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Discovering Exceptional Value with Rebate Management Solutions June 27, 2013 Presenters: Chris Wiederspahn, Senior Business Solutions Engineer, Kyle Barton, Senior Energy Rebate Analyst, and Adam Maier, Senior Program Manager for Ecova

Agenda 

What are rebates and utility programs?

Trends in energy efficiency rebates

Eligible technologies

Energy Rebate Management Process


Ecova Solutions



Energy efficiency? 

According to the DOE 40% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is from lighting $20 billion would be saved with improved energy efficiencies


LEDs save 50% of the energy and last 25% longer

What is a rebate?  An incentive (or 'Rebate') is financial assistance provided to customers to help offset the incremental costs of installing an energy efficiency measure  Mandated by: – Government regulations – Shareholders

 Why: - Load forecasting - Costly infrastructure

investments -

Public relations

Typical rebate programs 

Prescriptive / Standard – What is it? • Equipment upgrades and retrofits • Shell improvements

Custom – What is it? • New and emerging technologies • Measurement & verification coordination

New Construction – Based on how much more efficient the technologies are above local building codes

Each utility program is unique Utility


Utility #1

Standard Lighting

Utility #2

Custom Lighting

Utility #3

T5/T8 Lamp & Ballast

Utility #4

Lamp Only Upgrades

Rebate $15-$140 per fixture $0.05/kWh + $50/kW saved $10 - $100 per bulb $0.025/watt saved

T12 lighting rebates/incentives are being phased out. Funding may be limited and bonuses could be available

More opportunity than ever

A few typical eligible technologies HVAC     

Heat pumps A/C units High-efficiency gas Variable frequency drives Controls

Building Envelope    

Whole building approach Windows Roofs Insulation

Kitchen Equipment       

Refrigeration Holding cabinets Fryers Combo Ovens Griddles Steamers Ice machines

Lighting     

Flourescent LED Automatic sensors Parking lots Industrial & Office

What should I expect?

Challenges pursuing incentives 

Requirements vary based on measure-type and program

Can be overwhelming for multi-site operators

Program implementation vary by state and utility

Application requirements

Offerings change frequently –

New technologies roll out

Funding availability limited

Overcoming the Challenges Build a Rebate / Incentive Strategy • Where are my facilities? • What does my capital budget look like? • What projects are feasible?

Does timeliness matter for my initiatives? • Pre approval processes • Timing of inspections • Rebate paperwork deadlines

What other factors are there? • Who pays the utility bills? • Is the facility leased or owned?

How Can Ecova Help You? Customizable solutions 

Incentive Opportunity Research – Coupled with budget cycle – Developed a grouped approach – Project prioritization based on return

Project Incentive Analysis & Processing – Strategic and Tactical approaches – Budgeted capital improvement projects – Retrofits and new construction – Planned and unplanned replacements – Centralized tracking and reporting

Ecova Successes Big Box 

Managing the rebate program for a major DIY big box retailer performing a T5 lighting retrofit at 1500 stores. Estimated rebates for the 1st 500 locations in 2013 is approx. $5MM

Small Box

Assisting a clothing retailer with 1000+ locations across the country in pursuing LED rebates. YTD we’ve obtained ~130k with a YE projection of ~$240k


Expanding our relationship with a leading national cstore (7000+ locations) based on success with rebates in 2012. We worked with 3 of their regions (out of 10+) and obtained $1MM in rebates during 2012

Summary  Identification and fulfillment of energy rebates through a centralized service

 Take the time-intensive administrative tasks off your plate and report back on savings  Why Ecova?


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