (cont.) • 85% of persons served in 2018 achieved and maintained a level of recovery and community tenure that averted psychiatric hospitalization. • 98% of persons served by the Safe Harbor crisis diversion program credited these peer services with preventing an emergency room visit or hospitalization.


Persons served averted psychiatric hospitalization


Persons served by Safe Harbor credit this program with preventing ER visits or hospitalization

Improved Physical Health Of those using Community Alliance as their primary health care provider: • 72% of those identified with hypertension and at higher risk for stroke were able to decrease their blood pressure.

Community Stability • Nine out of 10 persons experiencing chronic homelessness and moved into housing by the agency’s homeless services staff were able to achieve housing stability outside the emergency shelter system while in services. • 71% of persons served within Residential Rehabilitation services transitioned to more independent living at time of discharge.

• 54% of individuals who were diabetic or pre-diabetic showed improvement in blood glucose; 57% showed improvement in triglycerides. • 63% of individuals involved in smoking cessation efforts improved their CO readings.

9 of 10

Persons moved into housing were able to achieve housing stability


Person served transitioned to more independent living

Economic Stability • Seven out of 10 persons without any source of income at the time of admission were aided in obtaining financial resources through employment, federal and state assistance programs, or other means.

Satisfaction • 97% of respondents among persons served indicated that they felt emotionally safe in services and an equal number reported satisfaction with the services provided.

• 68% of all SSI/SSDI applications submitted using the best practice SOAR model were approved in an average of 78 days, significantly surpassing national approval rates and wait times for persons with mental illness.


Person served say they felt emotionally safe in services and were satisfied


Positive Partnerships We engage and partner with many organizations and colleagues to coordinate services and expand the behavioral health workforce. Our collaborations help to further system-wide development and use of best practices. We work to support families, promote better understanding of mental illness and lessen the tragedy of suicide. We participate in community and state-wide planning efforts to identify and address gaps and expand our collective impact. We engage our elected officials and advocate for sound public policies and effective use of resources that support Nebraskans in their recovery.

Organization and Coalition Partners • Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN)

• OneWorld Community Health Centers

• Center for Integrated Health Solutions

• Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare

• Creighton University Department of Psychiatry/CHI Health

• UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

• Community Alliance Consumer Council

• United Way of the Midlands

• Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

• Visiting Nurse Association

• Heartland CIT Council

• WellCare of Nebraska

• Human Resource Association of the Midlands

• Women’s Center for Advancement

• Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless (MACCH) • Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition • National Council for Behavioral Health • Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations • Nebraska Total Care • Nonprofit Association of the Midlands

Community Collaborations • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Nebraska Chapter • Interagency Street Outreach Team • MAHA Music Festival • MACCH Homeless Review Team • NAMI-Nebraska • Out of the Darkness Community Walk to Prevent Suicide • Project Homeless Connect Omaha • Region 6 Clinical Review Team • Sarpy County Sequential Intercept Mapping

Educational Partners • Bellevue University • Clarkson College • Creighton University • Doane University • Nebraska Methodist College • University of Nebraska Medical Center • University of Nebraska Omaha



Positive Community We partner with a generous and caring community to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness. This positive community effort culminates each year with Breaking the Silence, one of the largest and most influential mental illness awareness events in the Midwest.

“Recovery looks different for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to others. We must run our own race.”

Yashi Brown

In 2018, more than 600 people and 70 sponsors came together to hear author and poet Yashi Brown describe the fear and desperation that comes with untreated bipolar disorder, and how treatment, family and community support led to her recovery. Brown, the niece of music legend Michael Jackson, is now a leading advocate seeking to dispel myths and stereotypes still associated with mental illness. She travels nationally to encourage broader access to the treatment and support vital to the recovery process.

Our Commitment Our positive collaboration with community is built on principles of accountability, stewardship and integrity in the utilization of the resources entrusted to us. Our deep and enduring commitment to these principles was recognized this past year by Community Alliance’s receipt of the 2018 Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau.



Donations 2018 Because of a generous and caring community, we are able to provide services to those who otherwise cannot afford it. We are able to enrich lives. We are able to save lives. Our thanks to all who, through their contribution of time, money, talent and in-kind gifts have made, and continue to make our positive legacy, growth, action, outcomes and partnerships possible and keep recovery in reach for all who experience mental illness. Advanced Cardiovascular Care Mary Ahern Chris and Kristen Ahrens All Makes Office Equipment Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture Christabel Alphonso, DNP Jane Alseth American National Bank Kathryn Anderson Christine Angell Anonymous (8) Cathy Armstrong David Arp Anders Backlund The Baer Foundation Michael Baez Baird Holm LLP Jack and Judy Baker Jerry and Rosalie Barabas Bill Barclay Carmella Barlow John and Lori Bartle Billy and Brenda Bassett Bridget Battafarano Joel Bauch Don and Peg Baxter Mogens and Cindy Bay Beardmore Chevrolet Subaru Lana Becerra Behavioral Health Support Foundation Theresa Bench Diane Bender Jana Benitez Sheldon Bernard Billings Photography Brent Bloom


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska Steve and Elizabeth Borgmann George Burcum and Susan Boust, MD Carole Boye Gary and Jane Boye Larry and Judy Boye Vicki Boye Aileen Brady George and Dolly Brady Larry and Marjorie Brennan Jon and Connie Breuning Christa A. Brown Christa F. Brown Nathan Bruce, DO and Marin Broucek, MD Builders Supply Co., Inc. Dave Bushey Bob and Kim Butler C L Enterprises, Inc. C & A Industries, Inc. Denise Campbell and Donna Wilson Mike and Elizabeth Cassling Anthony and Sara Cerasoli Lynne Chesire CHI Health Laura Christiansen Chuck and Maureen Clark Deborah Clay Colliers International | Omaha Ed and Beth Conoan Craig and Juli Coppersmith Francis and Mary Ann Coppersmith Leni Corbett Martie Cordaro Tammy Counter Mary Couture Jessica Covi


Rosie Crawford Creighton University Deborah Cruell Jay Daily Hal and Mary Daub Rubye Davie Dan and Paulette Dellovechio Deloitte designRoom Darcie Dingman John Donaldson Trish Donoghue Stu Dornan Dornan Law Team Nancy Dorris Evette Dorsey Lyndsey Dresen Chris and Susan Drew Dave Dunlap Gail Edmonds Tonya Eggspuehler Cara Ehegartner Election Systems Software Martha Elias Elks Grand Lodge #39 Kerry Ellis Caitlin Embke The Enrichment Foundation John and Sharon Estabrook Rita Evans Nancy Ewin Family Medicine Interest Group, University of Nebraska Medical Center Janice Fitzpatrick Sara Flint Mary Ellen Flott Aimee Folker

Mollie Foster, PhD Meghan Francis Arvin and Vershelle Frazier Jim and Kathleen Gade Tim Garnatz John and Sally Gass Genoa Healthcare Bill and Kathy Gerber James and Deanne Gerking Cathy Gilland Lisa Glandt Miles Glasgow Jim Glazer Eunice Goldgrabe Ellie Goodsell Grass Wizzard Lawn Service Dana Grisham Susan Hall Dustin Harriman Lori Harris Beth Haste Thomas and Carol Haste Kim and Karen Hawkins Howard and Rhonda Hawks The Hawks Foundation Jennifer Hazuka Headline Salon Muirne Heaney Tom Heelan The Heider Family Foundation Brian Heidvogel Priscilla Henkelmann Sue Herbert Tim and Kareen Hickman Brad and Katie Hove Mike and Lauren Hupp Hy-Vee 50th & Center Ban Ibraheem iHeartMedia | Omaha Immanuel Vision Foundation Steve and Bambi Ineson Information Analytics, LLC Jakub Property Management Rich and JoAnne Jarvis Jerico’s Restaurant

Matt Jetter George Jock Johnson Roofing and Construction Adam and Ande Johnson Andy Johnson and Kathy Gerking Dolores Johnson Paul and Elizabeth Johnson Scott and Jennifer Julich Rich and Kathy Kalal Ricky and Lisa Kanne Kelley Plucker LLC Cheryl Kessell Aimee Ketcham Steve and Kim Kidder Kiewit Corporation The Kim Foundation Dan and Kari Kinsella Pamela Kirkpatrick George Kleine Joyce Kochen Jack and Stephanie Koraleski John and Wende Kotouc Richard and Ella Kozal Marc and Joan Kraft Murial Kuckler Kuehl Capital Corporation Sangeetha Kumar John and Amy Kunz Jackie Lamb Lindy Larsen James and Michaela Laufenberg Stephen Lazoritz, MD Timothy and Jane Leahy Mike and Susan Lebens Lorie Lewis Steve and Stephanie L’Heureux Charlene Liesveld George and Anna Little Lozier Foundation George and Sandy Lozier Gerry and Lucille Luke John and Vanita Lund Barb Lupton Lutz Preston Maas

Deborah Macdonald Mackintosh Charitable Trust Jim and Lynda Madison Beth Malone Mammel Foundation Marcotte Robert Mathews, MD and Terri Mathews, PhD Mike and Nancy McCarthy John and Deborah McCollister Tamela McCreadie Marcia McDonald Beverly McDowell Mike and Ruth McGrath Cheri McGregor Lori McGuire Jeff McKain Scott and Melissa McMullen Kathy Menke Merrill Lynch, Ambrose/ Lighthart Team Michele Merrill Methodist Health System Christine Miali Christopher Todd Mickelson Hilaire Miller Leon and Deirdre Milobar Jennifer Moffett Moglia Family Foundation Matthew Monks Samuel and Edna Morford Ralph and Mikaelah Morocco Samantha Mosser Jennifer Muckey Randy and Darlene Mueller James and Marlene Mullally Mutual of Omaha Mutual of Omaha Bank Mutual of Omaha Foundation William Naidenovich Nannen & Harte Physical Therapy National American University John Naujokaitis RJ and Liz Neary Annette Nebbia


Nebraska Medicine Nebraska Total Care Diane Nelson Kimberly Nelson Amanda Nemec Peg Neumann Larry and Janice Novicki Nox-Crete Products Group Bill and Sue Oakes Doug and Lori Obermier Jim and Jane O’Brien Christopher and Tracy Olnhausen Omaha Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District Omaha Public Power District Fred Osterholtz Dave and Lori Pankonin Andrew Parker Nick and Melanie Parrish John and Joyce Passarelli Richard and Cathy Pedersen Wayne and Sarita Penka Gweneth Petersen Pinnacle Bank Donna Poor Keith Pudvah Patricia Pupkes David Pursel Robin Puskar Robin Putnam Ron and Teri Quinn Curt Ratliff Amy Reed Stacy Ring and Scott Neal Lou Anne Rinn Darryl and Sarah Rivers Jossy Rogers Mary Rommelfanger Perry Root Francis Roy Laurie Rucoba Haralynn Russell Rick and Carol Russell

Ryan Evans Counseling Mike Saklar Zac and Stephanie Samson Ann Sayles David and Nola Schettler Angie Schindler-Berg Suzi Schofield Robin Schroeder Sandy Schwartz John and Dianne Scott William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation Seim Johnson LLP Seline Family Foundation Ron and Teresa Semerena Shaver Decorating, Inc. The Sherwood Foundation Peggy Shirley Martha Shoemaker Simmonds Family Foundation Bryan and Leslie Slone Marcia Smith Smitty’s Garage | Omaha Tom and Jayne Soener Jai Sookram Jeffrey and Jennifer Sparrock St. Joan of Arc Church and School Sheri Stanek Michael Starkey Ken and Ann Stinson Streck, Inc. Susan Stroesser Damon and Sheritta Strong, MD JoAnn Strong Denise Stuart SunCo Robert and Sharon Swartzbaugh Family Foundation David Taylor Tenaska Thompson Roofing Yvonne Tixier Y Vigil Deborah Trivitt

11 C O M M U N I T Y A L L I A N C E | 2 0 1 8 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Tom and Anne Trouba Trusted Wealth Partners Tim and Jeanne Tse Justin and Ashley Tuma Two Men and A Truck Union Bank & Trust Company Union Pacific University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry University of Nebraska at Omaha Andrea Utesch Valmont Industries Maria Villarino Kimber Virus Ronald Volkmer Richard Vosik Kathleen Vrana Madeline Wahl Jennifer Walet Cheryl Walker Brooke Wamberg Diana Lynn Warner Monica Weidman Weitz Family Foundation WellCare of Nebraska Ken and Ali Wesely Andrew Whiteing Jeff Wibel Pat Williby Marc and Tara Wisdom Rachel Yamamoto The Jim & Shirley Young Family Foundation Kelli Young Ryan Youtz Robert and Pamela Zambelli Patty Zieg and Tim Higgins

Memorials and Tributes In Honor of Kristen Aherns Lennie Zessin

In Memory of Paul Hammerly Byron and Sharon Smith

In Memory of Kathy Neumann Charles Neumann

In Memory of Jake Barnes Teresa and Ron Semerena

In Honor of Howard and Rhonda Hawks Karen Snow Jolene Wohlers

In Honor of Michael A. O’Meara Francis and Marjorie O’Meara

In Honor of Claus Backlund Anders Backlund Coverys In Honor of Community Alliance Staff Sydney Buckland Cindy Hadsell Stephen Lazoritz, MD In Honor of Louise Ulrich and Colm Breathnach Toby Asplin Lisa Kaderly Leon and Deirdre Milobar Joshua Sagucio John Savage Joyce Savage Melissa Torrez William and Charlene Weber In Memory of Pat Burford Joyce and Larry Kochen In Memory of Robin Defoe Hugh and Peggy Oelschlager In Memory of Kyle Duckert George and Billie Callas Mary Ann Duckert In Memory of James Edick Richard and Shauna Hautzinger In Honor of Kathy and Bill Gerber Richard and Shauna Hautzinger Jeff and Beth Moberg In Memory of Peg and Joe Gerber Richard and Shauna Hautzinger In Memory of Bill Gurnett Chris and Lorri Gurnett

In Memory of Teresa Hunzeker Dan Bump William Geis Howard and Rhonda Hawks Mona Kadri Kevin and Cindy Kohlscheen John-Keith and Darla Parks Kevin Smith Paul and Annette Smith Southern Gas Association

In Memory of Robert O’Neill Dave and Sara Sharpe In Memory of Bryan Lee Peck Randall and Laraine Peck In Memory of Keith Post Darren Post In Honor of David Pursel Barbara Mazurak In Memory of Wayne Rankin Leslie Heydorn

In Memory of Doug Kupfer John and Peggy Kupfer

In Memory of Erich Robbins Valerie Wagner

In Memory of Mary Ann Langmaack Noyes and Karen Bartholomew

In Memory of James Rubio David Rubio

In Memory of Karen Nelson Lienemann W.C. and Shirley Nelson In Memory of David and Linda Loyd B-Co, Inc. In Memory of Nolan “Roy” Long Dana Grisham In Memory of Kevin Mackey A. and J.F Narduzzo Kristin Walkley In Honor of Maureen Toberer-Mangan Jennifer Mangan

In Memory of Frank and Matilda Siedlik John and Sally Gass In Memory of Meg Smith Leslie Peterson In Memory of Stephen Spelic Brent Bloom In Memory of Kevin Stewart Deb Stewart In Memory of Kevin M. Strong JoAnn Strong In Memory of Amy Vossler Larry and Judy Boye

In Memory of Jeremy McQuillan Loretta Wolf

In Honor of Dorothy Smith-Whitmore Dennie Whitmore

In Memory of Chris Neilsen Rebecca Cooke Peer Support Team

We regret any errors or omissions in acknowledging friends, supporters and those who paid tribute to others through their donations in 2018.


Financial Summary Revenue & Support Earned Contracts & Fee for Service


Rent & Other Housing Related


Client Fees


Restricted Grants & Contributions


Fundraising & Other Donations


Interest & Other


Total Operating Revenue


Operating Expenses Residential Rehabilitation Services


Community Support Services


Day Rehabilitation Services


Family Education/Peer Support Services Assertive Community Treatment

501,837 1,434,937

Homeless Services


Vocational Services




Behavioral Health Education Peer Crisis Diversion Integrated Health/Outpatient Services

96,130 598,830 1,053,227

Housing Related Services


Fundraising & Other Expense


Depreciation Expense


Total Operating Expense


Net Operating Gain (Loss) Before Capital Investments


Capital Investments Land/Buildings


Capital Equipment, Vehicles Total Capital Investments

258,363 $1,866,061

Net Operating Gain (Loss) After Capital Investments

$ (979,196)

Data related to persons served exclude information, referral and other one-time assistance provided through various services and is for the program and fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. The services of Community Alliance are funded, in part, by the Nebraska Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare; United Way of the Midlands; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Summary financial information provided is for the audited fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. Of total program costs incurred by Community Alliance, $3,892,203 or 30% was funded by the Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health, Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare, or federal dollars passed through these entities during the period referenced.

13 C O M M U N I T Y A L L I A N C E | 2 0 1 8 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Profile of

Persons Served Total Persons Served:



54% Male



1% 3%



Native American






Race/ Ethnicity






17% 25-34




Age 19% 35-44












Income at Time of Admission





Schizophrenia, Other Thought Disorders


Bipolar Disorder




Primary Diagnosis



Major Aective Disorder


2018 Board of Directors Jane Alseth Attorney (retired)

Muirne Heaney Legal Aid of Nebraska

Sue Oakes Community Volunteer

Jon Breuning Baird Holm LLP

Ande Johnson Community Volunteer

Robin Putnam iHeart Media

Jay Daily Lozier Corporation

George Kleine Kiewit Corporation

Carol Russell Community Volunteer

Stu Dornan Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway

Lorie Lewis American National Bank

Stephanie Samson Nebraska Medicine

Ralph Morocco Community Volunteer

Sheri Stanek Omaha Public Power District

Samantha Mosser Union Bank & Trust

Tara Wisdom Lutz

Darlene Mueller Community Volunteer

Patty Zieg Attorney

Tonya Eggspuehler Union Pacific Railroad Kathy Gerber Community Volunteer Susan Hall Clarkson College of Nursing

This annual report is a publication of Community Alliance. The Board of Directors and all employees are committed to carrying out their responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner reflecting Community Alliance’s mission, values and purpose. Community Alliance operates within a multi-corporate structure designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its many operations and to meet various statutory and regulatory requirements. Our service area includes the greater Omaha area and the five Nebraska counties in the Region 6 behavioral health area. All corporations comprising the Community Alliance system are recognized as nonprofit, charitable corporations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law.

4001 Leavenworth Street • Omaha, NE 68105 • 402.341.5128 •

© Community Alliance, Inc., 2018

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2018 Community Alliance Annual Report  

2018 Community Alliance Annual Report highlights the organization's successes, milestones and outcomes.

2018 Community Alliance Annual Report  

2018 Community Alliance Annual Report highlights the organization's successes, milestones and outcomes.

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