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Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area •Affiliated with the National Park Service •Established by Congress in 1996 •To tell the story of American agriculture •Building partnerships to tell the story •Assisting partners through grants program •Brochures, signage & website for the visitor •Assisting tour operators in creating tours

37 Counties, 20,000 Square Miles

95 Partner Sites •Museums •Farms •Industries •Natural Areas

Hayden Prairie

Effigy Mounds National Monument

Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge

Living an Iowa Farm Experience “LIFE” Tours Group Travel Program •Locating farms & businesses •Creating itineraries •Attending industry marketplaces •Booking sites & attractions •Providing maps and escort notes

Touring restored immigrant farm at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

National Mississippi River Museum at Dubuque

Tour of Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch with costumed interpreter

Dan McFarland performs a Native American ceremony for group

Group tours milking parlor at a dairy where 1000 cows are milked.

Farmer Julie Miller (r.) explains her and husband’s 60-cow dairy

Kevin Miller explains different cattle feed rations to visitors.

Pattison Brothers Grain Terminal at Clayton in former silica mine

Watching a barge move through Lock & Dam #10 on the Mississippi.

Farmer Dick Jensen gives an ecology lesson on his farm’s nature trail.

Group checking out sustainable farming operation in Zearing

Motorcoach Travel • Reduces fuel per person usage. • Offers experiences not available to travelers in personal vehicles. • Offers opportunity for group discussion of educational travel experiences.

Motorcoach Travel Economic Impact •Overnight coach leaves $5,094 to $11,264 in a destination’s economy •$15 per person spending at restaurants •$35 per person spending at retail outlets •$268 per person spending at hotels $35 per person spending at attractions

Source: American Bus Association

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