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WHAT IS WORLD WATER DAY? This article was originally posted on Ecova. The United Nation’s World Water Day began over 20 years ago. In 1993, the UN General Assembly declared March 22nd the annual day for the general public to show support and to not use their taps for the whole day. Since its inception, every annual World Water Day has incorporated a theme – from Women and Water in 1995, Water for the 21st Century in 2000, to this year’s theme “Water and Energy.” As the UN’s World Water Day website explains, water and energy are very closely related. For hydroelectric, nuclear and thermal energy sources, water is used to generate and transmit energy. And on the flip side, energy is used to pump, treat and transport water. There are many concerns focused on access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, and sufficient food and energy services for the “bottom billion” of the earth’s population who live in impoverished areas. When it comes to multi-site companies, there are many challenges and opportunities for water reduction. At the end of 2013, Ecova conducted a survey of nearly 500 energy and sustainability professionals to better understand the biggest challenges they are faced with going into 2014, as well as the opportunities expected for the coming year. Rising costs for energy and water were cited as a big concern heading into 2014―keeping about 70 percent of respondents up at night. So identifying opportunities to reduce water consumption should result in a data-driven program that these respondents are looking into now. Join Ecova on April 15th as we present a webinar to discuss the current market conditions surrounding water, challenges faced by multi-site companies, and some steps that can be taken to reduce water consumption and expenses.


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