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IInterpreting t ti Climate Cli t Change to Capilano U Students U. Students‌ ‌Experientially! Experientially! Professor Roy Jantzen Faculty of Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Capilano University North Vancouver, BC

Teaching Student’s Experientially

Photo: BC Archives

Helm Glacier Glacier, Garibaldi Prov. Park 1929

Helm Glacier, 2002

Ph Photo: JJ. K Koch h

Field Trip to Helm Glacier Wilderness Leadership Sept. 22-27, 2008

Studying Dendrochronology Relating to Ice Cores & Climate Change

Points Student’s Student s Ponder • Stakeholder Stakeholder-based based decision making vs. relying on the experts • How to get their local community to develop a more sustainable energy path • Discerning between public apathy & level of public p understanding g

Session S i Summary Activity You didn’t think you were getting out of here without doing an experiential activity did you?

Spade p – Somethingg yyou could share with a familyy member of friend Diamond – Something new that was learned Heart – Strategy you could use to teach others (idea, theory, strategy) Cl b – Something Club S hi that h puzzles l you or iinvites i you to llearn more

Interpreting Climate Change to Capilano University Students….Experientailly  

ESTC 2008: Interpreting Climate Change to Capilano University Students….Experientailly - Mr. Roy Jantzen, Capilano University

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