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Collaborative Relationship Management training 12th September 2013. Jūrmala, Latvia Learn more:


Training details:

Strong collaboration skills result in successful problem solving, idea generation and product/process improvement internally and externally. These skills are essential for every team member. They are especially important in today's multicultural, multi-generational, multi-location workforce and for newly formed teams that are trying to adapt to new projects and responsibilities.

Date: 2013.09.12 Start at 9:30 - 17:00 in English Place: Hotel Jūrmala Spa & Conference Centre, Jūrmala, Latvia.

How do you view your Customers today?


A “means to an end”? A “necessary evil”? Someone to transact business with? Or, a genuine partnership seeking shared beneficial results for both parties? Especially in a competitive B2B environment, how key Customers are positively managed is not just “nice to have” but a strategic imperative where collaboration is essential.

ECR Baltic members: EUR 400 + 21% VAT Others: EUR 600 + 21% VAT

Target Audience The course is designed for teams who interact with one or more major customers in their business. Ideally these teams will be “multi-functional” if the business is conducted by more than Buyers and Sellers.

Promo! Use EUR 50 discount code: “CRM50” before 1st July 2013 (for non ECR Baltic members only!)

Hotel booking special rate EUR 95 for upgraded double room.

Who Should Attend You may believe yourself to be a natural collaborator or you may be more comfortable working independently. Either way, a few simple behavioral changes can make you an even better team player. The training is particularly valuable to Team Leaders or indeed full business teams.

How You Will Benefit

Fly to Riga and Jūrmala, check your favorite airline connection, here: Register online:

• Understanding your “Personal Collaborating Effectiveness” – your strengths and opportunities • Increase your business success rate. • Improve your professional relationships - groups outperform individuals on complex tasks and individuals then do better on later individual's assignments as well. • Gets greater satisfaction working with others. • Enhance your reputation in the organization.

Learn more about the training, here: Contact us: Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic +37126546645

About the Facilitator Kevin Hawkins has more than 35 years professional experience in leading the development and deployment of Sales Capability programs for more than 10,000 employees of Procter & Gamble and its business partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA). He has a background in the Sales function and is highly qualified to train Selling and Negotiation skills. Kevin also has wide experience of and is an authoritative and dynamic speaker on a range of Commercial skills. These include Leadership, Teamwork, Coaching, Motivation, Execution and Formal Presentation skills.

Testimonials: "Kevin has left his mark on many businesses and thousands of people who have benefitted from his training and coaching. I am one of those to benefit immensely from Kevin, both professionally and personally." Stefan Scholl, Vice President, Customer Business Development, CEEMEA “Kevin is definitely in the top, top list of the trainers. His great moderating, training and coaching skills helped to shape up generations of the current and future P&G leaders across the globe." Andrey Fedulov, Director, Customer Development, Carlsberg Group, Switzerland

Shopper Marketing Master Class 15th November 2013. Tallinn, Estonia Learn more:

Extend your stay at ECR Baltic Forum 2013 from 13th to 14th of November in Tallinn and get the most from it by participating in Shopper Marketing MasterClass on 15th of November! Purpose: This session is structured as a Master-Class in Shopper Marketing, Shopper Insight and Shopper Behavior. The objective of the session is to understand shopper behavior with the view to using that insight to develop Shopper Marketing strategies to gain incremental sales. Who Should Attend

Training details: Date: 2013.11.15 Start at 10:00 - 16:15 in English Place: Sokos Viru Hotel, Tallinn

Price: ECR Baltic members: EUR 400 + 20% VAT Others: EUR 600 + 20% VAT


This session is suitable for those working in Shopper Marketing, Category Management, Trade Marketing, Key Accounts, Consumer Marketing, and for internal company sessions, Operations and Finance may also benefit from an understanding of the subject.

Use EUR 50 discount code: “SM50” before 1st October 2013 (for non ECR Baltic members only!)

What you will learn:

Hotel booking special rate EUR 70/75 single/double standard

• An outline of shopper behavior and how shoppers develop routine habits in what they buy • An exploration of the social, neurological and behavioral forces governing shopper behavior and how they impact particularly on grocery shopping • Understanding the unconscious shopper: Why we buy and how unconscious motivations are responsible for more than we think > Freud and beyond • The implications of unconscious behavior for effective shopper research: A look at ethnography, observation and immersion • Irrationality: How and why shoppers can be manipulated regardless of rational thought • The failure of retail to trigger additional sales through retail atmospherics, and the need for more emotive engagement in-store • Utilizing the shopper 5 senses to drive incremental sales: sight, sound, scent, taste and touch • Shopper Marketing > Where to from here? How do Shopper Marketing and Category Management activities fit together? • Barriers to effective Shopper Marketing: Budgets, Organizational Structures, Consumer Marketing Focus • Proving it Works: Predictive Analysis, Experimentation and the need for Control

About the Facilitator The master-class is presented by Ken Hughes , who is one of Europe's leading FMCG shopper and consumer behaviouralists . Over the past 12 years, as the founding Director of Glacier Consulting, he has pioneered developments in shopper behavior insight, particularly in the fields of ethnography, ethnomethodology and biometric shopper research. His expertise in these fields, together with strong knowledge from his consultancy experience in Category Management and Shopper Marketing, results in a strong client base across retailers, blue-chip suppliers and third party agencies. He is a part-time lecturer in Consumer Behavior in University College Cork, and a regular invited keynote speaker at international industry conferences. His interests extend to neuromarketing and behavioral economics, with particular focus on their application to shopper motivation theory.

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Learn more about the training, here: Contact us: Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic +37126546645

Testimonials: Ken Hughes gave a brilliant, inspirational and practical Shopper Marketing masterclass at the Russian Food & Pharmacy Retail Summit in Moscow. On this occasion, the 300 CEOs and owners of food and pharmacy retail companies thanked us for inviting Mr. Hughes with words like “even for just this master class it was worth crossing the whole of Russia to get to your Summit”. Julia Chebotareva, producer, B2B conference group. Ken's master-class at Baltika was both informative and entertaining, managing to hold people's attention for all four hours. We gained significant insights and inspiration for our future work and are now reviewing our approach to shopper insight. Kirill Shpara, Head of Market & Trends, Baltika Brewery

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2013.11.15 Shopper Marketing Master Class, Tallinn and 2013.09.12 Collaborative Relationship Management training, Jūrmala, Latvia

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