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Carbon Reduction Workshop

Waves of Change

Surfing Gold mining Eco building Green electricity 1% for the Planet Carbon Neutral Carbon budget Carbon targets The way we do business.

Time for choices‌

Working as part of nature • • • • • • •

Adaptive Responsive Interconnected Synergistic Emergent Restorative Resilient

Barriers Perception

Seeing our seeing


Smart end game


Outcomes > activity


Learning without fear

How do I make the shift?


Design > Measurement

Triple Top Line

People Humanity

Psychology, motivation




Return & VFM

Biomimicry Cradle to Cradle

Processes, Method Measurement

Build confidence

o o o o

Risk Reality Outcomes Worst case

Creating an environment for change Start where you stand o People and purpose o Get connected o Build doversity o

Biomimicry: Interface FLOR • • • • • • •

Inspired by nature 80% less waste Faster fit Lease not sale Zero raw materials Running on sunlight 100% by 2020

The Game is Changing

The Future of Success?

The Do Lectures

Do Lectures 2008

Michael Braungart

Tim Ferriss

Do Lectures 2009

Gregor McLennan

Gabriel Branby

Growing Wales

Million Minds

Biomimicry Innovation Centre

Andy Middleton 01437 720879

Herefordshire Carbon Reduction Workshop  

Notes and comments from a senior level carbon workshop including health, community, economic development and business professionals

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