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Basically according to everyone knowledge cappuccino is a cup of coffee which is produced with fresh milk and the milk foam bubbles bursting on the top of the cup. It is dark brown in color. Cappuccino is a name derived from the color of the shawl of a Roman Catholic priest uses to wear called as the "Capuchin". It is a drink which is consumed in the morning with breakfast. Making a great and sweet cup of cappuccino is something which lies between art and science. There are three key elements involved: cappuccino powder, milk which is steamed, and the foam which is a result of the steaming process. For a perfect cup, these three parts must be in faultless percentage and within the right required temperature. Cappuccino is a concentrated beverage prepared by making it very hot, but not steaming. In the top of it golden-amber or reddish foam that floats on top of the coffee is known as "Crema". A cocoa powder according to many is a sweet dark stuff that produces a milky drink consumed on a cold winter evening but as per bakers and chocolatiers are concerned to them it means something entirely different. True cocoa is prepared directly from cacao beans and it has nonexistence of the sugary sweet additives which we prefer very much in our winter time hot drinks. In the chocolate marketplace the cocoa pressing process. It is a process in which the majority of the fat which is known as cocoa butter is taken out of the bean. The cocoa nibs are ground up between heavy stones and the paste which results in a liquor which is called chocolate liquor. The liquor is hard-pressed to eliminate a large portion of the fat from the beans. After the fat is taken out from the beans a chocolate cake is formed. This cake is then broken down and results in powder. There are two diverse variations of cocoa powder that are used by bakers and chocolatiers named as natural and alkalized. Check out the powder surely you will love them.





Few Basics About Cappuccino