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International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg, 2012

Drawing Diary Josef Bareš

I would like to thank Erste Foundation for supporting my participation with the Erste Foundation Fellowship for Curators and Artists. Equally I would like to thank the jury from who decided on the fellowship award, as well as the Summer Academy team who organized this excellent event. When I looked at the list of teachers, I did not take me much time to decide that I would like to take Christoph Schäfer’s course titled “Drawing as a desiring-machine: reinventing the city”. I saw a connecting line between his work and my work in the topic of urban space and cities. His approach to the topic is different from my approach, and that was exactly what I found interesting. In addition to that, Christoph uses drawing as the main media of expressing his viewpoints and thoughts. Drawing turns into a conceptual tool rather than an end in itself. I was very interested in how drawing can be used in this way, as I have been working on a series of drawings

from a corporate environment (Corporation) last year and wondered how drawing can interact with my artworks in other media. My goal in the course was to explore the possibilities of drawing, but at the same time work in my ‘usual way’ so as to get feedback on both. I wanted to understand Christoph’s way of working and – more importantly – thinking. Exchanging ideas with other participants was equally important, as I expected that like-minded people will apply for Christoph’s class, which indeed proved to be the case. In the beginning of the three week course, we did a number of urban mapping/research exercises to familiarize ourselves with the town where we were stationed (Hallein close to Salzburg). This was also a way of getting to know each other, as we had to present our findings to the whole group daily. Presenting our work and discussing it was an important part of our class during the whole duration of the

Academy, and I found it very inspiring. Participants had different backgrounds, not only fine arts, but also architecture and urban planning. This created a very dynamic and diverse group where it was a pleasure to work and getting to know each other, sharing opinions and life experience. Christoph, as well as his assistant Tanja Boukal, were helping to direct thoughts and provide advice, without forcing their own opinions. The whole course took place in a collaborative way were all voices and opinions were equal. Later we decided on our own projects to work on. I decided on two works. I extended one of the initial urban mapping exercises into a drawing diary and I decided to further explore the possibilities of the Movement series, which I recently initiated with Crossing Yangpu Bridge.

This PDF is the resulting drawing diary from the Summer Academy. A corresponding blog entry can be found at Hope you enjoy

Josef Bareš

© 2012 Josef Bareš

Drawing Diary - Summer Academy Salzburg 2012  
Drawing Diary - Summer Academy Salzburg 2012  

Josef Bares' Drawing Diary - Summer Academy Salzburg 2012