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How To Reach Adventurers and Ecotourists with Targeted Marketing

Paige Schneider

September 2007

Agenda Today I’ll share my thoughts on how targeted marketing can help your business reach adventure and eco-tourists. • Adventure Industry Travel Trends • Market Segmentation Strategies and Defining Target Markets • Supplement Anecdotal Experience with Market Research • Reach Your Target Adventure Travelers


Adventure Industry Travel Trends •

Global tourist arrivals are up 6% from 2006

Spending outpaces volume: travelers are spending more

Families travel more together; women influence 88% 92% of travel decisions

Travelers choose trips based on: destination, duration, trip departure date and personal schedules

Internet use for research and booking continues to increase

Galapagos Islands/ photo: Conservation International2

Market Segmentation Strategies and Defining Target Markets •

Analyze existing customer base according to demographics and psychographics

Identify strongest customer groups and groups where you have the most opportunity: For example, strong boomer representation but not many families?

Define specific goals for under-represented market segments (I.e. families) - “Increase family travel by 25% in 2008.”


Supplement Anecdotal Experience with Market Research Focus groups and surveys in key geographic markets can validate your perceptions, enhance your understanding of target customer preferences and attitudes


Reach Your Target Adventure Traveler Market •

Leverage niche-audience websites for advertising and p.r. efforts

Tailor marketing messages to appeal to audience interests and concerns

For example, families are concerned with safety and variety

• Women are interested in exploration, freedom, empowerment, safety 5

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