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RURAL LIFE IN THE MEADOW Your training holiday

“Ecoturismo de Güejar-Sierra” is a vital project born to share from the Public outbuildings, Nature Hall, “Camping-Cortijo Balderas”, a mountainous meadow which provides us with values). WE INVITE YOU to participate this summer in the exciting life style of this inhabited cottage. With the aim of: Promoting an affective-positive relationship with the environment and facilitate an appropriate culture and nature conservation. Spreading and conveying the necessary values, which bring tools for the human development in the rural and natural milieu Knowing The Sierra Nevada Protected Natural Space Sharing the cultural heritage of Güejar-Sierra Enjoying and learning from each experience we live Opening new horizons to other possible ways of living Practicing languages We propose A participating group methodology A human team able to convey emotions, respect and confidence. A peaceful, friendly and cheerful ambiance Specific workshops Didactic materials, graphic and visual documentation, an accrediting certificate.

CAMPS 1: from 1st to 5th of July and from 26th to 30th August ORGANIC AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK FARMING DAYS We will be organic and livestock farmers, improving our quality of life Participating in: Handling the vegetable garden, fruit and forest trees The edible forest The horse world Visiting the apiary and local farms Making cheeses Shearing sheep Handicraft PRICE 250€ CAMPS 2: from 15th to 19th July and from 19th to 23rd August

INTRODUCTION TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND INTERPRETATION We become aware of the relationship between all the living beings, their surroundings and the planet. HOW? -Learning from the natural resources -Experiencing life through day-to-day cottage tasks and enjoying from its good environmental practices. -Creating pictures as a collective expression of the environmental values (drawings, paintings, photographs) -Practicing cooperative games in the Mother Nature -Sharing performing and staged routes PRICE: 250€

CAMPS 3: from 8th to 12th July and from 12th to 16th August CONCIOUS, ORGANIC AND NATURAL FOOD Starting from an organic, vegetarian and healthy food, we will internalise the basis of the body and mental health WE WILL LEARN: How to make tofu and seitan To save money while recycling food: tinned fruit and vegetables To share delicious vegetarian recipes WE WILL INVESTIGATE: The GMO, preservatives and organic food The medicament repercussions: traditional and other medicines WE WILL LAUGH AT: The food fashions The myths and the lies in diets and food. PRICE 270€ CAMPS 4: From 22nd to 30th July fitted to everybody


We will practice sports in the natural environment and with a healthy life style, WE ARE GOING ON A TRIP: A high mountain itinerary to know the Güejar-Sierra surroundings, a representative village of the Sierra Nevada Protected Natural Space. Accompanied with specialised guides, a botanist and a geologist, we will visit refuges, shelters, and the Visitor Centre and the Interpretation Service of the High Summits and will do bivouac, Food for this week is specially thought to provide us maximum quality, effectiveness and enjoyment From 19th to 23rd August fitted to everybody. WE WILL ENJOY: Mountain (crossing) walks, hikes and “Sulayr” routes, climbing and “tirolina” Archery in forest and canoe journeys Night orientation ¡n Nature Mountain bike descent: “La Transnevada”

WHAT DO WE OFFER? Nature Hall Farm-garden-nursery Accommodation in rural shelters and wood huts with beds and bunks Free camping area under a poplar grove Entertaining games areas, water area, stage, openair music Artistic creative and ludic activities Astronomic observation in heights Breathtaking Sierra Nevada views: Veleta, MulhacĂŠn and Alcazaba summits. Close surroundings trips Home made and local food. Familiar and refreshing atmosphere

DO NOT FORGET TO BRING: Good mood, availability and your photos camera AND: Comfortable shoes and mountain clothes Sleeping bag or bed clothes Cleaning personal items and solar protection cream Torch with batteries DISCOUNTS If you are coming on foot, horse, bike or urban bus we will pay 20â‚Ź off and you will participate in a welcome interpretative route. If you are coming by car, sharing it you will save petrol and gas emissions. Give us your email and we get in touch with other participants To fully enjoy the activities and the capacity of each course the number of places in each camp is limited

REGISTRATION AND CONTACTS For Internet: Formulario Phones Ros y Susana: 625 871805/ 650 704565 Stella: 619349420 In situ FURTHER INFORMATION email: BOOKING To book a place it will be necessary to pay in 50€ as a deposit in the current account number: 0487 3069 15 200006125, saying your name and course chosen date. The deadline will always be the previous Friday before the following course MAP AND LOCALIZATION

Aula de Naturaleza “CAMPING-CORTIJO BALDERAS” carretera de Padules Km 5 18160 Güejar-Sierra (Granada)

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