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A magical place in time and space Something for everyone in a place where fun is the daily routine Castle Country beckons the explorer in almost everyone. From outstanding natural geologic formations to world class museums. From great reservoirs to small lakes. From the high mountains with alpine views to red rock deserts with slot canyons that penetrate them. Prehistory is a way of life in Castle Country. Almost everywhere one turns they can see the ancient past; in the cliffs where the Fremont built their pit houses to the writings on the rock walls where in some places people so ancient dwelt that their legacy is all but forgotten except for some markings on the stone walls. The modern history of the area is also rich with tales of lore. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid conducted the largest robbery of their careers in Castle Gate, near where the Carbon Power Plant now stands. Hunted by two posses for the deed, the lawmen actually got in a gunfight with each other, supposing each side was the hunted. Today the area is rich in energy development. Coal bed methane gas pours from wells into people’s homes in much

more populated areas through a number of pipelines that have been put in in recent years. Coal, a staple in the area since the late 1800’s, is brought from deep under the ground and placed either in one of three coal burning plants in the area or transported to other venues to produce electricity for millions of homes. But the heart of the area has little to do with its geography. It has to do with its people; people who came here first to trap, then to farm and finally to become the workers in one of the biggest energy producing places in the west. They came from all walks of life and from dozens of countries. Today their legacy remains in their children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren and in some cases greatgreat-grandchildren. The people of the area have valued their lives here in this land rich in many ways. They have built oasis in a desert that is hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. They have produced numerous celebrations to tell about their history and inheritance. Some speak of

agriculture, such as Melon Days and Peach Days. Others speak of the makeup of the area, such as International Days, the Greek Festival, Heritage Days and the Castle Valley Pageant. Others show off the communities talents such as the Emery and Carbon County Fairs and the

Helper Arts and Music Festival. And some events are just for fun, such as Elmo Days, Castle Dale Days and Sunnyside Daze. It’s a kaleidoscope of fantastic sights, wonderful venues, outstanding celebrations which are full of family fun.

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Remnants of cultures past Around every turn there is something ancient The early white man that came to settle Eastern Utah found the terrain foreboding and hard to exist on, but they weren’t the first to be there. For thousands of years people have sought to live in Eastern Utah. Remnants of the earliest inhabitants are studied by archaeologists in an attempt to determine how these people lived and why they left. The physical remains of these vanished cultures are small; an image carved on stone, a shattered arrowhead, a broken pot, a crumbling wall, but each tells a very important part of a larger story. Eastern Utah was home to four distinct prehistoric cultures. The earliest, the Paleoindian Culture followed the animal herds and hunted near mammoths, Saber Tooth cats and other large game. After the Ice Age ended, the Desert Archaic Culture returned to a hunting and gathering way of life. They traveled in small bands and were the first ones to leave evidence of their lives in rock art. Later the Fremont Culture dominated Utah. Living in permanent villages and farming, the Fremont left behind many

clues to their way of life. Finally, the Ute Culture, a group that still resides in Utah, introduced teepees and migrated with the buffalo to find food for their families. One of the best treasure troves in the world of undisturbed artifacts exists in Range Creek in the eastern part of Emery County. Until a few years ago the canyon was a private ranch that was guarded by a long time ranching family from the area. Today it is owned by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources that originally purchased it to preserve its wildlife habitat, only to find that ancient remains of peoples long gone were in pristine conditions. Over that time archaeologists from the University of Utah and other schools have been working to catalog the sites and to decide what should be done. Hundreds of sites have been found, while probably thousands more yet have to be discovered. Range Creek is closely controlled by the state and no unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the canyon. The

number of people who visit each day are also restricted. For more information go to and use the search for Range Creek. Overall many archaeologists spend

their summers looking for the evidence of the past in Eastern Utah. A past as rich as the fertile farm land and abundant game that drew these ancient people here.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Gallery East $ Present day art of Eastern Utah $ Gallery East on the College of Utah other related activities. $ campus is located on the west side of the It provides an environment conducive $ SAC building. to innovation and creativity and has been Gallery East is an art gallery that show- in operation since 1977 maintaining an $ cases everything from faculty art to high ongoing program of monthly exhibits; school student’s creations, with all exhibits closing each year with a major student $ running for a month or two at a time. show. The gallery exhibits the work of $ Gallery East operates in conjuncstudents and faculty, the work of local and tion with the art department at CEU and regional artists, and the work of national 82 N 200 W $ provides an opportunity for students and and international contemporary artists Price UT 84501 faculty to have a professional environment which would not otherwise be available. $ in which to exhibit, as well as providing a All exhibits are free and schedules for 435-637-5959 $ space for the community of southeast Utah shows can be viewed at asdivision.ceu. 435-637-5033 to view a variety of art exhibitions and edu/Art/galleryeast.html. 435-650-6417 $ $ BJ Motors $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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Recreation galore Wildlife viewing, hiking, biking and more Biking The biking opportunities available to people in Castle Valley are nearly unlimited. From the desert terrains with buttes and mesas to the mountainous regions with forest trails, biking is a popular recreational activity in the Carbon-Emery region. The San Rafael Swell provides excellent fat tire biking opportunities. Miles of gravel roads take cyclists on a trip back in time through the centuries into the land where dinosaurs walked and ancient Native Americans left artwork marks. The 40-mile long Nine Mile Canyon offers bikers challenging altitude changes and breathtaking scenery. Riders should pause a moment to observe the rock art, storage structures and village sites of the ancient Fremont culture. With many side canyons to explore and a well maintained roadway, Nine Mile represents an ideal option for all cyclists.

For riders who prefer the quiet solitude of the mountains, the Manti-LaSal National Forest provides hundreds of miles of trails. Near Joes Valley Reservoir, biking trails wind through forests that open up into vast open spaces. But not all the trails are an hour from town. Just to the north of Price excellent bicycle trails lead over the hills and into the cedar and juniper trees. Built by PASS (Price Area Singletrack Society), a local biking club the trails provide all kinds of challenges to those who wish to use them. Maps of the trails are available from PASS ( Hiking In addition to a wide array of biking opportunities, the San Rafael Swell contains a number of excellent hiking spots for people of all ages and all skill levels, from the novice to experienced backpackers. Younger hikers typically tend to gravitate to narrow slot canyons of

Blue Cut R.V. Park 2500 No. Carbonville Road (Between Helper & Price)

Weekly, Monthly & Daily Rates 435-472-3646 435-637-0188

the San Rafael Reef near Goblin Valley State Park. Walkways through the labyrinths wind around vertical slick rock, narrowing to tight squeezes in several places. For the more experienced hikers, several trails located in the Swell follow the San Rafael River through deep gorges and narrow passageways. Many of these hikes are dangerous and pass through slot canyons. All hikers should contact local agencies for warnings on such hikes because of the dangers of flash flooding, particularly during the monsoon season during some of the summer months. Climbing For those with a wild sense of adventure, Castle Country offers many rock climbing opportunities. In the historic ghost town region of Spring Canyon west of Helper, rock climbing enthusiasts will find sheer rock cliffs just right for climbing. At the base of one of these cliffs is evidence of some ancient Fremont rock art. This represents old times mingling with the new. In addition some areas of the San Rafael Swell have been known to be climbing havens as well. Contact the Bureau of Land Management about restrictions on such activities in these areas ( Wildlife Viewing If you like wildlife, you will love Castle Country! From mule deer to elk, from mountain lion to black bear, Castle Country has it all. The Skyline Drive Scenic Backway gives visitors a close look at migrating raptors. Nine Mile Canyon boasts an elk study range, during the fall months visitors to the canyon may hear the startling call of a trophy elk echo through the canyon. The San Rafael Swell has herds of desert bighorn sheep as well as many different species of reptile including rattlesnakes, collared lizards and blow

snakes. One of the last free-ranging buffalo herds is located on the Henry Mountains south of the San Rafael Swell. Over 200 buffalo make their home here on the desert range. Pronghorn antelope are visible in the San Rafael Swell and along U.S. Highway 6 from Green River to Wellington. Coyotes, rabbits and a multitude of birds are also seen. Camping Imagine deep forests and clear streams or perhaps bare rock and sweeping vistas. You can have both in Castle Country. With five outstanding state parks and thousands of acres of public lands, camping opportunities abound in Eastern Utah and offer something for everyone. The Manti-LaSal National Forest provides excellent wildlife viewing and fishing as well as hiking. The dramatic San Rafael Swell has remote campsites and lends itself to exploring, river running and mountain biking.

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Clawson Days Two celebrations in the summer

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Clawson is one of those small towns that has two big celebrations. First of all on July 3 they have a parade through town. Then on August 21 they hold a Harvest Celebration to commemorate the communities agricultural background.



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Fi Fair Fairgrounds d


FairgrouFairgro Fairgrounds


Buy a duck, help a kid Be sure to attend the Kiwanis Club Rubber-Ducky Race July 3rd, 2010 at the Pleasant Valley Days in Scofield. Ducky donations are $5.00. All money supports local children

Price Kiwanis Club Call 636-3184 for more information

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The San Rafael Swell Where prehistoric meets ancient The locals call it the “Swell.” Some other people call it endangered. Others just see it as the marvel it is. Regardless of what one calls it the San Rafael Swell is one of Utah’s fastest growing tourist destinations. Most of this huge area is open to the public and adventures are left only to the visitor’s imagination. The Swell is 2,000 square miles of public land, known for its scenic sandstone formations, deep canyons, desert streams, and expansive panoramas.The Swell is a massive maze of winding canyons, broken fins, and multi-hued buttes scattered in a tightly defined oblong directly in the heart of Utah. The geological wonder is located between Castle Dale, Green River, Hanksville, and the northern end of Capitol Reef National Park. It was widely unknown until the 1870’s, when Interstate 70 punched through the middle of it. Here millions of years of layered sediment was pushed up into a massive bubble, which then eroded down leaving jagged edges poking up. Wilderness beauty awaits you in the

vast open area of the San Rafael Swell. Whether visitors choose the power of this still untamed land on a bike, on foot, on horseback, by car, in a 4-wheel drive or on an ATV, the grandeur of the high cliffs, deep ravines and magnificent mountains will never leave them. Volumes have been published about the Swell but here is a brief overview of some of the significant sights: Buckhorn Draw and San Rafael Bridge Once the scene of outlaw chases, Buckhorn Draw, a long, steep-walled canyon, is the main northern gateway to the Swell. A canyon highlight is the interpreted Buckhorn Draw Native American rock art site. These striking figures were restored as Emery County’s Utah Centennial Project in 1996. The Wedge Overlook It provides a striking view of the Little Grand Canyon, the San Rafael River, and the Sid’s Mountain Wilderness Study Area. To protect the fragile resources,

notably an endangered cactus species, use of motorized vehicles and mountain bikes is limited to designated roads and camping is limited to designated sites. To visit the overlook, drive from the town of Cleveland south towards the San Rafael Recreation Site. Continue beyond the Buckhorn Reservoir just over four miles to the water tank at the Buckhorn Flat Well. After passing the tank, go left at the next intersection and continue six miles to the overlook. Cedar Mountain Recreation Area Cedar Mountain towers over the northern San Rafael Swell and is ideal for getting a “bird’s eye” view. An exhibit at this cliff-top overlook summarizes area geology.

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San Rafael Reef and Moroni Slopes The San Rafael Reef, accessible from Highway 24 on unpaved roads, is relatively flat with many areas of low sand dunes. The spectacular San Rafael Reef dominates the eastern side of the Swell. Erosion has smoothed the jagged, upturned Navajo sandstone face of the reef and cut deep canyons. These canyons are ideal for hiking, scrambling, and exploring. Head of Sinbad and Swasey’s Cabin Just off I-70, the Head of Sinbad area invites camping, hiking, and exploring. The elements have molded the buff colored sandstone into pocketed watchtowers and other fanciful shapes. Members of the Swasey family first grazed livestock in the area in the late 1800’s. Today visitors may see the log cabin they built in 1921. Hidden Splendor The Hidden Splendor uranium mine was famous in Utah. Originally named the Delta, it was started by Vernon Pick

in 1952. He extracted a million dollars of ore before selling the mine. It closed in 1957 without reaching its estimated potential. The site of the old mine is tucked away in a canyon, at the southern end of the Swell. Hondu Arch and Tomsich Butte Hondu Arch is a large natural opening that rests high above Muddy Creek. The abandoned Dirty Devil uranium mines at Tomsich Butte were started by W. J. Hanret and John Tomsich in 1951. The undeveloped Hondu Arch and Tomsich Butte area is rich in opportunities for hiking, camping, mountain biking and exploring. Goblin Valley State Park and Little Wild Horse Canyon Goblin Valley is famous for its large collection of fancifully-shaped rock formations. Keesle Country Keesle Country is a maze of canyons in the southwest corner of the Swell. A short hike or horseback ride into this roadless area will provide an introduction to its primitive character. Mussentuchit Sand Dunes Although these dunes are relatively small in area, they provide interesting riding for off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. Temple Mountain Temple Mountain, located to the northwest of Goblin Valley, is the highest point along the San Rafael Reef. This area was once one of the most active mining operations during Utah’s uranium boom days. Although the mines are now long closed, the numerous roads left behind by the miners provide access for off-highway vehicle riders.

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Helper Art and Music Festival The culture and artistry of eastern Utah It grows every year and Helper is the site of the 15th Annual Helper Arts Festival, set this year for August 20-22nd . Helper is an historic mining town with a colorful history set in a majestic landscape of high bluffs, farmland, and rugged desert. The town of Helper has period architecture reminiscent of times gone by. The festival kicks off Friday, August 15 with an afternoon and evening of music as well as art vendors. Musicians from throughout the region will perform a variety of country, pop, jazz, and poetry readings. One of the fastest growing and most popular events is the Plein Air competition, which is set for Friday. Last year many artists joined forces and painted original pieces of art in the city of Helper or the surrounding area. Most of these art pieces depicted the rich mining history, railroad yards or impressive canyon walls that overlook the city. The festival will include: • More than 50 art and fine craft booths. • Diverse and exciting food vendors. • Art, singing, and literary competitions with large cash and purchase prizes • A gallery stroll and emerging artist exhibition. Lectures, demonstrations & exhibi tions by many of Utah’s favorite professional artists. • A car and cycle show. • Children’s art exhibitions, art yard, workshops and other opportunities • Musical performances by many of the regions best performers • A play festival Probably the most popular of the events is the live entertainment that runs Friday evening, all day on Saturday and until closing on Sunday. Groups and individuals from all over the state come to show off their talents. In addition there are alway a number of professional entertainers included as well.

Price City

International Days

Join the fun of Price City International Days 2010

International naal D Days “ Bringing Heritage Home” July 29-July 31, 2010

For More Information Call:

Carbon County Travel Bureau at 637-3009

Carbon Country Chamber of Commerce at 637-2788 Carbon County Recreation at 637-5092 Price City at 637-5010

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Desertview Pro Rodeo Competitors from around the USA The Desertview Pro Rodeo will be held July 29 and 31 at the rodeo grounds in Castle Dale. There will once atain be rough stock for the rodeo which will include some of the finest animals in the rodeo business. Top cowboys and cowgirls from around the country will compete for the purses in each rodeo category including, bareback, saddlebronc, barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, calf roping and many special events and activities. The ever popular wild cow milking will again be part of the arena action over the three night event. A large fireworks display is also planned.

Upscale Dining

Green River Melon Days Small town celebrates big fruit Green River is famous for its melons. The soil along the Green River, the weather, the water and the care all lead to some of the best melons in the world. Hence the celebration of the harvest each year. This years festival will take place on Sept. 17th-18th and will feature a parade, booths, vendors, games, entertainment, a barbecue, fireworks, a melon queen pageant and more.

Fun Atmosphere High Definition TVs: Come watch your favorite teams Regular Hours: Open 4pm Wednesday-Saturday 57 W. Main, Price • 613-CLUB

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Desert Thunder Raceway Fun and thrills on the best dirt track in Utah Desert Thunder Raceway is Utah’s premier dirt raceway for cars. From alcohol burning Super Late Models, Winged Mini Sprints, Street, Pure, Minis and four wheelers the Raceway provides plenty of seating, parking, and excellent concessions. The raceway is a three-eighths of a mile, high bank oval dirt track approximately 80 feet wide. It was constructed in 1981 and has undergone many expansions and improvements. The track is now owned and operated by Harvey Howard, his family and friends. “For the unbelievable rush of 100 miles per hour racing excitement and the most fun family and friends can have,” Harvey says that Desert Thunder Raceway is the place to visit. It is located on Airport Road in Price. This years’ races will be held on June 4th and 5th, Wild West Modified tour; July 30th and 31st 9 (Late model will run Saturday only); Aug. 20th and 21st (late models will run Saturday only); and September 24th and 25th, the Castle Country Clash..

Ferron Peach Days A celebration of Emery life Ferron Peach Days will take place on Sept. 10-11. It is one of the oldest town celebrations in the state of Utah. Activities include a parade, breakfast, dinner, a soapbox derby, games and the day ends with a demolition derby. Breakfast in the park at 7 a.m. The parade starts at 10 a.m. For more information call 1-800-842-0789.

Visit us for


West Price Exit 240 111 No. 800 W. (Gopher Blvd) 637-1840 Open Daily 6:00 a.m. to Midnight

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The Pioneer Museum Castle Dale’s museum of Emery County history Pioneers who came to the Castle Country area were a hardy bunch. They had to do with so little at times, particularly when it came to water. The Pioneer Museum at Castle Dale will grasp your imagination and take you back to explore an era barely remembered. Filled with displays of early homes, implements and memorabilia, visitors gain insight and understanding for people who colonized a wilderness, a treasure for history buffs and antique lovers.

The Emery County Pioneer Museum in Castle Dale focuses on the region with displays of tools, implements and recreations of an early home, a mercantile store and a lawyer’s office. A visit will give people a sense of what it was like to build farms and communities in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A most popular room in the building (which is an old school house) is a school room set with old desks, writing utensils, maps and of course things like a “dunce” cap. It shows how distanced that kind of learning is from today’s modern facilities. The facility in Castle Dale is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from noon until 4 p.m. It is located just kitty corner from the Museum of the San Rafael. For information, contact the Emery County Pioneer Museum at 435-381-5154.

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John Wesley Powell Museum The story of the first man who traveled the Grand Canyon The John Wesley Powell Museum is a showcase of the trials and tribulations of the expeditions of the man who first traversed the Grand Canyon and the Green River by water along with a number of other brave souls who followed him. He attempted to explore and record the geology and geography of southeastern Utah and northern Arizona and it is all for the visitor to see at the facility located in Green River. Filled with creative displays, and full size replicas of actual boats used to explore the West’s waterways, this museum tells the story of people who sought to challenge a river and live to tell the world. A theater is available for special showings of a multi-media presentation on the river. The museum also has a beautiful art gallery featuring sculptures and paintings by various artists. With the emphasis on

the Green River, its tributaries and the history of its exploration, the facility offers one of the best ways to understand the geology and geography of the Colorado Plateau. There are displays of early river craft, excerpts from journals of early explorers and an excellent video presentation. The gift shop at the museum in Green River City houses one of the better selections of guide books and regional histories currently available. From April 1 through Oct. 31, the facility in Green River is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding Sunday. From Nov. 1 through March 21, the museum’s hours switch to 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. For additional information, interested parties may contact the John Wesley Powell Museum at 435564-3526 or go to their website at

Snack and Pack Store and Lazy Anchor Campground welcome you to Scofield, Utah We are glad to offer you: FRESH HAMBURGERS & SANDWICHES COLD BEVERAGES • ICE • SNACKS • GROCERIES • BAIT • FISHING TACKLE, HUNTING & CAMPING SUPPLIES • AUTO & HOME NEEDS • GASOLINE • ATV FRIENDLY Access ATV Trails right from Campground! Full Hook-up Sites for Trailers & Tents Self-Contained Sites for Trailers & Tents Laundromat + Restrooms + Showers

We look forward to serving you. Call 435-448-9697 for more information


AUTO EXPERTS Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Sat 8:30 am -1:30 pm



FREE ESTIMATES 911 E. 100 No., Price • 637-4493

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Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry A gathering of ancient fossils tell the story of dinosaurs Imagine a trap where hundreds and many thousands of animals died millions of years ago. That kind of a place would be a treasure house for the scientist and laymen alike. Well one doesn’t need to imagine because it exists. As the world’s only known dinosaur predator trap, the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry preserves the most concentrated collection of Jurassic dinosaur bones found anywhere on earth. Bones of 74 individual dinosaurs have been excavated at the quarry site, with nearly 70 percent of the fossils belonging to the meat eater allosaurus. In total, more than 12,000 bones have been excavated from ClevelandLloyd. In addition to fossil beds, the remnants of prehistoric stream channels exist in the hills around the quarry site in Emery County. Dinosaur tracks from the stegosaurs, camarasaurs, apatosaurs, diplodocus, camptosaurs, allosaurs and a smaller prehistoric predator were recently discovered along the channels. From one wall hangs a map showing loca-

tions of more than 60 museums around the world that boast Cleveland-Lloyd material. The visitor center also features three wall-mounted dinosaurs. Information about the history of the quarry and the San Rafael Swell is also available. On select days, paleontologists and volunteers can be seen excavating bones or preparing fossilized materials for study.

INN Accomodations & Amenities

• Onsite Beauty Salon • Cabins with Kitchenettes • Convenience Store • Cable in Every Room • Gas Station • Large Clean Rooms • Propane • Car Wash • Daily Food Specials Central Location - near to: Golfing, ATV Trails, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Skiing (water and snow), Hiking, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Museums, State Parks, San Rafael Swell, Pictographs and Petroglyphs

15 North State Street, Ferron, Utah (435) 384-3333

The quarry is located in the northern part of the San Rafael Swell, 32 miles south of Price. From Price, Castle Valley residents and visitors to the Carbon-Emery area should travel along Utah Highway 10 south to the Cleveland/Elmo turnoff. Motorists should take the Cleveland-Elmo turnoff and follow the directory signs to the quarry. The last 12 miles to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur

Quarry are on graded unpaved road. From Huntington, visitors should follow Utah Highway 10 north and take the Cleveland turnoff. After reaching Cleveland, people should drive south toward the San Rafael Swell and follow the signs. A picnic area is available at the quarry. Collection of vertebrate fossils, including dinosaur material, is prohibited on all public lands. The quarry is open weekends; Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (weather permitting) from early in March until Memorial Day, and daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. The schedule goes back to weekendsonly for September and October. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m except on Sundays when open hours are noon to 5 p.m. For additional information, call the BLM office in Price at (435) 636-3600. The site is one of the federal government’s “Fee Demonstration Project” sites. There is an entrance fee of $3 per adult. Anyone 15 and under gets in free. All of the funds collected stay right at the site and are used for operations and improvements.

Shady Acres Gas and Groceries

Automatic Carwash & Laundromat

Campground Tents • RV hookups • Cabins 3¢ per gallon discount on gas for campers 370 E. Main St., Green River


Blimpie 435-564-8209

Campground 435-564-8290

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Pleasant Valley Days An old time Fourth of July Celebration Celebrating America in Scofield is a tradition for many Utah folks and this year the celebration gets underway Friday, July 2 and runs through July 3. Events for Friday include a spaghetti dinner from 5-7 p.m., and the Little Miss Pleasant Valley Days pageant after the dinner. On Saturday, July 4, a breakfast will be served from 7-10 a.m. and then a parade at 11 a.m. Other activites that day will include a Winter Quarters Mine Disaster display (noon to 6 p.m.), a piano sing along (noon), a childrens treasure hunt (2 p.m.), the Kiwanis Ducky Race (3 p.m.), an auction in the park (4 p.m.), a raffle drawing (5 p.m.) and a talent show at 6 p.m. All day booths and venues will be set up in Scofield Park. The final cap on the show will be the well-known fireworks display that evening at dusk. Fireworks are launched from the island in the middle of Scofield Reservoir at about dusk. For more information go to

Need cash to get away? VACATION LOANS No Credit Checks

• Groceries • Fresh Bakery • Fresh meat & produce • Deli

All your picnic supplies

90 90 West West 100 100 No. No. #11, #11, Price Price •• 637-9333 637-9333

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Museum of the San Rafael A museum of the living and the past The Museum of the San Rafael is located in Castle Dale. A quality museum, the facility highlights the geology, history, animal and plant life of the San Rafael Swell area.The museum will reveal secrets to you: giant footprints, claws, teeth and bones speak for creatures that vanished millions of years ago but left their remains to excite the curiosity of mankind. Some of the most unique archaeological finds in the U.S. have been found in the caves and rocks of Emery County. The museum features animal and plant life of the area along with Indian artifacts and history. Replicas of dinosaurs and Native American artifacts are two main areas of concentration at the museum. The Sitterud Bundle, listed among the world’s finest Native American artifacts, is on display at the facility as are sculptures and mounted specimens. Area art and craft shows are often presented. Operational hours are weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from noon until 4 p.m. The San Rafael Folk Art Festival is scheduled July 31Aug. 9 at the Museum of the San Rafael. Folk art demonstrations take place during that time also. Those demonstrations include tatting, sheared rugs, butter making, quilting, wood carving, pottery making, art, woodworking, soap making, spinning rag rugs, wood turning, needlework, etc. For additional information, contact the Museum of the San Rafael at 435-381-5252.

The Greek Festival Food from the old country The Greek Festival is held next to the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church at 61 South 200 East in Price. This years festival will be staged on July 9th and 10th. Food begins with Friday lunch (11 a.m.) and runs through Saturday evening. This scrumpcious layout is painstakingly prepared for days in advance and is a delight to see and taste. But besides the cuisine there is also entertainment and tours, featuring Greek culture and heritage. For more information contact the church at 435-637-0704.

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General map to catch the sights Map to lead you to adventure in Emery and Carbon Counties

8 Temple Mountain/ Goblin Valley State Parks 1 Huntington Lake State Reservoir 2 Millsite State Park 3 Scofield State Park 4 Green River State Park National Forest 1 Manti-LaSal Field Office 599 West Price River Dr., Price

96 u



Price River Canyon Recreation Area


191 u




Desolation Canyon White Water


Carbon County Golf Course

Desert Wave Pool College of Eastern Utah Price Peace Gardens CEU Prehistoric Museum



31 u

Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art


Helper Parkway Electric Light Parade Western Mining & Railroad Museum

1 Eccles Canyon Scenic Byway


Indian Canyon Scenic Byway

Manti LaSal National Forest



Huntington Canyon Scenic Byway

31 u


East Carbon

Elmo Desert Lakes Waterfowl Refuge



29 u

Historic Charcoal Kilns


10 u

Huntington Lake State Reservoir

Joe’s Valley Reservoir & Campgrounds


123 u


Gree n Riv er

Scenic Backways 1 Reservation Ridge 2 Nine Mile Canyon 3 White River/ Strawberry Road 4 Skyline Drive 5 Mayfield-Ferron 6 Wedge Overlook/ Buckhorn Draw 7 Dinosaur Quarry/ Cedar Overlook

3 6 3 Scofield State Park u


Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry



5 Utah Pioneer Museum 2 Museum of the San Rafael

Cedar Mountain

Castle Dale

6 Millsite Golf Course


The Wedge Overlook



Buckhorn Wash Rock Art


Millsite State Park Black Box

u 10

San Rafael Swell

John Wesley Powell River History Museum


Green River Green River State Park


Green River Golf Course


Rochester Rock Art


Eagle Canyon

Sa nR af ae lR ee f

Scenic Byways 1 Energy Loop Huntington & Eccles Canyons 2 Indian Canyonfrom Helper north on Hwy 191

24 u

Goblin Valley State Park


Little Wild Horse Canyon

Museums Copyright 1998 Carbon County, Utah. All Rights Reserved. Some information contained herein is the proprietary property of the County of Carbon in the State of Utah and may not be used or 1 CEU Prehistoric Museum, 155 East Main, Price reproduced except as approved by Carbon County. Carbon County assumes no liability for errors or omissions in any information. 2 Museum of the San Rafael, 96 North 100 East, Castle Dale Base Reference Data from: 3 Western Mining & Railroad Museum, 296 South Main, Helper State of Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center and the Carbon County Geographic Information Center. Map printed February, 1998. 4 John Wesley Powell River Historic Museum, 885 East Main, Green River For reprints of this and other maps, contact the Carbon County Geographic Information Program 5 Emery Pioneer Museum, 93 East 100 North, Castle Dale 120 East Main Street Price, UT 84501 • (435) 636-3265

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Nine Mile Canyon The worlds longest art gallery The old saying goes that “the writing is on the wall” which means something is obvious. But in Nine Mile Canyon, the writing occurs on the wall for many miles, writing and graphics from people long gone. And what it means is not so obvious. Nine Mile Canyon is a step back in time, a mysterious step. The stories of people who lived there centuries ago grace

the walls of sheer cliffs. This canyon, filled with the best pictographs and petroglyphs in the west, gives a view of the life of ancient Native Americans. This unique canyon outside of Wellington, is an international treasure. Nine Mile Canyon’s rock art has been featured in National Geographic

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636-DINE (3463) 715 E. Main Price, Ut. It’s time to come to the table THE MUSEUM OF THE SAN RAFAEL welcomes you to SAN RAFAEL SWELL COUNTRY... The museum features many historic Indian artifacts from 1250 A.D. *The Historic Sitterud Bundle *Woven Rabbit Blanket *Cradle Board *Travois *A unique collection of projectile points, plus many more wonderful Native American artifacts. Along with bears, elk, moose, deer, cougar, bob cats, big horn sheep, dinosaurs, etc. A wonderful display of crystals, minerals, precious gems and the Scenic San Rafael.

Visit us at the Museum of the San Rafael 70 No. 100 East, Castle Dale Mon.-Fri.10-4, Sat. 12-4 or

Pioneer Museum 65 E. 100 North, Castle Dale Mon.-Fri. 10-4, Sat. 12-4

For Information call 1-435-381-5252 or Email

Visit our unique gift shop. Come in and see our new murals in the Paleontology Room.

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Black Diamond Rodeo An Carbon County tradition

The Black Diamond Legends PRCA Rodeo returns on June 4th and 5th at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. This rodeo has been going on in the area for many, many years and is considered one of the best in the state. The performances begin at 8 p.m. each evening. Before that at 7 p.m. kids will be mutton busting.

Scofield Triathlon Considered one of the best For 2010 the Scofield Triathlon has teamed up with BBSC Endurance Sports to make the Scofield Triathlon the best race possible. BBSC is the wests premier event management company / race promoter and our partnership with them will ensure that the Scofield Triathlon has the highest level of safety, professionalism and the best race experience possible. The goal for the BBSC team is to make

this the number one triathlon event in Utah. Scofield is Utah’s highest elevation triathlon and Utah’s only triathlon held on a National Scenic Byway. This unique long course starts with an island to mainland swim. The race has something for everyone featuring a kids distance race along with sprint, olympic and long courses. The event will take place at Scofield State Park on July 17.


Your base camp to everywhere and Gateway to the San Rafael Swell, the Bookcliffs and Gunnison Valley, the hub to all state & National State Parks Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping, Biking, Hiking, Climbing, ATV and Four-Wheeling, Year-Round Golf Course

Events: Mule Ride April, Family Heritage Days, San Rafael Bike Run May 14th-16th, Cowboy Caucus June 3rd & 4th, River Runners Art Show June 1st-30th, Melon Days Celebration September 17th & 18th, Green River Archives Tues thru Thurs 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

John Wesley Powell Museum at 1765 East Main, phone 435-564-3427

Museum summer hours are 8am to 7pm, 7 days a week

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North Springs Recreation Area An outstanding venue for firearms and archery Set in a desert landscape of wide open spaces to the east and the snow crested Wasatch Plateau to the west, the North Springs Recreation and Shooting Range is one of Castle Country’s newest attractions. The range which was completed and opened in May of 2007, was the brainchild of a few firearms enthusiasts who brought the dream of a world class shooting exhibition area to fruition. Located about 15 miles southwest of Price, the facility has many venues for those who like firearms, no matter what their abilities or age. The long range has 100, 600 and 1000 yard distances with 65 shooting tables and five heaters for the days when the weather is a bit cool. The training range and the public range includes a 50 yard pistol shooting range. At that site there are 32 shooting tables and 12 heaters. The training range has a state-ofthe-art electronic tageting sytem

that includes shooting scenarios one would find at a fair or amusement park. A clubhouse at the main facility has three classrooms, offices, a kitchen, a lounge and it’s also where the year-round caretaker lives so he can keep the range up and running. One of the most unique features of the entire complex is the Castle Gate Cowboy Town shooting venue. It was designed much like a movie set with 15 false front buildings from which the good and bad boys pop up, and participants can react to. The complex also has a kitchen, meeting area, restrooms and a covered patio from which vistors can observe the action by the cowboy shooters who gravitate there. Soon more shooting venues will be added including a trap and skeet range, a shotgun range, archery and possibly a paintball range. The recreation area also has over 70 dry camp sites.

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Summer Hours: M-S 8-9 Winter Hours: M-S 8-8

221 North Main, Huntington • 687-9976

195 East Main Castle Dale 435-381-2421

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Sunnyside Daze Two small towns with a big celebration

The event that celebrates Sunnyside and East Carbon in Carbon County is a long standing tradition. This celebration will take place on July 9th and 10th. There is a breakfast in the park on Saturday at 7 a.m. and a rodeo both evenings at the rodeo grounds above the town. There is a carnival in the park on Saturday and entertainment. One of the standards for this celebration is the car show that accompanies it, and that will be held again this year too.


For the Finest in Dining Sunday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

31 East Main, Wellington 637-4223

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Archaeology central Native American cultures thrived here Utah is an extraordinarily rich state in terms of its archeological past. Native Americans have lived in every part of the state from extremely ancient times, and have left rock art reminders of their presence in all parts of the state. One of the oldest cultures in Utah is the widespread desert culture that had a continuity of basic form for nearly 10,000 years. In Utah this incredibly stable culture persisted until about 500 A.D. when it blended with, grew into, or was replaced by the Fremont Culture. The culture that is characteristically, and almost exclusively Utahn is this Fremont Culture which was first described by Noel Morse in 1931. It is perhaps best represented in the canyons to the east of the Wasatch Mountains from Vernal to the Colorado River, but evidence of it is found all over Utah, except for a small corner in San Juan County. When it appeared is a much debated point, but about 500 A.D., the old hunting and gathering culture gave way to a partly farming culture which included some ideas from the Anasazi farmers to the south. Along with many other distinctive characteristics, the Fremont people developed their own art style. This was typified by horned, trapezoidal-bodied anthropomorphs (human-like objects) which seem to have been made everywhere the Fremont people lived. In the more prominent Fremont areas such as Nine Mile Canyon and sites in the San Rafael Swell these are large and have many elaborations such as necklaces, earrings, shields, swords, loin cloths and fancy headdresses. The Fremont people also developed a stylized way of making spirals, zigzags, scorpions, mountain sheep, deer, snakes and hunting scenes. The late Lynn Fausett was born and reared in Price. He is a nationally famous artist who has won local acclaim for his paintings in the lobby of the Price Municipal Building. In 1940, he did the “Barrier Canyon Murals” as a WPA project. There are two separate canvases. The one on display in the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum is the smaller of two (12 x 22 ft.) and depicts approximately the left hand one-fourth of the great gallery. The other, larger canvas (12 x 80 ft.) hangs in the Utah Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah.

Helper Mining and Railroad Museum The history of how coal and rails built eastern Utah The modern history of Carbon and Emery counties is impacted by two huge human endeavors; mining and railroads. If history is your hobby, enjoy the Western Mining and Railroad Museum in Helper. Housed in a historic railroad hotel, the museum has three floors and an outdoor park displaying historic and modern mining and railroad equipment. Indoor displays feature turn of the century dentist offices, a beauty salon and a detailed account of the outlaw history of the region. The boundaries of Helper’s national historic district encompass the museum complex on Main Street. And this year come help the museum celebrate 40 years in existence. The facility has several floors filled with displays, photographs and memorabilia covering coal mining and railroading in the Castle Valley region from before the turn of the century to the present. The facility in downtown Helper has an extensive collection of video tapes as well as a large outdoor display of mining and railroading equipment. From May 1 to Sept. 30, the museum is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Oct. 1 to April 30, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tours may be scheduled. For tour appointments or information, contact the Helper Western Mining and Railroad Museum at 435-472-3009 or go to

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Utah State Parks Five diverse parks to chose from Home to five state parks, Castle Country offers a myriad of different camping, picnicking and sightseeing opportunities. Green River State Park Green River State Park, off I-70 provides boating, kayaking, canoeing and fishing along the world famous Green River. Camping facilities are available at the 63-acre park with 42 units, restrooms, hot showers, small amphitheater, sewage dump station and a boat ramp. Enjoy day trips to the rugged canyons once explored by Major John Wesley Powell, or spend a day on the golf course. Goblin Valley State Park Goblin Valley State Park, off State Highway 24 and I-70, is a part of the San Rafael Swell and provides a look at nature’s sense of humor as you gaze at eerie shapes of rock against a background of high desert mountains. There are well marked hiking traits through this valley of unique rock sculptures carved by wind and water for millions of years. Nearby are popular slot canyons and traces of early Indian and mining activity. The park has a 21-unit campground with all amenities. Huntington State Park Huntington State Park, off State Highway 10 surrounds a lake waiting for boating, water sports, fishing and relaxing under a huge shade tree. The reservoir is one of Utah’s finest warm water fisheries. Only 10 minutes from high mountain country on one side and intense desert beauty on the other, this park offers a central location to experience the best of Castle Country. Millsite State Park Millsite State Park off State Highway 10 near Ferron offers a great mountain camping experience near a clear fishing stream surrounded by high green mountains and craggy peaks. Twenty campsites, several picnic sites, pavilions, fire pits and all the amenities, including boat ramp and docks are part of this beautiful vacation destination. Scofield State Park Scofield State Park off Highway 96 provides views of the dazzling reservoir surrounded by tall pines and green meadows. Two developed campgrounds and a day area, along with boating facilities make this area charming and user friendly. A paradise for fishing and boating fun, the reservoir is home to cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. Many streams also beckon the fishing enthusiast.

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Huntington Heritage Days Emery County’s largest town holds a month long celebration Huntington Heritage Days has evolved over the years to include activities for all spread over the entire month of June and part of July as well. In early summer there is a queen pageant, a rodeo queen contest. A rodeo and dance take place on June 26-27 and a mens softball tournament is also held. During the month of July the events center around Independence Day. There is a pet contest, a baby contest, a dessert contest, a MECCA bike ride, an ATV poker ride, and an ice cream and dessert social that evening, along with a rock band world tour. On July 4 there is a flag ceremony at 6 am, a fun run, a breakfast at 7 am, a children’s parade at 9:30 am, a regular town parade at 10 am and a patriotic program at noon. A three on three basketball tournament will take place at 4 p.m., a kids rodeo at 7 pm and to close out the day fireworks at dusk.

Emery County Fair Country fair going at its best The Emery County Fair is a very typical county fair with all the crafts, displays, and of course fun. This years fair will include vendors, specialty foods, entertainment, kids activities, and demonstrations. The Emery County Fair will kick off on August 4 with a free swim, a free dinner and dessert at the fairgrounds, and a mini-concert. The next day there will be a senior citizen luncheon at 11:30 am games, contests, and local talent for the entertainment during the day. That evening the Miss Emery Pageant will take place at 9 pm Then there will be a teen activity at the aquatic center. On August 7 there will be a baby olympics at 10 am, a pet show at 11 am, games, contests and local talent all day. At 6 pm the Colgate Country Showdown will be held. There will also be a parade at 10 am games, contests, local talent all day, Through all the days of the fair there will be game shows. a sand art sculpture, exhibits and a mountain man village. There are also a number of extraneous events that will be going during days other than Aug. 4-7. They include a co-ed softball tournament, a golf tournament, a tennis tournament, a 5K and 10K run, trap shooting and 3-D archery shooting.

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Golfing in the desert Three great courses to choose from

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Green River State Park Nestled among mature cottonwood trees, lined by the Green River and surrounding the Green River State Park campground lies a top-notch par-36 ninehole golf course. The Green River State Park golf course offers meandering fairways, lakes and traps and is challenging and fun for all levels of golfers. Green River State Park is open all year and reservations are accepted from March 15 to Oct. 15. Stay limit is 14 days. The park can accommodate 42 trailers, with a maximum recreational vehicle length set at 45 feet. There are 40 tent sites available for visitors. Camping and day-use fees apply. In addition to the amenities inside the park, recreationists have ready access to nearby hiking, biking and off-highway vehicle trails. For information on reservations, contact the state park office in Green River at 435-564-3633. The golf course may be reached at 435-564-8882. Millsite State Park With a par 36 and nine hole course, this could be one of the most beautiful courses in the west. The course sits at the bottom of magnificent desert cliffs, near the Millsite Reservoir. This is a challenging course, but well worth the experience for any golfer. It is unique because the fairways are isolated. The course winds its way down to Millsite Reservoir’s dam and then back up. There are many elevation changes. In May and June water spills from the dam, creating a waterfall and stream that runs along some fairways. Carbon Country Club Get a tee time at Castle Country’s finest golf course, the Carbon Country Club. This premier facility is open to the public seven days a week. This 18hole facilty rates as one of the finest facilities in the state. The entire course is nestled below sandstone bluffs and towering shell cliffs. The golf course is meticulously groomed and manicured as the Price River winds through the front nine holes with large cottonwoods and pines bordering the fairways. The back nine is the newer nine and gets better year after year. With the addition of 77 pine trees to the back and a waterfall next to the 16th green, this course is truly one of the finest courses in the entire state. The golf course is very affordably priced. There is a fully stocked pro shop with all the latest in golf equipment and apparel, as well as a snack bar and fine dining restaurant to make the guest’s golfing experience enjoyable and complete. For tee time reservations or any information call (435) 637-2388.

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College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum A world class museum in the middle of world class fossil deposits Many college or university museums concentrate on a single area of study, such as ancient life or biological studies. But at the College of Eastern Utah’s Prehistoric Museum, the educational gem of the Canyonlands recreational area, the exhibits document both the rich paleontological and the archaeological history of the San Rafael Swell. Lose yourself for a moment in “deep time” exploring the worlds of ancient Utah. The museum is divided into two basic areas: a paleontological side and an pre-historic/archaelogical side. Featured in the Hall of Dinosaurs are true Jurassic Park dinosaurs that come from the nearby Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry and eight

marvelous and scientifically important dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous sediments along the Swell from Ferron to Moab. See the original raptor of Jurassic Park, Utahraptor, and understand the need for its vicious claws while seeing the armoured dinosaurs that were its prey. If you are more adventurous, the museum runs a Dino Adventure during the summer for adults interested in digging dinosaurs with the professional staff at the museum. Contact the museum for more information on this event. The Hall of Man features artifacts and displays from the Paleoindian, Archaic, Fremont, and Ute cultures of southeastern Utah. Make a point of seeing the magnificent 1,000 year old

clay Fremont figurines and ponder their significance to their creators. In addition, the Hall of Man exhibits the animals of the last Ice Age featuring the 11,000 year old Huntington Mammoth discovered near the top of nearby Huntington Canyon. If you are planning a tour of Nine Mile Canyon visit the museum for a preview of the canyon’s rock art and an introduction to its unique history. The Castle Country Regional Information booth is also located in the foyer of the museum. There you can pick up brochures for directions to assure a successful visit to Nine Mile Canyon or other scenic locations in Castle Country.

Arapeen Jamboree Organized ATV fun with those who know the countryside OUTLANDER MAX 800R EFI LTD ™


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This is the eighth annual Jamboree (Sept. 11) and it promises to capture the excitement of every ATV activist. A welcoming dinner will kick off the event and the committee invites everyone to come and have a great time in the San Rafael Swell. Registration includes five days of guided trail rides, continental breakfasts, dinners, prizes and entertainment. For more information contact the committee at 435-381-2493 or check out all the details online at

200 150 100 50 0

















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Nine Mile Canyon The worlds longest art gallery

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(Continued from page 19) and many other publications because of its beauty and intensity. Over 1,000 sites have been catalogued to date. Large panels of pictographs and petroglyphs can be found just a few feet from the road. Travelers can wonder at the meaning of the carvings of goats, people, calendars and Indian Gods. Nine Mile Canyon is surrounded by foreboding desert mountains, cactus and brush-filled dunes and peaks. The Native Americans, farmers, outlaws and ranchers who dared to live in this canyon have fought every ugly element known to Mother Nature. Only the toughest humans that have lived amid these rocky walls have survived. This untouched wilderness allows travelers to see the rock art created centuries ago in the setting that it was created. The varied styles of rock art and evidence discovered by archeologists show that this canyon has been home to Native American Indians for thousands of years. One Bureau of Land Management archeologist estimated there are at least 10,000 archeological sites in the canyon. The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in Price is a good place to begin a journey through Nine Mile Canyon. Advice from locals who know the area, roadside guidebooks and brochures are available there. Nine Mile Canyon is a wilderness area. It is advised that visitors take plenty of food and water, check weather conditions and if possible travel in two vehicles. Nine Mile is an outdoor museum with remarkable examples of Native American rock art and remnants of dwellings. The area contains the greatest concentration of rock art in the United States. The rugged, remote canyon begins 20 miles north of Wellington and stretches 40 miles along the northern side of the Book Cliffs. Cottonwood Glen in the canyon offers a rest area with toilets and picnic tables. There is also a ranch in the canyon that offers amenities and camping areas along Nine Mile Creek. Carved and painted on desert rock, the artwork offers clues regarding the lives of Castle Valley’s early inhabitants. Hunting scenes, depictions of numerous animal species and readily identifiable human forms etched or painted on the desert cliff faces have managed to survive the ravages of time as well as the elements for thousands of years. Nine Mile Canyon represents the premier spot for viewing, photographing and appreciating rock art. Located approximately 20 miles in the mountains northeast of Wellington, the rock art images gracing the canyon’s cliffs may be viewed from the roadway. Researchers have determined that a significant number of the rock art panels in the Nine Mile area were created by the members of the Fremont culture. The Fremont were an ancient hunting and farming people who lived in the Nine Mile Canyon more than 1,000 years ago.

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Castle Valley Pageant A historical celebration in the form of performance The Castle Valley Pageant will be presented July 29-31 and, Aug. 3-7 at the pageant site on DesBeeDove Road in Castle Dale. Beginning at 6 p.m. and running until the pageant begins at 8:30 p.m., a Pioneer Village is available for visitors to see first hand how life was for the pioneers. The Castle Valley Pageant is in its 33rd year. The Castle Valley Pageant had been an annual tradition in Emery County dating back to 1978 but two years ago it moved to an every other year format. Montell Seely was the man with a vision when it came to the pageant. He wrote a story to depict the early settlers to Emery County who came from the Sanpete Valley. The settlers were instructed to settle the Castle Valley by Brigham Young, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was the last order or directive he gave before passing away. Montell had passion for bringing the stories of the pioneers to life. He passed away in a tragic accident two years ago, but the pageant lives on because of his vision. Admission is free and the pageant is open to the public.

621 East Main • Castle Dale, Ut 381-5660 Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00am to 9:00pm Closed Sun

55 East Main, Price • 637-6570

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Manti-LaSal National Forest A plateau that rises above Castle Country The 1,413,111-acre Manti-LaSal National Forest is located in southeastern Utah. The Manti Division is part of the remnant Wasatch Plateau (5,000 to 10,000 foot elevation) with high elevation lakes, diverse vegetation, near vertical escarpments, and areas of

scenic and geologic interest. Recreation pursuits include sightseeing, hunting, fishing, off-highway vehicle riding, camping, picnicking, and just relaxing in a forest environment. Winter activities include snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. The Energy Loop is a connection of two canyons – Huntington Canyon and Eccles Canyon, which together comprise the heart of Utah’s energy production country. The Federal Highway Administration has recognized the Energy Loop: Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway as one of America’s premier driving roads. Two National Recreation trails, the Left Fork of Huntington Canyon (6 miles long) and the Fish Creek Trail (10 miles long) are also located on the Wasatch Plateau. Fees, maps and information are available from the Manti-La Sal National Forest or the Castle Country Regional Information Center (CCRIC). Call 435-637-8954 for more information.

Helper Outlaw Car Show Vehicles from many eras The Helper Outlaw Car Show will take place on June 19 in the Helper City park from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. The night before there will be a cruise on Main Street.

Each year this traditional car show brings some exotic rides to Carbon County, many from far away places. For more information contact Summer McBride 630-6771..

Orangeville Town Days Town by colored cliffs has party Orangeville Town Days will take place on July 24 The celebration will include a aoap

box derby, a 5K run, a bike ride, a poker ride, a parade, softball, foot races, and more.

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Emery Town Pioneer Day The counties namesake celebrates Once again the town of Emery will be honoring Pioneer Day with a celebration that takes place between July 22 through 24. This year will be the grandest yet. The fun begins with the “Un-pageant at 7 p.m. on July 22. The next day there is a softball game at 7 p.m. Then on July 24 things really get rolling in celebration of Utah’s Pioneer Day holiday. First comes a breakfast at 7 a.m., then a parade at 9 a.m. Next is a program at 11 a.m. and dinner takes place at 6 p.m. After dinner there is a dance and then the day gets wrapped up by fireworks at dusk. There is more softball fun and a rodeo at dusk.

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Organized recreation Carbon County Recreation Price is located in a high desert, situated in a semi-arid zone that typically has a low humidity and mild winters. Summers have cool nights, hot days and lots of sunshine. Outdoor recreation opportunities are vast. Hiking, biking, water sports, rafting, historical sightseeing are all within a moments walk or drive. The town also has one of the finest recreational departments in Utah. Besides the numerous youth and adult sports leagues and summer camps the recreational department also plans an entire summer family adventure program. These include several river trips down the Green River, including a full moon float. An Adventure Club has been organized and several other programs and workshops are offered throughout the summer. These include

a kayak program, climbing and rappelling workshop, and a Nine Mile Canyon outing. For the serious adventurists advanced kayaking is available, along with a river rescue workshop, hike through the Upper Black Box in the Swell, and a backpack up the Muddy Creek. For more details contact the Carbon County Recreation office at 435-6375092 or check them out on-line at www.

Gas - Diesel - 24 Hour ATM Huge selection of Cold & Hot Drinks and Snacks Trucker Showers - PTP Points West Exit I-70, Green River At the first exit on the east side Gas-n-Go 564-8262 Arby’s 564-3604

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Carbon County Fair Events, displays, a scholarship pageant and more It’s bigger and better than ever. The Carbon County Fair runs Aug. 12-14. Events include an animal expo, booths, crafts, entertainment, food, kiddy rides, barrel racing and a barbecue. New this year is a carnival that will be set up on the fairgrounds. The Miss Carbon County scholarship pageant will take place at the Carbon County Event Center during the fair as well. The fair rodeo will be better than ever. There will also be a free dance after the rodeo. There is a remote control competition for kids ages 1-100 in which model vehicles will be used. That will take place at the Castle Country King Crawlers 4X4 Park located south of the motocross track. Also in the planning stages is a bluegrass festival to entertain fair goers. Contact Rhonda Peterson at 435637-9262.

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Goblin Valley State Park Formations that will bring the hoodoo to you There is a mysterious place that lies just south of I-70 and north of Highway 24 in Emery County. Peculiar rock formations form the natural wonder of Goblin Valley State Park. It is a hiker’s sight dream, located in Emery County between the cities of Green River and Hanksville off Utah State Route 24. The park features Utah’s skull in the sky, the parade of elephants and dance of the dolls. All of these are unique and enchanting rock sculptures, carved by centuries of abrasion by wind and water. The Goblin Valley, a basin filled with hundreds of geologic wonders, is open to the public. Hikers can spend a few hours or an entire day wandering through the goblins and urchins. It is easy to imagine the antics of these chocolate goblins amid balanced rocks, spires and pedestals. February is a perfect time to visit Goblin Valley. Either the valley is dusted with the contrast of white snow on the bright orange sculptures or an early spring will allow hikers to stay and camp in the 21-unit campground. Whatever the weather allows, Goblin Valley in an unforgettable place worth visiting. The state park is open all year and

reservations are accepted from March 15 to Oct. 15. Stays at the park are limited to 14 days. The maximum recreation vehicle length allowed in the Goblin Valley park is set at 30 feet. Camping and dayuse fees are required for people planning to visit the park. Goblin Valley has picnicking areas for travelers and a group pavilion. Reservations may be made by calling Utah State Parks and Recreation office in Salt Lake City toll-free 1-800-322-3770. The Salt Lake City office is open Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., excluding state and federal holidays. This area is a photographer’s paradise, and off-highway enthusiasts will find hundreds of miles of dirt roads to explore. History buffs can discover traces of early Indians, prospectors, miners and ranchers. Facilities at the 3,654-acre park include a campground, observation outlook, culinary water, modern restrooms, hot water showers and a sanitary dump station for trailers and motorhomes. Cowboys searching for cattle first dis-

covered Goblin Valley. Then in the late 1920s, Arthur Chaffin, owner of the Hite ferry, and two companions were searching for an alternative route between Green River and Cainsville. They came to a vantage point about a mile west of Goblin Valley. What they saw was amazing- five buttes and a valley of strange shaped rock formations surrounded by a wall of eroded cliffs. In 1949, Chaffin returned to the area that he called Mushroom Valley. He spent several days exploring the mysterious valley and photographing its scores of

International Days A celebration of the diversity of Carbon County It’s a Carbon County tradition which begins July 29 and runs through July 31. This celebration commemorates those from many countries that settled the area and continue to live here. The fun begins with a kids parade on Thursday morning and the wave pool open from noon to 7 p.m. Official ceremonies begin Thursday at 7:30 pm with the presentation of the flags in a touching reminder of the wide divercity of ethnic backgrounds that settled in the county. A youth dance concludes Thursday’s activities. Friday is jammed packed with food, fun and booths in Washington Park and Pioneer Park. Everything from the climbing wall to stories that kids will love and live entertainment. Saturday is more of the same kicking off with the Lion’s Club breakfast in the park, followed by a 5K run/walk, pet contest, grand parade and car cruise. More live entertainment, the climbing wall and various athletic competitions. Music and dancing in Pioneer Park concludes the activities Saturday evening. For more information contact Price City at 435-637-5010.

intricately eroded creatures. Visitors began to flow to the valley despite its remoteness. In 1954, it was proposed that Goblin Valley be protected from vandalism. The state of Utah later acquired the property and established Goblin Valley State Reserve. It was officially designated a state park in 1964. For additional information regarding applicable camping or rental fees and reservations, Castle Valley residents and tourists visiting the Carbon-Emery area may contact the Goblin Valley State Park office in Green River at 435-564-3633.

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Cleveland Town Days A small town celebration with big fun Cleveland Days begin July 20 and runs through July 24. On July 21 there will be a family barbecue and coaster races, along with the baby contest. On July 22 a trap shoot will take place at 6 pm. On July 23 there is a 10 or 20 mile sidewalk ride at 5 pm. On July 24 there are bike races at 5 pm and a pot luck lamb fry at 6 pm On July 25, the final day of the celebration, there will be a breakfast from 7:30-

9:30 am, a flag ceremony at 9 a.m., a children’s parade at 10 am and the regular town parade at 10:30 am. There will also be games, races, horseshoes, lunch, volleyball and much more from noon-3 pm and co-ed softball at 3 pm.. The last day will close out with a barbecue at 7 pm., a dance featuring Party of Five at 8 pm and fireworks which will take place at dusk.

Elmo Horse and Buggy Days A party in the country AS LOW AS



Elmo Horse and Buggy Days will be held Aug. 10-14. The program for the two days includes breakfast, a parade, games, dinner, raffle and local entertainment.



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The four seasons When is the best time to visit? People often ask what the best time of year to visit Castle Country. While every season has it’s charms, the summer with it’s warm breezes, the spring with the flowers in bloom and the winter when lakes freeze over and make for great ice fishing, many will say in the fall because the color of the region’s rock formations are compounded by the trees and brush that change colors. The mountain regions come alive with vivid reds, oranges and yellows. Photographing these colors can best be done along the scenic byways.





Wildcats, Wildwoods, Sandpipers, Nomads, ALJO, Rockwood


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UTAH’S CASTLE COUNTRY SUMMER TIME EVENTS: Please mark your calendars for local Upcoming Events. Clip this events section for reference. May: 29-30:

Wildwest Motocross, Fairgrounds,

June: 4-5: 4-5: 4-5: 7-10: 17: 18-30: 18-19: 18-19: 19: 24: 25: 26: 26:

Stock Car Racing, Airport Road, Gates Open at 4:00PM, Rock, Fossil and Mineral Show, CEU, Free Admission, Door Prizes, Black Diamond Legends PRCA Rodeo, Fairgrounds, 7:30PM Rocky Mountain Mine Rescue Competition @ CEU Price Culture Connection, “Elias Perez Band”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibit, Helper Museum, 10:00AM-8:00PM Carbon Relay for Life @ CEU Track Helper Outlaw Car Show & Cruise, Helper City Park, 630-6771 American Cancer Society Golf Tournament, Carbon Golf Course Price Culture Connection, “Haywire Band” Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM The Lunatic Triathlon, Price Wave Pool, 10:00PM, 636-3702 Castle Gate Posse Shoot, North Springs Shooting Range, 9:00AM Demolition Derby @ Fairgrounds, 7:00PM

July: 1-16: 1: 2-3 4: 8: 9-10: 9-10 10: 13-17: 15: 17: 17: 17: 22: 23-24: 23-24: 24: 29: 30-31: 30-31: 30-31: 31: August: 5: 7: 7: 7: 12: 28:

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibit, Helper Museum, 10:00AM-8:00PM Price Culture Connection, “Hillbilly Voo Doo”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM Scofield Pleasant Valley Days Family Fun & Fireworks @ Fairgrounds, 7:00PM Price Culture Connection, “Sherry Vlamakis”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM Greek Festival Days @ Greek Church, 11:00AM-till close Grassy Trail Rodeo @ Sunnyside Arena, 7:00PM Sunnyside & East Carbon Community Daze, 888-6613 SASS State Cowboy Action Championship @ North Springs Shooting Range Price Culture Connection, “Music of the Heart”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:009:00PM Price Culture Connection & Farmers Market presents “Mary Lou Steele”, 10:00AM-12Noon Farmers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00am-12Noon Scofield Triathlon @ Scofield State Park, Price Culture Connection, “Steve Lasslo Band & Pastor James Drurry”, Price Peace Gardens 7:00-9:00PM Wellington Pioneer Days Celebration @ Wellington City Market, 637-5213 Wellington Rodeo @ Wellington Arena, 7:00PM, 673-8716 Farmers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00AM-12Noon Price City International Days Opening Ceremonies, Price Peace Gardens, 7:30P Price City International Days @ Price City Parks Price City International Days Car & Truck Show @ Pioneer Park Stock Car Racing, Airport Road, Gates Open at 4:00PM Farmers Market, 9:00AM -12Noon San Rafael Swell Photo Credit Stan Martineau Price Culture Connection, “Al Shakespeare”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM Price Culture Connection & Farmers Market presents TBA, 10:00AM Miss Carbon County Pageant, at County Event Center, 7:00PM Farmers Market, @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00AM-12Noon Price Culture Connection, “Charlie Simmons”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00Farmers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00AM-12 Noon

September: 2: Price Culture Connection, “Jennifer Lopez”, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM 4: Price Culture Connection & Farmers Market presents, “Brianna Scoville”, Price Peace Gardens, 10:00AM -12 Noon 4: Farmers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00AM-12 Noon 9: Price Culture Connection, TBA, Price Peace Gardens, 7:00-9:00PM 11: Price Culture Connection Finale’, “Concert in the Gardens”, Entertainment TBA, Price Peace Gardens, 10:00AM-5:00PM 11: Framers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00 AM -12 Noon 11: Third Annual Friendship Motorcycle Ride, Price Elks Lodge, 8:30AM 18: Kiwanis Kids Day, Price Park, 9:00AM-2:00PM 18: Farmers Market @ Price Peace Gardens, 9:00 AM – 12 Noon

Native American Rock Art Sites in the premier locations of Nine Mile Canyon, Range Creek, San Rafael Swell CEU Prehistoric Museum of Dinosaurs Ice Age and Archaeology, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Helper Western Mining and Railroad Museum, Carbon Country Club 18 Hole Course, North Springs Shooting Range, Energy Loop: Huntington and Eccles National Scenic Byway, Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway, Historic Coal Mine Sites, Scofield State Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Ethnic Festivals, Arts. Contact Utah’s Castle Country today, an area specialist is eager to assist you with all of your needs including lodging, camping, guides, outfitters, conventions, meetings, and reunions. By Phone 1-800-842-0789 or 435-636-3701 - On the web Email: - Address 81 North 200 East, Price, Utah

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