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GREEN ROUTES Supporting Rural Communities through Sustainable Tourism

Angry Trout Cafe

The Food

As local as possible Sustainably raised or harvested

The Furnishings

• Locally-made • Supporting local artisans and businesses


Efficiency, Sources, Alternatives

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Green Products

WHY ARE WE DOING SUSTAINABLE TOURISM? 1. New economic development strategy for rural communities 2. Provides communities’ an incentive for protecting and enhancing their local assets, culture, and environment

THE PROCESS 1. Review Existing Models 2. Community Discussions 3. Research (focus groups, consumer surveys) 4. Develop the process, criteria and model

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES Green Routes encourages businesses and venues to contribute to environmental stewardship, economic vitality and community well-being. Social



Locally Owned Community Minded Engage Travelers

Reduce Energy Consumption Green Building Recycle/Compost Non-Toxic Cleaning

Buys Local Living Wage Manages Growth Fair Trade

SUSTAINABLE TRAVELERS Green Routes encourages individuals to travel in ways that respect communities, the environment and support local businesses. Social



Respect Cultures Call Ahead Re-think Expectations Learn about a Region

Choose Sustainable Transportation Leave No Trace Bring Travel Mug/ Water Bottle

Support Local Businesses Eat Local Foods Buy Locally Made Souvenirs

BRANCHES OF ACTIVITY 1. Support for Businesses 2. Marketing 3. Broadening Communities

SUPPORT FOR BUSINESSES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Workshops E-Newsletter Resource Guide Networking Exposure Marketing

MARKETING 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Glove box maps Tours Website Enewsletter Travelogue

GREEN ROUTES Glove Box Maps Bluff Country North Shore Tamarack Upper Minnesota River Valley Tatanka Bluffs Lake and Pine Country Agassiz

Maps produced: 7 X 4000 = 28000

GREEN ROUTES Culinary Tours Taking people to tour local farms and pick up food for a local dinner prepared by Chef Jenny Breen

Presented with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

GREEN ROUTES Searchable mapping Eat Play Sleep Shop Learn

GREEN ROUTES Travelogue Travelers pledge to visit 5 destinations over a year to support sustainable business development. Projected participation: 5 X 500 = 2500

NEW AREAS 1. Journeys with First Nations 2. Expanding beyond Minnesota

GREEn ROuTES Jan Joannides Renewing the Countryside (612) 251-7304 (612) 871-1541

Special thanks to funding from the Minneapolis Foundation, USDA North Central SARE, Beim Foundation and input and support from the University of Minnesota Tourism Center, University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships