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Learning Focus: How are coastal landforms created by deposition? • What: Learn how coastal landforms are produced through deposition • How: Create an annotated field sketch showing the movement of sediment. • Why: Understand how different features are formed and where they can be seen in the UK

Connect: What is this picture showing? How do you think it got there?

Longshore Drift

Complete the labels on your copy of this diagram. Write at least two sentences explaining longshore drift and how sediment is moved along the beach.

Activate: What are the different features produced by deposition?

A cross-section of a beach is called a beach profile Sandy beaches have gently sloping profiles and shingle and pebble beaches are steeper Shingle ridges called berms are often found towards the back of a beach What sort of waves help to build up the beach? What processes bring sediment to the beach?

Where do you think the smallest beach material is deposited? Why? Where is the largest beach material? Why? How did it get there?

A spit is an extended stretch of beach material that projects out to sea and is joined to the mainland at one end.

A tombolo is like a spit, but it connects the mainland to an island. Chesil Beach connects the Isle of Portland to the UK. Chesil Beach is 18 miles long. Behind it a lagoon has formed.

Demonstrate: How does deposition create these land forms? • Task: Using the information on pages 154155 create a research board to show how each feature is created. Labelled field (up to C grade) sketch Information about (up to B grade) how feature is created. What processes are (up to A/B grade) responsible for each feature?

• Extension (A/A* answer!): Add the specific details about erosion at work to your field sketches.

Map skills Homework Locate the following coastal features on a map. (Google earth would be a very helpful in doing this task!)

1. A spit (hint: there is a spit located along the Dorset coastline) 2. A beach 3. A bar (hint: there is a bar located at Slapton Lay, Devon) In for next lesson!

Let’s see if you can remember some key words… …Coastal Hangman!

The Coastal Zone Lesson Four  

The Coastal Zone Lesson Four