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e tended opportunities Toolkit 2010


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Safe Staffing

Guidance for Schools and Consortia

SEF Document

Guidance for Providers

Impact Assessments Tool

Process Chart

Case Study Guidance and Template

Minimum Standards Proforma

Simple Guide to Solero

Proforma Letter Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

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Extended Opportunities Toolkit Welcome This resource toolkit is designed to support those schools and consortia leading and managing the Extended Opportunities funding in Hertfordshire, otherwise known nationally, as extended services disadvantage subsidy. It contains guidelines, proformas and tools to successfully implement the extended opportunities programme in your area and to make the most of the subsidy in order to benefit children and young people in Hertfordshire who are economically disadvantaged or in care.

e tended opportunities


Guidance for Schools, Consortia and Providers Please click on the example you wish to download

Click e t ende do


Guidance fo r Schools an d Consortia May 2010

Extended Opportunities Guidance for Schools and Consortia

Click e t ende do


Subsidy Fu nd | Guidanc e Notes for May 2010 Provide


Extended Opportunities Guidance for Providers




Process Chart - Extended Opportunities Subsidy Funding (When the hub school and individual school contracts and agreements have been signed this is the process to be used) Individual school identifies child (see criteria), gives a Unique Pupil Reference Number (UPN No) and enters information on Solero

See Criteria & School Ref Numbers

Child chooses an activity in consultation with parents and individual school

See list of possible activities in guidance notes

For services-Individual school ensures chosen provider meets minimum standards. Any new provider must complete a minimum standards pro-forma with individual school. Individual school must be satisfied that safeguarding checks have been carried out.

Individual school enters activity on Solero

Individual School authorises activity via authorisation letter pro-forma which parent takes to provider

Child/parent books on to activity using pro-forma provided by individual school with reference number (UPN)

Provider to keep a record and inform school if child does not attend

Check with ESCO if provider has existing agreement in place with Consortia.

For Goods/Equipment Individual school completes voucher authorising pro-forma on letterhead Parent presents voucher to Provider and receives goods

Provider sends invoice to Hub school

Provider invoices Hub school using pro-forma with child’s name, name of school and reference number

Hub School pays invoice

Individual school keeps details of expenditure and activities on Solero and when maximum is reached or activity ends, an evaluation form is completed by the individual school. Hub school (Extended Services team) monitors individual expenditure using Solero log in.

Individual school to try submit one case study per term to Hub School (Extended Services team)



Minimum Standards Proforma Please click on the example to start your download

Click Provider ag re (to be comple

ement and minimum sta ndards proforma provider

ted for each

delivering act ivities for ind This form is ividual or gro to assist ind ups of childre ividual school All providers n) s to meet the to sign dec ir statutory laration ove duty of care rleaf. obligations.

1. Provider

contact inf

Name of org anisation: Address:


Telephone number:


Name of con tac Job title of


named con tac t:

2. Activity


Name/range of activities: Brief descrip tion of activity Cost of act ivity/activities

/activities :


3. New or previously unknown pro standards are being met (see sec viders will be requir For existi ng ed tion 2.2 in providers guidance in to supply evidence if minimum hel d by the that mi nim toolkit). sta ESCO/hub um school/indiv ndards checks hav e already bee idual schoo Individual sch n undertak l, updated ools are sat verificati on isfied that che en and are Please circ may be req cks have bee le: Yes /No uired. n completed . 4. Staff Qu alifications As a provid er activities ho you will take respo nsi bility for ld appropri ens ate qualifica requires thi s. tions. Sight uri ng that all staff inv olved in the of certificat es must be delivery of provided if the schoo 5. Safeguar l ding All staff wh o will have co There is a new CRB Dis ntact with children must have closure Ap As a provid completed plicati on Fo er you will an enhance rm (see Sa take respo also be req d CRB che fe Staffing nsi uired to sh ck. section in ow evidence bility for ensuri ng all toolkit). staff meet to confirm this requir this. ement. Yo u may

Extended Opportunities Minimum Standards Proforma template



Proforma Letters Templates Please click on the example you wish to download


(Please ins Dear Parent

ert date)


(Please ins

ert date)

/ Carer Dear (Paren

Please find enclosed a leaflet for you r (Insert chil d's name) Our school to take par has t in the “Ex school activiti received extended ser tended Oppor vices fundin es per wee tunities” Pro k and 30 hou g ject. rs during hol to pay for your child to This money iday periods take part in up to 2 hou is only ava . ilable to sup rs of out of in this project por t some . children in our school and your chil d has been selected to Choosing take part and Booki ng Activities Your child can choose from elsewhere the activities such as leis we already ure centres offer at or thro or clubs. ugh the sch We are also ool or activitie abl s available other organis e to pay fees to atte nd clubs suc ations, or to h as the Sco join a local uts /Guides football tea , Cubs, Bea m or music vers, Browni group. es and many Paying for the Activit ies The funding can pay for the activity The cos ts are and in som paid through e circumstan providers. our extend ces can also ed schools pay for equ consortium ipment or tran . We have a leaflet and sport costs. a letter tha t explains this Next Steps to If you want to take part in the school by completing the project and require further info of (Insert sch the reply slip rma ool staff) – atta tion ched and retu on Extended Opp rn it to the sch how to proceed, please ortunities Pro contac t ool office ma We will pro ject. rked for the vide you with attention you discuss wha t activities and r eligibility letter for the project the (Insert providers you so school con that you can can use or tact person start using any other info ) the funding rmation reg . If would like arding the to project, ple ase contac t Yours sincere ly

(Insert Sch

ool Staff Nam e)

Extended Opportunities Schools letter to parents template

t / Car er) RE – Extend ed Opportun ities Fundin g We are writ ing to confirm period of that (Insert name and UPN

here) is elig ible for ‘Exten ded Opportu nities Fundin (Insert leng The Fundin g’ from the th of time) g is hours during available to pay for you holiday per r chil d to take part in iods. up to 2 hou rs of out of Your child can school activiti cho ose es per wee from the act as leisure cen k and 30 ivities we alre tres or club ady offer at s. or through the school We are also or activities able to pay available else fees to atte organisatio where such nd clubs suc ns, even to join a local h as the Sco football tea uts , cubs, bea m or music This letter is vers, browni group. The es and many evidence tha funding can the provide t your son/da other also purcha rs and dire ugh ter is eligible se a pass for cts them on be needed for the schem activities. how to acc more than e ess the pay once. ment for the allows you to book on to activities activity . Ple Payment for directly with ase keep it Activities in a safe plac - Information e as it may for activity providers Pay ment for (Ins Extended Sch ert Name here) will be provided ool consortium by the Extend Please sen (Ins ert name of con d all invoices ed Opportu sortium) nities Fund to : and can be accessed via the (Insert hub school details here) Pay ment will be made on reference or rec order number eipt of a valid invoice. body of the Please use on the invo invoice incl the UPN num uding record ice and list the Child’s ber (listed of attendance First Name, Surname, Sch on the eligibility letter) If there are . as the any questio ool Name and ns regarding the activity payments , in the please con Yours sincere tact the Ext ly ended Sch ools Consor tium via the details abo ve. Insert Nam e (Please fill in field) Position in School (Ple ase fill in field )

Extended Opportunities Eligibility letter template



A4 Proforma Invoice Template Please click on the example to start your download

The hub school (or a nominated school in the consortium) will hold and administer the funding on behalf of all the schools in their consortium and providers of services should address invoices to the Hub (or nominated) school for settlement.


Invoice Provider De tails Name: Ple

ase fill in fiel

Invoices must show clearly the name of the child and Unique Pupil Number, the school they attend ,the activities attended and cost. More than one child may be added to the invoice if a number of children are being funded through Extended Opportunities scheme, you can claim all the costs on one invoice. Many providers will be well known by schools and regularly used already but you may be commissioning services from a variety of providers. Should a provider not have an official invoicing system, this proforma invoice may be used by your service provider.

Address: Ple

Invoice To d Name: Ple

ase fill in fiel

ase fill in fiel


d Address: Ple

ase fill in fiel


Extended Opportunit ies Fund Childs Name & Re

fer ence

Please fill


in fiel d

School Att ended Please fill

in fiel d

Activity Please fill

Amount in fiel d

Please fill

14 Days SubTotal: VAT: Total:

Office Use Only: Authorised by ESCO Ple ase fill in fiel Soler o Entry d Checked Ple ase fill in fiel d

Cheques ma de pa

yable to: Pl

ease fill in


Extended Opportunities Proforma Invoice template

Please fill

in fiel d

Please fill

in fiel d

Please fill

in fiel d

in fiel d



Voucher for Goods/Equipment Please click on the example to start your download

The parent / carer purchasing any items for the child in order to participate in an activity, has to provide the approved retailer with a signed voucher from the school. The retailer will then invoice the hub school. This proforma voucher is downloadable, and can be amended to suit your needs.

Click Voucher fo Dear Sir/Ma


(Enter name

of retailer)


Please acc ept to enable him this voucher for the follo /her to take win par t in extend g items listed below , on ed opportu nity activities. behalf of (Please ent er child's nam :

Items reques ted

The participation of specific retailers should have been obtained prior to offering the vouchers.

(Please list

Up to the tota TOTA L VA

items to be purcha

l value of ÂŁ00


Name of reta iler




00 Expiry dat

: (Please ent er retailer's

name) Please stamp or initial and Please sen cross through d an invoice this vouche with an orig r once used. inal/copy of the till receip t showing item ised (Please ent er details of consortia


hub school )

Authorised by: Enter name of

(Please fill in field) person aut hor ising pur

chase of goo

ds/equipment :

(Please fill

in field)

Signed: Date:

Extended Opportunities Voucher for Goods/Equipment

e: 00/00/00





CRB Risk Assessment Form Please click on the example to start your download

Individuals who work directly with children and young people must have completed satisfactory Enhanced CRB checks prior to appointment. In the event of a disclosure on a CRB form a risk assessment should be completed. For further advice and guidance relating to carrying our a risk assessment please contact the Herts Safe Staffing Team on 01992 556147. Upon completion of a risk assessment the following form must be completed.


CRB Risk As

sessment Fo


To be used to matter(s) dis assess the suitability closed on of the app licant for the their CRB Certificate. ir proposed Name of Ap position, in plicant: Ple light of ase fill in fiel d Positi on Ap plied For: Please fill in fiel d Date of Bir th: Please fill in fiel d Type of Dis closure: En hanced OR Standard (De Disclosure lete as app Issue Date: ropriate) Please fill in field Disclosure Ref No: Ple ase fill in fiel d Council/De partment/Se rvice: Please fill in fiel d Telephone No: Please fill in fiel d Date of Ris k Assessm ent: Please fill in field Risk Asses sment under taken by Ma nager/ Headt eacher: Ple ase fill in fiel d Prior to com pleting this form via the Grid or can be em , please refer to the additional gui ailed upon request. dance notes Please ens which can be accessed ure that the Risk Assess given of any me matters wh ich hav e bee nt process form is com be in the firs n disclosed pleted in full t instance dire . Any queries and that a cted to one full accoun with regard of the CRB t is s to the CR Once the for Counter sig B process nat ories on m should 01992 556 team, Count is completed please 147. y Hall, Pegs ret Lane, Hertfo urn it in a private and rd, SG13 8D confidential F envelope to Herts CRB

Extended Opportunities CRB Risk Assessment Form



Safe Staffing Please click on the example to start your download

Click The Home Office announced on 15 June that the national Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) for those working with children and vulnerable adults will be placed on hold to allow it to be remodelled to proportionate and common sense levels. This means that the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) registration stage of the scheme (due to start on 26 July 2010) has been halted. The HCC VBS Implementation Team will continue to monitor the situation at a national level. Further updates will be made available throughout the review process. Enquiries can be sent to


Safe Staffing

Team Upda

Subject: New Combination ISA From July 201

0 there is a

te 15 June 20


Registration /CRB Forms

new CRB Dis closure App

to be issued

June 2010

lication Form. As you may be aware, this form was inte new national Vetting and nded to allo w Barring Sch government's eme. The sch applicants to apply for review of the ISA registratio em scheme. e is now on n under the hold pendin g the new coa Please note, lition however the new form will still be introdu ced but use d for CRB app Key Dates in lications onl y. the Switch-ov er to the Ne w For m Date Action 5th July • The Rec ruit ment Cen tre will start applicants for sending out CRB posts. the new app lication form • This is the to all date current CRB-o from which the Safe Sta ffing Team will nly application • Any app stop proces forms. lications sen sin g the t in to the HCC date should 12th July 201 CRB team whi 0 • Note: The be made using the new ch combined form arrive on or after this nation . using the new al CRB unit will not sta rt to process form until 26t applications recruit ment h July . Please incl made planning. ude this delay • Any rem in any aining stocks of the be destroyed. old CRB-only application form must 26th July 201 • The 0 national CR B unit will sta new forms. rt to process applications made on the What Will the New For m Loo k Like? The new form is ISA registratio similar to the existing one n details. Thi . There is an s will not be used until the additional section (sectio n D) which ask rev iew of the scheme has s for been comple What Hel p and Suppo ted. rt will be Ava ilable for Co mpleti ng the Applicants will New rec eive guidan For m? and will als o ce with the be available as part of the form. Guidance for hiring recruitment toolkit on Con managers will be sent out There is also nect/Compas via email an electronic s and the Gri guide availab www.crb. hom d. le on the CR B web k/using_the_ website/appl site at Help and sup ica tion _egui de.aspx. port will also be available by calling the Safe Staffin g Team on 019 92 556598

Extended Opportunities Safe Staffing

Subject: Remo delling of the Vetting and Information Barring Sche for Hiring Ma me - Importa nagers/Appo nt Update issued inting Officers by Herts HR

Safe Staffin g Team, 16t h July 2010 The Home Off ice announced working with yesterday tha children and vulnerable adu t the national Vetting and proportionate lts will be pla and commo Barring Sch n sense lev els. eme (VBS) ced on hold for to allow it to be remodelled those This means to tha start on 26 July t the Independent Safegu arding Author 2010) has bee ity (ISA) reg n halted. istration stage of the schem Whilst awaitin e (due to g det ails of the remodelling • existing and review of requirements the scheme concerning checks must we will procee Criminal Rec still be carried ords Bureau d • the parts out where nec checks remain on the basis that: of the schem ess ary; and in place and e introduced those in Oct ober 200 9 will continu Barred Lists e (see below) and the Du .

ty to Refer

Certain aspect s of the Vetting in place; and Barring Scheme whi ch hav e alre ady been intr oduced will • since Jan remain uary 2009, the Independent barring decisio Safeguarding ns. It will con Aut from working tinue to mainta hority (ISA) hav with in e two chil ma dre de con • existing n, the other requirements for those bar stantly updated lists, one independent concerning for those bar checks will rem Criminal Rec red from working with vul red ain in place, ords Bureau nerable adu them; and and those ent lts; (CRB) and Acc itled to such ess Nor • employer checks can s remain leg continue to app thern Ireland ally obliged an individual ly for to refer informa bec tion to the ISA vulnerable gro aus e they have harme if they have d or there is up. moved or rem a risk of har oved m to a memb er of a Introduction

of New CRB


Application The CRB is Form pressing ahe ad with the intr This will be used for CR oduction of the new com B checks onl bined CRB/IS y until further A registratio notice. The timelines n form. for the introdu ction of the new form remain Next Steps the same (de tails attache d). The HCC VB S Implement ation Team Further update will continue s will be ma to mo de available throughout the nitor the situation at a national lev el. review proces Responses to this email s. should be sen t to uk

Extended Opportunities Guidance on Vetting and Barring


SEF Document Please click on the example to start your download

The Extended Opportunities subsidy can have a significant impact on a schools performance in the following two areas by offering targeted support to those pupils who are most economically disadvantaged, and by encouraging partnerships with third party providers including those from the voluntary sector:


e t ende do The Extend


ed Services Subsidy and the revis ed SEF

•E  valuating the achievement and wider well-being of pupils as a whole and of different groups of pupils, and assessing the extent to which schools ensure that all pupils, including those most at risk, succeed, and •A  ssessing how effectively schools work in partnership with other providers to promote better outcomes for pupils The table on the following pages offers practical guidance and highlights some areas in the SEF for which the subsidy can help to provide evidence to support ‘outstanding’ grade.

Extended Opportunities SEF Document




Impact Assessment Tools Please click on the example to start your download

This diagram is a basic tool that can be used to support the measurement of the progress made by a child or young person during the period that they are accessing activities funded though Extended Opportunities. This would probably be completed by a member of the school staff (teacher or teaching assistant) and used for monitoring and evaluation.

Click e t ende do

pportunities Impact Asse

ssment Tool

School: UPN:

Outcomes 0

A) Confide

DOB: 1

nce and self





B) Healthy

Fearful and


Initial 5



6 weeks

[ ] months


[ ] months 9

[ ] months 10

e personal prefe

No exercise

rences Open and enga



in some phys

ical activity

Nil attendanc

Active enga



gement in rang

e of physical

Attending mos


t days

: Nil attendanc


peer relation

Attending all


Attending mos


days; on time

t days






ment with leisure or recreationa l activities Description :

F) Behavio

Point of asse 4

Expressing som

C) Engage

E) Positive

/ 3



D) School


Isolated or confl

ict with peer

Attending all

s Some positive


: Withdrawn


or uncontrol

Positively enga


ged with rang

Guidance Some self-initia One form shou tion or selfcontrol ld • Point of asse be used for each child , across a serie ssment: Inse s of assessm • Outcomes: rt the date of ents. each cumulati At each asse ssment plac • Target Outc ve assessm e a cross (X) ent. omes – Afte at the appropria r the first asse ssment plea te point on se indicate the 10-point with a circle (0) target impr scale for each section, along with the ovement date. It may be usef

e of peers


y engaged

ul to use a diffe

Extended Opportunities Impact Assessment Tools

days; on time

peer relations

rent colour

for each cros

s to denote

different time




Case Study Guidance and Templates This document provides copies of the case study template, along with guidance notes on completing each section. The case study format has been designed to capture information that will help schools to demonstrate the impact that they are having on outcomes for individual children and young people and on groups of children and young people and on other services. The template also seeks to demonstrate the knockon effects of providing early intervention and prevention on service delivery as a whole.


Case Study

Overview Summary

Please fill in field

Please fill in field

Completed by: Start date: End Date:

The template is designed to fill a maximum of one side of A4. We have built-in flexibility to the size of each of the sections but the final content should not exceed one side of A4. The reason for this is so that the case studies, when aggregated, retain the power of the information about individuals without overwhelming the reader with information. The case studies may be used as a framework for reviewing individual cases and potentially for internal review of the pilot. Please ensure that no boxes are left blank. All boxes should be completed- if it is difficult to complete a box please briefly say why or mark N/A.

Please read the instructions on the following pages on how to complete the opposite case study template.


Pupil profile and internal refe rence no:

of case and

reasons for


Outcomes and impact of interventio Outcomes: n: Please fill in field

Impact of inte


Please fill in field

Views / fee

dback from

Please fill in field

Views / fee

dback from

Please fill in field

the family:

others e.g . ins

tructor, refe

The follow ing helped to make a Individual difference factors: : Please fill in field Project fac


Please fill in field Partnership


Please fill in field

Extended Opportunities Proforma Case Study template

rre r:




Completing the case study template 1. Insert the profile of the child with ages, e.g. looked after child aged 5. The case study must be anonymous and therefore any names used should be made up. For your own future reference you should keep your own records of who this refers to. Use this field to record your own internal reference for auditing purposes.

7. Insert feedback from others. Ideally this should be information that contextualises the direct feedback from the child or family who are the subject of the case study. You can also use this field to highlight feedback from others, e.g. other family members, referrer, volunteer, sport coach, teachers etc.

2. Insert the name of the person completing the form.

8. This section asks you to record information about what helped to achieve the outcomes for this child or young person. Please specify:

3. Insert the Start and End date of the activity provided. 4. T  his section asks you to describe the child’s experience to date and their personal context. Please also identify direct and indirect risk factors that highlight why this child is receiving services. 5. T  his section seeks further detail about the impact of the service and the outcomes for the child and their family. State the impact and outcomes in the context of time periods as appropriate. Describe the impact and also SMART (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed) outcomes, examples of which are shown below. * There may be other outcomes that you may be working towards which are not included below e.g. increase attendance, reduce exclusions. Where this is the case, insert a brief description of the outcome you are working towards. 6. Insert direct feedback or opinions expressed by the child or their family about the impact of the service.

• Individual factors: factors relating to the individual child, young person or family that contributed to improved outcomes. • Factors within the direct control / influence of the activity that helped improve outcomes, e.g. the way the service is organised, the way it delivers services, the types of practitioners it employs etc. • Partnership working: how partnership working helped to impact on outcomes. 9. This section asks you to record information about what did not help this child or family using the same categories as 8 above. 10. Please specify the current costs of providing the service or activity to this child or family. 11. Record any lessons learned and improvement suggestions for the project or service, including how you might do things differently if you provided the service again. 12. Record any lessons learned that are relevant for other partners. This could be around how mainstream services are delivered, how the workforce is structured, how support is structured.



*Outcomes Be healthy • Have fewer preventable health problems by living healthy lifestyles in a healthy living environment

Make a positive contribution • Are consulted and contribute to decisions on matters affecting them, and have opportunities to shape services

• Have maximum opportunities to live independent and fulfilling lives regardless of disability or chronic health problems

• Have the opportunity to take part in activities that contribute to their communities, and are encouraged to develop as citizens and value the diversity of their communities

• Feel good about themselves and develop into confident and mature adults • Take responsibility for their own sexual health • Recognise the dangers of the misuse of drugs and alcohol and are protected from their effects. Stay safe • Are safe, and feel safe, in the environments in which they live, work, travel or receive services • Are safe and do not suffer ill-treatment within their families, communities and schools • Who are subject to maltreatment, neglect and sexual exploitation will be helped and protected • Receive care, security and stability from their parents and carers. Enjoy and achieve • Can enjoy a good range of pre-school play and learning activities • Achieve their potential at all ages and are supported by their parents and carers to do so • Participate successfully in appropriate post-16 learning • Have fun and enjoyable things to do and good places to go to that support their personal and emotional development.

• Understand the impact that anti-social behaviour has on individuals and communities and reach adulthood without having been involved in crime, bullying or anti-social behaviour. Achieve economic well-being • Are prepared for adulthood and the world of work and economic independence, regardless of disability or disadvantage • Can access the benefits and opportunities which will help them and their families avoid the adverse effects of poverty and low income, including those without IT access and skills • Live in decent homes in a clean, safe and secure environment • Have access to affordable, high quality childcare to enable their parents.


Simple Guide to Solero Please click on the example to start your download Coming Soon.


Coming So


Extended Opportunities Impact Assessment Tools



Frequently Asked Questions TDA Frequently Asked questions click here.



Hertfordshire’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q. A.

Q. A.

Q. A.

Q. A.

Asked Ques


High cost items e.g. musical ins bicycles can truments can – why? not be paid Musical ins for but truments can be loaned fro an insurance m requiremen child can stil t but if paren the Music Service for free. There l borrow the ts/carers are is is also possi instrument unable to arr as long as ble that the ange this, a it rem chi short period of time so pu ld/young person will giv ains on the school site e up the les . It rchase would son not be a go Bicycles are od investme s after a not necess nt. ari range of act ivities includ ly very expensive and provide acc ing supporting ess to a wid attendance e at school. Why is the re the optio n of complet minimum sta ing the QIS ndards pro S provider forma? The QISS che checklist or cklist is pre the ferable becau the quality of the provis se it provid ion and pro es more info The minimu viders should rmation abou m standard s pro be en t ensure a min imum standa forma is a minimum sta couraged to follow this apposition rd is met wh ndard and . to meet the QISS checkl ere providers might no is a there to ist requireme t yet be in nts.

If a school decides to include all substantia its FSM ch lly reduced ildren (and average bu be able to therefore a dget per ch demonstra te sufficien ild), is the If the school school going t impact? want to includ to up to them. e all the FS M pupils an The issue isn d have less that the act 't per child tha ivity is chosen the amount available t is but what it benefits/ou by the child/y is tcomes are use oung per d for, and registered. but also the Using case son and the school should studies for this money have an ide impact e.g a relationships . improved attendance, about what they want is important . An examp to inc ach rea ieve with sed self-este le - a pair of school/wee em, kend clubs is not a hug football boots to access improved peer hours of po e expense sitive activit after but provide y. access to ma ny

CLA - if the Head deem s that the ch the family, does the sc ild is finan cially well hool have CLA are au supported to allocate tomatically by Ex Opps? included. Ex as part of the ten ded Pe Opportuniti rsonal Educa intervals. It es should be tion Plan rev may be tha considered iew held in t additional but the discus the school at reg activity is not ular ide support CL sion should be had as A. this is an ad ntified or seen as nee ded ditional res ource to

Extended Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions



Logos Please click on any Extended Opportunities logo to download


How to use the Extended Opportunities logo Click to download logo variants Once clicked on, you will be redirected where you will be asked to download a zip file. Save the zip file somewhere on your local drive. Once downloaded left click on the icon and extract all. Within this folder there will then be the 3 logo options listed below. How to use the logo, and which one to use... EPS CMYK logo For use with any collateral that will be printed. RGB JPG logo For use with onscreen media, such as websites, powerpoint and word documents. Monocolour logo Use the black or white logos only when necessary. Extended Opportunities icon For use on collateral to emphasis the branding and Extended Opportunities logo.

e tended opportunities e opportunities e tended tended opportunities e tended opportunities e e tended tended opportunities opportunities e tended opportunities e e tended tended opportunities opportunities




Extended Opportunities Leaflets for Schools, Consortia and Providers Please click on the example you wish to download




e t ende do

e t ende do

Extended Opportunities Leaflet to hand out to children

Extended Opportunities Leaflet to hand out to parents




e t ende do


Extended Opportunities Leaflet to hand out to schools

e t ende do


Extended Opportunities National leaflet



Useful Contacts There is a lot of support for everyone involved in making Extended Opportunities successful and helping improve outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Hertfordshire. Some of these are :

Your Local Extended Schools Co-ordinator (ESCO) For a list – visit or call the Family Information Service on 0300 123 4052

Hertfordshire County Council HR Safe Staffing Team Vetting and Barring Scheme

01992 556598

CRB Checks

01992 555850

School guidance (finance/commissioning etc) Visit the grid

Extended Schools and Extended Opportunities Your Local District Partnership Team

- Provider / public information

Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)

East Herts And Broxbourne

01992 556372

Dacorum And St Albans

01442 453839

Stevenage And North Herts

01438 843374

Independent Safeguarding Authority visit

Watford And Three Rivers

01442 453476

Meeting the Needs Handbook - Integrated Practice

Welwyn Hatfield And Hertsmere

01438 843030

Please click here

Children’s Centres Family Information Service

0300 123 4052

Call Family Information Service or visit

Channel Mogo

Council for Voluntary Services

Hertfordshire County Council  

Extended Opportunities Toolkit

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